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Rating 10/10

Above Expectations

" I feel obligated to leave a review for this company seeing all the negativity surrounding it, as most of the comments and ratings are 1 or 2 star reviews. I have never been more surprised in a good way by a retailer than i am with this company and the product they provided.

I should make it clear i bought one of their desc-top P.Cs with the intent on modifying it for gaming as the price points for the parts was much cheaper than buying the parts on their own. I did not buy a laptop or all in one desk top as they have no room for improvement and are normally modified by ANY company for "planned obsolescence". That is where I think many people are falling victim, as most negative reviews are for those types of products.

My product was advertised as a half descent computer but as i said i was buying it for some of the parts inside of it and not the the computer its self.

-It was advertised as having 32G of DDR3 ram it didn't have that it had 32G DDR4 ram a much faster and efficient product than what was advertised, and it was a good quality company not budget at all the RAM alone being valued at $400 almost a third of what i payed for the computer it self.

-The second and last thing all mention is the fact that it came as a computer i would have built my self, not as your typical prefab computer that you would get from, lets say DELL. This means i am able to remove or add new parts as i need to, and am able to do the work on my computer that i want to. There is no unique drivers on this computer that i have to contact MDG for. That fact on its own it really amazing as it means they are not trying to gouge me for driver costs as some other companies might, i can get them free directly from the manufacturer of the parts.

I'm going to end this review here as it has become long winded enough, i really cant say enough good for this company again. the costumer service was great. And if i have to in the future i would definitely buy from them again. The product I purchased was the APTON UX-s.

This review was modified by PastelYellowCondor on March 24 2017 06:30:02 AM

Rating 10/10


"my experience has been very good. if you are on limited budget and do not have good credit this place is for you. "

This review was modified by hello-45208 on March 15 2017 07:15:02 AM

Rating 2/10


"Whenever something seems too good to be true it usually is. MGD products cannot be found on any of the actual manufacturer's websites. They continue to deduct money from your account LONG after the item is paid off. And try to get a human being to deal with you on fair ground?!! Do they teach their people exactly how to screw over their customers or is it inherent? This company takes advantage of people with lower incomes and they should be ashamed of themselves. They are the paradigm of WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! I paid off my initial item 3 times over, still have a sizeable credit limit and I wouldn't use it if my life depended on it. Do yourself a favor. Read the unfavorable reviews. Everyone can't be wrong. WARNING: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!!"

This review was modified by tenaciousdsf on February 25 2017 09:45:02 PM

Rating 2/10


"Please skip this company when you want to finance anything. From ordering, to constant approvals, and re-calling, and emails, and phone calls, after 3 approvals, and no follow up, and rule changes, and item promotions all of a sudden, dropping off my order, and 4 months later I received one of my items. I was supposed to get a free tablet, Its on my "receipt" but they don't have it on their end, so no tablet for me after all..?The other is stuck at a post office. Customer Service ****. They said delivery has nothing to do with them..and good luck basically.. huh? I scheduled a delivery time with you, how is this now not your issue? They almost want you to cancel your order. They're very pushy away-ey if you get my drift. Its like, wait, do you want my money or no? They are french bastards, and come off very rude, and matter of factly with everything. They don't answer questions, just repeat answers, and make sure to remind you, if you don;t like it, cancel.. Its very frustrating. I'd rather get 4 jobs or whatever, and just buy whatever you want. Its so not worth the hassle, and they don't even care about their customers. The only reason I haven't fully cancelled, is because I feel like I put in so much work to get my items, I can't give up now. I'm so close to actual service. What a shame. What a waste."

This review was modified by annoyyyyed on February 24 2017 10:00:08 AM

Rating 2/10


"First off they are very overpriced you might as well just buy locally. You will save lots of money and time if you do not deal with MDG finance. When the shipment arrived it wasn't even what me and my fiance wanted. They said they would send a smart tv and we got a hd tv.

Secondly they DO NOT document ANY product details such as basic information on the products, model numbers, and serial numbers. All they document are costs. So if the product is stolen like ours was filing a police report is useless just like MDG finance is useless. I asked a MDG rep for a serial # and he said we don't offer warranty on stolen items. Well duh... I didn't even mention the word warranty. Honestly how does someone confuse a serial number request with a warranty request? They don't listen to customer's either.

Fair warning do not use MDG finance. Typical finance group they take your money and run.

Rating 10/10

Saving the art of customer service.

"I don't usually get very excited about dealing with a company, however, MDG is quite different. At first I was skeptical about MDG (all due to the fact I had ran across some horrible stories about the company online), nonetheless, I found the pricing and monthly payments (that is so much lower than rent to own places), fit in my budget; and so after being assured that the stories online were from people who had newly opened bank accounts - or non-verifiable income - I decided to give them a chance. I must admit I had a slight attitude when dealing with the reps (because I was waiting for things to go south real quick - like in the stories online), yet the reps remained professional, and moved the process along quite quickly. Customer service so far has been easy to access, and willing to help. After reading some of the stuff online I thought it would take forever to get my items, however, I started the process last week, and was told my items will ship tomorrow. Then I had an issue and needed to change my order today when it was scheduled to ship tomorrow, and my sales rep and verification department moved quickly and got the process done for me without delaying my shipping date (that is right, one day before scheduled shipping my order was changed and still will be shipped out tomorrow). My sales rep even went above and beyond to make the items I needed to fit into my credit limit. I have worked in the customer service field for over 30 years, and I in a world where quality customer service is becoming a lost art, I found dealing with MDG quite satisfying so far. I started my post by saying "I don't get excited about dealing with a company", and it is my personal belief that beyond separating customers from their money, Corporate America has no concern over the little people they step on to make a fortune, however, I have not gotten that vibe from MDG (at least not yet). I understand that my interest rate is somewhat high (but that is the way credit goes when you have poor credit), still I MDG has not made me feel unwanted as a customer, or like I am being cheated so far. I have every intention on returning the same respect MDG has given me by being on time and paying off my items quickly as possible. I will repost after I receive my items to let everyone know if I am still happy with the service of MDG, but so far so good. Keep up the good work MDG, it is great to deal with a company that dose not treat people with poor credit as unwanted. "

