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Rating 2/10

Welp, too bad...

"My subwoofer quit working exactly 1 year (right when the warrantee expired. The response I got was, Too Bad. Guess I should have bought an extended warrantee... I used the system very little the year I got it and really must have been defective for it to quit with such little use. "

Rating 2/10

"Bought Klipsch Image One headphones from World Wide Stereo. Earpads started falling off when within warranty. Called twice was laughed at and though they promised a replacement they did not send one. Filed a complaint with BBB and they still would not send me a replacement. Very shady company inferior products."

Rating 2/10

"Ordered Klipsch Image S4i-II Black In-Ear Headphones back in January off of Amazon Prime via the first seller. Headphones worked great and had phenomenal, well rounded sound quality: crisp highs, low lows. In fact, I loved my first pair (which was replaced under warranty) so much that I bought a SECOND pair. I wish I could say that my experience with the second pair of headphones was just as good..... but NOPE.

After a month or two the headphones stopped working out of one ear under NORMAL USE. Because this second pair was ordered from their phenomenally large list of "unauthorized dealers," the warranty is voided and they will not honor THEIR faulty product. I had no issues with returning my first pair so checking Klipsch's fine print was not of priority. I have NEVER had a company NOT HONOR WARRANTY based on where the new/ unopened product was bought from.

My experience with Klipsch products HAD been great. A company should stand behind their products, especially when the products are as expensive as Klipsch's. I would not recommend purchasing KLIPSCH products regardless of if it is from an authorized dealer because all companies should to stand behind their products!


Rating 10/10

"I actually ordered a Klipsch RW-12D subwoofer through Newegg and the front grill was damaged with two broken pegs. I mentioned the problem directly to Klipsch by email and they responded within 24 hours. They are sending a replacement and it saved me the hassle of returning it for another."

Rating 2/10

"I placed an order for a replacement Promedia 2.1 satellite speaker August 4th. On the web site, the item was listed as being available.

Four weeks later, though the item still showed as being available on the web site, I still hadn't received a shipment, or a tracking number; so I used the web site's Live Chat feature to check on the order status. I was then immediately emailed a notice telling me the item would be backordered until October 18th. (At some point after that, the web site began to correctly show the item as "on backorder.")

I decided, well, gee, okay, I'll just wait the extra six weeks.

Now, October 31st, after having been listed as "on backorder" for a while, the Promedia satellite speaker now shows as being available again on the Klipsch web site. Because the Live Chat wasn't available, I called customer service, to check on my order status. After a half hour of being put on hold, calling two different support numbers, I was told the item was now backordered further, to December 20th. After I called, I again received another automatic email notice regarding this further backorder.

Of course, the web site still shows the item as being available.

I canceled the order, and ordered a refurbished satellite speaker off Eb_y --which I probably should have done in the first place, three months ago.

I fail to understand the FUNCTION of Klipsch attempting to systematically misrepresent the availability of merchandise on their web site, as a policy. I mean, if the merchandise is not available, why LIE about it, and take orders, if that's only going to result in customers getting jerked around for months at a time? What does it accomplish? Do they WANT to teach customers that the information on the Klipsch web site can't be trusted, and that they shouldn't waste their time trying to order?

I resent having this pointless "bait and switch availability" game played on me --I won't reward it. It will be a long time before I consider buying Klipsch speakers again.

Rating 2/10

"Klipsch refused to honor their 5 year warranty on a blown woofer after only 1 year."

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a new set of Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 speakers in January. By April the subwoofer/amplifier had died. I RMA'd the unit to Klipsh on May 9th. At the time of this writing it is now July 25th and I still havent received my repaired unit. When I call Klipsch I am told the parts are on backorder. Thats great considering I'm going on 3 months without my speakers. To sum it up: horrible RMA and service if you need it."

JMandrick's Avatar

Sunnyvale, CA
Rating 10/10

"I order a couple speaker grills for my Promedia 5.1 set and got them within a few days. Didn't have any problems and the new grills look great!"

No Avatar

Hill AFB, UT
Rating 10/10

"I ordered a replacement control pod for my PM 2.1 speakers a few weeks back. Because it was on back order, I didn't get it until now. But I have to say , I'm still impressed. I paid ground shipping, but they sent it 2nd day air, probably beause of the long delay. I didn't need this thing immediately, so I didn't mind the wait at all. Plus, their service people are knowledgeable and friendly."

Rating 10/10

"My exp. with Klipsch has been terrific. I had big problems with my old 5.1 promedia set up. In fact I went through tree sets. Now you would probably be thinking "what the heck...", but I was able to return the first two sets to the store because the problems manifested themselves quckliy. In any event my third set went out on me (I suspect it was the same problem as the others) but this time I had to send them back to Klipsch Direct. Sheri R. handled my rma. Shari rocks! Plain and simple. She made the entire rma process so seemlessly. She was polite and professional. Ok. I sent them back and was upgraded to the new 5.1 Ultra's. Great balls of fire! These things are wonderful. The mark of a good company is one who handles returns well. The mark of a great company is one that goes the exta mile to see to it that thae problem does not arrise again. Klipsch is a great company with a great product. Rock on Klipsch. Sheri R. you rock!"

