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  • Macy's

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    Chance of future purchase: Rating 3.21/10 3.21/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.67/10 1.67/10
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162 Customer Reviews

Rating 10/10

"I drove over 100 miles rt to the Menlo store looking for a gown that I saw in Willowbrook and was told Menlo had 2 in my size. When I arrived I only found the dress in short and my event was formal. Rochelle came to my aid. We couldn't find it on the floor but she scanned my Macy's slip from Willowbrook and said they should have 2. She checked the stockroom and found the dress. She was kind enough to sip me up and said the gown fit perfect. I was ready to paid and she checked the gown over and found a stain. She went into the stockroom again and pulled out the 2nd gown. We checked it over and it was perfect. Thank you Rochelle, you made my day. She is professional, went the extra mile, sweet and very pleasant. She is an asset to Macy's. I purchase many gowns at Macy and in the past 2 weeks have purchased 2 and will continue shopping Macy's. "

This review was modified by MarilynRubner on September 14 2015 01:18:31 PM

Rating 2/10

"Trying to order from Macy's website is the WORST experience I have ever had when ordering anything online which is saying a lot. I thought I was going to get a good deal but it ended up a frustrating waste of time. I was on the phone several times for hours (costumer service is AWFUL) and have nothing to show for it. That is except a 20% discount on a different order IF I make one. Really 20% is not near enough how about I get the items that I ordered in the first place and that you told me were available but then the next day suddenly vanished. Then were available and suddenly vanished AGAIN. That's quite the magic act. I'm not the type of person that writes reviews online especially negative. But really? Point being if you are considering order from Macy's online I have one word for you. DON'T."

This review was modified by frustrationoverload on August 26 2015 06:24:13 AM

Rating 2/10

"Today I visited fashion center pentagon Macy's and my total experience was very bad. I ordered 3 Michael Kors shoes from online and I wanted to exchange one of them for different size. My shoe size was 8 and i wanted exchange it for size 7.5 and only pentagon Macy's was showing they have 2 size 7.5 on hand. So when I try to exchange it one of the associate says that shoes price go high and she cannot exchange it . When I told her usually Macy's do even exchange if it same shoe, same color but she said she can't do that. Then she called her Manager and Manager was so furious about the matter and she misbehaved with me. She (Manager) was so rude with me and when I asked her name she said " YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN THEN GO AHEAD AND MAKE WHATEVER STORY YOU TO MAKE" . I was surprised about her behavior. I think she showed a very bad image of macy's that I never saw before Btw her name is "Sandra" as she said. I am a very loyal customer of Macy's and I never been insulted like this. I don't know what my fault was, I had the online receipt and I purchased that shoe 15 days ago. I had all right to exchange the shoe but the Manager didn't do that instead she raised her voice against me . I will never shop at that Macy's , their customer service and manager is worst."

This review was modified by cd2866 on August 01 2015 02:07:51 PM

Rating 2/10

"last July I purchased furniture at Macy's with their one year interest fee promotion. in the past when I made a purchase using their interest free promotion I received two statements one for my regular Macy's account and one for the interest free account so I would know how much I needed to pay each month in order to pay off the interest free amount within the year time frame. This time I only received one statement that combined my regular Macy's account with my interest free account. When I went to Macy's to pay my account at the store I was told that they can only see what I owed on the combined account and that they could not see in their system how much I owed on my Macy's account and how much I owed on my interest free account so I could pay both and make sure I paid enough on the interest free account so it would be paid off within the year. When I came home I called Macy's customer service and was told that when my payment was received into the central Macy's payment center that enough money would be put into the interest free account that it would be paid off within the year and I trusted them. Now the year is coming up on my interest free account and I found out that only a small amount was actually put towards my interest free account and now I have to come up with over $800 to pay off my interest free account or I will have to pay over $250 in interest that has accrued over the past year. Macy's has set it up so that a person cannot pay off their interest free account within a year so that either you will HAVE to come up with a HUGE amount of money or PAY the HUGE AMMOUNT of INTEREST. Also you cannot pay more than the minimum amount because it will not be put towards your interest free account it goes towards your account that accrues interest. MACY'S IS PUTTING ON A SCAM TO CHEAT PEOPLE OUT OF THIER MONEY "

This review was modified by rochelle.str. on July 31 2015 12:21:31 PM

Rating 2/10

"I would give a 1/4 star if possible. This has nothing to do with their merchandise more so than their credit department. Always had used a 3rd party paying site (mycheckfree.com) and apparently without my knowledge automatically stopped several vendor's paper statements from being sent and only email notification on amounts due. Would NEVER opt for this, for too many emails with spam and etc. just never would receive a statement in a timely fashion, thus caused a late. Macys notified me, I paid in full, in fact $253 over, for a return was not credited. But ended up with a 30 day, but they had my $253 for (3) months before refunding and they will NOT retract, after challenging over and over the fact have been a customer for over 22 years! and NEVER once paid late. Does not matter to them. Well good, I hope that my patronage of over 22 years and a yearly amount of 3000-5000 spending will not matter either, for Saks Fifth Avenue will now receive that business. ACCOUNT HAS BEEN CLOSED!!"

