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  • Rating 2.33/10 57 reviews

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    • Address: 4313 Hollow Hill Drive Tampa, FL
    • Contact: sales@race-mart.com
    • Phone: 888-286-9797
    • Customer Support: 888-286-9797
    • Business Hours: 8:30am -11:00pm M-F
    • Fax: 813-441-7233

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    Product & services pricing Rating 7.00/10 7.00/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.67/10 1.67/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.92/10 2.92/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.67/10 1.67/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 3.33/10 3.33/10

All 57 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"On 2.25.14 I spoke with Paul Fink looking for a set of stainless steel headers for my 1966 Vette. I explained that I recently ordered a stainless steel set for the C2 Vette from another manufacturer but they did not fit my application. They bolted to the heads OK, spark plug installation was OK, but could not connect to the exhaust pipes because the collectors were within 2" of the vertical face of the floor pan. I returned the headers, receiving a refund less a 15% restocking charge. (I should add that I received a refund even though I returned the headers 7 months after purchase.) Paul said he has a set of headers manufactured by Heddman, p/n 62300, that are made for the C2 Vette. I specifically asked Paul if the headers were returnable if they did not fit. His exact word was "absolutely". He made no mention of the return policy of 14 days after order and a 25% restocking charge. I ordered the headers which were not in stock but were shipped directly from Heddman. I received them on 3.5.14.

Opening the shipping box I noticed that the overall length of the headers was shorter, so I unwrapped only the driver's side and bolted it to the head. Then I noticed two problems;(1) Could not install 2 spark plugs and (2) the top of the collector was within 1/16" from the bottom of the oil filter, which would cause added heating of the oil.

I sent an email to Paul explaining the problems. He responded that the headers are designed to be used with the factory straight plug heads that originally came with the car. Changing to angle plug configuration has caused the problem. He further said that these headers will fit GM aluminum angle plug heads and they are correct fitment for the vehicle. As for closeness to the oil filter, he suggested installing a Trans-Dapt #1122 Single Filter relocation kit.

I responded via email that at the time of order Paul made no mention of the fact that these headers would not fit angle plug heads. Secondly, had he mentioned Race-Mart's draconian 14 day return policy and 25% restocking charge, I most likely would not have placed the order. I also advised that while I was not happy with the 25% restocking charge, I would pay it in order to recoup some of my money. I also advised that if he could locate asset that would fit my application, I was willing to buy it and would pay the difference in cost. I asked for a return authorization number. Paul responded by email stating "Draconian or not those are our terms and you agreed to them." I responded that he should be more honest since he never said anything about the terms. In hindsight I should have asked about the return policy, but I assumed that Race-Mart's return policy would be similar to other performance parts manufacturers and distributors, ie.Summit-90 days; JEGS-1 year; Stainless Works-30 days; Holley Products-90 days. I never heard anymore from Paul.

I will never order any parts from Race-Mart again and at our next club meeting I will tell everyone about my bad experience. I am now out $725.81. This company doesn't know the meaning of customer service. I sure wish I would have read the reviews before ordering.

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modified review Rep reply posted Apr-06-2014

PaulFink, Race-Mart, Inc. rep has responded

“What the customer didn't say in his rant was that when he called, he asked for a set of headers for that vehicle. He was not honest with us to tell us he modified the motor as we later found out in his email dated 2/25 when he said "I have modified the motor but retained the original motor mounts, and engine block. The heads are original but have been converted to angle plug design."

The headers are a guaranteed direct fitment for that year make and model vehicle with the heads as furnished by the factory which are GM straight plug or GM aluminum angle plug heads NOT SOME CUSTOM WHO KNOWS WHAT HEADS.

If the customer had been up front and honest with us from the beginning, we would have told him that this has to be a custom set of headers and that we could offer flanges, a box of bends, two collectors and he would have to carry them down to his favorite chassis builder to have them welded up on the car.

Our Return Policy is clearly published on our site and the customer acknowledged that he had read and understood our policies at checkout. No surprises here.”

