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    Customer service: 0.00/10
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Rating 2/10

No respects for customer, but they only look for their own benefit

"My M900 tiny 6 months old, started to stuck then tried to re-image Windows from internal drive but failed. Re-image from external USB image drive was also failed. Lenovo support changed my original parts(Motherboard+Hdd, but they used refurbished parts) without proper investigation. But windows installation from provided USB image disk was again failed. The machine were sent to their repair centre,and sent me back with Windows 7, instead of the original version Windows 10. The machine was sent to repair centre again, came back with Windows 10 Pro, instead of original version Windows 10 Home. Then I tried to check if re-image from internal drive is possible, but it did not go through.
It took 2 months now. I was asking them to send me brand new PC but refusing and instead taking my time for over 2 months knowing this is only one PC which I use for work for living. They don't consider customer inconvenience, but they only care their own profit.
They have given me enough damage financially and mentally.

Rating 2/10

Lenovo phone doesn't work work from day 5

"The sim was not detected and the service centre had a minor repair. Later after 3 days the screen got struck and the service team says it is jus because of charging pin problem. When my phone troubles me for every 3 days what is the hope that it works for a life time. Donot but Lenovo. There's no proper person to give a reply. They repsect the customer until u buy the product once the product is saled there is no concern for anyone"

Rating 2/10

Laptop was lenOVER within months

"Bought an E440 Laptop in 2014 thinking Lenovo was a good brand. The mouse/touchpad stopped working within 2-3 weeks. Service was super slow to get back to me with a solution. Wireless mouse followed months later. Sent it for repairs before wireless went down - they took forever and half, they sent it back with a different keypad cover. Never worked the same after that. Now it's got an E431 cover engraved on it, not the E440. Touchpad worked ok for a couple of days and then became weird to work on. It's not smooth to the touch, but more friction-y; the right click is off. Just a cumbersome, not well built feature.

Wireless router freezes every 5-8 minutes for 10-15 minutes. So it's takes 1-2 hours to do anything productive that would usually take 10 minutes. I started this comment at 10 am. It is now 11:31. Last May or so is when I noticed this freezing thing. First thought it was the Wifi connection, but it wasn't. It has been super frustrating trying to do online work on the laptop.

Don't want to send it back because it's such a hassle and I still needed something to work with anyway. Can't do much with it online except word processing, so I go the library to submit papers, applications for jobs, update my online portfolio "image" or projects etc or use someone else's if I can. Thank you for taking me back to the 90s Lenovo. I will never buy one of these **** things ever again.

Rating 2/10

The worst laptop

"The worst laptop ive ever had!!!!!! Newly purchased ideapad 310, after using of 11 days i got a problem with the hard drive, a lot of lag when openning a folder and browser! Wtf this brand its a piece of garbage!!!"

Rating 2/10

Lenovo ideapad 100 can't handle Skype

"A month ago I bought a Lenovo ideapad 100 so that I would be able to Skype with my son and grandchildren that live thousand of miles away. I am on social security so this for me was a major purchase. Upon trying to Skype I found that I had to hold the computer up and close to my face and yell at the computer for my son to be able to hear me. When I called Lenovo I was told by their tech that the reason why my son and grandchildren can not hear me is because I bought a cheap computer. That I would have to go purchase something to add onto my computer to be able to get it to function the way it is suppose to. "

Rating 2/10

Customer Ser...what?

"I bought my Lenovo on 01-13-2017 and received it 12 days later. Unfortunately the mouse was damaged and unusable. I contacted Customer Service and they said they will replace it (they have to send me a new keyboard as well, even though I do not need it). Today is March 6, 2017 and to this day, every day on the website the message is the following "despite our best efforts to maintain inventory of all repair components, the service part needed to repair your machine is currently unavailable.. We are working diligently to obtain replenishment inventory and will ship your part as soon as it becomes available". I called customer service again and they told me there is nothing they can do. I find it extremely strange (and very irritating) that such a big Company as Lenovo does not have a Lenovo mouse in their inventory. I was told that I need to keep waiting...... "

Rating 2/10

doing everything they can to not make money

"my recent attempt to purchase a laptop was the worst transaction of my life. i spent at least six hours over four days to no avail. i had nine orders all cancelled due to "not passing internal security checks." i was first told it was a problem with my bank (no problem on bank end), then told it was my IP address (running a vpn i changed it to US and tried again), then told it was my bank again (not true as it was pending lenovo authorization), then i was told it would go through with a rep placing the order through the phone (failed twice), then told the address i was shipping to was a business and it had to be a residence (huh?), then i tried to ship it to my mother's address as i was traveling. this was the most backwards, frustrating display of capitalistic incompetence i've ever experienced. it's a shame as i've got five thinkpads around the house and have continued with them even throughout the switch to lenovo. the products remain good, but the service is so bad i've given up. "

Rating 2/10

Worst customer service I have ever experienced from an online retailer.

