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    • Address: 12400 SW 134 CT Suite 1
    • Contact: customerservice@originpc.com
    • Phone: 1-877-ORIGIN-0 (674-4460)
    • Customer Support: 1-877-ORIGIN-0 (674-4460)
    • Business Hours: 9-6pm Eastern
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    Product & services pricing Rating 6.07/10 6.07/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 8.69/10 8.69/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 8.45/10 8.45/10
    Customer service: Rating 8.81/10 8.81/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 7.50/10 7.50/10

109 Customer Reviews

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Purchased EVO15-S.

As an IT professional and an avid gamer, I needed a laptop that is not only light, but powerful enough to meet my gaming needs on the go, provide a decent battery life for a powerful laptop, meet my needs for business, and still be light enough to carry around without having to build a mobile desktop every time I take the thing out of my bag.

The latest EVO15-S from OriginPC was an obvious choice. I have never bought an OEM brand desktop or pre-built one from a company such as Origin, and most likely never will; however when it comes to laptops, it's much easier to have it done by a reputable company with engineers that know what they are doing.

The laptop arrived gloriously encased inside a giant wooden box which now doubles as a place for random things in my home, and has performed flawlessly for all my heavy hitting gaming and IT needs. I easily run 6 monitors off the laptop using docking stations with ease, and have no problems running the latest games on ultra quality comparable to my powerful desktop at home.

I would recommend OriginPC to any of my colleagues and friends to get a well built machine at a competitive price point.

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Origin PC is the best (in my opinion) place to get a custom built computer without doing it yourself. Not to mention they offer financing, which really helped me out.

They have some of the sleekest desktop designs and definitely aren't new to the business of custom built PCs. Through the entire ride, since I placed my order, my salesperson was there giving me updates, answering my annoying questions, and keeping me overall relieved until my computer arrived at my doorstep in a massive crate! Every legendary computer deserves a massive shipping crate!

And while the hardware inside isn't anything special that you could have ordered and built yourself, it's truly the custom design of their cases, the cable management they implemented, and the love and care you could tell was put into the computer. That's what makes Origin absolutely wonderful. And I definitely plan on doing more business with them!

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"From the moment I decided I was going to purchase my Computer Desktop from Origin, and even before. The service was stellar.

I was skeptical on buying computers, since I have years of experience building, and modding computer desktops myself. However the ease, control, and clear communication between myself as the customer, and Origin the company felt instantly like a personal experience.

I was given a top notch service rep, who streamlined the process of purchasing, but also building, and further modifications as the process went that I had my computer in no time, ready to enjoy.

Origin PC is an amazing company with superb staff. Of my 7 years experience with commerce, logistics, and customer service, they are the best in the business.

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

Fantastic, is an understatement!
Sales rep., went totally out of his way, at every angle!
The laptop exceeds all needs. business....quick and easy to use!
Gaming.....Can Not Be Beaten!!
#2 Laptop from @ORIGINPC ! Will Never Alter Again!!

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"EDIT: I have since been speaking with Daniel, and he has greatly helped me. Origin customer service seems to be a lot better than before, or at least working with Daniel is. Origin is currently helping me work out a new system. I appreciate their efforts to help their customers. In this case they are one of the more expensive companies but the way that i have been helped in my case is hard to find elsewhere.
I purchased a laptop through Origin on 4/09/13 and overall everything has been okay. I have had a few issues with the computer from time to time. the screen clicks when I move it if I apply pressure to the left hand side (not anything crazy, I'm not slamming my laptop screen down, just regular movement). I had an issue with a loose hdmi input thing a while ago, and my power button is inconsistent (sometimes it would turn the computer on, other times it wouldn't. I have to press it in a sweet spot or it wont do anything). One of my USB ports will only work half the time, and the speakers are now crackling when I play music at half of the max volume. I have never been rough with my computer. I have never dropped it, blared music from the speakers, throw it around, and have never been even the slightest bit careless with it.

