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    Product & services pricing Rating 5.88/10 5.88/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.76/10 2.76/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
    Customer service: Rating 2.66/10 2.66/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.73/10 1.73/10
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Rating 2/10

Overnight Doesn't Mean Overnight

"Ordered on Monday and chose the fastest service which said it should arrive on Tuesday, and it is now Wednesday and they haven't even printed by order. If you have a few months to spare or aren't on a timeline feel free to use them. But for those of us who rely on meeting deadline, NEVER use this company. This is the second order in a row that has missed it's deadline."

Rating 8/10

Great Price, happy with the product, wish it had arrived when expected

"Great Price, happy with the product, wish it had arrived when expected we paid a lot for shipping and it said it should arrive friday but didn't come until monday."

Rating 2/10

Worst Company ever

"Overnightprints.com took my money and sent me business cards that could not be read without a magnifying glass. Then the print was lime green on a tan background which made it hard to see. When I contacted them and sent them photos, they said that they are to the industry standard. How about black writing on a white background, then it would be visible. Their $9.99 claim for 500 cards is a joke. I paid $17.20 (includes shipping) and only got 125 cards that are useless. DO Not use overnightprints.com"

Rating 2/10

Slow Shipping even though I paid more for expedited

"horrible customer service and very slow shipping, they guaranteed shipping by the 8th and I still have not received my order. Do not rely on them"

Rating 4/10

Orders Delayed and Little Communication

"I had two booklets that were time sensitive and chose Overnight Prints because they have really come through for me in the past. One booklet is now a week late (neither email customer service nor chat can seem to give me any answers and keep saying they will "talk to a manager", and the other is now three days late. If they had let me know up from that they couldn't fulfill this order in a timely manner (or given me a heads up that the delay would be this extensive), they might have lost the individual order but they would have retained me as a customer. Instead, I'm left scrambling for an alternative solution, and will be very surprised if I trust this company with another order that requires quick turnaround and delivery."

Rating 10/10

Excellent Ordering Experience

"250 cards purchased. Came perfect. "

Rating 2/10


"Last week, I was expecting my order on 8/3. I had expedited this order because I needed to send it out to a customer. However, come to find out on Thursday that it had not arrived. I waited another day, and still nothing came in the mail. I then checked my account on Overnight Prints, and found out that the shipping date had moved to 8/10. ONE WEEK after I had been expecting it. The order was still in production too. I then talked to Anthony F. (Customer service rep) on LiveChat. He told me that there was a problem with my order, and that one of their printers was done. In addition, Anthony told me that the date they had given me was an ESTIMATED date of arrival. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. If my order was going to arrive a week later than I thought it was going to, I would have paid less money for shipping. I might have well done standard shipping! Then, Anthony said the best he could do was to pay for my expedited shipping, and put in a request to get the order done. If I wanted the order to be expedited, I would have to PAY MORE for shipping. PAY MORE FOR SHIPPING? First of all, if there was a problem with my order and it was going to take longer, WOULDN'T YOU TELL THE CUSTOMER that it was going to take longer? I had to find out for myself that they had changed my arrival date. Second of all, Overnight Prints is advertising wrong, and if it's going to be an estimated shipping date, they should write your order might be delivered from (8/3-8/10).

After all this, I checked my second order that I had placed a week AFTER the first one. I then realized that that one had been printed already. SO, my second order was being printed before my first one. I then asked Anthony, and he said that they run on different machines. AGAIN, this does not make sense. You would think, if one machine goes down, you would transfer the orders that have priority to other machines so that they get printed. Then, I told Anthony I wanted to talk to a manager. Anthony's reply was that his manager would say the same thing. I told him I wanted to speak to a manager still. He then told me I could call in and ask for one. THEN, he told me if that if I had no more questions, he would have to disconnect me because he had other customers. My boyfriend talked to Anthony regarding this issue on LiveChat. Again, Anthony said he would have to disconnect him because he had more customers. This time, he actually disconnected my boyfriend, even though my boyfriend still had concerns. THAT IS TERRIBLE customer service.

