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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.14/10 2.14/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.00/10 3.00/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.79/10 1.79/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
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Rating 2/10

The way to recycle stolen property

"Why don't you do what my super and porter do? You can make lots of $ by breaking into tenant's apts., stealing Kohl's merchandise and returning it to Kohl's for the lowest offered price. No hassles with ID or receipts, you can probably even grab a few things to return on the way out. It makes the drugs go round!
When I reported this situation to CS Management, they were profoundly uninterested.
When I called the store to verify that my shoes were returned, I was subjected to a tirade by the CS manager and she hung up on me! Bottom line, they are not responsible for stolen property so stop bothering them!
They have good prices, their clothes fit me, but the deal breaker is they are not responsible corporate citizens. The police told me that Kohl's has refused to cooperate with them on robbery investigations. They don't care about the customer at a deep and troubling level that goes beyond the bottom line.

Rating 2/10


"I've had Kolh's card for over 20 years but I'm done! They make it too hard to shop with all there rules. Why can't they just have a price and a sale and stop all this crap about how and when and what you can and can't do. I can always find free shipping online except here. Don't think Kohls will be around much longer. They charged me $11 to ship a 6oz dress. Never again!"

Rating 10/10

Love it!

"I love this store. I always get foot deals with their coupons and Kohls rewards!"

Rating 2/10

Kohl's Should be Ashamed

"Kohl’s should be ashamed! Don’t use their credit cards!

Kohl’s likes to repeat repeat “We appreciate the opportunity to assist you”. Really? I don’t think so!

In my opinion Kohl’s will destroy your credit and rip you off with an astronomical fee.

In three months after Kohl’s sending the bill to the wrong address, Kohl’s forced my credit rating to drop MORE than 120 POINTS and gouged me with a fee of over 330%. THREE HUNDRED THIRTY PERCENT? Can you believe that? In just three months. Kohl’s says it’s all legal. Do you really want to do business with a company like that?

Kohl’s says that they appreciate the opportunity to assist you. I would like very much for this bully of a company to repair my credit and refund my over payment for using a Kohl’s credit card and for being a customer.

Kohl’s has just asked me for a PM and incident number from their brutal treatment of one of their customers. I have no idea what they are asking me for. I would like to point out again that my bill with Kohl’s is paid in full.
Kohl’s never gave me the courtesy of offering me any assistance or any PM or I# when kohl’s sent bills to a wrong address. Kohl’s it should have been obvious that a contact was needed in your company, but you offered none.

Kohl’s’ customers you have been warned!!!!!!!!

Rating 4/10

Super Slow Shipping from Online

"I order a pair of shoes from inside the store at one of the kiosk which let me say are the worst thing Kohl's could ever put in that store. In order for me to type my information in on the screen I had to punch the screen with my finger. Felt like I was going to break my finger. I had placed this order on April 8th at 3:30. I understand that maybe it was past the time for things to process and get out that day. I was notified the 10th that the full order had shipped but of course that only meant the package information was sent to FedEx. I went to "Track my package" on Tuesday and still no update. FedEx/Kohl's expected my package would arrive on Thursday the 13th. I thought that was far fetched. I kept checking each day and come Thursday it was updated and said my package would be there Saturday the 15th. It seemed still a little too good to be true but it very well could have happened. Then Friday evening I tracked my package one last time and it showed it would not arrive till Monday. With standard ground shipping (3-6 days) it should have arrived the latest on Saturday. Not to mention I have had multiple orders take much longer to arrive (that is if these shoes come on Monday). Kohl's needs to do something about their shipping methods because when free shipping isn't available for the order it is unacceptable for an order to be arriving after the 3-6 days. Even if you get free shipping. If they say it will be 3-6 days then it should only be that. "

Rating 2/10

Extremely worst to refund money and horrible customer service

"They charged my visa card twice and next day when I called the customer service phone line then they refused to return the money back to my card. Basically they are looking for wife’s verbal or in writing permission because my wife is the member, plus she is out of country for more than a month so it is not easy to obtain her permission in writing or even making call to US from the international route may also cost lot of money for example extra rooming charge, international call rates are expensive now I have to wait until my wife come back US. This is so ridiculous and I even complained to the customer service manager but they have their own made rules and compliances to return the customer's money which does not make any sense. I am going to cancel my wife membership immediately and I tell everyone please do not shop at any Kohl's stores as these folks can give you hard time for refunds"

Rating 2/10

Horrible kohls.com

"Kohls.com has no concept of how to properly do online mail order. I have had nothing but negative experiences with them recently on several orders, two quite large.

