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    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.63/10 0.63/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
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Rating 2/10

Guaranteed is not guaranteed.

"2 gifts I order, "guaranteed" by 12/25/16 did not come. Customer service stated the guarantee was for the package to get to my town, not me! I was offered a $25 gift card and to speak with a supervisor. I explained my son is in from out of the country and due to cost I can't forward the package to him. The supervisor said there was nothing she could do and offered me a $10 gift card ($15 less than the earlier $25 offer). I cancelled the order and declined the gift card. Please be aware that LL Bean does not uphold it's printed guarantees, which I wonder about the LL Bean representations about it's clothing."

Rating 2/10


"Looking for valid Coupon to save $$ for Xmas; spoke to **** online (and he really was one) simply said NO!!!, not interested in working with customer! Didn't offer to spk/w manager; I guess LL Beam is more interested in making $$$$ than having repeat customers! Not good; Despite loving their products, been a loyal customer, I will never shop again!"

Rating 2/10

Deteriorating Product Quality, Manipulating Product Reviews

"I have been a long time llbean customer. The last few years, I have noticed that the product quality has deteriorated. Most recently, I purchased a pair of boots and hiking shoes. The leather boots were cheap looking, were cut much smaller than my llbean boots from years earlier, and had a lot of excess leather in the ankle area that just stuck out. The hiking shoes were also cut very narrow and not true to size. I was surprised by the positive reviews on these items, so I decided to post a review so others would know the problems that I found. To my surprise, a day after posting the “one star” reviews I received an email stating that llbean could not post my review because it did not meet their guidelines. I reviewed the guidelines, and there was nothing inappropriate about my review. I guess they consider a “one star” review to be against their guidelines. Their email said to read their guidelines, and resubmit the reviews. Now here is where things get strange. I log into my llbean account, and under my profile, I no longer had a reviewer user name, and all of my prior reviews were nowhere to be found. They deleted all my reviews! When I attempted to create a new user name to post a review, I found I was blocked by their system from posting reviews. They gladly take my money, and then block me from posting reviews.

Llbean is removing valid negative user reviews. You cannot trust the reviews of their products. They are either fake, or the product rating number is severely manipulated by removing or severely limiting any negative reviews. So, products that seem to have glowing four or five star reviews, would probably in reality have a much lower rating if llbean allowed honest negative reviews. I have shopped there for more than 10 years, and thought they were an honest company. We do not have any of their retail stores in our area, so I, like many others, have to count on the validity of the product ratings on their website. I have learned my lesson. You cannot trust llbean to deal with their customers in an honest manner. Manipulating the product reviews deceives you into believing a product is of a higher quality than it is. Also, on the quality issue, their products have become lower in quality than they were when I first started shopping there. They now outsource everything to a number of foreign countries. The sizing of clothing and footwear is inconsistent, the clothing falls apart -- down jackets “leak” down, zippers do not work, and things in general have a cheap appearance and short life span. I continued to shop at llbean over the years even though their prices have steadily and drastically increased. They have now lost a customer. Llbean has not only outsourced their products offshore, they have apparently outsourced their integrity also.

This review was modified by NW-Traveler on October 21 2016 09:02:45 PM

Rating 2/10

Wors Company ever! Cancel orders...

"I order my gopro hero5 for $320 with coupon 20% OFF! And they send me email after 10 days that Out of Stock! They cancel my order without my approve!"

This review was modified by sveat on October 14 2016 10:32:48 AM

Rating 4/10

Fails in Integrity on Sizing, Exchange, and Review Posting

"Have ordered from LL Bean in past years and gotten gifts. While products appear to be high in quality, it is clear from reading reviews that the company has been cheapening manufacturing in both labor and materials. But where LL Bean does not work well clearly is in bringing Integrity into sizing charts for products, in making an exchange, and in posting a review. Recently I ordered a pair of men's jeans. I usually try jeans on to ensure fit, but because LL Bean promotes itself as high in customer service and satisfaction, I ordered having no experience with their jeans. I measured my waist and inseam several times as well as used existing jeans to determine actual measurements, then compared to their sizing chart. What I received, however following their own sizing chart, was a pair of jeans that are too big. When for the first time I looked into making a return and would have considered an exchange, I learned that this is where LL Bean makes their money: they charge $6.50 for the return if you don't live near one of their stores, or you can pay your own shipping costs directly. One actual incentive is to donate the item and take a tax write off if that is beneficial; and not make another purchase from LL Bean. I also submitted a review, and LL Bean rejected it with an email suggesting it did not conform to their review guidelines. I found that my review did conform, and I sent them an email upon which I am awaiting reply. I do not recommend LL Bean unless the product actually comes as stated, fits perfectly, and lasts like they say it will. Otherwise, customer dissatisfaction and additional costs are the result. All of these breakdowns I share today would get resolved if LL Bean got their size charts in line with the products actual sizing, had Quality Assurance on product manufacture for integrity in matching to existing size charts, offered at least 1 free exchange, and posted a review even if they didn't like that it was perceived as negative. Until then, LL Bean is not recommended and not a retailer I will be shopping from in future."