I then called Overnight Prints and got connected with Russell. The first thing I said was that I wanted to speak to a manager. Russell put me on hold as he looked at my order. Then, he did not connect me with a manager. Instead, he tried to clarify what was happening. He said that the order is printed, and that it would probably ship out that Friday. I should receive it on Tuesday (8/8). I was so fed up with this company that I just said okay.

On Friday I wrote a Yelp Review about all of this, and Anthony C. responded telling me to send my invoice number. I emailed them quickly on Friday with my invoice number. It is now Tuesday, and I still have not received a response.

Also, I noticed that my order now says it's going to be shipped TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY). Thus, I was given false information last week as to when my order would be shipped. Today (Tuesday), I call, and I find out that my order is still not packaged. Trey (the customer service rep) told me that the order is printed, but it's still not packaged. There would be no guarantee I will be receiving my order by tomorrow (Wednesday). He said he would have to contact production to see what was going on with the order, but that is all he could do. I doubt that they will ship my order by today or tomorrow. Even on my account, the status of the order says it is still in production. The shipping label hasn't even been printed.

I do not understand how Overnight Prints can't expedite the process, and get it packaged and shipped. Overnight Prints says they can do rush one-day delivery, but they can't seem to do it for me because I paid for the $13.00 shipping instead. They say I would have to pay extra to expedite the order. This makes NO SENSE. I would think if you mess up someone's order you would put that order on priority. However, they have not done anything to help expedite the process. Instead, it just seems like they're taking their time, and not trying to remedy the problem. You would think they would give the customer a discount on their order to apologize for their awful service.

This is getting ridiculous that there is such lack of communication between your employees, and between your company and customers. If you have an expedited order, you should probably use a different company. Or, if you have any issues with your order, don't expect Overnight Prints to help you.

Rep reply posted Aug-09-2017

A rep from Overnight Prints, OvernightPrints, has responded

“Dear Karleigh,

We are truly sorry for the delay that you have experienced. We have gone ahead and refunded your card for part of the shipping. We appreciate you taking the time to speak to us, so that we could resolve your errors.


Overnight Prints”

Rating 4/10

Decreasing quality over the years

"I have been using Overnight Prints since 2012 for over a dozen personal and professional print jobs between then and now. At first I loved the quality of the products, which arrived exactly as expected. In the last two or three years, I have become underwhelmed. My orders always arrive with something a little off -- inaccurate color, jagged or off-center trimming, strange indentations that make a portion of the cards unusable... I have never had any of these issues with other online printers that I've used and wanted to believe they were isolated incidents because of my initial positive experiences with Overnight Prints.

Today I received an order of marketing postcards for my business that is likely to be the last straw. The gloss photo finish on the cards is actually peeling off the edges ; about half of my stack of 25 have linear indentations/smudges (presumably from the printing machine) that make them unusable; the trimming looks like it was done with a dull blade; and they were thrown loosely into a bubble mailer without a box to keep them from sliding and bending at the corners. I am a wedding photographer and have a higher standard for my marketing materials than this, and I don't feel that I am getting my money's worth from Overnight Prints anymore. I needed these cards for a marketing opportunity this weekend. Even with their reduced prices, Overnight Prints' quality is so reduced that I will likely order elsewhere in the future. Too many disappointments with a worsening trajectory.

Rep reply posted Aug-09-2017

A rep from Overnight Prints, OvernightPrints, has responded

“Dear Melinda,

We have gone ahead and emailed you to find out if you would be able to send us a photo of the defective product that you have received. Please email us back at your earliest convenience, so that we can resolve any issues that you have experienced.


Overnight Prints”

Rating 2/10

Terrible customer service

"Worst customer service our marketing agency has encountered to date. They printed our order wrong / without any sort of quality control - and then when we reached out, they proceeded to tell us, they're covered for those sorts of things, by their vague 'terms' clause. What they could have fixed for under $20.00 (and ensured ongoing referrals/residual business from) instead will get them a slurry of bad reviews, and a promise to tell every customer we have - to never use them."