Rating 10/10

"We purchased eight sets of Fiesta flatware and two sets of Fiesta Bar Mops on line. The orders were processed quickly and we received the order within three to five days. The quality of the flatware and the bar mops are excellent. I have washed the first set of bar mops and they cleaned up well with no shrinkage, color fading, or thread deterioration. We purchased these items during their Friends and Family Sale. We are not Macy's employees."

Rating 6/10

"It's ok... Nice selections... could be more!"

Rating 2/10

"I placed an order for two suits on March 6th. Right away I got a confirmation of both suits and they would ship soon. Got the first suit but not the second, so I checked the status on the second item only to learn they cancelled. NO email no nothing! That is NOT COOL Macy's. We expect more than that."

This review was modified by scsimasters on April 13 2015 09:24:15 AM

Rating 2/10

"I received a giftcard from a family friend for $120.00 and I went online and ordered about 10 items for $131.00, Macy's applied the $11 balance to my Macy's credit card, and after I made this one time purchase, forgot about the $11 credit balance. However, as a service provider you would think Macy's would remind you, while they charged a $11 first late charge and a second late charge of $35.00 they didn't care to call, e-mail, send paper statement. Basically in a time period of less than 1.5 months Macy's inconsiderately have added late charge fees of about $45 to an account balance of $11. They made no time to remind me until 1.5, they called my phone couple times and left a v/m asking me to call back. I called customer service and asked why they were calling me, and the rep told me I owe $56, and I was surprised since I have not made a purchase of this amount. Then he takes about 15-20 minutes to figure out that they have over charged my account with late charges for a balance that was due for $11. He also made it seem like I was an idiot for not noticing the balance of a gift card when I made 3 transactions. I had to correct him at this point because, I only used this card one time, but Macy's.com split the order into 3 transactions due to the products being shipped from different locations or some similar explanation to that. But, for him to point this out in a way that I should have known my balance, and I am at fault? Terrible, terrible, terrible thing to say to a customer! However, in the end, I admitted to my mistake of forgetting about the $11, kindly asked the rep to waive the late charges as a one-time courtesy (these things exist since I work in customer service), I told the rep to look into my transaction history to see how awesome of a customer I have been to them, like how I always pay my bills even before when they're due. The rep was only able to waive $14 of the $45 fee. Since the rep could not help me any further, I asked him to take the payment right away for whatever that's due (provided banking info), and the rep said "is there anything else I can help you with today?", and I replied, yes, please cancel my credit card, THANK YOU. GOODBYE, macy's! "

This review was modified by Customer234735 on April 02 2015 08:21:07 AM

Rating 2/10

"Macys sucks, they claim they have free return policy, they really don't, even they send the wrong size, or sometimes the clothes been worn or they have security tags which leaves holes in the soft garments, after words they send a letter saying they will close your account if your return merchandise, and their customer service skills are really bad, if you see any item you can print it and show to Nordstrom they will mach pricing. please don't shop Macys."