In my experience, dealing with staff is a grab bag. Some emails I had sent never got replied to, no one seemed to really be on board with me when I ordered my laptop. I was told different company policies. I had someone tell me one part would cost this much, and then another person quote me differently. I had asked for advice on what components to install based on games and programs I would be running. I was told that my configuration would play the games I wanted on a high setting, and should run the programs fine. Overall it does the things I need it to well, but not as well as I was led to believe by the people in tech support I spoke with. I had people telling me different shipping prices and overall I was just glad to get the computer and not have to deal with any more emailing or calling.

But this wasn't the case as I mentioned before with the clicking in the screen and the power button issue. Maybe it was rushed when they built it? I'm not sure. Those problems brought me right back to them.I had mentioned these new problems to tech support, they were essentially useless.

The power button and the clicking from the screen happened right out of the box. When I mentioned this to customer support they basically told me I must be imagining it, or pressing things too hard. I put more money into this build than any computer I had ever purchased before and I don't feel like these minor little snags should occur. I would have sent it back for them to look it over, but they said it would take a couple weeks. I didn't really have a couple weeks at that point. I had already waited a couple weeks using a friends extra laptop, (college student off campus, computer access is necessary). So they told me this annoying clicking couldn't be happening because there is nothing to cause a clicking noise in that area. The power button is super frustrating though.

The computer itself has held up well though besides those few annoyances. The only issue is now I have gotten fed up with the little issues my computer keeps throwing at me and less than 2 years later I'm not sure what to do with it. I would like to get a desktop but no place will give me credit to this computer. I can't find a place to trade it in or swap it out. Origin wont give me any credit to the almost 3k in parts that are in this computer, and no big retailers will offer me anything because it's not a company they deal with. So I guess I am stuck with it. This is especially frustrating to me because I had called tech support one night to ask for advice on my system that I was in the process of ordering. I don't recall his words specifically, but he basically said that with their systems you are able to exchange parts for credit or something like that, I don't remember the exact details. This isn't the case for their laptops I guess.

Overall, I spent a TON, got a powerful laptop, but the casing felt a little cheap. The minor issues I had with clicking, power button issues, HDMI input, speakers and USB added to that cheap feeling. The computer didn't fully meet my expectations for the tasks I threw at it, despite being told it would. Based on the techs I spoke to, I had really high expectations. I take very good care of my stuff, the computer doesn't have a scratch on it, never dropped or tossed around. I hoped my little issues would go away, but they didn't. Here I am still playing with the power button, still hearing the clicking in the screen. I can't play music from my computer in my apartment because it just doesn't sound good. I don't think I would shop for a computer with Origin ever again.

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"As soon as I found Origin I knew that I had finally found a place that I can go to for custom laptops that can handle anything. I purchased two Eon15-S laptops and we could not be happier with the products or the order process. The options that Origin is able to offer - parts, customization, graphics, paint, even financing - is amazing. Origin has an awesome website and a great reputation so you know you have nothing to worry about when you place the order. Our systems were shipped out exactly when they said they would ship. I was truly impressed by the performance of the laptops and the professionalism of the team at Origin. They were always kind and willing to answer any questions that we had. Perhaps best of all, when you purchase and Origin PC, you know they are with you 100%. From the greetings and updates you get from your sales account manager (shoutout to Bryant!) to the support that is included with the system, and anything else that may happen along the way. You know that if you have any issues they are willing to help get them resolved. If you're looking for a lighter gaming machine the EVO15-S looks pretty sharp too and I feel that Origin offers competitive pricing. Thanks Origin!


Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Buying a new laptop from Origin has been an amazing experience. Their easy configuration options on the website made it simple for me to get the best gaming laptop I wanted. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and took the time to always answer my questions. Definitely recommend them and will only be buying PC's from them in the future! "

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"Ordered a Genesis system from them nearly 2 months ago (July 11th). The expected ship schedule was approximately 2 weeks from the order date. Time passed... and the delivery date kept getting pushed back. I finally posted a complaint on their Facebook site, because for some reason, I couldn't access their forums, at which point their customer service manager, Bryant Vallejo contacted me.

Around the last couple of weeks of August, I was assured that I would have my system soon... Nothing happened! I complained again, and was contacted once more by Mr Vallejo on August 27th, who told me that my system was in QC, and after a quick check, it would be shipped the following day at the latest. Didn't happen... Complained again, and was told that the system got held up in QC. It finally shipped on Sept 3rd.

