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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"as an employee or in this case a manager you are pressured to sell and when sales and survey's are not going good your store manager finds a way to write you up and he walks away with his hands clean. Also when you are hired they start your pay right then they take you pay reduce it and grantee 8 hrs over time for a few months then say that you will no longer get overtime"

modified review This review was modified by boomercasares on February 21 2014 06:33:30 AM

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"This company is horrible. I will absolutely never spend money with them again.

My husband and I will be closing on a new house in a week and wanted to buy him a new desk. Being thrifty, I stalked what I wanted online and swooped in when it was on sale. Before making the order I went into a web chat with a customer service agent, Marvi, to see if the shipping could be delayed until we moved in, about 2 weeks from order date. Marvi told me to go ahead and place the order, and that he would change the shipping date once I've given him the completed order number. Here is what Marvi had to say "Marvi: Here is your reference number 408721719 for the delivery date change on this order." Awesome! I was so happy! That is, until this morning when I received an email letting me know that the shipment had been processed and was going to be delivered tomorrow. I immediately got on the phone with Office Depot, only to find out that their customer service center is overseas. I was asked to call back the first time. I'm not really sure why. I think the girl was getting off work. I called back a 2nd time and got ANOTHER non-native English speaker. She kept telling me someone would call me back within 4 hours and she was making a ticket (in very broken English.... I'm not really sure she understood what I was telling her.) I called back on my lunch break after 5 hours of non-communication, and was told there would be another ticket filled out. I tried calling my local Office Depot store to see if they could help, and I finally got in touch with someone whom I felt understood me and who I could also understand. After being bounced around for a while I'm pretty sure I was speaking to an assistant manager. Unfortunately, they had no way of looking up this information, and there was no alternative phone number he could give me to help.

I FINALLY got a call 7 hours after my original call from someone in Boca Raton, who told me that it is against company policy to delay order shipment, and that it would have told me at checkout what my delivery date was estimated to be. I told her I was advised this from a customer service agent and she said that wouldn't have been the case. I finally gave her Marvi's confirmation number and she finally apologized that company policy was misrepresented to me, and said that the ONLY way to ensure that my order was not going to be delivered tomorrow was to cancel the order and place it again closer to my move-date - at full price.

I told her to go ahead and cancel the order, cancel the shipment, cancel everything so it's not delivered, I don't live there yet! I don't want the current owners inconvenienced! The woman said she would work on it and call me back in 1-2 hours. This was a good 4 hours ago and at current it is past end of business day with no word from Office Depot.

I cant WAIT to shop at Office Max. Screw you, Office Depot.

modified review This review was modified by TeresaLB on February 18 2014 03:13:46 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"ATROCIOUS! (Yes, I'm yelling. You would, too). Horrifically incompetent, outsourced company. RUN, don't walk away from this hot mess of a "business". Placed an online order after VERIFYING with their online chat that the item (an Epson printer) was in stock. Received a confirmation email showing it available and shipping by the next week. Funds on hold on my Visa. Waited days. Spoke to Chat line again. Told weather was bad. Shipping delayed. Waited again. Spoke to Chat & was told item in warehouse shipping out their truck on following Monday. Friday came, no emails but checked online--item listed now as "backordered". Called on phone. So sorry. We actually never had item for sale. Doesn't exist. Funds still not back on my card. Called & asked for Office Depot supervisor (in the Philippines, it turns out) to contact Visa to have hold removed. Had Visa supervisor on 3-way phone conference ready & willing to clear the hold. She asked Office Depot person for the authorization code for charge. He didn't know how to find it. Told me to call their credit dept. 800#. Said good-bye to Visa. Called the number he gave me only to find out it is the phone for the Office Depot credit card, not for any form of customer service for sales. Will be calling the Better Business Bureau next. I repeat: Run, do not walk, away from attempting any business transactions with this staggeringly incompetent company. "

modified review This review was modified by RunAwayFast on January 10 2014 02:06:13 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"An absolute joke. No customer service. They delivered a package to me which clearly had someone else's shipping and billing information inside.

It took two weeks for them to even pick up the package and I never received the item I actually ordered.

