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Rating 2/10

You Can Never Cancel Your Orders When Placed

"I wrote to cancel an order right after I placed it and today I phoned to make sure it was canceled. Unfortunately, even though it takes a period of time for them to process and send items, they state it is impossible to cancel. Also, I had to glue together a couple of items I purchased the previous time. When I went to hang an item in our tree, a solar light, it fell in the grass and broke. Very cheap plastic.

At least, when you speak to someone, they are polite.

Rating 2/10


"This company has completely went down the drain & the customer service is as bad a third rate non domestic based crap fest w/ the absolute RUDEST reps I have ever had to come across in my entire life! They have no business being a business and should be ashamed of themselves for misleading customers & in my opinion scamming them. They advertise, claim & say they care about your satisfaction but God forbid you call them after they send a non-working, damaged, defective or wrong item to you!! They not only will harass & demean you for it, they will charge you secretly to return it to them when they swear they won't when speaking to them nor will they refund you the shipping that you paid for a defective item!! When you call to get it corrected, they treat you like dirt & argue with you about the refund & have a really bad attitude. They don't like anyone calling for a refund or having an issue with their crap products. The more you spend with them, the worse they treat you. This last rep named 'Shrhonda' (how she told me her name was spelled) was so incredibly rude & disrespectful over their mess up & mishandling of a return & refund of defective products, that I am just done with the entire company. I have already warned all my friends & family, guests on my blog, and am sharing this on twitter & all over, warning honest, hard working people to NOT shop here & waste their time. This company is dishonest, rude, sells inferior, often broken or damaged products and then when you call them or email them about them, they literally act mad at the world and you for it and worse, give you an incredibly hard time for it! Worst of all, however, is they inform you they have charged you for their mistake & their junk products!! This company only likes sheep that don't mind throwing their hard earned money away for junk products & whom don't let them know about it & want their money back! So, if you fit that description, go ahead & shop here; but be ready to not receive items that you ordered, broken items, poor quality items, clothing w/holes in them, previously warned items, etc. & then be happy about it. I don't know what's so hard about standing behind what you sell, esp. when you claim & advertise that you will & care so much about customer satisfaction! You don't & worse, give customers extremely difficult, upsetting, stressful, painfully agonizing time for bringing to your attention about a bad item sent & paid for upfront! It's so wrong and after so many occurrences, I now believe it's just a scam. Only companies that get mad at the customer for their bad product do that. Scammer's 101. No customer should be treated like dog crap, but Lakeside Collections does it on a whole new unprofessional level & they will go to the mat talking to you & treating you like scum. It's not worth it & frankly, their stuff is junk; obviously; or people wouldn't need to return items so much! I am making a complaint with the FTC, the BBB, CFPB & the atty general of Illinois as well. I'm sick & tired of them treating paying customers like the way I was just treated, talked down to & denied a full refund when guaranteed that is what I would get! Instead they charged me unlawfully without my knowledge of an unknown fee & thus scammed me for the last & final time! I'm no sheep or Lakeside's fool. Don't be one either! Do NOT shop here!! "

Rating 2/10

Double charged on shipping

" I ordered an item from Lakeside collection and it was unavailable until a certain date,so they automatically took it off my order which in turn had me to re-order. I was eligible for free shipping on the initial order so when I had to re-order and they charged me shipping I called and said it was only right for them to take the shipping off and inturn they charged me double for shipping. They charge me shipping on the initial charge for the item and then when I called back to get it refunded instead of refunding the $5.99 they charged the $5.99 again to my bank account. I had to call multiple times for them to reverse the shipping charges and long story short they only reversed one of the charges so I still ended up paying shipping for that item.
I will never order from this company again Unless they correct the problem but it's like they don't care about their customers!

Rating 4/10

Slow shipping

"Very,very slow shipping. Disappointing."

Rating 4/10

product is good-shipping is bad

"I love this company's products they are so creative, but good lord is the shipping slow. It takes 5 days sometime longer to just process the order. I have ordered stuff multiple times and they never send me a shipping confirmation so I always have to email them, and it takes 2 weeks plus to receive the product. "

Rating 8/10

Love this place!

"This place is NOT a scam as previous reviews state. I've been ordering from them for at least 10 years. Yes, it's not always the highest quality products but they are priced accordingly, and the selection and variety of products are very impressive. A lot of times I would check the same products elsewhere and they are way more expensive than at Lakeside. So, never ever have I felt like I'm being overcharged buying there. I love getting their catalogs. There is always something that I need for the house, for kids or as gifts.
They are also very helpful in replacing defective or damaged products, I never had a problem or had to fight with them over anything. The only downside is that shipping does take a little bit of time, but by saying this I mean around 2 weeks, which is slower than most merchants these days, but it's worth the wait.

Rating 2/10

"Ordered something's over 4 months ago. They still haven't gotten here, was told that they would reship. But the still haven't gotten here either! They're a total scam... take your money, never send you the products. Please don't ever shop with them."