The package arrived in good condition. I have to give the company a plus for the wooden crate, and more than adequate packing. Unpacked, and set up the system. My first impression was that the interior was well built, but the Genesis case was made of cheap thin plastic. It ran fine... with one exception. The ASUS Xonar Essence STX soundcard isn't compatible with the industry standard minijack connectors. According to the soundcard manual, a 'Y' adaptor connector for this was supposed to be included with the soundcard, but wasn't. I finally found one in a local store, and hooked up the sound system. It didn't work! The only sound coming out of the system was like a controlled feedback noise. I called Origin's tech support, and was told that there were no technicians available. Since I was going to be in and out of the house, I left them my email address, and was told that someone would contact me by end of business that day. Again... it didn't happen... and still hasn't happened! I started troubleshooting the problem myself, and after a couple of hours of frustration, I finally found the problem. The speakers were turned off in the driver section of the card, and the S/PDIF Pass through device was turned on (where the speakers should have been), and was causing the feedback. I reconfigured the drivers, and got it to work. This should have have been found before leaving Origin.

The company's big sales pitch is the great "Origin Experience". Sorry, but my experience was anything but good. I was lied to about shipping schedules, and when the system finally arrived, it was not yet ready for prime time. The system is nice, but customer and tech support are not.

Well built system
Great packaging for shipping
Good quality hardware

Poor customer support
Terrible technical support
Cheap plastic case

modified review Rep reply posted Sep-15-2014

originpc, Origin PC rep has responded

““Hello mcbarker69,

My name is Jamie. I am the customer service manger here at ORIGIN PC. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.
I do wish to apologize for your inconvenience. It is not the ORIGIN experience we work so hard for.
I looked into your case. It appears that Dan (our Tech Support manager) has been reaching out to you over the last few days and has not heard back. Please reply when you have a moment. I am confident that we can address your concerns and make you a satisfied customer.
You can also e-mail me directly at jamie_shallenberger@originpc.com. I will always be happy to help.

Jamie Shallenberger
Customer Service Manager

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I purchased my EON17S last month from Origin, the system has just been a dream out of the box. They provided me with a personal representative that takes you through every step of the process. - That's the way to treat your customers. The quality of service is outstanding, my order was handled personally and professionally. There was a special part that was not available on the site that I wanted and Origin was able to get it for me. If you're looking for a truly custom machine from start to finish with personal attention, incredible quality and reasonable price. Origin PC is the way. "

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Really had a great experience with Originpc. I ordered a Millennium desktop with their new case. The computer arrived safely thanks to the wooden crate and incredible packing job. Feels like a lot of work and care went into everything they did. From my sales agent to building the unit to my specs. Tech support was also very helpful when I had questions about my over clock. The Origin case is beautiful! Everything runs great. Completely satisfied with my purchase. I would buy from them again."

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

" I recently needed a replacement PC since my current one was struggling with all the new games. I am a big gamer so was interested in a custom PC.  My current PC was from one of the larger companies, but I decided to try Origin after reading some of their reviews. They have a great website, easy to use with great custom options.  Origin offers a wide range of options, so it will fit anyone’s budget.  It was simple for me to build out the exact PC I wanted.

My sales guy was top-notch. He kept me posted with email updates on the progress of my PC.  It took a little longer than scheduled to ship, but it was no big deal.  I was kept well informed. 

I fell in love with the machine I received.  I have built PCs before and was impressed by the quality of the work they put into it.  The guy who built it really knew what he was doing.   It was very cleanly layout and looks beautiful.  Their custom case is really phenomenal.  The system powered up perfectly with no hiccups. I was up and playing games within

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Worst customer service I have ever dealt with (and I've dealt with EA on multiple occasions).