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I followed a Race-Mart ad for a particular product that led me to their website. It was by far the best price I could find so I ordered it. After 2 weeks it had still not arrived. I went to their website to check the order status. Turns out that despite running ads on Google for this item it's not in stock and it wouldn't be available for more than one month. Our customer couldn't wait this long so I ordered it elsewhere and requested a refund from the owner Paul Fink. I've talked to Paul twice on the phone and once through email about this, each time promising to credit my card. After 2 weeks my credit card has still not been credited.

Paul is rude to speak to on the phone and Race-Mart has terrible customer service. If you're considering a purchase with Race-Mart, think twice. I'm out more than $300 for my mistake.

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modified review Rep reply posted Mar-12-2014

PaulFink, Race-Mart, Inc. rep has responded

“On 2/26 the customer requested that his order be cancelled and refunded. The item was not a Special Order item but it was and still is on National back order from the manufacture. We told the customer that we would process his request. The process is we request in writing that the manufacturer cancel our order with them first as a precaution of an early shipment and having an unpaid for item being shipped. Our accounting dept had to request this twice from the manufacturer before receiving it. Our accounting dept then processed the refund back to the customer's credit card. The customer's bank has up to 30 days to post the transaction back to his account.”

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I ordered 3 different parts from race mart waiting an waiting for them to show up finally one day one part showed up so it had me curious about the other 2 parts so I looked into it I placed my order 2/18/14.first package showed up 3/7/14 not to bad but I emailed them to see what was going on they emailed me back basically check the Web site for your order cause they they don't feel like taking two min to look in to it to letme know about my order an at least say ttheir sorry for the inconvenience or anything.so I checked the Web site to see an it's three weeks later an it's saying it still hasn't been shipped so I called an Paul fink answered I spoke with him an he told me it was not in Stock or on back order witch is understandable but itneeds to be posted on their Web site out of stock cause if i would have known i would have went somewhere else with my business cause I needed in a reasonable time.but their saying it will ship 4/7/14 witch is two months before it will even be shipped out witch I is ridiculous.an Mr Paul fink told me it's outta his hands when my money is in his hands an they don't post stock on the Web site cause thing come in an go out so fast I know it's a lie cause bigger company's do it so why can't you an he asked me if I call to see if it was in Stock No Paul I didn't cause I didn't know it would take two months for you to order it from someone else to have it shipped to me witch is what most of these places do."

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modified review Rep reply posted Mar-11-2014

PaulFink, Race-Mart, Inc. rep has responded

“In our Terms (that every customer must read and accept before placing an order) we let everyone know exactly how we process orders:

"Even with our availability of $60 million of inventory in many warehouses nationwide, back orders can occur. We will process any order not immediately available from stock as a special order with the manufacturer to get the product to you as soon as reasonably possible based on your selected method of shipment."

If you want to know for sure if something is in stock or not, we are a simple phone call or email away and will be happy to give you the information quickly.
The customer never contacted us ahead of the order. That tells us he is happy with our process that was acknowledged that he read and accepted.

On our website, we list if an item is a Normally stock item (we intentionally stock it if it's available) or if it's a Special Order item (an item that for sure we have no intention of stocking).

We have an online Order Status System that is available 24/7 365 days a year from the home page of our website where customers can view their tracking info for a given order, see the expected ship dates and send the Order Status Team an email by clicking the link. This system is very up to date.”

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Not happy with this company at all. Their return policy is misleading and the worst I have ever seen. I ordered a clutch kit from them and realized an hour later that I did not need it. I called them and left a message and sent them an email and the only response I got was a short email from Paul Fink that indicated it was too late. For several days I sent emails and left voice mails and I never actually got to speak with a human. When the clutch kit arrived, I contact them to get an RMA and received an email the next day to read their terms and was sent a web link. I encouraged them to provide an RMA and I would be willing to pay the 25% restocking fee plus shipping but they refused. In summary, terrible terms, terrible customer service."