This review was modified by bgbenshaw on April 28 2016 10:21:09 PM

Rating 2/10


"This company has the worst customer service ever. I've delt with a lot of companies and by far this place is the worst."

This review was modified by JKanash on January 25 2016 12:20:26 PM

Rating 2/10

"First off let me say this... I'm paying approximately $3, 500 for a computer that would cost roughly $950 to build if that!

To build a computer with the same (or strikingly similar components) it would cost approximately $940 / $950
RAM: $55
Motherboard $95
CPU $260
GPU $60
PSU $75
HDD $100
Case $80
Optical Drive $25
Network Card $70
Windows 8.1 64 bit $120

Now with that said, lets talk about service. I've called tech support regarding a power supply that threw a couple sparks, literally. They told me to go to a local repair shop to get it fixed apposed to sending it in to MDG as it would cost too much FOR ME to pay for the shipping. How unfortunate! So I bought a new power supply and put it in myself. That's an extra $140 on top of the estimated $3, 400 I'm bound to pay at the end of this contract. ($89.53/mo X 38 Months; $3402.14) Meaning they're cashing in about $2, 400 in profit. I should build some computers in my basement then finance them, geesh!

IF I didn't NEED this computer it'd be sent back to them immediately with a strongly worded letter on how dissatisfied I am with their service.

Rating 2/10

"your support system is non existent, cannot connect with support, many programmes I am not able to access, overall your after purchase service is absolutely terrible. "

Rating 2/10

"be very carefull when dealing with MDG, there promotional item is not free. you can see your pricing rises and lowers depending on what you buy it rises that exact amount of what the promotional item price is, it a loop hole. I dealt with a guy named andre all he did was play games with me, I had an account and paid it off was going to reorder an item but they want your financial information deposits and withdrawals listed on your bank statement. information which is none of there business. At first he said he needed to make sure that I just didn't set up an account put 12 dollars in it and then never see me again, things changed as we went along, they needed to see everything. they charge you $45 per item to ship, far above what any courier would charge. STAY AWAY FROM THEM it isn't worth it."

Rating 2/10

"I was considering financing a laptop through MDG but it was looking like it would cost a fortune for what is not a great product to start with.
After reading these reviews, I opted to buy at The Source. Better unit, cheaper and no worries about service or being ripped off.

This review was modified by RikVen on March 09 2015 06:01:21 AM

Rating 2/10

"very poor quality furniture. We purchased a sofa set that was over 1500.00 and when it arrived it was the worst quality I have ever seen . I called MDG and was told no problem we could switch it . Considering that the legs on the chair were all different sizes I had already lost a little faith that we were going to get anything decent. I dealt with a manager by the name of Josh and he explained that we would now be charged a delivery charge and a " restocking fee", what? restocking fee ? had you not sent garbage furniture we would not of had to send it back. Anyway, once again we figured we may as well give it a try so the next day we get a call saying that because of our credit limit with all of the charges they were applying we would have to chose a cheaper set. Okay then I guess we will have to. We went back online and because all of the other sets were actually more expensive we picked a seperate love seat/ couch which in total was about 400.00 less then the original set . next day another call from Josh saying that because they are considered two pieces there would be two processing fees, two shipping feees and whatever else is added on would be double as well so in fact the 400.00 lower price actual works out to be 800.00 MORE then the orignal one we had and the only way for an exchange would be to go from a 3 piece set down to a 1 piece set ( and of course it would be at the same price as the 3 piece) . After getting nowhere with Josh and explaining this was not really a fair option he said that would be all they would do , take it or leave it. I then asked to speak to someone higher and was told that he was the top of the line. by this time I was getting rather annoyed and stated that everyone has a boss and that I wanted to speak to his, he then hung up on me. In the end we sent the set back and cancelled the whole deal however even now that they have the furniture back they have been going in and taking payments out of our account which is costing a fortune in fees to continue to place stop payments. The service was terrible, the furniture was terrible and the price is terrible...go anywhere but MDG "

This review was modified by kathyg76 on December 30 2014 10:19:39 AM

Rating 10/10

"Great site! So happy they are having a sale and the website is easy to use."

Rating 2/10

"They are crooks, I have paid over $2400 in 2 years and my recent statement says I owe over $2500 (that is over a $100 of my original order 2 years ago and I have not added anything else to that order). So my uncle who is a corporate lawyer will be filing papers with the court to sue them and have their business license suspended."

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Rating 8/10

"very pleased with the costumer service. very quick application process"

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