Rep reply posted Aug-09-2017

A rep from Overnight Prints, OvernightPrints, has responded

“Dear Sasha,

Our file review team had marked your order for a border and out of zone error, but unfortunately you marked this order to be printed as is. The order went into production without the errors being fixed, so we will not be able to compensate you for a customer error.


Overnight Prints”

Rating 2/10

Worst Experience with a printing company ever

"Overnight Prints is by far the most difficult printer I have ever worked with. They had a terrible time using industry standard print layouts and software. They insisted that photoshop was the only software that could be used (for even a 20 page booklet) and that Firefox was the only browser that would cause problems with their webpage. After jumping through all their crazy hoops, they still couldn't get my files right. After literally hours or experimentation to try and figure out what they wanted (because they couldn't communicate it clearly), we finally got the files through their approval process. Then on to Production, where the communication dies. Both times I ordered, my print job didn't ship the day promised - even when I ordered the highest priority job and paid extra for the fastest production time and fastest shipping. The 2nd and last time ever that I ordered from them, customer service couldn't get a hold of the production team for more than 4 hours to get an update on the status of my job. I called more than 8 times throughout a normal business day, and still no answers. I am beyond frustrated with this company. I have asked for a supervisor or manager or someone that I can talk to. It would be great if someone from the corporate office would reach out to me. But until that happens, I will not, I cannot recommend this company. Please do yourself a favor, stay away from this company!"

Rep reply posted Aug-09-2017

A rep from Overnight Prints, OvernightPrints, has responded

“Dear Brian,

We have gone ahead and refunded you in full for this order.


Overnight Prints”

Rating 6/10

"Product received was late and water logged so they gave me a full refund. I'm pleased with their service after the fact and understanding."

Rating 10/10


"I wrote a review giving them a bad rating, but I must change it because they did contact me their email was in my spam folder. They offered to reprint my cards at no additional charge or give me a 50% discount on my next order. So for that I have to change this to excellent."

No Avatar

Verified Customer
Rating 10/10

Great service!

"Easy to use, no complaints!"

Rating 2/10


"I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with the product I received. I have received multiple complaints that the product is smudged, scuffed or even torn, seemingly all on spots of importance (dates/locations etc) which makes it very difficult. While there is to be SOME expected handling marks on the USPS side, the smudging shows that the prints were not printed on a quality printer/ not given proper dry time. Not a single person whom I have spoken to has received a nice looking product from this order.
Furthermore, there are some people who have not even received their postcard, despite being on the mailing list I submitted, and despite being sent about two weeks ago. I know they are not simply stuck in the mail, because I have a few individuals who live in the same neighborhood; one has received the card, while the other hasn't (about 4 cases of this example). I have also double checked with every one who has told me they haven't received the card, to make sure I had the proper address, and in every situation the address submitted is correct.
I am very disappointed in the product that was received, it not only makes me look bad, and is causing me great headache (I now have 97 people reaching out to me for details that could have/should have been seen on the mailed product; which is a nightmare), but is a very bad mark on Overnight Prints.

Rating 2/10

Never use Overnight Prints!!

"This is my second review after complete incompetence by Overnight Prints!

My original order was place almost two and a half months ago. I ordered sandwich business cards - I received the original order very defective and went through their silly protocol (once again - I've never received an order I did not have to request a re-print). I was assured I would receive the re-order in two weeks. Two weeks went by and still no order received - I reached out via email and phone calls and did not get a return email/call one time. Today, I finally received my re-order (month and a half later) and what do you know, same mistake plus two new mistakes!! Now, I'm going through the same SILLY process again and I'm told my order can't move to the front of production because they have too many new orders to get out!?

Worst business experience of my 10 years in business. Please, all of you, never order with this company! You will be greatly dissatisfied, let alone the amount it will effect your business - I've been without business cards for over two months and I've had countless events, meetings, etc. I'm sure all you know how unprofessional it is when a potential client ask for a business card (on multiple occasions) and you are empty handed both times - direct reflection of how our potential, future business relationship may be perceived.

Again, never, ever use Overnight Prints!!

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