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modified review Rep reply posted Mar-03-2014

PaulFink, Race-Mart, Inc. rep has responded

“An order was placed on our website at 2:14pm on Friday, Feb. 21st for a clearly identified (in big bold read letters in the item description) Special Order clutch. Within a few minutes of receipt, the clutch order was entered on the manufacturer with a 2 day build time. On Monday morning the 24th we had an email from the customer requesting a cancellation of the Special Order clutch that the manufacturer had already begun to produce then finished and shipped that same day. We reminded the customer of our published Terms of Sale (which he acknowledged at checkout that he read, understood and accepted) containing our Special Order Policy that states:

"Special orders are non-cancelable and non-returnable. Please order responsibly."

Our Special Order policy is consistent with the rest of the industry and every other major reseller in the marketplace.”

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Ordered the right part number. They acknowledged the wrong part, shipped that wrong part and will not correct their mistake."

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modified review Rep reply posted Feb-24-2014

PaulFink, Race-Mart, Inc. rep has responded

“This is how we responded to the customer:

Let's review the facts:

1.) You placed your order for the Special Order incorrect part number on 1/20/14.
2.) On 2/24/14, you entered the correct part number into a shopping cart, abandoned the shopping cart which caused our system to generate the attached email asking the question
"We noticed that you recently visited Race-Mart, but you did not complete your order.
Did you have any problems placing your order? Is there anything we can do to help make your shopping experience better"
The abandoned shopping cart is still in your account.
3.) As a result it is crystal clear that you intentionally attempted to defraud our company by using a fraudulent post dated document to cover the fact that you made an error in ordering and rather than taking ownership of your mistake, you intentionally attempted to shift the blame to our company with the intent of creating a financial loss to us.

The above actions indicates to us that you are totally unethical, have no morals and no personal integrity what so ever. This matter is now closed.”

No Avatar
Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Review Deleted. Review Deleted. Review Deleted. Please delete this review, please delete my profile"

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Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Not every order goes down perfectly, but Paul went the extra mile making sure a backordered part was shipped to me. I really do appreciate it - you ever make it to Asheville, lunch is on me.


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Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I received the best service from this company. I ordered it on Tuesday and received it on Friday. It was exactly what I ordered and the price was cheap. Figured I would write a good review about them because anytime something goes wrong people want to leave a bad review, and the good experiences never get posted."

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Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"This was the worst experience in customer service I have ever received. The website misrepresented the part I needed with the wrong picture. I ordered the part for a 1984 porsche and they sent me parts for a 996 porsche. Nothing like the picture on the website and for a completely different model. Of course the part was a special order part, so I had to check off the terms of agreements to get it, but I thought I was actually getting the correct item. When I informed the Paul at Racemart, he said he wouldn't work with me since it was a special order and refused to refund my $182 for a part that is completely useless to me. This guy has no idea of customer service as well as doing the right thing. He wouldn't even admit that his website was misrepresenting the part with the wrong picture. Why would I order something that obviously wouldn't fit my car? He didn't give a sh#t. Don't give this guy any business of yours, he doesn't deserve it.

So from Paul's response below, he says that he IS responsible for pictures on his website, yet the picture that was displayed of the item I intended to order was not what I received. A picture says a thousand words Paul, and you are misrepresenting the items you are selling, then don't have the professional courtesy to right a wrong. Judging by all of the BAD reviews you already have, maybe it's time to look yourself in the mirror and make a change...it all comes down to customer service and you obviously have NO IDEA on how that works.

modified review This review was modified by porsche1984 on March 16 2013 04:56:23 PM
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modified review Rep reply posted Mar-16-2013

PaulFink, Race-Mart, Inc. rep has responded

“The customer ordered a set of EBC Metric 5 lug wheel spacers which are described on our website as follows:

"Eibach Springs Wheel Spacer Bolt Pattern 5x130 Center Bore/Hub Dia. 71.6 Spacer Width 15mm .Incl. Longer Wheel Bolts Set Of 2" No where on our website do we offer these by fitment (year, make or model). The image used is the one provided by the manufacturer for a 5 lug wheel spacer which is correct.

Neither Metric or SAE wheel spacers by any manufacturer are sold by fitment. All wheel spacers are sold strictly by dimensions as there are multitudes of potential uses per part number.

