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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"This company does not stand behind their products! Do not buy from them! They have terrible customer service. I bought Morning Star Tongling Bamboo flooring which has several gaps. I've been dealing with them for over a month and they will never return a call. I finally threatened by contacting the BBB. Now that got a call back but only to be lied to. I was told that they mailed me something but they actually mailed it after the fact. I finally got this so called package with no surprise the postage was several days after the date that she said she mailed it. The saying you get what you pay for; so true in this case."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Worst Customer Service EVER! We purchased about 700 square feet of floating bamboo flooring, along with the recommended foam under-layment, for our kitchen, dining room, hall, laundry, and powder room. We had it stored in the house for several months before it was installed which should have allowed it to acclimate adequately. It is separating in areas where it has adequate space to expand and contract. In a couple areas it is tenting up away from the sub-floor for reasons I can't explain.
When I contacted the store from which it was purchased, I was told that I would have to contact the company at their 800 number; 1 800 HARDWOOD. They e-mailed me a form to fill out, which stated that I would hear from someone within 24 hours, and ask for photographs. I completed the forms, took about 15 photographs, and submitted them to James L (no last name provided) the customer service representative they specified.
After hearing nothing for 5 days, I called and learned from the receptionist that the forms and pictures had been received. She transferred my call to James L who told me; in a 30 second conversation, the only one I've ever had with him; that he hadn't received the form. When I explained that I had been told by the receptionist that it was there, he said he'd call me right back. I've never heard from him since.
After several more calls to 1800 HARDWOOD I finally got a call back from Matt (no last name provided) on Friday 2/21. He told me that I would hear from someone with a resolution "early the next week". After hearing nothing by the following Friday, 2/28, I called 1800 HARDWOOD once again and was told no one was available and that I could leave yet another message. I asked for a supervisor and was told that he wasn't available and that I could leave him a message.
The job has been at a stand-still for 4 weeks now. If I move forward with baseboards, toe -kick moldings and other trim, they will have to be removed, and probably damaged, when the bamboo flooring is removed and something else re-installed as I believe will be necessary. Very bad company to buy from!

modified review This review was modified by veryangry50 on March 04 2014 11:35:13 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"We installed 720 sf of the Morning Star Click bamboo flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators in June of 2013. The material scratches easy, however, the scratches are the least of our problems. The cupping started with the shorter pieces in the hallways. By December 2013, the entire installation was cupping and gaps appeared in random areas. After contacting Lumber Liquidators about the problem, We were told that since we did not hire someone to test the moisture of the subfloor and the humidity in the house prior to the installation of this material, the warranty was void. In addition, I was told that our method of cleaning resulted in the problems with the floor. It seems that if the cleaner is sprayed directly on the floor, the material absorbs the moisture along the edges and this was another reason for the damage to the bamboo flooring. We purchased a 32 oz. bottle of cleaner after the floor was installed. Most of the time, the cleaning involves sweeping and using a dust mop. About once a month we get on our hands and knees, spray a fine mist of cleaner directly onto the floor and use a cloth towel to clean the floor. Since the installation, we have used the liquid cleaner about five times and still have about half of the cleaner left in the bottle. I guess 16 oz. caused the damage to the entire 720 sf of the floor, including the material under the furniture and area rugs!! Seriously?!?!?!? In reading the various reviews for this product, it seems that there is a chronic problem with scratching, cupping and separations. It seems that Lumber Liquidators will use any excuse to avoid the liability for providing the customer with a very poor product. I understand that a product warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. LLI should condense thier warranty to read "Warranty void if material is removed from factory packaging". We will have to replace our six month old floor and it sure as heck will not be with a product supplied by Lumber Liquidators. STAY AWAY!!!!!"

modified review This review was modified by jimbobreese on February 06 2014 10:49:32 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!! DO NOT DEAL with Lumber Liquidators. I purchased laminate flooring in May 2013 and couple months later the flooring started to chip in the seams of the floor boards all over. In October I filed a complaint and by December they said the issues were not covered under warranty. After speaking with the customer care rep (who was very rude), he said the chipping was not a manufacturing issue and "something was going on in the home to cause it to chip". I said I could understand MAYBE after a year or so but asked what could be going on the home to cause it to chip after a few months?!!! He said he didn't know but it wasn't a manufacturing issue and I asked how he did he know it WASN'T a manufacturing issue?!!!!...I got no response. I asked for a supervisor and I had to leave a voicemail. No response back. Bottom line...NEVER NEVER NEVER go to Lumber Liquidators....they may sell flooring at cheap prices but in the end you WILL PAY A GREAT DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted


