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211 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

Broke in less than a year and Lenovo will not repair it free of charge

"I bought a Lenovo M30-70 Core i5-4210U in May 2015 and about 7-8 months later, the hinge broke. I am using it more like a desktop without carrying it around. I contacted Lenovo and they said they wouldn't repair it for free as it is a physical damage. However, with just a simple research on google, I found many complaints of other Lenovo customers about broken hinge. Also, since the hinge broke, my camera is not working. When I told them, they said I could send it and have a look and then decide if they would do it free of charge. This could take more than a month and me spending money on post with the great possibility of not getting it fixed and of course losing more money.
I will never buy a Lenovo product again and will discourage anyone who is thinking about purchasing Lenovo products. I have paid £400 for a product of poor design, really does not worth the value. I have had a Toshiba laptop before and had it for 8 years without any problems and now I am very disappointed with this laptop. I wouldn't spend a penny to repair the hinge, I 'd rather buy a new one from a different company.

This review was modified by NikiAn on July 29 2016 03:17:26 AM

Rating 2/10

I dont usually write reviews, but this one needed to be done!

"I bought my Lenovo 2-in-1 laptop/tablet from best buy in August 2014, only because I needed a new computer for school purposes. Since then, I cannot even begin to tell you all the trouble I have had. I am used to Toshiba and had 2 of them prior to the Lenovo. They lasted a good solid 4 years and then withered away. Family members tried convincing me to go with a Mac and I was against the idea 98%. I now wish I had listened...Especially since some have had their Macs 5-8 years and still running. Plus with everything that was put into it, it would have roughly cost the same price.

**This laptop the first week ran great and had no issues other than it was super touchy, sensitive and the keyboard wasn’t as smooth as I wish it was (That is more of a personal reason). Key board is not smooth at all in my opinion....and coming from Toshibas the key boards worked fantastic and if you were using it in the dark you could actually see the board. I didn't get one good solid month out of this computer. I never went back to my local best buy to complain or even see if I could get a refund at the time. I wish I had. It was a poor choice on my end completely. I guess I made the mistake of not reading as many reviews, because now I see others don’t care for this laptop or brand either. I will never recommend this brand laptop to anyone and sometimes word of mouth is enough for people. Completely lost my business. I started thinking that Toshibas were not as great a computer cause I didn’t get 5 years out of them, but after this Lenovo, Toshibas are Gold. I am not tech savy by all means, but I don't abuse what I have and keep it up to date when I see something is off. I am not an advocate for Toshibas or Macs, but either of the computer brands would be a better choice if you are thinking of buying a new computer.**

Hate to have to write such a negative review, but it was 100% NEEDED. The money that has been wasted is upsetting. Life does go on though!

I DO hope someone took the time to read this.

This review was modified by H1091 on June 17 2016 01:09:55 PM

Rating 4/10

Multiple problems when purchasing Lenovo laptop

"Where do I start. I was chatting with an online rep on their website getting help with a laptop purchase. I said I didn't want to spend more than $1,000 and they suggested I check to see if I'd qualify for a preferred card with a $1500 limit. I did and asked how I could apply it toward my purchase. They didn't really know, so I said "forget it" and just purchased a Yoga 900 from Best Buy and it wasn't responding to the touch screen, fan wouldn't turn off, and lost hours of battery life within 10min of it freezing. This was an open box model, but it shouldn't have problems if it's going to be sold. Whether that's on Best Buy or Lenovo for selling a faulty laptop, I don't know. Returned it, and purchased it on the Lenovo website with my own Wells Fargo credit card. Decided the orange was too loud and cancelled it to purchase again in gold. Well I was still charged for the McAfee security both times. Now I'm filling out a form to cancel which will take 7-10 days to show up on my credit card. So now I have to see if I still need to pay it as my monthly payments are due before then. Anyway, so my gold laptop comes in and works good enough, (minus red underlining my sentences for no reason after I've ben typing) but then shortly after, I received a Lenovo preferred card I applied for. It's pointless now as it took weeks to come in. I already have my laptop! (Which is now red underlining for no reason). I wasn't even told I would be receiving this card. I was under the impression I was just checking to see if I'd qualify for the card and could then decide to get one if I wanted to from that point. Now this will affect my credit and I have to sort out paying the second McAfee security with my bank. And the laptop still has hiccups. It has been a terrible experience all around with Lenovo. I wish they would have been more clear with the preferred card, I can't necessarily blame the rep too much as I know call center reps are not always properly trained, but something needs to be done about their knowledge of this card. I feel misguided. It was made to seem like I could just check to see if I'd qualify, not understanding I was actually requesting a credit card. Lesson learned I suppose. I will say their reps were very nice while on the phone and listened as I discussed my situation, but I guess there's nothing they can really do for me. This whole process was just a huge pain in the rear end."