The item description on our website states:

This is a Special Order Item
The Manufacturer Offers Drop Shipments For Special Order Items: Yes
Manufacturer's Drop Ship Fee For Special Order items If Desired: $ 15.00
*** There is a check box here if the customer desires it to be drop shipped.***

Delivery of Eibach Drop Ship Special Order Items vary greatly as many sub-components originate in Europe. Always call us us for delivery estimates.

Our Terms of Sale, which the customer acknowledged and agreed to at checkout are clear regarding Special Orders, they are non-cancelable and non-returnable.

From our perspective, this order was processed properly in every aspect. We were responsible in the description, the image, being up front about availability and making sure the customer understood the Terms by requiring his agreeing to them before allowing the order to be processed.”

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Initial sale and deivery was a good experience. Once receieved, and when time allowed I opened the package of running lights for my trailer.

I examined the contents and found that two (2) of the running lights came without mounts. A week later had two of the dual led light assemblies loose one of the led's.

I do have to say that I spoke to the owner initially, and had a good feeling, about doing business with them, and have a feeling that this experience is an anomoly, and can't explain why the attitude.

I conacted the seller and advised them of this issue. They replied with "I Haven't a clue what in the world you are talking about. Even though I supplied the seller with thier own invoice number for reference.

I replied with more detailed information directly from the invoice (one would assume the seller would have a copy too.. right?) and then waited for a reply.

Nearly 4 days later the seller did reply, stating that the vendor they use, will send the items under warranty.

Race Mart's vendor did send two of the side marker lites, but not the mounts. Paul simply ignored the mounts that I needed and PAID for.

I sent a follow up email and, surprise, NO reply...

Turns out that this is thier MO....talk good, do little...

WORST customer service of any internet company I have EVER done business with.... thier blessing is that they aren't in my town and I could drive there personally.

You can draw your own opinion on doing business with Race Mart from this.



Seems the seller wants to mitigate his actions with a rebuttle to my review.

That's fine, I wasn't going to go any further with this issue.

I'll just post a cut and past of the actual email exchange and we'll see what I did or didn't complain about.

In regards to the mounts or lights. To be fair, the web site doesn't state that the side marker lights would/wouldn't come with mounts (it should have, but it didn't).

Nor did the other listings...but all came with mounts EXCEPT the dual color side lights


Subject: Re: Order 25260
To: paulfink@race-mart.com
Date: Friday, January 18, 2013, 5:29 PM
Hi Paul, Finally got around to open the box and start installing the lights...found that the dual color side lites, didn't come with a mount, just the replacement lens assembly. Was that an extra ?... all the others came with the mounts, as I had assumed (I know,to assume, can get me in a lot of trouble) for the installation.
Lemme know, Thanks


From: Paul Fink <paulfink@race-mart.com>
Subject: re: Fw: Re: Order 25260
Date: Monday, February 4, 2013, 7:13 PM
Haven't a clue what in the world you are talking about.
We can't deal with generalities. If you want something, you have to tell us exactly what you want or need. ie. I received 3 part number abc123 missing a xyz. or I received 1 part number def456 missing a mount. (What is a mount? A swivel mount, a solid plastic base? What is it that you are supposed to have that you don't?
If we read something like the statement below, we are going to move on because we haven't a clue what you are talking about.

To: paulfink@race-mart.com
Subject: Re: Order 25260,

Wow, Excuse me, I had the vague idea that you would have some recollection or record of what you sold in order #25260. forgive me, for being so presumptuous. I wasn't, aware that side marker lights had "swivel mounts", or mounts.. other than fixed mounts, See how stupid one can be....I apologize, assuming something that could be other than normal. SO.....as you requested:

What I DIDN'T receive is the fixed mounts for the two (2) dual color (red/amber) side marker lights "item # 47-38-004" Lamp 38 SMCL RED/AMB, customer Item 4738004, PO 30350.