Two items in my order were not shipped. The enclosed invoices in two of the partial orders—the 20 items were shipped in 6-8 separate mailings for some reason (suggesting to me that perhaps they ship from their multiple stores around the country, not a central warehouse)—showed bills for two items I had not ordered and in fact did not receive.

On the latter, when I called, at least kohls.com confirmed I was only billed the full amount for what I ordered, not for what the enclosed invoices showed, items that were not shipped. Why on earth does Kohl’s do that in the first place? They really need to clean up their shipping invoices.

However—and more importantly—I did not receive two items I DID order and WAS charged $50+ for.

I called kohls.com and asked them to ship the two missing items. They said they could issue me in-store credit (I live several hours from the nearest store) or if I wanted the missing items shipped, I would have to pay for them (I already had paid for them!) and pay the $8.95 shipping. That is beyond bizarre—I already paid for them but to receive them I have to pay for them twice? That obviously makes no sense and surely is illegal as well, so I asked to talk to a supervisor who told me the same thing.

I tried contacting support online and also got the same ridiculous responses.

Meantime, I received a mailed “thank you” card signed, supposedly, by the president and CEO of Kohls, K. Mandell, saying “Customers like you are the reason we work so hard to deliver the great shopping experience, products and value that you deserve.”

HUH? What “great shopping experience… that [I] deserve”? Ripping me off on two items, expecting me to pay for them twice?

I sent Mr. Mandell an email. The same day I got a reply from Joni, identified as “ACE Sr. Executive Correspondence Advisor, Office of the President.” After several rounds of email and phone tag with her, she again asked for my name, email address, and phone #—all three of which I had given her earlier—and said she’d process a refund for me.

She too claimed she cannot have the items shipped to me—the items I have been billed for! I replied to her that she certainly can. She can place the order herself, charge it to the CEO’s credit card if need be, and send me the missing $50 items. I have not had a response from her on that yet.

Of course any company that understands mail order would have instantly sent me the two missing items with an apology. Not Kohl’s, however.

Well, at this point Joni has refunded a whopping $12+ to my credit card and given me $15+ in ridiculous Kohl’s Cash—when I had paid by credit card for more than the $50+ owed to me for the missing items. So $27 out of the $50—shorting me still $23 if one includes the Kohl’s Cash, shorting me $38 if I exclude that (which of course can only be used on their products and only for a very limited time period, and if I can’t get to the distant closest store, I have to pay more than half of that amount again for shipping—another $8.95).

That obviously is not acceptable. I have not heard back from her after I told her again to send me the missing items, but I believe she’s been out of the office for a couple days. I’ll update this review IF anything improves with kohls.com, but with the horrible experience so far even from the Office of the President, I am not holding my breath.

In my experience, kohls.com is a total disaster, including up to the top of the organization. I will be avoiding them and warn others to be prepared if you try doing business with them.

Besides other very questionable (at best) practices, Kohl's apparently prices items very arbitrarily, trying to see if they can lure in gullible consumers, perhaps. Specifically, I ordered a $12.60 set of earrings, on sale from a regular price (they claimed) of $15.75. And a $27 ring on sale from a regular price of $35. Neither item was shipped to me although my credit card was charged the entire amount. I called customer report, talked to several supervisors there, and even contacted the Office of the President. All said they could not refund the cash I paid (just give me most of the refund in their Kohl's Cash which is worthless to me, several hours from any of their stores and their minimum shipping charge is $8.95). They said I had to reorder the items. I went online and found the "regular priced" $15.75 earrings are now listed as $45 and the "regular priced" $35 ring shows as $100! Almost a four-fold increase from the sale price to the current price, and roughly a three-fold increase from the supposed very recent "regular price" to the "regular price" this week. Something doesn't smell right. Are Kohl's business practices legal? I certainly don't find them ethical.