This review was modified by alindallas on March 09 2015 08:55:44 AM

Rating 2/10

"I have never, in my life, been more frustrated with a store before. I just recently opened an account right before Christmas. I thought it would help share cost of my bills and spread it out. I should have just paid with cash. I have it. So maybe that is my one down fall. Anyways the incompetent sales associate that opened my account put in the WRONG address. There is a street in my town that is what the saleslady put as my address. So guess where my credit card went? To the wrong address, of course! Guess where my first bill statement went? To the wrong address, of course! So fast forward to 3 days after my first statement is late... I get a call from Macy's. I answer and the customer service agent says that I am late on a payment. I remember that I purchased some items and say I never received my statement. AS i am saying this; no, literally AS i am SPEAKING, the customer service agent says "What is you bank account number so that you can pay your debt." I say well I don't feel comfortable giving you my bank account number debit card number etc. over the phone, but can you tell me where you sent the statement as I did not receive it? And the customer service agent says the WRONG address to me and I say umm that's why. Can you send it to my ACTUAL address? And the customer service agent unwillingly obliges. ( I think they may get off when they collect a debt {and yes I can say "them" because I spoke to 6 customer service agents in the span of 3 weeks now}) So 5 days later (and a second phone call) I receive the statement and what do you know it's a second statement that isn't even due for 3 weeks!! That customer service agent I spoke to the first time didn't even send the one that is overdue!! AHAHAH. So I call Macy's (3rd time for this issue caused by a Macy's associate!) and I say "Hey ummmm... the person I spoke to earlier about this debt I have AND AGAIN BEFORE I CAN GET MY SENTENCE OUT THEY ASK FOR MY BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER SO THAT THEY CAN COLLECT THIS DEBT!! Now I would have just paid the part that was overdue because I could see the "remaining balance due" from the previous statement...but... I can't see what was purchased on the overdue bill! So I'm stuck contemplating how much I bought, or if it was even me that bought said stuff since I NEVER RECEIVED MY MACY'S CARD AND EVERYTHING OF MINE WAS SENT TO AN ACTUAL ADDRESS (just not the right one!) and someone else could have used my card! So i explain to this third customer service associate and he promises to send me my first statement and also my card so that I can pay through my bank account online! I thank them profusely. Problem is nothing ever arrives! Another 3 people call trying to collect this debt and I keep telling them I am waiting for my account number and the first bill that are coming so that I can review purchases and pay online etc.! Then today! I GET A CALL AT WORK AND I AM FURIOUS! THIS HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH. This sales associate tells me that my only option to pay the debt is to go into a Macy's store to get my account number because my card was never coming since my account is not up to date! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? All I wanted to do was pay my bill and not only was there an interest charged from the first bill not being paid to the second because I NEVER RECEIVED IT! I also can't get my account number any other way then driving an hour out of my way to the store because of some idiot who screwed up my address! I also find it extremely hypocritical that MY Macy's account can't be given to ME over the phone, however, there's no big deal in sharing MY BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION to Macy's over the phone. Laughable. I am beyond mad. I have told everyone I know to spread the word how horribly difficult Macy's makes paying bills and how incompetent they are at setting up new customers. I personally will never shop here again not EVER. And I was a pretty big consumer of Macy's products. I even made a wedding registry at Macy's and there are products left over that I would have had no problem buying myself. I think I'll get those necessities at Bed Bath and Beyond and other, much finer retailers. Also my mother, she makes a purchase on Macy's online almost every day. As soon as I told her of this ridiculous debacle she promised she would never shop here again. I have a very large mouth and I have no problem discussing this issue at length with anyone who wants to listen."

This review was modified by JESS8608 on February 19 2015 07:55:24 AM
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Rating 2/10

"I ordered a jacket online and I was in a hurry, so I paid for the premium shipping, but the item arrived late, which happens sometimes. But, when I called the costumer service, after waiting for a long time, they started saying that it's only one day, and they don't do anything for that. And when I was explaining that I was in leaving for a trip and I needed my item, they just hung up on me!!! This was by far my worst costumer service experience. I will never buy anything from them either online or in store."

This review was modified by farshadkt on January 31 2015 11:32:43 AM

Rating 2/10

"very disappointing macy's. do not buy from here. worst customer service. wont even deliver to your house after paying for delivery, getting a scheduled date and time with a no show after waiting over a week to receive it. called to get help, spoke to automated voice system and finally got in touch with a woman who was just as robotic as the machine, giving me no information and refused to have them come. i wasted an entire work day on an unreliable company with incompetent employees who wouldn't even put the supervisor on the phone to help me. got no help, no phone calls, nothing. do not buy from here. canceling order and all credit cards my family has with macys. i will never bring my business here ever again."

Rating 2/10

"I have had such an awful experience with Macy's this has been going on since I received my August 2014 statement. I placed 2 orders on line 7/16/14 and one 7/23/14. They did not fit so I returned them. Macy's acknowledged they were received. Then they proceeded to send me a "gift card". Why a gift card when I purchased using my Macy's charge card why not just credit my account as they have in the past? I called and told them I want the credit on my credit card I gave them the gift card numbers and destroyed these cards as I only shop on line. I have called and e-mailed no less than 8 times. They can not figure out how to credit back my charge card nor how to afford me the gift cards that I destroyed with their knowledge and approval. They owe me more than $215.00 for these purchases. NO ONE CARES! I am exhausted with dealing with these STUPID people. I have dates/names and promises which all come to nothing. I will NEVER buy anything from Macy's again. And I plan on complaining everywhere I am able to warn people never use the Macy charge card as they can't figure out how to credit returns on their card."

This review was modified by amerchero1 on January 30 2015 12:19:14 PM

Rating 2/10

"I ordered several items that were on sale, and there were obvious signs of use on two of them!!! One has a huge tear that does not happen unless the cloth has been used for a relatively long time. It is just disgusting how Macys.com recycles and sells used cloths. One can find second-hand clothes in much better condition from local stores!!! It is very high priced for a used cloth that cannot be even donated. Never buy at Macys.com."

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