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120 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Bought a Roccat Kave 5.1 from Overclockers. Roccat suggest and give re-sellers a 2 year warranty on this product. However, Overclockers decides that they only want to give you a 1 year warranty for some unknown reason. I offered to pay for any P&P so it wouldn't cost the company any money but they still refused."

modified review This review was modified by anonymousmark99 on January 21 2015 01:56:28 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"did recommend them but not now.
purchased a joystick online £150 phoned them up got delivery date sat in all day didn't turn up. phoned them up the next day 4pm was told out of stock even when showing 10+ instock when I purchased it.
why not tell me this when I phoned up instead of saying ill get it the day after. sat in over Christmas for nothing. this is how you treat your customers. not good,didn't get a email until I phoned them up for the second time.

modified review This review was modified by daleb1504 on January 02 2015 05:43:22 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Worse experience ever!!! ordered HDD, SSD, CPU, BDR. over 500£ and I was charged 10£ for delivery... ok that is not a biggest issue. after few days I didn't got anything, called to OC to ask whats is happening. they said there was a mistake and they don't have HDD on stock, then they changed it to equivalent HDD and promise next day delivery... after few days I was still waiting for my stuff... called again to OC this time guy on the phone explained what BDR is also not on the stock... I had to ask to refund money for BDR and now I am still waiting for the rest of the stuff... miserable service, arrogant service, i will buy never again from OC!

Intel Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz (Devil's Canyon) Socket LGA1150

Pioneer BDR-209EBK 16x BDRW Multilayer 128GB retail

Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 120GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s

Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Knowing nothing about computing I bought my Nephew some kit that he requested for Christmas. Only to realise 10 days before that it was the wrong type. Even though it was still unopened in original packaging, this company would not refund or exchange due to their 14 day return policy.
So, if buying before Christmas you would have to buy only the week before so that if it was wrong it could be exchanged and Good Luck getting it posted out in time if you need to do that!
A lot of companies offer 28 day returns or even a service exception over Christmas and still more will exchange after the 28 days therefore I find it unacceptable this large company does not do this.

modified review This review was modified by Jozie01 on December 15 2014 04:44:09 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! Like flushing your money down the toilet!
Oh my goodness, please please please do not buy from this cowboy outfit! If you hit a problem with your order you will wish to God you had not ordered from OverCONNERS. They really do treat you with an awful level of disrespect if you have a problem of any sort. It's just not worth the risk as any problem and their attitude is pretty much go to hell! I ordered a pc which has been problematic to say the least. Their warranty is terrible. If you run a business as I do, you will be without your pc for a period of time which you can ill afford, and this isn't good enough when they've built you a lemon. They should go to more effort to look after their customers but once you've clicked pay they no longer care. Don't believe me, well order something and wait till you hit a problem then wish to God you'd of purchased elsewhere! Ordering from these jokers is like flushing your money down the toilet!

modified review This review was modified by overconners on November 16 2014 06:56:10 AM

No Avatar
Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Looks like i should have read some of the online reviews before placing my order with Overclockers.co.uk , but you live and learn.

Nice website, good product range, reasonably well priced and seem to know what they're talking about. Then you order and it all goes down hill. Seemed to unable to put two products in one box resulting one part being RMA'ed before it even left the warehouse. The 2nd part also didn't leave the warehouse as the courier number they gave me hadn't been picked up. After 4 phone calls saying they were about to fix it had to ask for refund.

Use the website for ideas but do yourself a favour and buy elsewhere.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I am writing this review to vent my anger towards Overclockers.co.uk
I have ordered my custom rig with tons of additional stuff for over £1500. Order was due to arrive on the Thursday, then only upon calling they said the case was out of stock and it would arrive on the Friday.. Okay so I reluctantly accepted and carried on. Next Day I am told it will arrive on the Saturday, then an hour later upon calling again to be sure of this, they then say It wont arrive until Monday! It is now Tuesday and my order has not even left the warehouse. Over 15 calls to Overclockers and they still cannot agree to how far along the build is, and still cannot even agree on when my stuff is due to arrive. In hindsight I would have never bought from this shambles of a company. I will continue to pursue this issue, promised a call back from a manager, next step is taking them to court. Personal verdict, find an alternative supplier that understands what the most basic customer service should look like.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Awful service with 1st order faulty no customer service.

Placed my first order with themselves after recommendation from a friend.

Took a day to ship which i didn't mind too much and received them next day.

Item arrived the outer box was packaged nicely but the actual product inside was not sealed (a faulty item returned then sent out to the customer again?)

I didn't think anything more of it until returning home to find that the item is in fact faulty.

Annoyingly i have just one day to work out a replacement.

I called this morning to be told that the server was down so i couldn't get any further help until the system is back up which i understand happens.

But i tried to explain that i needed a replacement pair sent out to arrive with me the next day.

I was told that if i placed an order again they could then refund for the first order.

But i don't no if i can trust them to send me a fully working set again.

And looking at other reviews on the internet it looks like a massive headache to even get the refund.

I really do advise people to look at the reviews on the internet before even thinking about ordering from this company.