Rating 2/10

"Would give zero stars if possible. Used LL Bean's sizing chart on women's housecoats to purchase a fleece robe for my wife. Her arms would have had to be 8 inches longer to make this fit. Additionally, the robe was not the heavy duty robe they make it out to be. They then charged me $6.50 to send the robe back for a refund. This is the LL Bean definition of "completely satisfied". This negative review was submitted on their site and they said it "violated their review standards" and they refused to post it. I guess they only permit a certain number of vague negative reviews on their site at one time. This is no longer the reliable, customer focused, high quality company they once were. I have made my last purchase from them. They have no honor as a retailer any longer. Very disappointing."

Rating 4/10

"I have ordered from LL Bean for many years and been a happy customer overall. However, the past few years everything has changed and they don't seem or act like the same company at all. Their Customer Service is horrid and while you can still return items for a refund or exchange, they will not refund full price of returned items if they are defective AFTER the return period. Instead, they give a "reduced" or "last sold price" gift card for whatever amount they say it last sold for. This is NOT published online and I lost a lot of value returning a coat that had the zipper to constantly stick on it. All I wanted was an equal exchange for the same value of the original price of the coat, no more and no less. What I got was about 35% of the original value in a gift card. Also, they REFUSE to publish any negative reviews of their cloths. I have had two rejected in the last 6 months that did NOT violate any guidelines and were professional. They HIGHLY criticized the quality and sizing stating they are WAY off in terms of fit and many sweaters and shirts are at least one size too LARGE. Also, the sweaters stretch and don't hold their shape well. It's not just me, as others I know have had negative reviews rejected as well. Bottom line is you can no longer trust LL Bean reviews on the web site. Use CAUTION when buying and know the reviews are FAKE or only those not critical. LL Bean has gone downhill big time and I look elsewhere now."

This review was modified by HiTekJeff on November 16 2015 04:00:01 PM

Rating 4/10

"I've been purchasing from LL Bean for many years and have always been satisfied, however my last few purchases have been quite disappointing. I had a pair of boots fall apart at the sole too quickly (after a few times usage!) and a pair of rubber clogs I just purchased were made cheaply as well. The fit of the clogs was terrible. I also purchased 4 pairs of wool socks and 2 pair EACH had flaws and had to be returned. When I went to review the clogs online, they would NOT post my review because it had 2 stars. I noticed this another time when I went to put a review up. They are NOT allowing bad reviews. I hope LL Bean is not going downhill, but they have not been up to par lately."

Rating 2/10

"Order incomplete. Missing binoculars from the order. Business refused to acknowledge and claimed that this was impossible. Zero follow up and I had to keep calling to little avail. Was pushed around various departments with not a single department claiming responsibility. COMPLETELY IRRESPONSIBLE. DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU WANT TO FEEL PAIN AND DESPAIR AT DEALING WITH SUCH TERRIBLE COMPANIES IN THIS AGE AND TIME.

This review was modified by danny.lim on September 25 2015 02:43:08 PM

Rating 10/10

"I am super stoked today. My kayak had started leaking while on a trip to Florida. I took it back to my local LL Bean store today and they provided me with a brand new boat at zero cost. They absolutely have a customer for life.

Stephen C. Plut

Rating 4/10

"Just wrote a mediocre review on their beanboots because the quality isn't up to expectations, and got rejected saying I needed to revise because it doesn't meet their guidelines. Upon reviewing their guidelines, I don't think I violated any of them: got detailed description, no foul language, and even ended on an upnote, No wonder most the reviews are ravingly positive. Suddenly the "good feeling" company doesn't seem that warm and fuzzy anymore."