What is defective after less than 1 hour of use are BOTH of the same. One of the LED's (out of the two that are in the SIDE marker lights) works fine the other doesn't. I have reattached the original assemblies, and both lights work fine... ( I know, there is NO way for me to document this, as you, might say....so I'm assuming this will be a loss) since mounting them on my trailer. This is NEVADA, and the weather is DRY, WARM and the mileage was not in excess of 40 miles. Of, course, this is only my statement....and cannot be documented either.

I hope that this answers your, needs, and if not...hey, what can I do, in reality ?...

Your a trip, you didn't reply to the first email, and then you are sarcastic and borderline demeaning in the second one.....and I deserve this because?...what, I ask you for help on a shortage and a product failure?....

IF, you should need more information, I will be GLAD to send you a copy of your invoice and a picture or the actual failed lamp assembly if necessary for your inspection, to show that I am NOT a mooch or trying to get something from you for free...
You let me know what your needs are, if any, to address this request..







modified review This review was modified by ibtallwalt on February 22 2013 08:44:27 AM
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modified review Rep reply posted Feb-22-2013

PaulFink, Race-Mart, Inc. rep has responded

“Let's fill in the blanks here.

The customer ordered 3 part number s in varying quantities. 2 of the part numbers we trailer light assemblies and one part number was a replacement LED module. After receipt the customer sent us an email complaining that there were missing pieces and a couple LEDs didn't work. The email was so generic in nature that we had no idea what problem he was having with which part number. We responded asking for detailed specifics so we could solve the problem. As it turns out he only had a problem with the replacement LED modules (one part number). We immediately submitted a warranty claim with the manufacturer and the manufacturer then sent the customer two replacements free of charge shipping prepaid and field scrap authority for the ones previously received. There were also no missing parts as replacement LED modules do not have mounting bases. There is nothing more we could have possibly done or done faster.

Exactly, a Bargman 47-38-004 Clearance/Side Marker Light LED Module For 38 Series Red/Amber is a "LED Module for a 38 series Red/Amber" light.”

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I had a terrible experience dealing with RaceMart as I'll explain below.

I called in the morning to ask if a batch of a certain product could be to me that same day, since I needed it to meet a production deadline. I told them that I'd had problems with the shipments being delayed in the past, and the Race-Mart rep ASSURED me that the parts would ship that day. On my order, I included a note explaining when the parts should ship, and I paid nearly $30 for 2-day air shipping. There are many other available vendors for the products I buy, but I chose Race-Mart because I was assure that the parts would ship that day.

I didn't receive the parts within two days, and critical production on my end was delayed because of it. Race-Mart never called to give me a heads up that the package wouldn't be arriving when expected. It turns out that Race-Mart didn't even have those products in stock, so they were drop-shipped to me instead the next day. Again, no one contacted me to let me know of this change, despite what I was told, and despite by very explicit note on the package saying when I should receive the part.

This type of situation would already be bad customer service, but at least understandable if it happened every one in a while. How I was treated afterward (and am still being treated) is NOT understandable.

I called to ask, and the employee was brusque and unapologetic when I called to explain the situation. I calmly told him that I wanted some kind of redress fat least for the shipping costs, and said he would call me back after looking into the facts. A few hours later, I hadn't received a call, so I called back. The employee again brusquely told me that he would call me back later in the day, but never did. The facts were simple. It's documented that I placed the order on-line in the morning, and I even left notes in the order explaining how important it was to ship that day (as the employee assured me repeatedly me it would, even when I told him how critical the order was.)
Since being ignored twice that day, I have called every day for nearly a week since then, and no one will pick up. I left a message asking to be called back several days ago, and still no reply. I even asked to speak with the CEO, Paul Fink, to try and get resolution and still no reply.

This is the worst case of customer service I've encountered in years. There is little the Race-Mart provides that I can't obtain elsewhere, at equal or better prices, and so customer service is the only reason that I or anyone else would shop at Race-Mart.