This review was modified by Tina415 on May 23 2016 10:27:51 AM

Rating 2/10

"Piece of Junk"

unlimited lack of support + unprofessional team
Excellent screen resolution
Summary Stopped working in two weeks; motherboard was replaced; still not working: issues with monitor & touchpad stops working for intervals of 5-20 seconds - Wasted US$ 1,400

This review was modified by davelee1956 on January 29 2016 01:24:26 PM

Rating 2/10

Lenovo e550 is a piece of garbage

"I recently bought a Lenovo E550 and I want to share my huge disappointment with the device. They charge it with a decent price - I paid 850+ GBP for it, and for that amount of money I expect some quality stuff. But what I got is basically piece of garbage.

First off, the overall quality of the material is very bad. You can feel the cheap plastic under your fingers when you take it in your hands, you can actually even hear it. Talk about 'tank strong' Lenovo laptops that they brag about. Bullshit. As a matter of fact, three days after I bought it, its screen crashed during the night when I fell asleep with it. Previously I had a HP Elite Workstation, and good God did I do wonder with that piece of equipment - I killed flies on the wall with it and nothing ever happened. But this cheap-plastic-cheap-glass they sold me crashed with probably an accidental blow I delivered during the night. Tbh I didn't even ask for guarantee, because I would go through hell of explanation how it happened and I knew they wouldn't fix it for free if I did it by my self, so I just went to ebay and bought a new display, out of my own pocket.

When I took the laptop apart, it was obvious they wanted to make it a nightmare for anyone trying to fix anything by himself. They would rather take more money for fixing. This is one more reason why I hated it. I went through 50+ pages of manual and more than 3 hours of very slow fixing process in order to replace the display. Thanks Lenovo for making my life difficult!

Usability problems are major - in this particular model the geniuses behind decided to not put a LED lamp on the Caps Lock button! I am a software developer! I often switch from all-caps to all-lower during my coding, and I also use VIM editor - can you imagine the nightmare when you don't know whether your caps-lock is turned on or off when you have no indicator? You basically have to press something and see. Then delete that and continue. If I'm in VIM, and I am in command-mode, I press 'k' to move left, and it takes me to man pages. I press 'l' to go down and it takes me to the bottom of the screen. It's ridiculous. On the other hand, they put the LED lamp on their infamous (stupid) Lenovo Fn button, so it's on all the time.

Geniuses also decided to put 'Pg-up' and 'Pg-down' buttons around arrow keys. Whenever I type something and move my hand towards the arrow keys, I accidentally hit the pageup or pagedown button and it takes me miles away from where I was. So I ended up installing AutoHotKey to disable the whole PageUp and PageDown buttons.

Touchpad buttons are BAD. They are somehow gummy, not clicky. No Win-menu button on the right, but PrintScreen instead right next to the Alt button!?

They packed it with Win8, and I had no choice to pick Win7. This is also a nightmare, though it's a separate subject. But it just shows that bad guys always go in company with other bad guys. PDF viewer, Start Menu covering the whole screen, bad media player, settings hidden from user...

