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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
    Customer service: 0.00/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
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Rating 4/10

OCUK isn't terrible, just their customer service is.

"I bought over £4000 in parts from this company and had problems with almost everything. The case was defective (fan controller and one of the standoff holes to mount the motherboard was stripped). No replacement was given. The motherboard failed. Then failed again. I bought a new model, it was DOA, the second one is thankfully still good. The memory failed. Replacement kit still works OK. Graphics card, I went through three different models, all failed. Had to buy the fourth model from a different retailer, and it's working fine. Every time was a rigmarole to get things sorted. They stick to their strict 30-day policy for refunds, after that only replacements except as per the Consumer Rights Act 2015, after you have a replacement you can ask for a refund - no flexibility or understanding. When you do a RMA they send the part to the manufacturer, this can take up to 30 days, isn't that crazy? If you do any work on your computer, kiss your month's salary bye-bye. Whern I mentioned this to them, the representative told me, I kid you not: "if you do work on your computer you should always have a backup". Patronising!! I was previously an Apple user and when I took my Mac Pro to the store, they fixed it within 2 days, always. They understood my business need. OCUK isn't the size of Apple or Amazon but with this attitude they will never stand a chance to be, these companies became big because of customer service, it was not an accident. This all adds time and money (having to take a day off to receive goods because you don't work locally). At the end of the day and after much fighting with the company I managed to get replacements or refunds but they always mentioned they were doing as a "goodwill gesture". Goodwill gesture!? From lots of other businesses I chose theirs to spend 4 grand and they are doing a "goodwill gesture"!??!? They should be bending over to get my custom, really. Its capitalism, building a reputation is hard and customers aren't easy to come by, you treat them badly then you fail in the end, little by little. I paid all the money in good faith, and all I expected was fully working products, which I didn't receive, so I wanted refunds because once something breaks chances are (noticing from experience over time) it will keep breaking again due to badly designed product, I prefer to get a refund and buy another model or brand. Anyway, this isn't even the biggest problem. Its the fact that they censor reviews. Simply go to their website and for instance click on the option "this week only deals", then check the star rating of the items on the page. 95% of the items have 5 stars. 5% have 4 stars (Percentages may not be the same when you view). You will seldom find items advertised with less than 3 stars on their site. They doctor reviews (make edits) changing what you meant to suit them, and selectively allow only highly rated ones to appear. The government said that fake reviews are illegal. They are using a loophole, the reviews are not fake but they only allow highly-rated ones on their site, so you are misled as to the issues with the products they are selling. You go to a reputable site like Amazon that let customers post reviews whether good or bad, and then you get the true picture about the product. Its a very shameful practice. This company needs to stop trading or they need to improve their customer service, there's no place for terrible customer service in today's world, and whether they like it or not, IT is a volatile industry with lots of failures/returns, they need to accept this reality and refund customers when they get products that are defective, whether within 30 days or not makes no difference, government said that its the retailers responsibility to prove things within 6 months, so their policy of refunds should be at least 6 months. Having said this, when they agreed about a refund or replacement, they stuck to their word and the money appeared on my account reasonably quickly. When I originally bought my parts, they shipped them on time (using DPD with 1-hour slot). I am still buying from this company but Ill be very careful as to what I buy. I wouldn't buy monitors for example, as their return policy for dead pixels is known to be terrible. OCUK management if you read this, here is a suggestion to you: instead of punishing your customers, put pressure on your suppliers to stop providing defective goods in the first place. Customers are victims of shoddy manufacturing practices, you prove you're worthy of our custom by standing by our side in these situations instead of acting like a disinterested middle-man. If you guys had the initiative to put pressure on your suppliers and say "here's the thing, either make quality products or we will stop reselling your goods" then perhaps they would stop making broken items and then you would not have to deal with RMAs at all."

Rating 2/10

Shady practice - dodgy review censoring!

"Paid over the odds for a brand new graphics card but received a used/opened item. Complained to customer service who have sent a replacement. Overclockers reported my (edited to reflect replacement) Trustpilot review as "The company has no record of this reviewer" - how did they think they could get away with it when I have had extensive comms with their customer service? Really dodgy. AVOID."

