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  • Rating 4.67/10 77 reviews

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All 77 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I have been ordering from Midwayusa for years without a problem. 10 days ago I ordered from them and they shipped it to the wrong address. After a couple emails to customer service their answer to me is if the package doesn't get returned to them they keep my money and I never receive my items.

I thought the idea was ridiculous so I called customer service to complain. After some back and forth with their employee I asked him if the package never gets return if I was SOL. His exact response to me was "That's a dim way of looking at it but yes that is correct."

Now it is my responsibility to contact the people living at that address and see if I can get them to return the package or I have to start fighting to save my $300. Either way I'll never order from Midwayusa again.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Ordered in Jan 2013. received all items except a couple of cheap hats to use up a visa gift card. then tacked on 10.00 bucks on my CC to complete my purchase. OK fine....
Back order on the hats 8 months. Wow. Not that big of deal since I didn't need them. The thing that ticks me off is the outrageous shipping. They shipped these separately and charged me twice. So two 5 and 6 dollar hats cost me a combined total of 30.00. FU MIDWAY!!! Your Drop ship is over inflated and sucks.

modified review This review was modified by tanner258 on August 15 2013 04:46:21 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I would like to personally thank you for letting me order something December of 2012 and it say it would be here December 27th and I could still use it as a gift, but it not arrive. Then it go to a major backorder and never hear from you again. I chat after December and am told it will here in January. Great. I have a birthday that month for same person and can use it for that. But doesn't arrive. That's 1 Christmas and 1 Birthday ruined. I chat. It will be here March. Nope and no communication from you either, gain. I contact again. It will be here. Nope. I contact again. What the website says is when it will be here - I am told. The website says it is not arriving ever. So, I contact and am told that is correct and my order has been cancelled. I now have to rearrange all my plans and purchase something else because I can't get the product to go with it. So, I do. And last night at 10pm you send me an email telling me you shipped my item. It's 8 months later!!! Without even asking me if I still want the product and telling me my order had been cancelled. When I contact to complain about this, I'm told I have to waste my time to fill out a form, I assume print it (paper and ink), drive to the PO (gas), and return it (time) all at my expense and get reimbursed later. Are you kidding me? Why are you shipping me something 8 months later anyway? Where is your communication, your customer service, your intelligence? You ruined Christmas, Birthdays, my day today, and to top it off charged me for the item last night when I have a kid going to college next week who needs things and I can't afford to spend anything else right now. So, you ruined that, too. Great timing, as always. I am so irate. I don't even have words. All I can is tell everyone had badly you have messed this up and to think I need to even return this 8 months later and my own expense is a joke. Tooth and nail I fought and you won't cover my shipping. How horrid is that? Pretty darn horrid. Shame on you. Everything else I ordered from you was garbage anyway."

modified review This review was modified by gwtterry on August 06 2013 09:16:28 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Have to say I'm more than a little disappointed in placing my order with Midway. Ordered an item that was on backorder and assured it would ship in 5-8 weeks because of high demand. Okay, what can you do when everybody out there is saying the same thing? So lo and behold 8 weeks later I check in and am informed that no 5-8 weeks wasn't even close and that it will actually be more like 15-16 weeks before THEY receive the item much less ship it (mid to late September). So now I'm screwed and even if I order it from someone else I'm back to zero waiting at least 5-8 weeks again. They're done getting my business."

modified review This review was modified by cowboycoffee on August 02 2013 06:39:09 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Will not order from again. Yes, they have good prices, but not good enough to make up for horrible customer service.

After placing an order, i realized i wanted to add an additional item. I wanted to save on shipping, so i called in and sent an email. 5 days later, still no call back nor an email. When i called in on day 5, i was told that the order already shipped. The guy on the phone was unwilling to do anything, and could not explain to me why they had not followed up on a call.

The least they could have done is offer to help me out by discounting the shipping.

modified review This review was modified by WestonDahn on July 15 2013 09:20:22 AM
Rating 4/102/5
modified review posted

"I ordered a reloading press and extra turret back in February, 2013. Several notices were rec'd telling me the press was in, but extra turret was backordered. To save shipping costs, I told them to wait and ship both together as originally intended. Months passed and similar notices rec'd offering to ship press immediately, but turret still not in. Last notice indicated turret expected June 1. On July 1, I get email from company saying that new backorder policy is in effect and that if item has been in stock for over 90 days, they're going to ship and you're going to have to pay extra for backorder shipping if/when it comes in. I called and then wrote to explain situation. Despite their email insisting that this policy was in MY best interest, I pointed out that no, it was in the company's interest. Phone OP told me it was due to their warehouse being overloaded with previously ordered items, and most likely awaiting backordered items yet to be rec'd, like mine. I offered a solution ... that if an item was backordered for the same amount of time (90 days) that they were going to be shipping in-stock items, that they agree to ship backordered item free of charge when it arrived. I thought that fair and truly "customer friendly." It's not the customer's fault they continue to take orders from company's who are not reliably fulfilling their orders. Well, one phone call and several emails later from different customer service reps showed me plainly that no one was interested in hearing a practical solution and accommodating my request ... for an item I've been waiting for 5 months for. I told them ok ... ship the press, but cancel the extra turret. I will take my business elsewhere. What irks me is their insistence that this policy is to benefit the customer. Total BS. One rep wrote to say that customers want their backordered items to be shipped. Well, DUH. That is NOT the issue dumba**. You offer the customer the option to have their item shipped at least 1X / month. Who wouldn't want you to ship out an item immediately upon receiving? No ... it's the items we're waiting for to accompany a single order for which we've already paid a high average shipping cost for. I hate when people or a company assume you're a sheep, or worse ... a dumba**. I will only purchase this item from another company (whose advertised prices are lower than MidwayUSA's anyway). I won't say I will never do business with the company again, but I will check all other options first and use them only as a last resort ... and ONLY for items IN STOCK! I was really disappointed with this experience and the company's reaction/response."