Skip Office Depot, Amazon is 100% better.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I have shopped at Office Depot for years. I have always taken advantage of their recycling programs, sales, cash back rewards, and recycling programs. There have been a few times when I have not gotten the promised rewards but I stayed on top of them and continued to use them. However, today was the day that I decided I would be better off to never do business with them again. I ordered a printer online and didn't like it. When I took it to the store they would not take it back because it wasn't an item they carried. I called the 800 number and had to wait 4 hours for approval of the return and a label. The label was a jpeg I couldn't get to print without the use of photoshop. When I took the printer back to the store to ship using UPS they wouldn't take it. They said anything over 50lbs would be too hard on the driver and my 70lb printer (that I lugged into the store) exceeded the limit, label or no label. When I took it across town to UPS they said the limit was 150 lbs. Needless to say, I'm done with Office Depot."

modified review This review was modified by xtrememotives on November 21 2013 04:21:35 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Had purchased a HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium. They didn't have it in stock. We went ahead and ordered it when we were told it would be delivered to us at no chg. on a specific date. On the delivery date I went on-line to see if it was scheduled and it was,it showed delivery between 8:30-5:00. At 3:15 when I hadn't heard anything I called the number that they give and was told it would not be delivered it would be at least 3 more days! This is the POOREST way of handling business I have ever seen. If you say it is being delivered, show it on your site, where you put in your order # to track, and it shows it is being delivered and it won't be, you should update the site or contact the person. So I am writing this, preparing to leave, since it won't be delivered for 3 more days and there is a knock at the door and it is the printer being delivered! Really... this company doesn't have a clue what is going on! Had I left they wouldn't have left the printer (which I wouldn't have wanted to happen), but I would be going through the cycle again! I assume they plan on delivering another one in 3 days since that is what they say (like that is accurate)! How poorly managed are they!?!?"

modified review This review was modified by 501c on November 18 2013 12:58:56 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"they lie. Said they would deliver on Tuesday. We scheduled locksmith for Wed. They still had not delivered by Wednesday morning despite numerous phone calls and many minutes on hold. THEY LIE."

modified review This review was modified by petestein on November 13 2013 10:12:48 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"All I care is that word gets out about Office Depot. I just had a HORRIBLE experience with them. I ordered a product. It was wrong. I called-the person I spoke to could barely speak English. Two days later UPS came to pick up the product, but no word of a credit. I called a week later, was told the product was received, and I would see a credit on my CC in two days. The next day someone called to tell me that I wouldn't be credited for 3-5 days. I objected, was told to hold for a supervisor. I was on hold for a long time, and then told that she would have to call back. She never did. So here I wait-they have their defective product AND my money!!! What a SHLOCK company!!!"

modified review This review was modified by dogprovet on October 26 2013 05:47:23 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Bought a Toshiba Satellite lap top from Office Depot in Round Rock Texas paid 69.00 for "back up disks". Two years later my computer was infected with a virus and running slow, I used the back up disks to reboot the computer and after the first disk, when all my data had been erased the second disk said "error on disk. I call the store and spoke with the manager PJ was his name. He was reluctant to help me and acted like I had somehow damaged the disks but told me to bring the computer and the disks in to the store. The tech center told me my hard drive had crashed and wanted me to pay them to put a new one in. I took my computer to Staples and the tech department there fixed it by pushing the zero button multiple times while the computer was in start up, all Toshiba computers have a built in back up like that. GRRRRRRR they ripped me off on the disks and then tried to rip me off by selling me a new hard drive that I did not need again GRRRRRR bad people to do business with!"

modified review This review was modified by FlightMedicfromTexas on September 20 2013 07:36:03 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"They are by far the worst company I have ever dealt with, and will never deal with again. When you order quantity 2 and they send only 1 and then you have to fight them to get another one. Calling customer service is a joke, where are they answering from. They don't seem to understand , they are clueless. After 1 month I am still fighting to get what I ordered. I will never deal with them again "