Rating 10/10

"What can I say about Overclockers? Well seeing as generally only 1 person in 10 writes a positive review a score on here of over 1 is still probably good!
My experience over the years has been extensive, as I use several suppliers for business purposes, and although OcUK have a bit higher pricing, they generally stock the higher end stuff, and their Customer Service is actually not what seems to get reported here - maybe they were caught on an off day or something.
Every time I have contacted support (as directed) I've received a satisfactory response. My first experience was in 2009 when I bought a prebuilt Oc'd PC from them and I had some problems a year after purchase, one of the team actually spent a lot of time helping me resolve the problem, even though it was out of warranty and the issue wasn't down to them.
Pre-sales advice is actually good, and they often suggest cheaper or better alternatives, so they clearly employ people who have more than a passing interest in PC's.
Delivery is probably one of the best around for dedicated Component suppliers - although expensive when compared to others that offer economy services, the DPD and UPS delivery options are spot on.

Rating 2/10

"So I've spent a lot of money with these guys in the past. But will not be buying from them again. Made sure all the items were in stock when I ordered and paid for next day delivery. Waited in all day off work ....nothing. Sent an email received confirmation of email but no reply for 24hrs. Waited in next day...nothing ...fired off another email and got a reply stating that my order would not be processed for another 5 days!

Guy on the end of the phone sounded like he had taken valium and was not concerned really, wouldn't change my order to items that were actually really in stock and no apology over two lost working days. In the end I told him to just refund my money (which will take 7 days!) and I bought the whole setup from Scan which was cheaper by some margin and next day delivery for half the delivery charge of overclockers.

My scan order has emailed me each step of the way and will even text me an hour before my order arrives...that is how it should be done.

Rating 2/10

"Avoid like the plague probably the worst company in the UK for lying to you and messing you about them being unprofessional this is the second time I've bought something from them and they messed about and lost time and money super unprofessional do yourself a favour never order from them the website looks good prices are ok I seem to know what you're talking about but as soon as you place an order it all starts to go downhill for instance you order something weeks later nothing you phone up to find out what's going on its out of stock but when you purchased it there was at least 10 in stock another problem they don't return your phone calls and they lie to you on the phone empty promises they don't deliver will never ever use this company again I Wish It Would close down and they would all get the sack absolutely fuming I am as I have lost money and time with these cowboys"

Rating 2/10

"I was ordering a bunch of parts to build a PC from overclockers, I chose them as others such as Amazon/Ebuyer didn't offer finance. However, I have to say that the finance process with overclockers is a complete shambles, it looks good at first but they are using Hitachi to finance it, and for some reason my application was declined - despite never being refused credit and never having late payments or anything like that. My credit score with experian is 990/999.

I'll cut a long story short, the problem with overclockers was that throughout the whole process I never received any updates on the order via e-mail or via the site. The website never updates, at one point it showed my first order shipped, then I did a second order as my finance application was referred this time, still no communication. I phoned up their telephone support and they said to just ignore what it says on the site. The whole thing was a mess I'm afraid, it all just comes down to no communication whatsoever with the order, website doesnt update, not even their support knows whats going on with the order. And a finance company that rejects you for unexplained reasons and you can't find out.

Now I'm just left to take some savings out instead and wait until my next pay day in a week to pay it off in full at a cheaper provider. The only reason I chose overclockers was for the finance but the system needs a big overhaul, and I can just go to a cheaper alternative instead if I'm not paying by finance.

Rating 2/10

"Refused to return a graphics card (Nvidia 970) despite it being a consumer right in the UK to return any item falsely advertised within 6 months of purchase.

Will not be buying from this company again and have taken the complaint to Trading Standards.

Rating 10/10

"Really good service. Worth getting 100+ posts on their forum for free next day delivery. Realy good delivery company give you hour-for-delivery timeslots.

Fast and mostly competitive on prices. I use them a lot these days.

n.b. puzzled about all the negative reviews. I guess its true what they say people only bother to leave reviews when they've had a negative experience.