I had wood flooring installed almost a year ago and I'm completely dissatisfied with the product and instillation. When the flooring was installed we paid extra for the floor boards (trim to be removed and replaced) the installers broke quite a few of them and nailed them back onto the wall, there were also a lot of them with huge noticeable spaces, also the thresholds were coming up and the floor was very dull. We called the location which we purchased the flooring from to let them know of the dissatisfaction, They then sent the installer back out, he just nailed a few of the pieces closer to the wall and added more glue to the thresholds that were coming up and suggested a bona cleaning product for the flooring. I purchased that product and over time several others, I then went to another lumber liquidators location due to the location prior closing and asked about polyurethane sealing the flooring to resolve the issue, where I was told that it should not be a problem. So my husband and I paid for polyurethane to be put on the flooring. After doing that the floor began to have cracks all over, also the thresholds are coming off again. Months later I referred a friend to lumber liquidators for flooring and while there I spoke to her sales person about my flooring where I was told that it sounds like the glue had been spread all over the flooring and that mineral spirits would of taken care of the problem and that the polyurethane is not compatible with the flooring that your company sells and does not know who would of told me it would be okay, that the flooring is already sealed. So months later I'm stuck with flooring that looks horrible and out over $5,000. Also the friend that I referred has the same issues with her thresholds.

modified review This review was modified by 123NONAME on November 27 2013 10:51:43 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Worst customer service ever, if you pay in cash they will not give you a refund when you return there products, you have to wait 3 to 5 weeks for a check from corporate. Really, do they have to wait for my US dollars to clear. Never again will I purchase from this chain...buyer beware.."

modified review This review was modified by 4150 on November 11 2013 03:04:10 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"installed cherry wood floors and withing 3 months every area (under) a rug had faded. I've owned hardwood floors for 30 years and have seen UV light fade (exposed) wood, but never seen wood (under a rug) fade. LL tried to state it was normal fading due to UV light (Hello... it's under the rug. there is no UV light exposure!). Worst customer service I've ever seen. They have no desire to stand behind their product. Get the customers money, then ignore them. I even proved with my spare wood (also not exposed to UV) and it was like the rest of the floor color (expect the faded areas under the rug. How do you explain that if it's UV caused?? Thier crooks pure and simple"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"very poor experience. Spent $1200.00 on floor material that was supposed to arrive in 5 days. Hasn't arrived yet, can't get anyone to call me back, will not return phone calls, will be another weeke before I get my floor if I'm lucky. I'm just out $1200.00, contractor was standing by and is now delayed and wants to charge me a cancellation fee. I will never do business with Lumber Liquidators again."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I've installed many floors from ceramic to laminate to wood. Never had a problem with any flooring except Lumber Liquidators. 3/4" elm wood flooring from Virginia Mills that is nailed. I didn't realized until I was on the 5th box out of 14 that some of the width is not the same. Some are up to 1/8" difference from end to end of one board. Thus leaving small gaps which become bigger gaps by the time your on the 7th row. Also, one box had every wood plank damaged from the fork lift at their warehouse. I thought, no problem, I'll just use it behind the stove and refrigerator and trim work. Until I noticed the width differences on the good ones. Wanted a refund on the boxes not used. They said if it's on sale or clearance, no refunds.
Called corporate office. Same run around. They have an excuse for every question. I thought it was reasonable to return defective material that was bought a week ago.
Apparently, Lumber Liquidators owns Virginia Mills, which appears they are located in China.
Long story short....DON'T BUY FROM LUMBER LIQUIDATORS!!!!!

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"We purchased roughly 1,200 square feet of really affordable laminate and had it professionally installed. Within months of installation, we started to experience buckling in the material, creating trip hazards throughout the house. Unsure whether we had an installation or materials issue on our hands, we sought the assistance of Lumber Liquidators to get to the bottom of it. Our hope was that they'd send someone to our property to take a look at the floors. Instead, after weeks of dodging our emails and phone calls, we received a generic response indicating our warranty was void for any number of reasons and that the matter was closed. I'm preparing to dispute the charges on my credit card, to initiate contact with the better business bureau and potentially to sue them in small claims court. I don't know whether it's the cheap product or the installation that's caused the safety hazards we're dealing with in the house, but I do know that Lumber Liquidators doesn't care one way or the other. So what's their value proposition?"

modified review This review was modified by SeanInDenver on October 03 2013 06:15:11 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted


Summary: Low quality product, bad quality control, minimal time for returns, bad customer support from company (the store personnel are just peon workers that can't do anything, and won't even try, they just say that's corporate policy). And corporate couldn't care less either. If you're in the market for flooring, go to a reputable place that actually has customer support and quality product.

- - - - -
I bought laminate flooring to install in my daughter"s townhome she just purchased. It was on sale so we bought then and would do installation in a month or so after all the walls were painted, closet shelving done, etc. Mentioned this when I was purchasing the flooring. The sales personnel were nice, but this was the first time I ever used Lumber Liquidators (only because daughter liked the look and color of a product they had).

Finished installing this past week and I will never buy product from them again. The product has bad quality control and appears to be 2nd quality Chinese made flooring. The padding on the back was rarely aligned properly, so had to use a razor blade to alway trim it to fit properly. The container looked OK, but would always have a couple planks ion there partially damaged. I saved some of the bad ones for cutting where I need small end sections, around doors, etc, to be efficient, when I should of piled them up to take back. But I was working to get it done and ended up adjusting about 75% of the product. Note, the laminate is made from compressed paper product, not the hard wood and glues normally used. So if they get wet, watch out. Therefore not as durable.