I was told I would receive my PC on May 29th, but I the PC did not arrive until June 25th. Their idea of making up for the four week delay in delivery was giving me a $50 refund (1/3 the cost of shipping in the first place). During the first two weeks of this late period I attempted to deal with the Customer Service representative assigned to me (Bryant Vallejo), and after three ignored E-Mails he finally contacted me saying that his supervisor would contact me within the next day. After a week of waiting for the supervisor to contact me I decided to call their headquarters where I spoke with a Technical Service representative who apologized for the inconvenience (they ALL apologize for not offering the "Origin Experience" they strive for) and said he would E-Mail both the Customer and Technical Service supervisors and have them contact me. Later that day, this representative, who I only knew as David, actually called me back with his supervisor on the line, but unfortunately I was at work and missed the call (only received voice mail). After a few more days of waiting for the Customer Service supervisor to contact me I decided to contact him myself. After waiting on hold for an approximately an hour I spoke with the long awaited supervisor, whose name I have since forgotten because our conversation was so short; his response to me saying their customer service was awful was, "No, it isn't." He was so difficult to speak with that I told him I would probably just refund the yet-received PC and be done with the whole experience. His response was, "Well, if that's how you feel. But you should at least try the PC for a few days and see how you like it."

After the PC arrived (upside down in the box) I set it up and decided to give it a shot. Within the first two days I received two Blue Screens while trying to download / install games over night. I discovered that the cause of this was the Hot Swap bays were not installed correctly. I double-checked all other components of the computer to make sure nothing else was mis-installed; a lot of it was (almost no wires were locked in, the video card was not seated correctly, the backing to the processor looked to have fallen off, the ram was not seated correctly, and NUMEROUS screws were not fully screwed in OR completely missing). After correcting all the issues the PC ran smoothly for a few days before the drives in my Hot Swap bays began randomly disconnecting / reconnecting. Unable to fix the issue myself, I contacted customer service and they sent me a replacement. Upon receiving the replacement I looked on the bottom and it shows that power buttons exist on the Hot Swap bay (this sticker was not on the original Hot Swap). So, the entire issue was fixed by simply resetting the buttons on the Hot Swap drives (something the Technical Service department didn't even bother explaining; in fact they did zero troubleshooting).

The design is nice; I like the sleek design and the fact that both sides can be removed to access covered wires (except that the doors are a massive pain in the ass to put back on: sometimes require me and my girlfriend to put back on). After everything was fixed the PC runs smoothly with no more issues. There are minor issues with the operating system itself (Win7 x64) but that's not really on Origin.

If I had visited the forums before purchasing the PC (100% my fault) I would not have made the purchase.

Customer Service: 2/10
Technical Service: 4/10
Origin Experience: 2/10

After leaving this review here and a copy on the OriginPC forums I was contacted by a Support Manager (Daniel Ovalle); he expressed a concern for my issues with the company and asked me what I would like for my troubles. I told him that all I ever asked for was a refund for the cost of shipping, to which he agreed and refunded me an additional $50. After this, he contacted a Customer Service Manager about the issue (who's name I never received) and a care package was put together to make up for the issues I had throughout the process.

Inside the package was: Roccat Kulo (Headphones), Roccat Isku (Keyboard), Roccat Sense (Mouspad), a code for a digital copy of Watchdogs, two Origin wristbands, and one Origin T-shirt. [I was going to include pictures, but it's late and I'm just going to sleep.]

The package definitely improves my overall "Origin Experience", but there's still a bitter taste overall. Especially after the reception of my review on the Origin forums. I understand that not everyone on the forums are Origin employees, but people were entirely too quick to dismiss my complaints (as well as those of other people I saw) as 'someone looking to complain'.

Of course, take this review of my experience as you will, but with everything now said and done, if I could do it all over again I would not have ordered from OriginPC.

modified review Rep reply posted Jul-10-2014

originpc, Origin PC rep has responded

“Hello Jackemmenjaser,

My name is Jamie. I am the customer service manger here at ORIGIN PC. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. It is greatly appreciated. ORIGIN always takes customer feedback seriously (both good and bad) and use it improve our services.
I do wish to apologize for your inconvenience. It is not the ORIGIN experience we work so hard for. Unfortunately, things sometimes do happen. And if they do, we are always willing to work in good faith with our customer to address the issues.
I looked into your case and see that Dan (our Tech Support manager) has already been in touch with you. I will follow up with him. I am confident that we can resolve your concerns and make you a satisfied customer.
You can also e-mail me directly at jamie_shallenberger@originpc.com. I will always be happy to help.