I get that faulty items occur but it would be nice for them to try their best to help a customer out which is desperate for the product as opposed to just infuriating them more into leaving bad reviews warning people across the internet.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"The worst service I had in my life and I hope who is think to buy from them have look my reviews>
My problem I order one product on Thursday afternoon next day delivery and after that what happens no one contact me after 2 days and not receive anything and no email or phone call from Overclokers.co.uk I was contact them and for my surprise they sold a product they do not have in stock and how most of companies do only apologized and said they have option to me to give my money back.
Do not worry this is the way they want to keep a customer!!!!!?????
If you go to buy something from them think twice if you will not waste you time and only get back a stress instead of your product.
Tks everyone

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"I've ordered off OCUK in the past without any real complaints, however a recent order of a defective Corsair keyboard which had LEDs break lead me into an RMA nightmare with Corsair, in the end resulting in being £120 out of pocket.

This is primarily Corsairs fault, however I submitted a review of this product on their site which has not appeared, they are clearly suppressing at least some user feedback which is negative which swings the review scores of at least some of their products. Other people have said the same thing.

This lead me to order my replacement Ducky keyboard from another e-tailer, I'm not sure I trust the reviews on overclockers any more, it's a bit sneaky and underhanded in my opinion.

My High vote for shipping process is because they offer free shipping for active forum members, which is a nice feature.

I rated their prices as bad, they're know for price gouging on limited products, especially high end GPUs, I've even seen their staff post on the forums that they price gouge simply because they can, which is off putting.

My interaction with custom services was awkward, I submitted a complaint which wasn't addressed, and a suggestion to pull a defective range of Corsair mechanical LED keyboards from their store due to demonstrably high failure rate, that was ignored and the review of my broken product ignored.

modified review This review was modified by Princess_Frosty on November 01 2013 09:26:56 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I placed my order Friday, 17th of August for several watercooling parts. I've been referred to the security checks (understandable, as my card was from a different address the delivery was supposed to be made to). Security checks were done by Monday morning, and I was assured over the phone that my order would be sent the same day. Several days later, my order was still not sent, whenever I called, I was been met with nonchalance and outright rudeness (like for example disconnecting me in the middle of my sentence) and no apologies have been offered at any time, just "whatever" attitude. After almost a week, I was forced to cancel my order, which by the way, never even left the warehouse queue. That's the first and last time I'll be shopping with Overclockers, and I'd suggest to think twice before you place an order there yourself."

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Absolutely outstanding customer service. When i placed this order, it was past the dispatch time on a thursday afternoon but i really needed the item the next day. I sent a quick message to them and one of the support staff personally went and sorted my order out to make sure i got it next day. Not only that, but this all happened while stil using free shipping for being a loyal forum member. In a seperate order that i have had to RMA, through no fault of theirs, i got the refund very quickly and rate their services very highly."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I ordered the card, which seemed a good deal for £229.99 considering they were throwing in a game worth about £30 for free. The only problem is when it arrived with the Corsair PSU I also purchased there was not a game in sight nor was there a code to download it. So I called "customer services" and was basically told the offer wasn't on anymore, they offered to send another game, took all my details again and then just didn't bother. I'm only warning everyone to shop elsewhere as it is now several weeks later and overclockers are still advertising the same bogus offer. I have used Dabs.co.uk before and I was alot more impressed with the service, at least I didn't come away feeling ripped off. By the way if you bother reading these overclockers I'm still waiting for that game!"

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"Mixed review, here.

I've always had fantastic customer service with OCUK, but as others have said they seem to think Statutory Rights are just words on paper.

I had a PSU break 20 says out of warranty and as per the Sales of Goods Act 1979 (as Amended) they are obliged to repair or replace this for me. I'm in the process of writing a formal complaint to them, as pre-action protocol under a Small Claims Court. I have the feeling like most retailers they're going to hold off under they actually get the papers on their desk before giving me my replacement.

However, I will still continue to shop with them as they're still one of the best PC retailers around. It's a shame it's come to this as I did try to have OCZ replace the product first, seeing as it was only JUST out of warranty.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Terrible, terrible customer treatment! Note, you can't call it customer service!

I had to return a faulty motherboard a few weeks after purchase. They have lied and played delaying tactics ever since - as well as being arrogant, unfriendly and unhelpful when you phone (for which they charge 10p a minute to play you hold music for 30 - 40 minutes each time)

They confirmed it faulty a week later. Then they promised it had been sent back to Asus (in an email) - but when I phoned a week later to check progress they told me it had not been sent yet! 28 days after they received it I phoned to check on progress as their Returns Manager said in an email that they were legally obliged to return it in 28 days. They said it hadn't been returned yet so I reminded them that they had said they had to return it in 28 days - and suddenly it was there "as it had arrived that morning but not been checked yet" Yeah, right!
It arrived back the next day - exactly 28 days after they received it - but all the accesories were missing! They say they can't replace them as I purchased the motherboard over 28 days ago (but they have had it for 28 days) and they specifically instructed me to return the accessories.

They are also delaying about meeting my legal right for them to pay for the postage costs to return the faulty one to them. First they agreed to pay it without a receipt (on the phone - he knew the cost to within 15p - first class recorded) then they want a scanned copy of the receipt. I have it but can't send it to them because they won't give me their email address even though I've asked twice! So over a month since returning it I still don't have a working motherboard and now am another £8.65 down. I'll be taking this to Trading Standards.
If I was allowed to enter 0 stars above I would have!

I'll avoid overclockers.co.uk like the plague in future! ..

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