Rating 10/10

"I summoned Klipsch to take care of a major problem I was having with my ProMedia 5.1. For 3 weeks I kept playing phone and email tag with the Klipsch ProMedia dept. with no reply. I had pretty much given up hope; decided I would have to get a Logitech Z-680; vowed to never buy ANYTHING from Klipsch's pro audio Reference series or Promedia EVER again. Then, the light finally shone through the clouds -

I FINALLY got a call from Sunshine in their office. She gave me a RA # and sent a calltag to p/u my dead 5.1 system. The calltag took a few days as expected. Here is where Klipsch blew me away. Not even a week after I sent back the broken system, they had a BRAND NEW PROMEDIA 5.1 **ULTRA** delivered to my doorstep!!! KLIPSCH YOU ROCK!!!

I was honestly never that impressed by my original 5.1; it didn't sound as good as I had heard tons of sources say that it would. It was also anemic - for movies especially, I would have to turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP during the movie to really hear everything, and it STILL wasn't even that loud - no joke!

BUT, that all changed today! I hooked up the whole system today (w/ the same Audigy 2 s/c), added some Monster XP speaker wire all around, and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW... I watched Matrix Reloaded in 5.1 and had to keep the volume BELOW 60 (it goes to 80 db) for fear of pissing off the neighboring apartments!! But even more importantly, the CLARITY WAS UNBELIEVABLE for such a small and budget (compared to hi-fi home theater systems) system! CD's such as Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head, also sounded accurate and punchy/powerful.

My new 5.1 Ultra sounds like my old 5.1 SHOULD HAVE SOUNDED. The new 5.1 Ultra blows away the Logitech z-680 - I loved the Logitechs (tho' considerably more bass than natural or needed), but I give up! The new Ultra 5.1 puts Klipsch back on top of the multimedia speaker foodchain.

Read about the improvements to the new 5.1 on Klipsch's site, the most notable of which is the 20% larger subwoofer, with a large new rear slotted port. It makes a big difference. The satellites appear to be a bit bigger, and they all have inverted wire leads on the speaker cones (the leads are invisible). THIS SYSTEM SOUNDS HUGE. The new silver/aluminum-esque trim is very clean, and goes great with an aluminum PC tower and silver/black peripherals. The control pod is also much less finicky than before, and more stable.

I HIGHLY recommend Klipsch's products AND their service after this experience, which started out sour but ended marvelously!

Rating 10/10

"A little more than a year ago, I purchased a set of 5.1 ProMedia's. About 4 weeks ago they started to fail. My one year warrenty was about a month expired. I got ahold of them and they extended my warrenty to three years and sent me a shipping label. They replaced my speakers with a set of 5.1 Ultra Promedias.

I was very happy. They not only extended my warrenty for free, but picked up shipping both ways. I did something really dumb and forgot to drop my center speaker in the return box, but they said it was no problem. It did take a little while, but I was very happy with how they handled this issue. In particular Sunshine Kelly is an excellent customer service rep.

Rating 2/10

"Bought some speakers, which turned out to sound very nice except for a rattling subwoofer. I requested an exchange and got an RA#. Since this was under 30 days, they sent me a shipping label to pay for shipping. This shipping label took two weeks and three attempts to send out. By the third label, they promised to send it overnight mail, which they did. I sent the subwoofer back. They received it on a Friday according to my tracking number, but didn't officially receive it in until Tuesday. I was promised a tracking number and a ship date by Wednesday. I call on Wednesday, and they say they haven't received my subwoofer, and will need proof of delivery from Fedex. I call Fedex and ask them to fax it to Klipsch. They do. I call to tell Klipsch I had it faxed. They said OK and said it would be "received in" the next day. After being received in, it took another week for them to ship it out. Apparently, when shipping RAs back, they dont send it with the speed of a first order. Instead of next day service, I'll be waiting another three days. What can I say...the speakers are great...but if you get a defective item...it may take quite awhile to get your return."

AuraEdge's Avatar

Clifton, NJ
Rating 8/10

"I ordered my 5.1's a while ago from them, and ordered mounts for these speakers more recently. They are a little slow overall on the shipment. (when I get it shipped fedex ground, it always arrives 11 days from only indiana after the date of purchase, as opposed to the average 5-6 days via Newegg's FedEx saver, which is CA to NJ, coast to coast.). Also my 5.1's turned out to be defective a while back. Customer services was excellent, but there were no cross shipping options, only the two week turnaround and I had to pay for shipping the defective unit back. While I understand that this is pretty standard, it costs alot to ship out those 40lb speakers, and since they had a defective run of the 5.1's (it wasnt just me, others on the Klipsch forums experienced the same thing who bought it around the same time), maybe they should have soaked up the losses. I'm very tough on companies when it comes to defective units, so maybe im just expecting too much.

To sum it up, shipping time is a little slow, but otherwise without problems. If you do get a defect, the customer service is excellent, but the turn around is leaves much to be wanted.

I would recommend to buy your speakers at Bestbuy or some other local store, just in case you get a defect (as far as I know the defects were isolated to that one run of 5.1 speakers, so dont worry too much about that, but just in case, you wont have to ship it back to Klipsch and wait two weeks with headphones strapped to your head). Prices for thier speakers are also pretty much universal, so whatever the price difference will be will just be the difference between the shipping fron Klipsch and the sales tax in your state). If you just want to buy mounts or some other non mechanical, or hard to find parts from Klipsch Direct, I would say go for it, but be prepared to wait a while long than your used to for online shipments.

BTW, the wallmounts look kinda cheap, but are high quality.

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