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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Horrible site! 1st, you spend $60 fee. Then, there is no guarantee that you will win anything back. I spent $60.80 for $10 shell gas gift card. What a waste of money. Ebay is much better because if you do not win the bid, you do not loose money. You will loose the money at QuiBids. I consider this site like a casino (gambling). Most of the time, you loose than win. I quit this site after a few days. If I can give 0 star, I will give it to this site!"

modified review This review was modified by CyberBoyofUSA on December 06 2013 07:44:48 PM

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"This site advertises as join for free, but in fact when you sign up and give them you CC number they charge you $60.00. This is a scam and the consumer should stay away!!!

I notice they have an A- with the BBB. Will someone please explain with 1100+ complaints in the past 12 months how a business can rate with the BBB as A- [do you think they are a paying member of the BBB?]

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"When I first joined Quibids, I never really thought that I would win any big ticket item. I though that, for the most part, those are for people with lots of time and patience. So when I decided to bid on the Toshiba Satellite laptop, I thought I would just be wasting my bids. I used the bid-o-matic option and left the room... when I came back, I was shocked to see the word SOLD in front of me! I had just won the laptop for under $2.00!!! This was perfect because my wife has been complaining for the longest time that her prehistoric desktop is slow as molasses so this was truly the perfect birthday gift for her. Can't wait for the next big ticket item I'll be bidding on!!"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"My Quibids review after having tried their site after seeing the commercial I have to tell people to stay away if you do not want to lose a $100.00 and get nothing in return for it then just stay away. Their commercial promises you a good deal saying you can get a $2,000.00 TV for $123.90 what they don't tell you right away is that each penny ($0.01) cost sixty cents ($0.60) this means that this TV will cost $7434.00 in the end. Now to be honest this doesn't mean that you would had made all those bids, but you could make only $1000.00 worth in bids and still walk away with nothing, also those bids you pay for you know in bulk so they really cost $60.00 upfront expire. Also about shills and bots I can not tell you for certainity that Quibids uses those but when you look at the bidding that goes on you have to wonder why someone would pay $500.00 worth in bids for a monitor that you could get at newegg, tigerdirect, amazon or even ebay for $150.00. Now if you don't want that previous mentioned $1,000.00 in bids to mean nothing you could use their buy it now, this buy it now feature is another screw you move by them, they will allow you to use your $1,000.00 in bids towards the item, but they will not mention that the same item might had only really costed at any other website a $1,000.00 to begin with (to be fair no store I know of actually tells you their competitors price, but they also don't expect you to spend money and end up with nothing), yes they inflate their value price.

So in the end I will do you a favor, my advice is that nothing in life is free and there is no way you will get that $2,000.00 TV for pennies, do your friends a favor too if they think about getting on to Quibids tell them what I have told you "stay away from schemes like this one".

Forgot to add something, okay there are a few people who don't believe me when I tell them to stay away from Quibids, they say their friends have won a few auctions and so on, what they don't realize is that Quibids starts you off in beginners auctions. Auctions that you and maybe 2-3 other people can see, this takes place for the first few auctions about 3-4 I believe these auctions often literally go for a penny, simply because no one else is bidding on them because no one else can see them, after you win about at least 2 of these beginner's auctions you are then forced to go up against their regular bidders in regular auctions where it quickly becomes apparent that you are not going to walk away with anything that is a bargain, again this is where I believe shills (people who up the price for the company) and bots (same thing just apps not real people) come in simply because the bids (usually 2-4 times the items value) that people make don't make sense unless someone is telling them to do that or someone has programmed them to do that. Also a few more details about these beginners auctions one they will not get your $60.00 (initial sign up fee) back in anyway or give you value for your $60.00, most of these auctions are for very cheap items like bids packs (totally useless, they do not count towards the items actually price only bought bids do not won voucher bids) and a couple of different $10.00 cheap gift cards. After winning 2 of these auctions you are then dropped into the real auctions and are forced to contend in a real auction with people that may be bots or shills designed to make sure you do not walk away with a bargain. Also there are some people online who will tell you that you can win don't listen to these people, these same people will supply you with a quibids link that will actually be a reference link. Clicking on this link and signing up will get them free bids and will get you nothing.

Just one more thing that I came across, note this was posted by another user on another board who had a problem getting something he won to work and when he tried to get the warranty on it he realized something:

Dean Says:



So before you say to yourself, "okay, I was going to buy an iPad anyway....so let's see if I can win one...but I'll be okay paying the buy-it-now price because I'd have bought it anyway?".....well...if you would buy an iPad or a TV or an iRobot or any electrical device at 30% off retail with no warranty - that's crazy. I just learned the hard way.

And it does not state their retail status anywhere on their website.".

Hopefully I have given you enough info to make the smart decision and stay away from Quibids, however if you still journey there then don't say you haven't been warned.

modified review This review was modified by craigfin on June 22 2011 06:24:02 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I want to say that I enjoy the quibids site and their premise, and that I've saved money purchasing a few items from them. However, their turn around time is terrible. I've won three auctions, and nearly a month later I've only just received a single item. None were items that should be difficult to obtain, items that they were selling, and continue to sell at least once or twice a day. Furthermore, their customer service has been abysmal. They don't respond and their live chat makes you wait in line before saying that everyone is busy and to try again later. After my first auction I was planning to do much more business with qiubids, now I don't know if I'll even use my remaining bids."

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