Rating 2/10

Horrible Experience Trying to Review with a Receipt

"I purchased four bras at Kohl's last Thursday. Tried them on at home and on Saturday went back with my receipt to return three of the bras. The customer service person indicated that one of the bras was not on the receipt and refused to refund the money for that bra. I told her that I had just purchased them on Thursday and had the receipt and Kohl's tags on the bras. I asked her if there was an error and perhaps one of the bras had been entered twice since two of the bras were similar except for size. She said there was no mistake and told me to go away. I reviewed the bar codes on the receipt, found that one bra had indeed been entered twice and asked for a manager. The manager came, backed her employee and then finally had to admit there was an error on the receipt. The first employee started to curse me. The manager did refund my money and when I told her she had lost a customer she responded "We don't care"

Never going back to Kohl's again

Rating 2/10

They lost my 1000 dollar payment

"I paid my bill by check. 1000 bucks. They lost the check. And didn't even apologize. They were rude and questioned me insisting I sent the check to the wrong store or that I had another account. I had a copy of my bank statement that proved they cashed my check!! I will never shop here again. "

Rating 2/10

stepping on a sensor needle while shopping at kohls

"My name is Naomi Mays-Matthews, I am writing this letter due to my experience I’m receiving from Kohl’s. On December 04, 2016 I walked into kohl’s, Mind you the day before, I had just spent $186.00 in the store. I walked into THE establishment with my seven year old son. As I’m walking through the aisles of the Nike department to pick out my little brother a sweater I immediately felt an excruciating pain. That is when I screamed and looked down to see where the pain was coming from and it was my right foot. At the time I had on house shoes but they could pass as shoes due to the way it looked with no socks. The pain grew so I lifted my foot up and notice a red circle stuck to my shoe. I then pulled the red circle out and let out another scream. This is when I notice it was a nail that went straight through my foot. I advise the lady standing next to me to watch her child as its nails laying face up on the floors. I then limped to the checkout desk. I asked your associate what is this and she advised me this was their sensor that they stick on the clothes. I asked her why is it laying out on the aisle face up, she advised an associate had to drop it and didn’t notice. Then she asked me was that me screaming, I advised yes. Still to this day I’m wondering if they heard me scream why they would not come see what wrong to help. Then I stated I was bleeding and I stepped on that face needle sticking straight up. The needle went through my shoe into my foot. She called for green oaks I’m assuming this is code for manager. A lady then came and I advised to her what had happened, she never said she was sorry all she stated was wow. She then went and got band aids and alcohol wipes. I whipped the blood up and bandage my foot and she gave me an incident report to fill out. No one helped me carry my bags no one offered to walk with me nothing. The customer service I received was un believable. Checking my thing out my total was around $250.00, no one offered any kind of discount it was like this never happened, Your associates failed to keep the environment clean and safe for their customers. I’m baffled from the lack of empathy from their associates. This was negligence on kohl’s behalf. It was your sensor lying in the isle needle face up where your customers are walking and shopping. The area was not clean or safe my son could have fell on the sensor. I went to the ER to seek medical attention, I received a TB shot, pain meds and anti-biotic. My claims rep JILL from corporate stated she was sorry. I advised her kohl’s needs to pay the medical bill , She stated that they will take care of the bill once I receive IT , then I send her the bill and Jill (my examiner) proceeds to ask me “do you think you could apply for some assistance to get the bill lowered NO! In my head I’m thinking this has to be a joke, so she ask for my medical recorders I gave her that then she then offers me a $50 kohl’s gift card and she wants to speak to the hospital on possibly lowering the bill, meaning they might not pay it all, or in time so it would not affect my credit negatively. Even though I have emails saying they would. This place is a joke and their all about money not safety of their customers! They don’t keep their establishment clean nor do they care that you are stuck with a dirty needle that was made there! I cancelled my credit card and hired an attorney.
SO BE AWARE IF YOU CATCH AN INFECTION FROM KOHLS FROM STEPPING ON THEIR PRODUCTS THEY DO NOT CARE!! I WROTE THE PRESIDENT AND HE READ IT AND DIDN’T EVEN RESPOND, my claims representative (jill) told me he read it but I have yet to hear from him. So I’ll be perusing this further. I’m spreading the word to all my family my blog family an FB and Instagram friends DO NOT SHOP AT KOHLS IF YOU WANT TO STAY IN GOOD HEALTH AND STRESS FREE. One day of shopping there can cause you months of legal pain so BE AWARE