Rating 2/10

"Bought a Roccat Kave 5.1 from Overclockers. Roccat suggest and give re-sellers a 2 year warranty on this product. However, Overclockers decides that they only want to give you a 1 year warranty for some unknown reason. I offered to pay for any P&P so it wouldn't cost the company any money but they still refused."

Rating 2/10

"did recommend them but not now.
purchased a joystick online £150 phoned them up got delivery date sat in all day didn't turn up. phoned them up the next day 4pm was told out of stock even when showing 10+ instock when I purchased it.
why not tell me this when I phoned up instead of saying ill get it the day after. sat in over Christmas for nothing. this is how you treat your customers. not good,didn't get a email until I phoned them up for the second time.

Rating 2/10

"Worse experience ever!!! ordered HDD, SSD, CPU, BDR. over 500£ and I was charged 10£ for delivery... ok that is not a biggest issue. after few days I didn't got anything, called to OC to ask whats is happening. they said there was a mistake and they don't have HDD on stock, then they changed it to equivalent HDD and promise next day delivery... after few days I was still waiting for my stuff... called again to OC this time guy on the phone explained what BDR is also not on the stock... I had to ask to refund money for BDR and now I am still waiting for the rest of the stuff... miserable service, arrogant service, i will buy never again from OC!

Intel Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz (Devil's Canyon) Socket LGA1150

Pioneer BDR-209EBK 16x BDRW Multilayer 128GB retail

Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 120GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s

Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache

Rating 2/10

"Knowing nothing about computing I bought my Nephew some kit that he requested for Christmas. Only to realise 10 days before that it was the wrong type. Even though it was still unopened in original packaging, this company would not refund or exchange due to their 14 day return policy.
So, if buying before Christmas you would have to buy only the week before so that if it was wrong it could be exchanged and Good Luck getting it posted out in time if you need to do that!
A lot of companies offer 28 day returns or even a service exception over Christmas and still more will exchange after the 28 days therefore I find it unacceptable this large company does not do this.

Rating 2/10

"AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! Like flushing your money down the toilet!
Oh my goodness, please please please do not buy from this cowboy outfit! If you hit a problem with your order you will wish to God you had not ordered from OverCONNERS. They really do treat you with an awful level of disrespect if you have a problem of any sort. It's just not worth the risk as any problem and their attitude is pretty much go to hell! I ordered a pc which has been problematic to say the least. Their warranty is terrible. If you run a business as I do, you will be without your pc for a period of time which you can ill afford, and this isn't good enough when they've built you a lemon. They should go to more effort to look after their customers but once you've clicked pay they no longer care. Don't believe me, well order something and wait till you hit a problem then wish to God you'd of purchased elsewhere! Ordering from these jokers is like flushing your money down the toilet!

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

"Looks like i should have read some of the online reviews before placing my order with Overclockers.co.uk , but you live and learn.

Nice website, good product range, reasonably well priced and seem to know what they're talking about. Then you order and it all goes down hill. Seemed to unable to put two products in one box resulting one part being RMA'ed before it even left the warehouse. The 2nd part also didn't leave the warehouse as the courier number they gave me hadn't been picked up. After 4 phone calls saying they were about to fix it had to ask for refund.

Use the website for ideas but do yourself a favour and buy elsewhere.

Rating 2/10

"I am writing this review to vent my anger towards Overclockers.co.uk
I have ordered my custom rig with tons of additional stuff for over £1500. Order was due to arrive on the Thursday, then only upon calling they said the case was out of stock and it would arrive on the Friday.. Okay so I reluctantly accepted and carried on. Next Day I am told it will arrive on the Saturday, then an hour later upon calling again to be sure of this, they then say It wont arrive until Monday! It is now Tuesday and my order has not even left the warehouse. Over 15 calls to Overclockers and they still cannot agree to how far along the build is, and still cannot even agree on when my stuff is due to arrive. In hindsight I would have never bought from this shambles of a company. I will continue to pursue this issue, promised a call back from a manager, next step is taking them to court. Personal verdict, find an alternative supplier that understands what the most basic customer service should look like.

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