"My recommendation is to order from a different supplier. Order process has been shambolic with very poor communication. Ordered on the 22/12/2017 and product still not arrived. The product does not ship within 7 days as advertised. Needless to say, the amount has been debited from my bank account. Phoned yesterday morning and spoke with supervisor who was to phone back that afternoon with an update on what was happening. Surprise, no call back. Very poor communication within the organisation, do not order from them if you need the product any time soon. It is a shame because I quite like Lenovo products."

Rating 2/10

do yourself a favor, don't buy lenovo

"I've had multiple issues with lenovo and their technical/support staff is extremely incompetent. I would never wish this type of emotional distress on anyone. And you can't even return it without paying a 15% plus shipping charge. Lenovo is made up of capitalistic pigs."

Rating 2/10


"I got a Lenovo Y50-70, barely used it and the hinge broke twice. They deleted all my data on my computer, all my upgrades, all my programs, everything when I only needed the physical aspect of my computer fixed. I told them a myriad of times and I'm pretty sure I wrote on my invoice that I do not want my internal computer touched, but they decided to delete everything without confirming that I wanted such a thing to happen. Customer service is a joke. No one knows what they are doing or gives you accurate information; no information is consistent. YOU CAN ONLY SHIP LENOVO PRODUCTS FOR REPAIR and you pay for shipping it out. There is no way for you to go anywhere local if you want to use their warranty. I WILL NEVER GET A LENOVO AGAIN. It's horrible."

Rating 2/10

Worst customer care ever, and I never even saw the computer!

" Where do I begin? I purchased a Lenovo laptop on Cyber Monday, and paid for it using my PayPal account. I requested the computer be sent to a friend's house, which I have done through PayPal many times with no problems. When I received my order confirmation from Lenovo, they used my friend's name and address for both the shipping and the billing address. I tried for about a week and a half to contact Lenovo (to correct the billing error) via phone or online to no avail. Meanwhile, when checking order status (because I received no shipping information from them), I saw that the laptop would not ship until JANUARY. Still trying to contact Lenovo, I checked out their Twitter feed, and saw that people were waiting on hold for four hours just to reach somebody. I contacted them via Twitter, but never heard back. At this point, I decided Lenovo was not a company I wanted to work with. I looked online to see if there was a way to cancel the order, and there was! Seeing that the computer was still scheduled to arrive in five weeks, I placed a "request for cancellation". I had a few choices in a drop-down menu of sorts to choose why I was canceling the order, and the best option was something to the order of shipping taking too long. There was no way I could indicate that I had tried contacting them on several occasions to correct the billing order and had finally given up. I quickly received an email from Lenovo stating that they had received my request, but there was no guarantee as the computer may have shipped. I didn't think there would be any problem, given that my order status said the computer was to arrive in January (about 4 weeks away). The next day, I received notification that the computer had shipped! At this point, I no longer wanted the computer, or to do business with this company. In addition, the computer was being shipped to a friend's house at a date that he would be out of town. When I contacted UPS to reroute the shipment or see if I could pick it up, I couldn't do anything because the computer was not in my name. Meanwhile, my bank would not release the funds for the computer as the billing and shipping information were incorrect. So now we have a brand-new laptop shipping to the Chicago area in frigid temperatures, and being left in an out door lock box because nobody was home to receive it. I was finally able to reach somebody from Lenovo, who really wasn't very helpful. He informed me that if the computer could not be delivered it would be sent back to them and I would have to wait weeks for a refund. Finally, I was able to convince somebody at UPS to get it out of the lock box and send it back to Lenovo. Although the money was not pulled out of my bank, I learned that PayPal had "fronted" the money for me to Lenovo. So now I have a dispute going on with PayPal so that they can get their money back from Lenovo - as I have a negative balance in my PayPal account due to them paying for the computer despite my bank not allowing the transaction due to the billing name/address discrepancy. Lenovo has been near IMPOSSIBLE to reach through this, and there is no way to email them with an issue that falls outside of their pre-made forms/drop down boxes. I thought shipping the computer after I requested cancellation without contacting me first was shady, and I would have very low expectations regarding contacting tech support if I had needed it. Thankfully, both UPS and PayPal have picked up the slack and hopefully the issue will be resolved in time. I would never recommend purchasing from this company after this experience. "

Rating 2/10

The world largest personal computer vendor is terrible and will create immense problems in your life!