Jamie Shallenberger
Customer Service Manager

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"First off, I am a current Alienware Owner, and, when I needed to replace my aging desktop, I felt it best to repurpose my M17X-R4, and buy a new laptop for mobile purposes. I had heard about OriginPC and decided to give them a shot. Off I went to their 'Configurator' and after plugging in a few options, add this, delete this, add that, I came up with a system I felt worthy of my Business and Gaming use. (Best Bang for the Buck wise) I've been 'Playing' with it for a little more than a week now (and I DO MEAN Playing) without a hiccup... I am also impressed with their support staff: ShoutOut >>> Shane Owen. Shane kept me in the loop with emails regarding build data and estimated ship date...They even shipped ahead of schedule...WOOT!!! As I told Shane, I will definitely be recommending OriginPC to my friends and family, and, by their Stellar support, they have earned a 'Lifetime Customer' Way To Go Origin!! "

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I ordered a desktop from Origin in early May, and was very impressed with their mission statement and dedication to customer relations. Then I found out I was going to go on a trip to Alaska and would need a laptop as well. I thought about buying a cheap laptop but I wanted to let Origin build me a nice one, so I ordered one from them as well. My desktop took a little longer than expected, during which time my rep Erika kept me informed of the status and was very apologetic. I wasn't worried about the timing of the desktop however, because I was soon to be leaving for an extended trip and needed the laptop quickly. I informed my rep Bryant when I ordered it, around may 26, that I would need it by the 10th of June and he said it wouldn't be an issue. I definitely bugged them both during the last few days quite a bit, but they handled my harassment with grace and reassured me that the laptop would be here in time for me to take with me. And indeed, it arrived just on time, like they said, and runs smooth as silk. I also asked him to include the promotional tablet from the desktop with the laptop, and they handled that smoothly as well, working with each other to make it happen. I had a few issues with drivers and called up tech support and they were able to fix it up. Then I accidentally hit the fn-f10 key, which turns off camera, so I called back and the same tech support guy answered and politely informed me of the fn keys and how they work, no condescending tone or anything, which is great for me because I'm a gamer with little to no real tech knowledge. I'm by no means a racist, and respect people of all nations, but I also like the idea that I'm supporting American workers. And the laptop runs super smooth, a little warm and a little loud but those are literally the only two issues I have AT ALL with the laptop, and those are both quibbles, not real issues. I've been very pleased with my laptop so far, and my overall experience, and can't wait to get my desktop working. It seems to run very smoothly as well, but I've yet to fire up the first person shooters and verify, I'm confident it'll provide even more firepower than the laptop. And it looks sooooo nice! Thanks origin for being awesome, and thank you Bryant and Erika for helping me get two great machines!"

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I will preface this by saying I have been in the PC industry for 20 years; I am seasoned, I know what I am doing. I have built machines of every type and size, for every purpose both home recreation, business professional, and gaming performance.

First of all, the packaging. The packaging alone made the wait worth it - It felt like an indestructible brick. I will freely and openly admit that I paid Origin a lot more than I paid [ibuypower] for a machine of comparable specifications, but the adage in business is that you get what you pay for - and I certainly did. The whole "wooden crate" thing, I do not know how much of that overhead went into that cost, but I am extremely glad it was a forced option and not an electable one. It did make hauling the machine home from the delivery point a great deal more difficult, but that was still worth it to know that whatever arrived was firmly, securely, and powerfully packaged.

So far, I have had no problems. It has worked like a dream. Visual Studio runs like smooth butter even with thousands of projects loaded on this machine (as it should, per the calculations I made in picking the parts I did) and the video cards are exactly what we wanted (they were specific chipsets that I wanted for an extremely specific set of emulative operations.)

What was of particular interest to me was not the performance, though, but the build quality. I'll start with the visible. Just the metal plating on the SLI cable was an amazing touch that, again, makes the higher cost worth it. To a veteran computer builder like myself, I strongly appreciate it when people do not cut corners. I experienced a lot of corner cutting with [ibuypower], stock cables, everything loose and dangling, but from the instant I was able to inspect the Origin machine, and saw the customized, metallic SLI ribbon I knew I was dealing with a computer built by someone - or a group of someones, after my own heart. This trend followed true as I explored the other cables as well.

