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Rating 2/10

I cut up my Nordstroms card after 40 years.

"In spite of the carefully scripted answers given when asked why I was closing my Nordstrom account, when I responded it was because of the discontinuance of Ivanka's clothing line, I did not buy it, because other reputable sources say her line is selling better than ever. Up 300%!
There should never have been a political motivation for this and it disappoints me that they would use political motives to oenalize the daughter of a president. I have shopped at Nordstrom and sang their praises in all of my public speaking about great customer service for almost 40 years. I will never spend another dollar there again.

This review was modified by jnash-79528 on March 08 2017 06:15:01 PM

Rating 2/10

Online Customer Service Fail

"Something was not processing properly in my online purchases, particularly at the step one completes to add a new method of payment to their account, my efforts were for some reason stuck and not proceeding after I clicked on the "add payment" button (or whatever its called), without any error messaged display or prompts. As I have already picked out near 300 CAD worth of stuff I needed, I was committed to figuring out what was wrong so I could wear my cute new dresses. After seeking help from the chat, patiently explaining all the steps I have taken to reach the state I was in, I was ultimately told to just try again at another time, with no explanation as to why this might be happening or suggestions that could overcome the problem.. when I had already confirmed with the bank there were no reasons that would be happening.

When I called the customer service line, I was told it would have to be processed with a USA issued credit card... a little dumbstruck, I inquired as to why, as there are options of "Canada" as the billing address. But I was told again that would be impossible. When I inquired how could it be possible then as a holder of a Canadian issued credit card to make purchases on the "nordstromrack" site, she told me flat out it would be impossible.

I found this baffling, as it was listed Visa and Mastercard were acceptable payments. So I gave them an email, more so out of curiosity and to provide them with feedback, if Canadian issued cards were not accepted properly or parts of their service teams were missing some links.

I later received an email confirming they do accept Canadian issued Visa and Mastercards. I was unable to reply to ask how to best proceed as it seems my email was blocked... even though the email to me finished with a invitation "Thank you for your time. Please let me know if there is anything else I may assist you with..."

The experience was irksome and fruitless. I would love to see an improvement to their online customer support. All in all I found it really surprising, as I was someone with more then the sufficient funds, throwing money at the company.

This review was modified by ychow_van on February 13 2017 10:30:01 PM

Rating 2/10

Done with Nordstroms

"Once a retailer becomes political, I am done with them."

This review was modified by nekm50 on February 03 2017 07:30:02 AM

Rating 2/10

Worse experience ever

"Today, 26th of May it has been 2 and a half month since we placed an online order at Nordstrom.com. Today, despite thier promises, we gave up hoping that soon Nordstrom will deliver all items in this order and went to an alternative retailer.
Not a single time over the course of these two months have we been offered a discount or a tiny gift voucher for the troubles and the inconvenience we had to go through.

Here is the story

In March 2016 me and my husband ordered a Mustsy stroller + accessoiries via Nordstrom.com. The complete package included:

1 Stroller frame

1 Seating module

1 Bassinet

1 Carseat adapter

1 Water resistant foot-muff

Total: $1200

Two weeks later we received a big box containing, according to the documents attached, all of the above listed items.
However when we opened the box we found only one item in it- seating module! Kepp in mind that the shipping documentation stated that all items were included. Despite our efforts to search the insides of the box...the rest of the items could not be found in it. :/

We called the customer service immediately. After giving it a bit of a doubt, the representative finally believed what we said and offered a solution. Upon which Nordstrom will refund the missing items and we order them again. With a bit of a sour aftertaste we agreed hoping that this was a fluke that can happen to any shop...

Two weeks after that a new big box arrived accompanied by a paper proudly listing all the missing items as the contents of the box. Guess our surprise when upon opening it we discovered only the bassinet inside (still missing Foot-muff and carseat adapter)!

This discovery was followed by a call to the customer service. This time they promise to investigate the problem and come back with a solution (this time we refused to do the "refund-reorder" fix again). After having waited for almost two weeks for Nordstrom to fulfill their promise and call us with an update we contacted them. Nothing has been done since our call two weeks before!!! But a new promise was gladly issued that the situation will be fixed.

Indeed, a few days after we received a call explaining that it is not Nordstrom's fault but a fault of Mutsy and the mix-up originated on their side. A new promise that the missing items would be delivered within two weeks was made.

Two weeks later...which is this week (May 23rd) we have neither received the missing items or heard anything from Nordstrom. Again we called their CS who had could not explain the situation or suggest anything else but....cancel the order and reorder the items again! Reluctantly we agreed. This time Nordstrom's CS representative wpuld order the items for us herself and let us know immediately when it is done. Three days later still no such call or email was received by us. This was the last straw that broke the camel's back...We called Nordstrom and canceled this order.
The end

The amount of stress we had to go through reordering and literally herding Nordstrom's CS is immense given the fact that the stroller and accessories were ordered to arrive for the birth of our first child! It was and is extremely upsetting that at no point have we been offered a discount or a gift voucher upon having to reorder the missing items ourselves (missing by the fault of Nordstrom)!
It is infuriating that despite an extremely poor CS and the order management system Nordstrom made profit out of our purchase!

I can not describe how disappointing and upset we are!

I advise everyone who wish to purchase anything via Nordstrom.com to think twice before they do it.

This review was modified by KatjaG on May 26 2016 04:00:25 PM

Rating 2/10

Worst online shopping experience ever.