Rating 2/10

Kohls customer service - a sadists dream

"Like Charlie Brown falling for the football trust game with Lucy, I returned to Kohls.com after a two year hiatus. A cash off coupon was sent to my home enticing me to return their sadistic online ordering process. I found no improvement. The site was slow and it took one hour to shop for three items and load my cart. When I attempted to check out the coupon wouldn't work and after 45 minutes on hold a CSR answered and told me there was nothing he could do but if I tried to use it tomorrow it would probably work. I explained I needed to use it that day in order to take advantage of the sale prices that expired that night. Once again he stated he could not help me. I asked if a manager was onsite and after huffing "yes" was placed on hold again. After 20 more minutes of lost life time, I hung up. HORRIBLE! I immediately went to Amazon and while the order cost a few dollars more, I placed it with one click after 3 minutes of shopping. You get what you pay for and "abused" is what you get with Kohls.com. "

Rating 2/10


"Out of three orders I'd placed over the past couple of years, they've royally screwed up two of them. They outsource their customer service to useless imbeciles whose only recourse is to tell you to drive to a store for help or returns.

They apparently ran out of stock and discontinued the item in my most recent order. Instead of cancelling the order, they threw some random toy into the box.

Another time, I ordered an item for in store pickup using $20 in Kohl's cash. An hour later I get a phone call saying they don't actually have it at the store, and my Kohl's cash is lost for good.


Rating 2/10

Horrible shopping experiences in Kohls for three orders.

"This is my first time shopping in Kohls online. I placed the first order on Nov 24 for Balck Friday deals, a TV of $249, today is Dec 3, Kohls doesnt even know where the TV is, customer service asked me to wait 21 days until Dec 13, and if it still doesnt arrive then contact them again! Another "supervisor" is even more "awesome", she suggests I can cancel the order and place another TV worth $699 with 15% discount! The worst thing is they blame UPS, but "Label Created" status means UPS has not physically received the package yet. Kohls just lies and doesnt even know how to find my TV, and doesnt want to take the responsibility. I'll see when my TV can arrive.

The second order is Playstation 4, bought and paid on Nov 24, also for Black Friday deals, and on 26th I was told the order was cancelled because the item was out of stock. Then why do you sell it online? Don't you have an inventory management system? On 26th Black Friday is already over, where should I go to buy? I chose Kohls on Black Friday instead of Walmart and now I am so regretful. Besides, today is Dec 3 I still dont get refund yet.

The third order is five items, I paid $183 using both Kohls cash and my credit card. Then one of the items was again cancelled due to out of stock, which is worth $59. Then I was only refunded with $26 to Kohls cash for next purchase! How convenient!

This is my first time shopping at Kohls and this is the first impression, so disappointed. Yes they have discount and cash back, yes their representatives are polite, but that won't change the fact they treat you like idiots and don't care about your reviews about Kohls. They just dont solve the problems caused by their own faults.

Actually for Black Friday I also bought online in Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Clinique, Puritan and I have received all already and nothing was cancelled. Kohls, so disappointed.

Rating 2/10

They don't want to give my money back!!!

"Will Never shop at Kohl's!! Placed an order on 7/19 and got cancelled on the same day. They said I would get the refund within two days. However, FOUR MONTHS passed and I have not received the refund!!! Every time I called them, they just let me wait. But they just wanted me to wait forever and never give my money back!! Bad business!!!"

Rating 2/10

Watch Out!!

"I recently purchased some items online, and noticed that somehow I updated my billing address but not my shipping address (don't you normally just check a box?). I realized it when I received the email saying my purchase was being shipped. I called Kohls immediately and I was told that there was nothing they could do. I had to call UPS. I called UPS and I was told that they had not received my package?? I had to wait another day to call UPS, and when I spoke with a UPS representative they asked me if I had contacted the shipper to see if they could have the package re-routed. HA!! Needless to say there was nothing I could do with UPS unless I wanted to pay extra money (no Kohls rep, I can't pick it up at the UPS store). I'll just wait for the post office to re-route it since I have a change of address on file. Oh, and I will NEVER purchase from Kohls again. I have been going there for years, as a matter of fact, one of my favorite stores, but that is going to change."

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