Rating 4/10

"I love their products, but their order processing time and delivery times leave much to be desired. I would love to refer my friends to their catalog, but I am I don't think they would be pleased."

Rating 2/10

"This company is horrible and almost a complete scam. I ordered products and paid online with my credit card. The amount was small so I didn't noticed that instead of just charging my card with the amount that I authorized, they charged a random amount. Then called me 6 months later saying I have a bill with them. Do not trust this company. Their products are cheap anyways"

Rating 2/10

"I ordered 70 dollars worth of stuff and it was all broken or damaged. The under cabinet lighting I ordered broke while putting the batteries in. The containers I ordered for my closet smell like horse poop, like they came from a farm. I didn't receive one of the items I ordered. The can organizer had pieces ripped off and the makeup spinner didn't fit together. Never buy anything at this website, terrible quality and bad customer service."

Rating 2/10

"I have purchased a couple items from them and always pay with a card. They keep sending me a bill that they say I owe. When I try to contact them to get more information by email I don't hear from them. In fact, on the account page which says there are no invoices, when I send an email it seems like it doesn't even send. I cannot hear on the phone and cannot call them. I will never order from them again."

Rating 2/10

"I am very dissatisfied with the service I have received from Lakeside. A week after placing my order, I received an email that one item (out of 3) was being cancelled because there "wasn't sufficient quantity" to fill the order. I waited to see if the other similar items would be cancelled. When I did not receive notification, I ordered a replacement for the first item. A week later, I received an email that the last 2 items of my original order were cancelled! I called to try to cancel the additional item I had ordered, but was told they couldn't cancel it because it had "processed" even though it hadn't shipped. When it arrived, I refused it, so it was immediately taken back. It has now been 4 weeks since I refused the item, I have been charged for it (which was expected), but not refunded. When I called, I was told it can take up to 30 business days to process a return! I was treated nicely by everyone I spoke to, but nobody there can ever do anything to help. I won't ever be ordering from Lakeside again. "

Rating 2/10

"In general the customer service I have been receiving through this company is appalling. I ordered beanies and received berets. When I had them replaced they sent me berets yet again...after calling 3 times (and they said they would check the warehouse for issues and call me back) no one has EVER called me back after 1 week. In another order (which will be my LAST even if they are GIVING things away) I was charged the day it shipped (it was an over $200 order for Christmas gifts) which was Nov 17th. Today, Nov 29th the tracking info states that the billing info was rec'd and THAT is IT!! (which to me means it was never picked up for shipping) The customer service woman tells me they wait 15 business days to call UPS to check in case there is a problem (I said what problem? Someone was drunk and forgot to pick it up? I mean seriously! The problem is my order wasn't even shipped yet and I was already charged for it!) Only one supervisor (Vicki) was supposedly available but after a while longer I was able to speak with one (kathy...I guess there WAS more than one...hmmm) She immediately offered to "reship" my order but part of it is now UNAVAILABLE...ARGH!!!! So I'm still very annoyed with this company...and out $$$$. To be fair a few of the people I interacted with seemed helpful but then they never followed thru so I'm not sure what happened..."

Rating 2/10

"I just cancelled my order! I ordered my items on Nov. 2nd and just got an email on Nov. 10th that they needed me to call them so they could verify my address for my credit card. While having to do this is VERY INCONVENIENT, since I had already completed the information online when I ordered, I actually cancelled because I did not hear from them for 8 days that there was a problem and Linda, who took my call insisted that I had been called twice about it. I had not. She verified the phone number and I just went through my call log for the last 10 days and nothing! So someone there said they called (CYA) and did not. There were several things I needed to have sooner than later for gifts but I will just shop locally now, which in itself is a valid argument for NOT shopping online. Locally, you get better customer service, they actually accept the information you give them for your credit card and you get it right away, not to mention it is likely not cheap Chinese crap which I probably should not be buying anyway. Oh and so they hadn't run my credit card-supposedly (because there was a problem with my address right?) and so I called like they asked me to and then I checked. They DID run my credit card anyway and now I have to wait 7 days to get my money back. Don't suppose Lakeside would be interested in paying any interest accrued on this charge?? Ha!"

Rating 2/10

"Bowls awesome/Lakeside sucks

My girlfriend loves the Stoneware Soup and side bowls, they are great. Lakeside however are not great because, their delivery process takes FOREVER! I ordered the bowls for my girlfriends birthday seven days before. It took them eleven days to be delivered and for the last three days they had no idea where the bowls were. Apparently it went from them to UPS, then to the USPS. We know it was within two miles of us five days before being delivered. The Bowls were not there for her birthday and in this day and age, it should not take eleven days to get a package. Amazon can and have delivered within one-two days. See if you can find your products there rather than Lakeside.

NB: When I wrote the above to Lakeside, this was there response - 'Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our submission guidelines.'


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