I should have figured Lenovo was bad by just looking at their website experience - it was cheap, snappy, difficult to navigate, different pages having different designs etc. But I was stupid enough to listen to a friend's advice who thought Lenovo was great, and having had that beautiful HP Elite Workstation somehow I got into thinking that all laptops are just great and I would get used to anything, as long as performances are good. I was wrong. I will never-ever buy anything from Lenovo again, even if it came with beautiful girls served for free. I'll probably give this laptop to my parents because nobody would buy it close to the original price after I took it apart and also threw away packaging (which I always do, optimistic that I won't need it).

Rating 4/10

"Spent a lot of money on an X1 Carbon and an extended warranty (over 300NZD) as I live on my computer and it is crucial for the business. Customer communication and service is appalling. Things do go wrong, though when you pay this much for a warranty you do not expect to spend hours trying to find someone to take ownership, you expect it to be fixed. The X1 is a great computer when it works. My Lenovo customer experience has been terrible. On this basis, this will be the last Lenovo I buy."

Rating 2/10

"My Name is Ramesh (They are not responding support are any one ) worest service dont buy lenovo productes

On September 10th, 2015 I purchased a Lenovo G50 from Lenovo Laptop in latha Computers CTS Hyderabad

I was very happy with this laptop until Sep27th 2015 on sep 28th morning when it Unable to swith on my laptop without warning I immediately called Lenovo technical support and reported the problem. They diagnosed it is a Motherboard problem , and directed me to choose one of their authorized business partners that was on site to me to take it in for repair and Replacing the new mother board . They also issued me a reference number (8005758044). onsite created a service request.but i need replace new laptop

Its very hard to me and with in 15 days Mother board is laptop Major part How it will goen . Please replace New lapTop

computer for over two weeks, I have completely lost faith in the repair process set out by Lenovo, and I believe I have a computer that is no longer repairable, as I have no reason to feel confident in the quality of the repairs done to my computer. I believe it is time for Lenovo to do the right thing, cut out the middle man, and replace my PC.

I asked to speak to a manager hoping that I can get someone who understands, but the representative told me he will process my request and before he can do so he needs to know what I want to do "get a replacement or refund". At this point I was angry and told him to process my refund and have a manage call. It's been more than 17days from the time I spoke with the representative and nothing. I even called back to see what happen after 24 hrs and another rep told she will escalate my case and a manager will call me within 24 hrs. Well nothing. I hope the manager, VPs, Presidents and CEO reads this because your representative just lost you a customer(s), money and my confidence that I can't trust Lenovo as a BRAND name in the computer industry.

Please kindely i request you to replace my new laptop

(how come with in 17 days new laptop motherboard will goan)
otherwise i will go to forums and put a complaint to Lenovo Management

Rating 2/10

"Worst computer ever. Doesn't save documents properly. I've lost all my documents I have tried to save. Really slow and not user friendly. I hate it. "

This review was modified by Lkt123 on August 25 2015 01:35:42 PM

Rating 2/10

"This company is total shit, my battery completely died out of no where and will hold zero charge, and the laptop is 9 months old. This company is impossible to get support from or get in touch with via email. They are complete garbage, never ever buy a lenovo product as their customer service would be improved by having dead corpses monitor their incoming requests."

This review was modified by kalber on August 16 2015 11:22:13 AM

Rating 2/10

I Sanjib Shaw, have bought a Lenovo Laptop 5944 2243/G50/I3/TB/DOS
1s59442243yb09942859 on 1/08/2015. But on 03/08/2015 i found that the Keyboard and mouse pad was not working. I went to Lenovo Service Center they certified that there is a motherboard issue on my Laptop. So i told them for a total replacement of my Laptop and so they gave me two email ids

I sent them the scan copy of original invoice and the customer care copy two those email ids.
They have sent an email that "your problem is resolved". I am surprised that how did they sent that mail without resolving my problem.
I am sending you the scan copy of bill and customer care copy. please look into my problem immediately.
I still have faith on Lenovo.
Thank you.
Sanjib Shaw