modified review This review was modified by TrishHart on August 12 2013 12:08:02 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I doubt Office Depot will still be in business in a year or two. I went to the store in Bel Mar and ordered a large storage cabinet, a 6 ft long table, and a chair mat and paid for it at that time. I was given a delivery date three days later. I arranged to take the day off work because they couldn't give me even a four-hour range for the delivery time. I waited and waited all day and finally at 4:30 I called to find out where my furniture was. The person on the other end fumbled around, put me on hold for awhile, and finally came back and said that due to some technical difficulties the drivers weren't able to make their deliveries. I asked why someome hadn't called to tell me--I could have gone to work for at least part of the day. She said they didn't have that information??? By this time, I'm growing more and more frustrated. After questioning her some more I find out that she's in the Philappine Home Depot office! She said yes, she works for Home Depot, just in the Philippines. Now she is saying they will deliver my furniture on Monday and I say NO I have to be at work and we settle on a Wednesday delivery. Monday morning I had an intuition that I should call and make sure they weren't going to deliver my furniture that day and sure enough, I was on the delivery list for that day. I was so angry that I cancelled the order. I called the store and spoke to the manager and told her the story and asked when I would get my money refunded. She said the paperwork would take a few days and I should then see a credit to my account. I am not going to bore you with the tedious details of how many times I called the store and spoke to three different "managers," was referred to the business office (which is in India), back to the whatever office in the Philippines and each time I was told--you'll get your refund in three to five business days. This absurd process has taken over a month. I made the order June 29 and I finally received my refund August 5. I have been an Office Depot customer for at least 15 years. And I will add that this is not the first incident--an equally incompetent situation happened the year before and I just thought it was a fluke. I am now convinced that Office Depot has outsourced everything but the actual storefronts in the U.S. with the on-site employees. I will never do business with Office Depot again. As a postscript, during this process I ordered the same items from Staples (who promise next day delivery) and I was given a four-hour delivery window, the items were delivered the next day, perfectly boxed and in perfect condition. The delivery guy was friendly and did a great job. The contrast between these two experiences is stunning. If we Americans don't stop supporting these businesses that send our jobs overseas I guess we get the incompetence we deserve. The "employees" in the Philippines and India don't give a damn about customer service or getting the job done--there is a whole different work ethic and actual involvement from people who really aren't part of the company. I am on a mission to track down companies that use foreign workers outside the U.S. and not do business with them no matter how inconvenient it may be."

modified review This review was modified by greyeagle5280 on August 05 2013 07:54:38 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I'll tell you my horror story. Bought a new laptop from Office Depot 5/25 along with their much upsold Performance Protection Plan. Started having problems 1st week (programs closing, slowing down), but it didn't actually crash for 6 weeks. Did 2 refreshes, 2 restores, scan disk with repair. Nothing worked. Contacted Office Depot. They said I had to call their tech support. I explained that my phone service is sketchy and could tech support email or chat (or better still, actually reside in the 21st Century and do remote assistance). No, I have to call.

Made Four calls. Didn't fix the problem, didn't know the product (told me the windows activation number was on the computer; Microsoft told me HP puts it on the hard drive) and even gave me the wrong number for Microsoft.

Oh, and that expensive Performance Protection Plan that touts that it takes care of lemons? I was told that during the first year, it was HP's responsibility under factory warranty.

Bottom Line: I will never, ever, ever buy so much as a single sheet of paper from Office Depot again. Customer Service, competence are non-existent.

modified review This review was modified by NoOD on August 02 2013 11:09:36 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I ordered a desk and a hutch organizer from Office Depot. They didn't have the hutch in stock so they said that they would deliver BOTH items for free the following day. That seemed perfect since my car is a bit small. I was told the items would arrive between 8am-5pm. I busied myself around the house all day, and around 3:30 both pieces arrived. After dinner my boyfriend went to put the desk together and found that several pieces were badly damaged. We then opened the hutch and the pieces were broken. I called Office Depot the next morning, and after a frustrating hour long phone call with a man who I could hardly understand, it was explained that while the desk could be exchanged, the hutch could not. Rather, I would get a refund for the hutch and have to go back to the store and order the hutch all over again, minus the $30 coupon that I used applied towards the $200 hutch during the first purchase. I told the man that I would not purchase another hutch until the refund came. The damaged pieces are going to be picked up tomorrow and a new desk is supposed to arrive but I'm not holding my breath."

modified review This review was modified by LJuliet7 on July 10 2013 08:38:24 AM
Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"I wanted to buy my hubby some nonphoto pencils since he had used his awhile back and was missing it. My complaint was that they were shown to be in store, but were not. However, they did order them and get them in the next day and it was a good price so I cant' complain too much. "

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"One of the worst experiences I have ever had. Recently I bought a laptop with the base price of 479 from this store. I pricematched to their own sale and used a 75 dollar coupon and recieved it for 276. The incompetent customer support agents charged me 399 plus tax, cancelled it, sent it out anyways, and then had difficulltty adjusting it to the 276 agreed upon. They then sent me a new laptop and intercepted the old one via ups. This old one they intercepted was charged to my card after the return for the full $425. Now my debit account is 300 dollars in the red and I am still dealing with them to get my money back."

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