No matter what the officially stated policies of a company, when a customer is given explicit verbal assurance that an item is in stock and can ship immediately, that is what the customer should be able to expect; Or if not that then at least the courtesy of a notification that the verbal assurance can't be met; or if not that, the courtesy of being treated decently in follow up phone calls.

modified review This review was modified by Ike123 on February 06 2013 11:21:49 AM
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modified review Rep reply posted Feb-22-2013

PaulFink, Race-Mart, Inc. rep has responded

“The customer placed an order on our website for some parts that were in the manufacturer's stock on Jan. 28. Based on historical performance with that manufacturer the customer was told that the product should ship that day. However, we never "Guarantee" anything to anyone. The order was entered on the manufacturer within an hour of receipt. For whatever reason (weather, sickness, power loss, computer issue etc. etc etc) the manufacturer shipped it the following day using the specified method of shipment.

Upon placing the order, the customer checked the box acknowledging that he read and understood our Terms of Sale. Our Shipping Policy is very clear, it states:

"Please do not confuse a method of shipment with a shipping commitment. If you select overnight shipping, that only guarantees that we will use that method of shipment once the item is available. It does not guarantee that you will receive the item the following day. If the item is in stock and the order is received prior to the distribution center cut off time, the shipment will most likely occur on the same day. Under no circumstances do we ever guarantee a delivery date, we only offer good faith estimates based on our historical transportation experience.

Race-Mart, Inc. accepts no liability for third party delays in shipping which are beyond our direct control. This includes but is not limited to strikes, inclement weather or acts of God."

The customer acted in a very aggressive, belligerent manner and quite frankly we had no desire to enter into a confrontational situation with the grossly unreasonable customer.”

MichelleSansom's Avatar
Kannapolis,NC 28081
Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Wow! The laziest,most inconsiderate and RUDE customer service i have EVER dealt with.I should have known,when I called to place an order and was told "Meh,just go place it online"that I'd made a mistake.I placed the order anyway.They charged my card and i found out a week later that the shock I'd ordered were discontinued.I sent a message and was offered a replacement.I then,reluctantly,called back and was rudely told :look,youve already emailed and called.We've taken care of it.OMG such a rude jerk! I wouldn't order a roll of toilet tissue from them."

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modified review Rep reply posted Feb-22-2013

PaulFink, Race-Mart, Inc. rep has responded

“We received a call from this customer on Thursday Jan. 31st asking for the availability of a set of Rev-Tek shocks for her truck. She was told that this was not a stocking item and they would have to ordered from the manufacturer. She wanted to place an order and she was asked to place the order on the website. With her initial attitude, I did not feel comfortable taking the order for a special order part. I wanted to make sure she ordered what she wanted and she certified that she read our Terms of Sale regarding Special Orders. The order was placed and we placed our order with the manufacturer. On Monday Feb. 4th, we received a note from the manufacturer that they stopped selling shocks as they were just buying them and re-packaging them as a convenience. They apologized and told us the changes would be on the next data feed. I then called the manufacturer and asked what shock we should offer the customer which would be a direct replacement for the one they no longer offered. As it turn out, they were re-packaging Rancho shocks and we were given the part number that they had been using. The next morning Feb. 5th, I sent an email to the customer explaining the situation, offering the Rancho shocks that we had in stock at the same price and let her know we could get them out right away. That evening the customer replied to our email with a tanks but no thanks, she had bought cheaper shocks somewhere else and requested a refund. We complied and immediately processed the order cancellation and issued the refund. In our mind we went the extra mile to try and provide the customer with the right product, quickly and for the right price. The next morning within the span of 2 hours we had 2 phone calls and 4 emails demanding an immediate refund (which we did the night before). We missed the first call as it was before we opened then caught the second call. The woman kept flapping her gums so much it was impossible to get a word in edgewise for quite sometime just to say, "Hey, it's already been done." Then the flapping continued. And we're rude? Thank God we don't sell toilet paper.”

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"I picked Race-Mart because it had the cheapest price for the part I was buying. I wish I could speak for the quality of their services, but I really can't, because my order was canceled almost immediately. I can say that I got a very fast response when I inquired about the cancellation, and they weren't rude or anything like that... But then again, I wasn't rude to them either. According to Race-Mart, my credit card info didn't match what the bank had on file for me, and thus they had to assume the transaction was fraudulent. Looking at other reviews, this seems to be a common occurrence. However, having made literally hundreds of trouble-free online purchases using the same card, I can safely say that the information I entered was accurate. I can only conclude that either:

A. I really DID screw something up when entering my payment info (not sure how, I've done it every single other time without error.)

