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Rating 2/10

Incredible! I ordered about a one oz connector for $2 and the only way

"they would ship it was UPS bringing a $2 order up to about $9. USPS, for example, would have been far far less for a one oz package, yet they claim they ship the cheapest way possible. I was trying them again after all of the problems they had, but not in the future.

Rating 2/10

Protection Plan is Completely Fraudulent

"I purchased NCREDIBLE headphone set on 3/26/2016. I also was encouraged by RadioShack salesman to buy a protection plan in the event this headphone became damage. I asked what kind of damages, clearly wanting to know if it covers breaking of any kind. He said yes. Unfortunately today this did indeed happen 2 months later. The plastic band that is the headset snapped in half. I immediately went back to the Radioshack in midtown manhattan to exchange the purchased the item. (my receipt is in the system) And I was told the protection plan does not cover damage. THIS WAS NOT WHAT I WAS TOLD WHEN I ORIGINALLY PURCHASED ITEM. I feel this is completely fraudulent to tell customers the protection plan covers the headset if it breaks and then when it happens one is told it only covers wiring and electrical problems WHAT ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS HAPPEN IN A WI-FI HEADSET. I want my headset replaced. Why would I purchase a protection plan that can't be used. It's consumer fraud on Radio Shack's part. They sell a plan by which they have no intention of honoring."

This review was modified by Collins100 on May 17 2016 07:45:02 AM

Rating 2/10

"I bought a tablet from them. Less than a month later it was over heating and the whole thing shut off and would not work again. Radio Shack would not replace it or do anything about it. Couldn't believe it. It was a present so I had to buy a different one somewhere else and I was out the money and left with junk!! It was 89 bucks!! I will NEVER buy from them again bad customer service!!!"

Rating 2/10

"Purchased the Auvio Sound Box SBX24210.
The sound is only slightly better than from the TV alone, but I didn't expect Bose quality at this price.
My biggest problem is the total absence of customer service. My unit did not contain a owners manual, which I really want to make sure I'm getting full use of the unit. I think I hooked everything correctly, but I want to be sure.
Customer service does not answer phone or respond to e-mail. If they won't stand behind product, I would shop elsewhere!
BTW-- why no manual? I was told it was new; maybe it was open box! Otherwise , manual would be there! Did they charge me new price for open-box unit??
I would probably recommend this product if they stood behind it instead of disrespecting customers.

This review was modified by ConeyIslandJoel on March 13 2015 01:24:58 PM

Rating 2/10

"I ordered twice from Radio Shack last month. The first order consisted of 2 items, one item (mp3 player) under $25 and a filler item ~$1 to get the free shipping. I used the $10 off $20 coupon to get a good deal. Both items were in stock online at the time of the order. They shipped out the filler item immediately, but the actual item I wanted was never shipped out. I waited for a 3 days and contacted RS about the order. I was given the runaround game of "it will ship tomorrow" and "coming from a nearby store" changing to "coming from the warehouse" for a week. I made a final call to the CS and was told by a very rude man (Benjamin) that I have "not waited long enough. RS has one week to get the order processed and shipped out. You chose the cheap shipping option." I was slightly offended, and shortly after that I received the cancellation email stating that "the item is no longer in stock." Really? It took your company a WHOLE WEEK to check on inventory in year 2015? But I said, maybe things like this happen. I let it go but I was naive.

I ordered another mp3 player (~$30) thinking this time it should be okay. I placed my second order on 1/27. Again using the $10 off $20 coupon that I had received. The item is in stock online (and it still is). After one week of going back and forth with the CS, I was again given the runaround story of "it will ship tomorrow from the store", "it will come from the warehouse", and the final "those CS who told you these information should not have these information as it doesn't show on my screen where your order is coming from". So that was my cue to cancel the order and move on, stay away from Radio Shack. I made a request to cancel the order and received a cancellation request ID#. Now 3 days after the request to cancel the order, nothing has happened! RS will not send my order and they will not cancel my order. They are simply holding on to my money and delaying. I have never been so frustrated over online shopping. I ordered the same item from Amazon yesterday, received confirmation and it will be here tomorrow. They even had the cancel order button available on the order summary page until the item shipped! RS learn from Amazon because you just lost another customer for life. To all future shoppers, NEVER SHOP AT RADIOSHACK. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Their reseller rating of 0.01 (at the time of this review) is not a joke. It is real. They are going BANKRUPT. Read about it.

If you have a problem, do not even bother because these Radio Shmacks wont help you.

Rating 2/10

"Radio Shack has just lost a customer for life over a $4-$5 dollar item. On 01-23-2014 I went to this radio shack to return a coax cable worth about $4-$5. I didn't have a receipt and was happy getting a store credit. But the lady behind the counter said she needed to find my exact purchase record in order to give the credit. Really? Then after waiting for her to search the system and her checking my credit cards, she said since my purchase was not within 30 days, I simply could not return the item. This item was brand new in the packaging, only a few dollars, and I can't get a store credit for it??? I just left the item on the counter and left without the credit. That's how much that item is worth. Radio Shack and this lady are ridiculous. In this market when every other company offers convenient anytime returns, no questions asked, Radio Shack is an atrocity to consumers. Save yourself from the "I don't care about you and don't need your business" attitude at Radio Shack, and go shop at Amazon, Target, Best Buy, etc., etc."

This review was modified by bendun on January 23 2015 01:33:02 PM
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Rating 2/10

"I ordered several items from RadioShack for Christmas for my 5 year old son. They were supposed to have been sent on a 2 day shipping and guaranteed by Christmas Eve. My items did not arrive. Items were sent ground instead of 2 day, even though my order form showed 2 day shipping. Customer service rep did not care and would not let met speak to management."