"I purchased a clutch through Nordstrom and I am very dissatisfied with the service. I live in California but they sent my package to Houston, TX because someone who lives there ordered couple of dresses from the same designer as my clutch at the same time I ordered it. And they also sent both of us the same tracking number. The first person I talked to
when I called the customer service told me what had happened and when I asked her what I can do to get my clutch back she said she doesn't know and that she would call me in 24 hours to let me know what options I have, which she never called me after 24 hours. So I called customer service once again and talked to a different representative, but she told me my purse is already being sent to my address and on the tracking number she has, it's gonna get to me in like 4 days. But the next day another representative contacted me and told me that my purse is in fact being sent to Texas and that they were gonna ship it to me as soon as they get it back. So it turned out that the second person I talked to lied to me. Now I have no idea when exactly I'm getting my clutch because they haven't even sent me a tracking number nor contacted me again. I have never been this disappointed and dissatisfied with online shopping. Nordstrom is really irresponsible and the represantatives have no idea how to do their job. I would give them 0 out of 5 starts. I would not recommend shopping with them online.

This review was modified by NamuunTsogtbayar on May 22 2016 03:41:40 PM

Rating 2/10

"I would rate Nordstrom as ZERO star if I could. My order was placed on 12/15. At that time, they offered a gift with purchase with a $50 order. On 12/16 and 12/17, the offer and supply was still available. I received the shipping confirmation email on 12/17 saying that my order has been shipped. When I read the email, I saw my gift with purchase was cancelled. No one contacted me or emailed to let me know why it was cancelled. So I contacted Nordstrom customer service at 1 pm on 12/17, Stephanie promised that she would be sending me the gift and she would email me to confirm it. I did not see any emails from them so at 7 pm on the same day, I contacted them again. Anderson J was the one who talked to me. She was not helpful at all. She just told me the gift was not available and if I was not happy, I could just return my order anytime. Is that the way how Nordstrom treat their customers? Why I get punished even though that was all their fault. She even said that she saw the conversation between Stephanie and I because it was out of stock, Stephanie could not send me the gift. Again, no one called me or emailed me to let me know about that. When I told her that I was not happy, she said I could talk to her supervisor and just hung up on me.

If anyone wants to place an order on Nordstrom, please BE AWARE!!! Even though the website says that it is available and your order goes well and they take your money, do not expect you would receive your order as you expected. They WILL NOT email or call you if there is any problems. ALL THEY DO IS TAKE YOUR MONEY AND SEND YOU WHATEVER THEY WANT. Thank you Nordstrom for this experience!! I will tell all of my friends and my family so they will never shop at your stores and website anymore!

This review was modified by Hellosunshine on December 17 2015 08:27:53 PM

Rating 2/10

"My Order Number: 801986210 was placed 11/29/2015
11//30/2015 Item is still available within Nordstrom store.
12/03/2015 contacted Customer Support - Order not yet shipped. Beauty Stylist said: "Today is day fourth. Your Oder will be shipped today or tomorrow".
12/06/2015 Order Cancelled - Unable to Fulfill...

DO NOT ORDER from this store if you need something ASAP!!!
Customer support - lie to his customer
This store absolutely not care about his reputation

BEWARE Nordstrom store

P.S. My funds are still in hold, Nordstrom do not care to refund my money!!!!


Rating 10/10

"My barely worn Tory Burch boots lost a T. I contacted Tory Burch and they were horrible. Nordstrom was awesome in handling the situation. Way to go Nordstom!"

Rating 10/10

"Since I do not like shopping at store, I really enjoy shopping at their website. It is easy to browse and find what I like. Sizing information is accurate. I placed an order on September 27th, received the products on September 29th. Return is free and easy. I'm happy!

Quality is the word!

Rating 2/10

"I looked online to buy an eyeliner that Sephora has been out of stock of for about two months now. This eyeliner is 23$, and Nordstrom quoted me 8$ shipping to Canada so I thought "I might as well." Even at checkout, it said 12$ shipping and I agreed. Well, go to look at my order receipt and the shipping is over 20$! I paid 53$ for one stinking eyeliner pencil! The only reason I haven't called for a return is the fact that NOWHERE here has this particular item in stock. I could have lived with the shipping price if I had agreed to it at first rather than finding out because my bank account was a bit short."

This review was modified by Actarvisa on October 05 2015 10:56:04 AM

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a package, which arrived 3 weeks later (Which is waaaay to late), but at the arrival I needed to pay an extra 60 % (for handling, tax, and delivery). However Nordstrom had guaranteed me that no extra cost would be added when shipping to my country..

So well. When you buy, add a 50 - 60 % to your cost, if you want to know the real price

Rating 2/10

"I am fan of Nordstrom, no complaints until now. But last time they cheating me and sure it will be the same with every customer. The person at the checkout (Northpark, Dallas) put a bar code sticker on the price and increased the item price $10. I don't believe increasing price with a additional sticker is some thing can not be done by one person or single store, so the whole system of Nordstrom is corrupt."

This review was modified by dedbod on August 01 2015 11:22:20 PM

Rating 2/10

"Having shopped at Nordstrom for almost 30 years, the luxury retailer has maintained and escalated luxury prices while cutting all of the luxuries, customer service, and quality. Nordstrom can regularly sell items at 50 percent off and still make a healthy profit so the company is constantly overcharging customers. Now the retailer has eliminated its Half Yearly sale - the one time every six months customers have an opportunity to purchase mediocre quality, brand-name clothing at a marginally competitive price."

This review was modified by alamorteguy on June 14 2015 01:59:29 PM

Rating 10/10

"I love Nordstrom! Loyal customer for my entire life! Best customer service I've seen!"

Rating 10/10

"Found a great blouse that I'm very happy with. Prices seem the same as in store, but it's possible to find discount coupons from time to time. Good shipping"

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