Well I ended up with two unopened boxes which I took back since I was told to buy more than I need to handle the extra cuts needed on the floor. They said they'd buy the extra back, but with a 20% restocking fee. So I estimated close and only had 2 boxes left. When I took them back yesterday, they told me it was past the 30 days, which is the policy on the back of the order form. So it doesn't matter if you're not installing for a few weeks, if the product is not back to them, no refunds, no nothing, they couldn't care less. Even if I took the stack of bad product back to them, they don't care either if it's after 30 days. Told me to sell it on Craig's List. Bad product, no customer support.

modified review This review was modified by Koytch on September 14 2013 07:53:31 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"So my wife and I got talked into Tranquility peel and stick 2mm vinyl wood flooring by a LL rep in Minnesota. I can say with 100% certainty that the peel and stick has the adhesive qualities of a Teflon pan (meaning none). My wife and I have flipped 3 houses and used a variety of flooring and none has been worse than the tranquility vinyl. Within 1 week of installation it had started peeling up at edges and corners and no amount of stomping, hammering or rolling would keep it down.
So I spent weeks working with lumber liquidators filing my claim and got asked the same questions multiple times ranging from % humidity during and after install to the phase of the moon and alignment of stars(maybe not quite that far... but close). Anyways did I get a refund? an offer to replace the floor with another one at reduced cost?, anything at all?..... Nope I got denied.

modified review This review was modified by Elijeh on September 11 2013 01:15:25 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I have been a contractor for about 12 years. Over the years, I have had issues with this company. I would like to detail some of that here.

There was an order of laminate flooring. The floor would not lock. Upon inspection of the floor, I noticed the joints were defective.

I went to LL, with the customer, and told them the issue and showed them. They told me it was a warranty issue and I needed to contact their corporate office. I told them I just wanted to exchange the floor with new product so my customer could have the floor installed on time. They said they could not.

We called the corporate office and, the people we talked to, gave the run around. 2 months later, after the customer hired an attorney, he got a refund. He purchased some product at another place and had me install it. This time the job got done. That family walked on bare concrete for that time.

Then their was a time I was asked to install an engineered floor that was purchased from there. We took it out of the box and there were scratches on the floor. Every scratch was in the same spot, meaning it had been milled improperly at the factory.

I went with this customer to LL and they told us that we needed to call the corporate office. This time the corporate office said the same things again. I told this customer to get an attorney. He did and he was given a full refund.

As you can tell, I deal with high income clients. They could afford attorneys. Ask yourself a simple question: After spending thousands of dollars on a floor, can you afford to pay an attorney to defend you if things go wrong? If the answer to that question is no, then do not use LL. There is no security when you buy from them. Their 100 million year warranties mean nothing.

modified review This review was modified by jf3427 on September 09 2013 02:24:22 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"My experience with Lumber Liquidators has been atrocious. I had professionally installed over 2000sq feet of bamboo click flooring. The flooring doesn't stay together and I have gaps all over my flooring. I tried to resolve this with LL with only further dissatisfaction as they have blamed the installer who has been doing installations for 20 years and that my 12 year old home is not level. Lumber Liquidators lack of complying with their warranty and acceptance of selling a faulty floor to a customer. I need the public to know that Lumber Liquidators does not warranty or stand behind their product as they state on their website and packaging. In addition, their credit card company GE also did not investigate or resolve the issue when I filed a dispute.

The facts are:

The floor was sold as a floating floor, but in fact the seams do not stay together. A closer look at the tongue groove that should “click” is not engineered adequately to stay together. This is likely why this floor is now discontinued. Since it was not engineered properly as a floating floor, it should have been sold as such and should have been sold to glue or nail down.

Lumber Liquidators hired and paid for an inspector who was clearly biased to Lumber Liquidators since when he came into my home, he was extremely rude to me and it was evident he was trying to find a way to document it was not the flooring. In summary, the inspector stated the house was not level and the floor was not installed properly, which is false.

I had a floating floor on the same floor for 10 yrs and it never separated. My home is only 12 years old and met all inspections as it was being built. I have no other issues in this home and I have tile as well.

The installer has been installing hard wood flooring for 20 years and had never seen a defective floor like yours and has been extremely insulted by the false statements regarding his installation.

I death with a John T at LL. I bought my floor in Allentown, PA.


modified review This review was modified by TriciaF on August 29 2013 07:59:57 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"We bought dream house st. James vintners reserve laminate (10023865) flooring and it was the worst decision we made. The floor scratches easily and seam swells easily. I will not recommend this product to anybody. We tried to contact Lumber Liquidators and they told us that it was not covered under the warranty. If you read the st. James collection limited warranty doesn't cover anything at all!
The people at Lumber Liquidators in Toano, Virginia are so rude. I will NOT recommend this store to anybody. If you have to buy laminate floors or hardwood floor go to Lowes or Home Depot, this business is a scam.

modified review This review was modified by Miriamtemple on June 06 2013 05:23:24 PM

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