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Rating 2/10

Ruined my wedding

"This is insane! All of my wedding parties suits were wrong sizes and they gave me the wrong pants and jacket. Never seen so many mistakes made by a company! I have 1 day till wedding and no solution. Horrible experience! "

Rating 2/10

Terrible Customer Service!

"Was buying a suit for my nephew for a sweet 16 party. Needed everything. Dropped nearly $700. For tailoring I left the actual suit and told them I would call in a few days to ok the tailoring, which I did. Mr Green the salesman that helped me initially and I spoke to on the phone said ok, it will be ready on Monday. (I live in Pa and my nephew is in Long Island NY so my sister called to be sure it was ready and it was not even started). Told to come in on Saturday - six more days. Go in on Saturday and Mr Green was not very accommodating as the suit looked like only the pant legs were taken up (which they have to be since they are sold unfinished). The tailoring for the waist and seat were not done. Mr Green was very condescending towards me and when I pointed out that the receipt incorrectly said take it in, vs let it out he brushed me off. Again I remind you I paid nearly $700! The on site tailor Mr Singh was a pleasure, and he realized the suit was the wrong size and told Mr Green to give him a new one a size up. We were told it would be ready by Sunday at 3 pm. We go back on Sunday at 4 pm and it was not done and were told to come back by 6pm which I could not do as I was returning with my nephew to PA. We waited. Thankfully Mr Singh worked as fast as he could and it was done in about an hour. While we were waiting, another family for a barmitzvah were being taken care of or should I say not being taken care of by Mr. Green. The boys suit was too large on the jacket and the pants were way too long. When Grandma started to complain, Mr Green again was very condescending toward her and told her to calm down, no use in getting upset. But again I remind you the amount we are paying for CUSTOMER SERVICE! I would strongly suggest, Mr Green find a new line of work! I feel sorry for the rest of Long Island that may have to deal with him."

Rating 2/10

Horrible service

"This company **** in terms of refunding your money after they have received your return. Today they received my return and these idiots tell me that it takes 8 days to process then another 4-5 business days for them to refund my money. Are you **** serious? Your money is that slow and stupid that it takes half a month to refund someone money? It's 2017 ****, update your systems and create a better business plan.
I am greatly **** off. I would not recommend doing business with this store.

Rating 2/10

Greeks bearing gifts

"A family member passed so I thought I would buy a new suit. I see commercials on TV about mens warehouse so I thought I would give them a try. OMG!!! I bought a suit, 2 shirts, 2 ties and 2 belts. The suit needed to be altered which is normal however, when I picked it up it didn't fit, not even close. I had to bring it to a professional to be altered, after paying mens warehouse for the alteration. Luckily, I tried on the shirts when I got home, they didn't come close to fitting me. One of the belts I purchased was USED. If you think for one second that your going to save money at mens warehouse, GOOD LUCK. At no given time did anybody offer me even an apology let alone anything else. "

Rating 2/10


"Just went to store in Succasunna, NJ, ready to buy at least 4 suits, salesman was on the phone talking nonsense, acknowledged us but never put down the phone. There was another person but he was taking care of a customer. So we waited at least 12 minutes to be helped, the guy never put down the phone. Left the store for that reason. They could've had a good sale today. My husband will never go there again."

Rating 2/10

very disappointed!

"My husband and our 6 ushers rented suits from Men's Warehouse for our December 30, 2016 wedding. We are extremely disappointed with the service and with the fit of the suits Almost everyone had an issue with the suit upon pick up. Two days before the wedding they called my husband and we went to pick up the "fixed" suit. They gave him the wrong size and insisted it was right. It was swimming on him! So they gave him a size smaller and it was extremely tight. They insisted that that is how they are made and even told him he had a "big ****". We looked at the tags and discovered they had given him a size 38 and a size 30! Clearly not one size apart and definitely not his size!
They finally gave him the "right" size but the legs were too baggy. He had ordered a slim fit and it was definitely not what he ordered. We asked to speak to the manager who told us that there wasn't anything he could do and that if we wanted "slim fit" we were need to buy a suit and have it altered. Needless to say we were extremely upset and disappointed!
I strongly discourage you from renting anything from Men's Warehouse! Horrible service!

Rating 2/10


"I have ordered twice from Men's Warehouse and both orders were cancelled for "a billing discrepancy" I of course followed up with my credit card company and there were no issues on my end. In my opinion Men's Warehouse advertises items at deeply discounted prices to generate web site traffic. After a week or so you get an email saying the order has been cancelled for some made up reason. I am sure this is illegal but they are getting away with the free advertising it generates."

Rating 2/10

Not what Advertised

"Had a bad experience. The information given over the phone was misleading, he sales person was misleading and the Taylor was misleading. There was so much bait and switch that I can only conclude that employees are trained to be dishonest.
Overpriced! The price they quote you is not the actual price. Buyer beware!
Don't go.

Rating 2/10

Killed Christmas plans

"I wish I could leave less then a one star review on men's warehouse I have never been able to afford a suit until I joined the navy so I ordered my first suit from men's warehouse to wear home to see my family for the first time in 6months for Christmas but they decided to cancel my order 3days later without telling me why so I reordered on the phone and they promised to overnight it and have it there on the last day I could leave base to go get it but they got to busy to do that and it won't show up in time before I leave to go home so now I'm out the 130 I spent on dress shoes that I have no suit to wear with and my plans for Christmas are ruined as well I will never shop at a men's warehouse again and make sure everyone I know doesn't ether"

Rating 10/10

Great customer service

"I had ordered a sport jacket online during Thanksgiving sale and about 10 days later I received an email that the order got cancelled. Upon contacting customer service, they said the product isn't in stock and asked me to pick another item while honoring the price. Needless to say, MW will be the place to go not just for the vast selection, also for the competitive price and the great customer service."