The case - whoever built this series of case needs to be congratulated. If there is any way to actually communicate with the people who conceived, designed, and produced this series of case, I really want my appreciation to get to them. The brilliance in its design is a cacophony of brilliant genius that was clearly built with the assistance of an HVAC engineer - I should know, I am surrounded by them all day, and that is what our company does. I was amazed at the brilliance in the way the airflow system is engineered, and the modular layout of the case was simply stunning.

Moving along, though still on the topic of the case build and construction - I have assembled, selected parts for, and completely engineered from the ground up over 600 computers in my career and I must attest that among them all - between every case I have purchased, perused, and even some that I custom cut or modified myself, this is by far and large the most impressive work I have ever seen for a good case. The "evil eye of Sauron" on the front of the case is a nice touch, and I am still exploring for the button that allows its nether-filled lidless gaze to strike laser beams at small flying pests like gnats and moths, but have not yet been able to locate this feature. The included documentation did not guide me to such either, but judging from the level of luminescence radiating from it, I am completely certain that I hear the dark speech of Mordor upon turning the system on.

The way the cables are pulled correctly taught needs to be commented on. I detest cables. The cabling in cases is among the primary reasons I was forced to stop building machine, managing and wrangling them was irritating and when I lost effective use of one of my arms, it became a hassle to build people efficient and well thought out cases. While I am sure that a look behind the hidden side panel will reveal a lot of wires I'm uncomfortable seeing, the machine does not feel as if it is "bursting" at the seams, so to speak. This is important to me, as with the [ibuypower] machines I bought, the motherboard-side plating was "bulging", as if it was struggling to contain the overstuffed cables. While the interior of their machines "looked" clean - any and all need to perform the slightest maintenance made it quickly apparent that they were doing everything possible to force as much into that tiny space as they could.

But it was more than that, not only were the cables clean, they were pulled CORRECTLY taught. They were not pulled so tight that there was no wriggle room - there was enough slack in order to move and unplug, rearrange, and do whatever was necessary - but they were appropriately pulled to ensure absolutely minimum clutter. This is EXTREMELY important to me.

The fact that the expansion bays were already plugged in and ready to accept new drives was extremely appreciated. I myself had a hybrid 1 TB HDD that had an 8 GB NRAM cache that I really wanted to use for some of my programs. I was dreading the amount of work it would take to add this to the system because I knew it would involve a lot of plumbing and reworking (when you only have one semi-healthy arm, any amount is "a lot") - but no, it took none of this. I literally just unlatched the removable bay, put my internal Hybrid-HDD in, and it worked. I was fascinated.

The machine I ordered had a "custom" motherboard - that is to say, I asked for a motherboard that was not offered on their site. They accommodated that request brilliantly, and if the words "custom" had not been written next to it on the invoice, no one would be the wiser. They even optimized it specific to the motherboard, instead of a stock optimizing process. Whoever put that board in there read its instructions carefully and knew what they were doing.

I was even greeted with an excellent print out of the results of a myriad of tests, benchmarks, and other analysis run on the machine. This was important to me, because it showed that an actual person went through the process of installing Windows, installing the drivers, and then performing intense operations for a period of time long enough to catch most of the possible early breaking points.

The only "flaw", if it can be called one, is that the 20-pin adapters for the front panel USB 3.0 components were not plugged into the motherboard by default. However after analysis and physical assessment, I asserted that, due to the sturdy inner-foam packaging supplied, plugging them in would have been unsafe and risked bending them. I must surmise then that the decision to leave them unplugged was a conscious one - and it was a wise one at that. If I had any critique to give, it would be for the company to note this on the large "poster" that has the "setup" instructions, as the typical home user will not be aware to plug them in.

I also found that the "Fan Control" dial on the case is unmarked, as I do not know which direction is "faster" or "slower". This is a detail easily rectified by an email though, but it should be printed on the poster-insert.

In short, this computer is a marvel of workmanship by a technical engineer after my own heart, and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The build time, and ship time, was extremely long (almost a month and a half), but it was worth every cent. It was put through the tests so that when I got it, it did not fail me.

The elegance of this machine is a symphony of technical expertise. As a seasoned, veteran programmer, system builder, technician, and lover of all things "computer", this box goes to 11. It cost more than anywhere else I shopped from, but I absolutely got what I paid for, and more.

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