This review was modified by rahuldutta on August 09 2015 06:03:20 AM

Rating 2/10

"I bought my wife a new flex 2-15 lap top. It just sat on the counter top waiting for my daughter to visit so we could transfer the content of the old lap top. Being over 60 years old I did not know how to do it. In the meantime we just used it to do some bank transactions. About a month later we started to have trouble with the screen a few days later we had a dot in the right top corner. After that we started to see a small line about an inch long. We brought it to the store that we bought it from and the clerk opened it and the line was now about 3 inches long. He closed it again and re opened it and the crack was from one corner to the other.
We called the number that was given to us by the staples employee and were more or less accused of lying. This call took place while we were still at the staple store. We were told to send it to north bay for service which we did and were told that it was not guaranteed .
Thank god we still had our 7 year old Toshiba or else we would be without a lap top. Also its a good thing we had not transferred the content.
Contrary to what the service employee said this lap top showed absolutely no sign of damage not even a scratch. I do understand that the employees job is to save Lenovo money but the service we got was extremely unacceptable.
Nick Malette London,Ontario

This review was modified by nickma on July 29 2015 01:04:32 PM

Rating 2/10

"I was appalled by the way I was treated by Lenovo. I bought the 3 year warranty (and extra $350) with the product in hopes that if anything were to happen to the laptop I would be covered under the warranty. This is not the case what so ever. After being passed around countless times on the support line then only to be put on the line with someone who sounded completely irritated that I even called. He was beyond rude, interrupted me numerous times and just kept repeating they can't help me, all he wanted to do was get me off the phone. Needless to say I received zero help and was told the warranty didn't cover anything. They wouldn't help me what so ever making the extra $350 I spent for the warranty completely useless. I highly recommend you avoid buying anything from Lenovo. I'm extremely embarrassed that I spent the money on such an expensive laptop from a company that has no respect for their customers and their only concern is to get your money then provide no additional help to."

Rating 2/10

"I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. It runs Windows 8.1 OS. On occasion, I get game film that I need to review: the game film/copy is provided to me in DVD format. OK, no problem. I purchased a LG Slim Portable DVD writer. Microsoft and Lenovo have made the terrible decision to omit Windows Media Center from the OS that was installed. Now they want me to shell out another $100 to Microsoft for a Service Pack to add the Media Center. When I purchased my car from Ford, they didn't ask me to pay an additional $100 for a code to turn on my radio. I should have stuck with my old Dell and/or moved to the Apple products. THOROUGHLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!

This review was modified by klangseth on June 18 2015 04:51:29 PM

Rating 10/10

"Amazing service

I have a 2 year old Lenovo T431s. The right USB started malfunctioning, and eventually did not function at all. So I entered my serial number on the Lenovo site, and to my amazement found out that my laptop is still under warranty. A few days later someone asked me to provide photographic evidence of the malfunctioning USB port. I sent them a link to my high-res images on the Onedrive cloud. After two days, I received a message that an engineer would come (to my workplace). At that day I also received a package with a spare part. The engineer turned up on the day as agreed, sat down at my office desk and replaced the entire motherboard (which contained the faulty USB port), all done in 20 min. No invoice, no pay, just warranty. I think this is an amazing service. The maximum I had hoped for is sending it away and waiting two weeks for repair.

This review was modified by SBNLUK on June 14 2015 03:36:54 AM

Rating 2/10

"I should have done the research. You just get used to good companies sometimes, I guess. Have been an Apple customer for ages, decided to get a Windows computer, found Lenovo had a good price, and bought the thing (thinkcentre m73).

About 2 months down the track, for no reason whatsoever, the HDD failed, rendering work on the machine impossible. On top of that, customer service could not solve my issue for over 2 months. I am still waiting for a replacement HDD (2 weeks overdue now). What a load of crap.

Do not ever buy Lenovo products, seriously. Stay away from them.

This review was modified by georgenuri on May 28 2015 01:26:24 AM

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