Rating 4/102/5
modified review posted

"While in the past I have ordered from Midwayusa, I now find their shipping cost are out of line with other suppliers and can not no longer use them, the have began charging a good bit more than actual costs"

modified review This review was modified by rcott on June 30 2013 02:02:41 PM
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I was reluctant to order Ammo from Midway due to some bad reviews that I had read but, they were the only ones that claimed to have ammo in stock. I wnet a head and ordered 5 boxes. I was notified on the order, shipment and delivery. Got my order via UPS in 3 days. No complaint here. Good job MidwayUsa, "

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I have bought 9mm ammo and M&P magazines from Midway USA earlier this year. They provided exemplary service and shipping as promised. I buy from them whenever possible."

modified review This review was modified by sleepingdino on April 01 2013 10:58:28 AM
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I can't beleve these bad reviews for MidwayUSA. This is order #3 and I have had no problems at all. All orders were shipped fast and I think resonablely cheap. You know nothing is free anymore. I feel I got what i payed for. Can't sak more "

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I was a little leery of ordering from Midway with the long list of complaints here, but I decided to give them a try as they seem to be the manufacturer’s online seller of choice for the product I was buying (Storm Lake barrel for Glock 35). The item was shown as being in stock on their website so I placed the order, it was a Saturday afternoon. I opted for the economy ~$5 shipping with the understanding it could take the better part of two weeks to get here (I was in no hurry). 5 days later it showed up in my mailbox, much sooner than Midway said it would be here. I guess I hit the UPS / USPS collaborative sweet spot on this one. My only concern is there was no packing list or receipt inside the shipping bag, seems strange. Otherwise it was a perfect experience.

Based on what I know so far I’d say two things to potential customers- 1. Avoid high demand or out of stock items. 2. Don’t be in a hurry. If you want it yesterday then go somewhere else and pay full price. As for the person who had problems with the Mossberg barrels, I wouldn’t put it past Mossberg to be the primary source of the problem. Some Mossberg / Maverick Arms components are cheap, Chinese grade junk, made in Mexico or the USA.

[Update 5/25/13] A while back I ordered some some Lee .40 reloding dies that were backordered and they arrived on or before their estimated date. So again, another good experience with Midway.

About the “Semi drop-in” barrel from Storm Lake for the G35, it seems to fit perfectly. I haven’t had it to the range yet but every indication so far is that it will work fine. Other Glock owners have reported similar experiences. To the best of my knowledge the standard non-ported Storm Lake barrels for Glocks are fully drop-in ready with no modifications needed.

[update 5/25/13] The Storm Lake barrel had frequent failure to feed problems until I polished and widened the feed ramp. Now it woks great, even with unjackedet lead bullets.

modified review This review was modified by OnlineSteamdonkey on May 26 2013 10:05:01 PM
Rating 6/103/5
modified review posted

"First time order with Midway. They had what I was looking for and it arrived...but took way to long to ship. Initial shipping/tracking notification was 2/11/13. Package finally arrived on 2/22/13. 11 days for shipping from MI to CO...pretty sad... They use some weird 3rd party postal service in between UPS and USPS. I suppose I would order again, just know I would have to wait..."

modified review This review was modified by crossx5 on February 22 2013 06:26:42 PM
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"This isn't going to be a lengthy rant, since everything with my online purchase experience went smoothly. Though I didn't receive email notifications of my order status for some reason, I was able to log into the Web site and find what I needed. I received a notification via email for an item I was hunting, at which time I placed my order. Within one day I had a tracking number. From there it was just waiting for the truck to arrive. I am very pleased with Midway's accurate in-stock/out-of-stock status as well as the ability to get notifications when items come back in stock. Pricing is competitive and shipping reasonable. Plus, they didn't give into the price-gouging and rationing like many other sites have recently. They have me as a loyal customer."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Like any business, often MidwayUSA gets everything right (not counting their horrendous shipping fees). That being said, its the atypical situations that define service quality for a business. Where MidwayUSA fails miserably is in fulfilling backorders or on items that are in high demand. With the recent political situation and run on .223 ammunition, I decided to order some bullets for reloading. The bullets I chose were on back order but with an estimated arrival date only one week later. Since I have been a long time customer and had mostly positive experiences with the company, I put in my order. A week came and went and the only thing that changed was the estimated arrival date was changed to another week later. Another week passes and the date gets changed again, and again, and again! At the time I placed this order, there were other suppliers with stock I could have used, but its much too late now. Sure MidwayUSA didn't charge my credit card but because of their outright lies I am SOL now. There are other much better companies to deal with than MidwayUSA. Between Graf and Sons and Brownell's you would do much better. Dishonest business practices should not be rewarded. You have been warned."

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"made two seperate optic orders with midwayusa. both were shipped fast, packaged okay, and billed properly. as always most reviews are from disgruntled consumers who take the time to write a complaint. because i had two good experiences in such a short time frame thought it might help some other consumers with their particular needs"

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