B. Race-Mart has an ongoing issue with verifying credit card information. This seems likely.

C. The more distant third possibility, Race-Mart is collecting personal information and selling it. I don't like slinging unfair accusations around, but this is something that came to mind for me.

Judging by the number of complaints on here, I have no idea what to believe, however I was promptly charged back my payment in full, for which I am glad. I ended up finding my item for about $2 more on Amazon, who will happily take my money.

Honestly, I wouldn't even bother with Race-Mart in the future, and their payment requirements seemed needlessly complex at check-out (Mastercard/Visa only accepted for first-time customers? Why on earth would that be, when every other vendor will accept them to infinity? And they want me to fork over my employer's information to become a "Gold Club Member"?) I mean, maybe Race-Mart is a perfectly legitimate operation with a few flaws, but with all the other retailers out there I can't imagine why I'd suggest it. That's what I took away.

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modified review Rep reply posted Dec-21-2012

PaulFink, Race-Mart, Inc. rep has responded

“When a credit card transaction is processed, the information entered on the order is electronically transmitted through merchant services to the issuing bank of the credit card. Immediately the bank provides the merchant with a 4 position AVS score. The first postion is if the address matches, the second position is if the zip code matches, the third is a bank internal code and the 4 is if the security code entered matches. The response should be YYYM. I pulled your record for invoice 25081 and this was the returned AVS AVS:XX X. This indicated that none of the information provided on the order matched what is on file with the issuing bank. This is a completely cut and dry factual process, there is no interprepation what so ever. It either matches or it doesn't.

The single largest threat to the health of the industry and our business is credit card fraud. Some business just assume that they will lose x dollars a year to theft and apply that percentage of sales to the prices they charge. Our approach is a little different as we take it personally and to us anything above zero is absolutely unacceptable and as such we follow all banking, credit card company and merchant services guidelines to the letter. As such we have accomplished a couple things, we have met our own internal goal of zero theft and we have negated many, many fraudulent charges being processed on our customers' cards.

We would hope that most customers and potential customers would appreciate and embrace this level of dilligence which in the long run will put a dent in crime and bring prices down.”

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"Terrible communication and very kurt when asking questions, Item was backordered until december 3oth order placed in october had to make several calls to find out promised return calls never happened. I'm done with Race mart. I can understand product availability but the lack of communication and followup is unexcusable. The way they speak to you is also horrible."

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"I placed an order with this company for accessories. Their order processing department cancelled my order because the shipping address and he billing address did not match. This is common and even allowed in their order processing as noted on their website. Rather than try to contact me to clarify any questions so that the order could be placed. They cancelled teh order. They did not have any communication on questions or cancelling. No phone call. No email. Nothing. I sat for 3 weeks waiting for this. When I called the number, the person who would only identify themselves as "high enough up in the company to make those decisions", berated me and talked down to me as if I was trying to steal. He literally said that I was trying to steal by placing this order.

When I asked to speak to a manager or owner, he simply hung up.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. If they treat you like this when you are trying to buy something, I can only imagine how poor they treat you if you have a question or problem with something you bought, if they every even ship it.


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PaulFink, Race-Mart, Inc. rep has responded

“If the card holder's bank returns an AVS score indicating that the information supplied with an order does not match the information on file with the card holder's bank including address, zip code and 3 digit security code (in this case all 3 were wrong), we immediately reject the order and issue a refund to the credit card. Simultaneously an email is sent from the merchant center to the card holder indicating a refund has been applied.

We make absolutely no apologies what so ever for mitigating our risk of fraudulent transactions. With all three data elements submitted being incorrect we can only come to the conclusion that it's a fraudulent transaction as in almost all cases it is.

Under no circumstances are we going to engage in an argument with a belligerent customer over what is our company's risk threshold. This customer would not accept the fact that our conversation was over.”