"I was happy with my Lenovo laptop when I received it 10 months ago. I thought it was slightly over priced but it worked well until a lose connection in the charging port did not let the laptop get charged when plugged in. Since it was still under warranty they sent me a shipping box and assured me it would take about a week to repair. I sent it on October 7. 10 days later they inform me it is going to take another 10 days as the parts were not in stock to repair it. I patiently wait but this goes on for another 2 weeks. They then escalate my case to some Upper management and a case manager (we will call her Christie) informs me that they will send me a replacement laptop instead. First of all repairing this laptop should not have taken so long as the issue was small. I suspect it must have gotten damaged during repair. Second of all the laptop they offered me was much heavier than my original laptop and of lower specs. I write and leave several voice messages to Christie and she finally gets back to me after a week. We decide on a different laptop that I am satisfied with and after a few days I receive an order confirmation for the same , followed by a shipping confirmation which as expected experienced a lot of delay. I finally get my laptop and I am happy the issue is over. I open it to find it was the old laptop they had initially decided to send! WTF Moreover, this laptop, Yoga 710 had issues of its own, being slow and making a lot of fan noise even when i am barely using it. I immediately called lenovo to inform them of their mistake and they assured me a manager would call me in 3 working days. No surprise. There is no call. I call in again. This time an agent rudely informs me that the case is open and that I should be patient! It was 5 ridiculous weeks since the start of this issue!! After leaving multiple voice messages and dropping emails I am left hanging wondering if Lenovo will ever get back to me! I am stuck with a subpar laptop that I over paid for....hoping to update this post if lenovo ever resolves this issue"

Rating 2/10

The store is totally ****

"I bought an all in one lenovo computer about one month ago. They never got my home. After 3 days of my purchase, the carrier told me there was some issue of this delivery. After one week of this delayed delivery, Lenovo online store told me the package is returning to the warehouse and will refund me when they get it.
I wait them for almost three weeks !!! There is still no refund at all !!! They do not reply my email now !! If it was returned to China ( even by train!), it should be arrived there now!
I'm considering whether should I call the police or not!
I am a Chinese and I use Lenovo in China, But this store is completely disappointed. I will never buy Lenovo in the UK again.

Rating 2/10

Do I really have to give this a "STAR"

"I bought a Lenovo y70 touch on 05/24/16. I didn't even have it 3 months before it started having problems. I had a hard time finding someone who was authorized to repair it. I finally did and I took in my laptop. They told me that they needed to order a part and I should have my laptop back in a week to 10 days. After months of them keeping my laptop, they called me and told me that they were just going to have to give me a new laptop. OK. A repairman has been out 3 times and it is still not working right. I have had enough. I called and told them I just want my money back. Crystal sent me an email back asking for my receipt which I sent to her the same day. Then I never heard anything from her. I sent numerous emails asking what is going on, with no response. Finally I called and they put in another case for me. They said the first one had been closed. REALLY!! SO, GUESS WHO I GET TO MANAGE THIS CASE AGAIN. CRYSTAL! Again she sends me an email asking me to send my receipt which I do immediately. Guess what, I have still not heard from her, and again I have sent numerous emails asking her what's going on. I guess I will have to call again. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE."

Rating 2/10


"If I could pick 0 stars, I would. I have been trying to get a problem fixed on my computer for 4 months. Customer service is horrible. They just keep pushing you off to someone else. My case manager for the "escalated case (which means absolutely nothing), is Terry Nesbit. His number is 919-294-0517. Don't worry. He won't answer his phone and won't return your phone calls. And everyone else you talk to says they can't do anything. Only he can. This is the most frustrating experience I have ever encountered with a company. I work in a business where if you gave horrible customer service, you would go out of business. Buyers beware!!!!"

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