This review was modified by purple1102 on January 13 2015 06:59:23 AM

Rating 2/10

"2 weeks and counting .... A tremendously long wait for item . In 2015? Really? No wonder this once-great retailer is on the ropes.

Rating 2/10

"Garbage merchant. Shop here if you enjoy throwing money away. "

Rating 2/10

"I will NEVER buy anything from RadioShack.Com. On 11/27 I ordered an MP4 player on sale from RadioShack.Com (online) for $15 choosing ship to store. Since I got the exact same product from my nearby RadioShack store, I immediately called the customer service back within an hour and cancelled the order. They gave me a cancellation confirmation number and assured that my credit card wont be charged. On Dec 1st my credit card got charged and on Dec 5, I got an email saying my order is ready to pick up!! I was surprised and called back the CS number and this time they said the agent who attended the call made a mistake by giving me the confirmation number and that he did not know that an order once placed cannot be cancelled. Also they said it is as easy as accepting the package at the store and return it right there for a full refund.. Believing them the 2nd time, I went to the store on Dec 6 and the store manager said they don't have an option to accept a return for an online order even though the shipping label clearly says it can be returned to a store!! I said the CS agent told me that once I hand back the item to the store, they will immediately issue the return if the store manager call them and hence requested them to contact the customer service number. After a long conversation of utter confusions, the agent told the store manager that they will send the store a return shipping label via email and the store can return it and 'after' they receive the item, CS will issue the refund!! So I left the item at the store and followed up with the store on Dec 10th and found that they never got a shipping label!!! I have no clue what to do next since they are clearly pulling a trick to keep my money.
Shame on you RadioShack. I will never buy anything from them!! Scammers!!

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT order from radioshack.com if you want to get your package delivered before Christmas. After 10 Days I still haven't received my package!

I ordered extra items to qualify for free shipping. I would have been better off paying for better shipping. The website says you will get items in 3-5 business days. I called customer service & was told that even though it shipped within 12 hours, that I needed to allow 2 days for "processing" in addition to the 5 business days for shipping. In addition, in spite of the fact that both FedEx and USPS ship/deliver on Saturdays, we're not supposed to count those days either for calculation purposes. I was just told by USPS that I MIGHT get my package on Tuesday, nearly 2 full weeks after Radio Shack happily took my payment. USPS said that the way Radio Shack ships is the "lowest of the low" shipping option. The package has been within an hour of my house for the past 7 days.

Part of my order was for a work assignment. The rest, for a gift. I even offered to go pick it up, but can't. I asked for the package to be held at the post office, but the cheap shipping option doesn't allow for that. I routinely ship packages for work & have never had an issue upgrading them to expedited service mid-route, but that also wasn't an option either. I wish I had ordered from literally anywhere else. What a nightmare! Stay away from this merchant unless you want to spend weeks trying to track down your order!

This review was modified by iHateRadioShack on November 29 2014 01:14:07 PM

Rating 2/10

"I went to Radio Shack on 6th Avenue in Tacoma Washington and I have never experienced such rudeness and absolutely no customer service. I went to purchase a cell phone and wanted to keep my same number. I had a meeting and had to depart and the clerk advised me she would set up everything while I was gone. I offered to pay for the product and was told not pay until I get back. Upon my return the same clerk advised me that she could not activate my phone because I had no money on the phone. She further advised that it would take a few days in order to get my phone number and she was going on her lunch break. I returned to the store on Black Friday. I ask for the manager. The manager advised me in a very rude manner maybe she just did not know because she is new. I was then told I said I was sorry. It's okay if want to go to another store. As I was leaving the store the manager went up to the clerk and jokingly shook her finger at the clerk as they both started to laugh. This is my first experience in dealing with total lack of management and customer service. I cannot believe this behavior is tolerated by Radio Shack. I do not recommend this particular store to anyone because of this awful behavior."

Rating 2/10

"I have a really old phone but I'm in high school so I have been trying to get a new one. When I walked in to go get my phone it was there but not in my carriers brand. So I told them that the website said that this should be on sale and they told me no. But the thing that made me mad was that I called a week before and they told me that the phone would be on sell in this brand, and they told me that it was also the only brand that they sold which was a lie. They were so rude about it and so nonchalant about it which really pissed me off. So if you are ever going to get something from radio shack go in person first to see if they even have the phone that you want and then start to save up because they don't care if they crush your dreams. "

Rating 2/10

"on May-9, 2014, I walked into the store located at Northgate shopping mall of San Rafael, CA and left my Galaxy S4 phone there to replace the LCD(screen) because of water damage and asked them to keep my screen protector, they said OK. The next day, when I went to pick up my phone, I was told there was no screen protector on the old screen at all. How come? I told them I even can pull out my phone purchase receipt from T-Mobile system to prove I did buy the screen protector and there is no point I bought one, but didn't put it on. The store manager was really rude and treated customer with no nice at all. A few days later I called their district manager who is another rudest person I ever seen before. She kept arguing with me over the phone even though there was one there, they still can't transfer it from old screen to new screen. I said I was told it can be done, otherwise I won't ask for it. Then she changed her tongue saying initially the store people misunderstood me that I was talking about the screen case, not screen protector. What the hell are they talking about? Rudest store and people I never seen, DON'T go forever"

This review was modified by jevmors on May 16 2014 11:25:17 AM

Rating 2/10

"Never believe what a radio shack employee tells you. I was told the insurance plan I was getting for my phone from radio shack covered more than verizon's. When I tried to make a claim on my stolen phone is when they decided to mention they don't cover lost and stolen phones. Sounds like less to me. Be careful people these guys will tell you anything to get that commission."

This review was modified by jg2591 on March 14 2014 07:14:36 AM

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