Rating 4/10

You're charging me a late fee? Really?

"My son's wedding was this past Saturday 5 hours from home. We picked up our tux's on Thursday evening from the Men's Warehouse at the Tri County Mall in Cincinnati, Ohio. I understood they were due back today, Monday. Evidently, I didn't read the terms and conditions, says the manager. And so it was.....I paid the $21.40. I explained that I was not clear the tux had to be returned Sunday or that I could return at any Men's Warehouse store. I likely drove past a dozen stores on my way home. I asked if there was anything he could do as I spend a lot of money there. He said sorry and that he doesn't set the policies.

Where is the personal experience in shopping these days? Where has good common sense and customer service gone? We were once a great nation full of people who genuinely cared about customers and doing what is right to EARN business. In today's world of big box stores, it is simply a thing of the past.

Lesson learned with Men's Warehouse. READ Everything!!!!!!!! Return policies, rental Agreemens, discount offers, etc. Read it all before swiping your card.


Rating 2/10

Don't Do It.

"I was a groomsman in the wedding and all groomsman rented from here. The vest and pants were navy. I'm getting dressed two hours before the wedding and my vest and pants are black. Now this is just a mistake on men's warehouse. A stressful one, but just a mistake. I was a little upset about that, but what really frustrated me was the way the staff handled it. The groom gets on the phone with men's warehouse(we are at the wedding venue and it's less than 2 hours before the wedding). He is on the phone with them for 45 minutes and was placed on hold 4 times. Yes, the groom, the man about to get married in less than 2 hours. The lady he was speaking to first told him that it was our fault for not noticing it sooner. After they moved past that ridiculous statement, she then tried to charge him for a navy vest and navy pair of pants off of the retail rack. I am not exaggerating this. She really and truly wanted us to pay more money to fix their mistake. After about 30 minutes on the phone with her, the groom gets put on yet another hold while she gets the manager. She should have realized the severity of the situation from the start and gotten the manager then. The manager gets on the phone and says they have 2 vests and 2 pairs of pants, all navy, that I can come get. Yes, they wanted me to leave the wedding, that is now about an hour away, to go pick up my tux, that may or may not fit. We had to send a guest of the wedding to pick it up because they would not bring it to us. The wedding was at 7, and I got my tux at 645. You can only imagine the stress involved in this disaster. This is one of the worst displays of customer service I have ever seen. I understand mistakes happen, but they should have fixed their mistake in a timely manner, and not been so inconsiderate of the situation. There were 8 groomsman in this wedding. Four of them are getting married within the next 2 years. Men's warehouse just lost quite a bit of money with this mistake. Not the initial mistake itself, but the mistake of how they handled it. I will never recommend men's warehouse to anyone, and neither will several other people involved in this wedding. Huge mistake by Mens Wearhouse. "

Rating 8/10

Haven't shopped in a while

"I had many choices of where to shop today. I chose MW, the salesman was very helpful and knowledgeable. I did feel like they were overpriced. I got a suit for $199.00, two shirts for the price of one $99.00. A vest for $44.00 and three ties for $65, and two pocket squares for $20.00. I also bought the shoes my salesman selected. I was surprised at the quality of the shoes, originally $120, marked down to $79.00. As my wife was piling more on the table, I asked how much, my total was over 500.00. Even when I tried to put some stuff back, everything on the table I needed it. If I can find the shirts cheaper I will take them back. The quality of the shirts are really good. Like I said, it's been a while since I've been shopping. I was shocked at the final cost, I did put the ties and pocket squares back. I do like quality clothing and I really liked shopping at one place for everything. Giving the quality and the one stop shopping, I think they are hard to beat.
My daughter is having a sweet sixteen party next week. I will let you know how the outfit worked out.

Rating 10/10

"I have trusted Mens Wearhouse in Fayetteville, Georgia for all my casual and professional clothing for over thirteen years. They are second to none when it comes to advice, pricing, selection and service. The staff is very knowledgeable and current with mens fashion and accessories. They build on relationships that are solid from day one. From head to toe and young to old, Mens Wearhouse is definitely the right store to provide all your clothing needs. Great accessories for all those holiday occasions! "

Rating 6/10

"Got fitted for slacks and shirt for my son's beach wedding (Sarasota FL store). Quickly threw them on and fitter checked them and I picked them up while rushing around with the bride and groom trying to pull all the loose ends together for the wedding. Unfortunately I trusted the fitter and did not thoroughly check slacks. When I was dressing just before the ceremony, I found that the 37" slacks they sized for me did not fit well on my 34" waist and would not adjust tighter!!! No belt loops, suspenders or jacket so spent ceremony time standing as groomsman and entire reception, holding my pants up. Contacted Men's Wearhouse afterwards and was basically told it was on me because I didn't catch that in the store, real understanding bunch there.

First piece of advice, spend some serious time trying things on. From the sound of it, missing a measurement by 3" must not be an unusual thing there. Second piece of advice, basic white shirt and gray slacks cost almost $80 to rent for a day (and $20 late fee per day if not returned the day after the wedding) and my son had a simple gray jacket that added $160 to his tab. Unless you're renting a tux, save yourself some money and buy a suit somewhere.

UPDATE : After posting reviews of our experience at Men's Wearhouse on several site they emailed today 11/27/2015 and issued a full refund for the clothing we had issues with. Changing the 1 star rating to a 3 star for remedying the situation.

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