This review was modified by ciaconne on December 23 2014 03:42:50 PM

Rating 2/10

"LL Bean absolutely REFUSES to publish any comment that is not flattering to their products. (CHERRY PICKING). They outsource their manufacturing of garments to El Salvador. IF you make note of this FACT in your review - BAM...NOT PUBLISHED. IF you make reference to the FACT that their products quality has slipped and is not as good as years ago - BAM...NOT PUBLISHED !!! Just try to get a refund from unused gift cards. They will ignore you until you threaten to turn them in for FRAUD. LL BEAN IS A SCAM AND A RIPOFF."

This review was modified by Hogue5760 on March 18 2014 12:55:14 PM

Rating 2/10

"LL Bean has to offer other Mfg product lines that are made in Asia, in order to compete. They had to change their exchange-replacement-refund policy due to the global economy. Overall, their products are of very good quality, there prices are about the same as other major on-line resellers.

My major beef is their Customer Service "Carousel" system of responding to email complaints and questions. A complaint that requires some details and requests from LL Bean for more information. The next rep that reads my response doesn't read the original email I sent and I get a worthless answer to my original complaint. I email a reply and get an apology and more FLUFF. Terrible Customer Service system.

I have done business with LL Bean for over 40 years. I will no longer look at LL BEAN first when shopping for my outdoor gear and clothes. Lowest price for similar product now gets my business.

This review was modified by miket156 on July 31 2013 07:38:40 AM

Rating 4/10

"LL Bean's return policy used to be legendary. However, in the past few years it has changed. Beware.

I bought a jacket, that after a few years of light use started to fall apart. When I tried to exchange it, I only received a gift card for the last price they had on record for that item (final clearance price). And, I can't even get my old jacket back. Once they receive the item, you're out of choices.

They would not exchange it for a new jacket. The trick here is that even though the current product they offer has the same name, it does not have the same product number. By changing the product numbers every few years, they can make sure you will not be able to exchange your purchase or return it for anywhere near the original purchase price (since the last price on record is always a clearance price).

LL Bean's prices are not cheap, their quality is not exceptional, and now their return/exchange policy is essentially the same as any other store. They're coasting on their old reputation, and there's really no reason to shop there now. Basically, treat a purchase from them like a purchase from any other retailer, and don't delude yourself into thinking if your product starts to fall apart after a few years you can still get it repaired/replaced.

Rating 10/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"I originally ordered backpacks from L.L. Bean back in June of 2009 for my daughters for school. I was told that their backpacks will outlast any backpack I would buy at Walmart or other department stores.

I paid good money for the backpacks (about $42.90 with a monogram or $34.90 without the monogram). It was pricey to me but I took a gamble because I was tired of replacing backpacks from other stores only after half of the school year had past.

Well towards the end of the school year of 2011-2012, one of the backpacks' zipper broke. We tried to fix it ourselves but the zipper was still was broken.

At first I was irritated because the backpack only lasted 2 years. Granted it lasted longer than any other backpack that we bought from any other store and the fabric part of the backpack was still in good shape and would probably last another 2 years easily, but the zippers are a key issue with the backpack to secure your books and papers.

I was hoping for more; a longer period without paying for another backpack for the price I paid.

I heard through the internet rumors that L.L. Bean will replace or fix the backpack so I contacted L.L. Bean and informed them of the zipper issue. They had a link to their website that would assist in returning the items and that they would repair/replace the item at no cost to me.

Wow....a business that still honors their customers and stands by their products. You do not find this very often in this day and age.

We sent the backpack back and within a couples days after shipping the backpack, we got called by L.L. Bean and they stated that they were going to replace the backpack instead of fixing it and they advised us that they did not have the same pattern/color so they had us choose a new one and they wanted to know if we wanted it monogrammed like the first one. They were going to monogram it like the first one and would ship it back.

The backpack is scheduled to be delivered by UPS next Tuesday. It even shows on the status order that I will get a small refund (around $10), due to the drop in prices of the backpack from the original backpack and the current same model of backpack which was totally unexpected.

The best part to me is, I get a new backpack for my daughter because the company stands by their product and honor their commitment to their customers and I did not pay for another backpack.

It might be pricey at first glance, but the products are better and they stand by their products and try to keep their customers happy.

Thank you.

This review was modified by Sgt David on July 11 2012 05:15:45 PM

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