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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

Took over a week and then shipped COUNTERFEIT products. Calling their support line is fun if you are a masochist. They have an answer for every question that basically amounts to: "Yeh, so what are you gonna do about it?" or "We will have to call you back" which of course NEVER happens. They also just straight out hung up on me. These guys are the type of business that gives the internet a bad name.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Called Ideal Audio Video and ordered a Samsung DLP on 7/12. Went back on the internet and did some research on this company. Found out they had many aliases, and each one of their names had terrible reviews. I immediately called the company bac, about and hour in a half later to cancel this transaction. To my surprise, speaking with Jeffrey, order had already been processed and shipped out. 1st lie! I never received any type of confirmation on my order, no purchase order nothing which he told me he sent via email. 2nd lie! We both went round and round, had to get my husband involved, and finally told them I am cancelling with my credit card company.
This company will not let you cancel once they have access to your credit card. They are rude once you finally get someone on the line, they will bully you and say they have attorney's and you will be sued for all the money they are out, and they will outright lie to you.
Their whole goal is to get a credit on your card. If you get a dispute and charges are taken off, they will still try to charge you a 15% restocking fee if there is a cancellation!!! It is a headache to deal with the credit card company, but do everything you can do to get everything taken off.
Stay away, they are con artists who are gettnig away with stealing money from consumers. Contact the New York attorney general Elliot Spitzer 1.866.697.3444 if anyone deals with this company. They need to be stopped from theft, fraud, and stealing.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"In the upper right hand corner of their web site there is a box which states in bold capital letters "ALL PRODUCTS ARE BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED". The day after I placed my order I received a call fom a rep trying to sell me batteries, chargers, memory cards and a warranty. When I explained that I already had everything I needed he said "You don't get a warranty with this camera". After I pointed out that Canon gives a one year factory warranty on the camera, he replied that mine doesn't have one because it's a refurbished camera. This is when I informed him about the info on their site stating "ALL" products are brand new factory sealed. He tried to deny this info was on their site.This led to nowhere real quick and then he tried to sell me a "new" camera instead of the "refurbished one" he said I ordered. If you Google Oneclickdigital.com you will find all kinds of neg info about them including all of the names they operate under. If you don't submit to their bait & switch and high pressure sales tactics then they just cancel your order. "

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Total frauds! Places an online order and then cancelled it 30 mins. later after I found a better deal. They refused to acknowledge my cancellation and immediately charged my Amex card and shipped the item 3 weeks later. Rejected the shipment and then they tried to charge me for shipping both ways as well as a restocking fee. American Express gave be back the missing credit and they are under investigation. BEWARE!!!!!!!"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"$543.89 charged for goods and sevices never received

I originally found this seller, oneclickdigital.com, through pricescan.com, a price comparison site.
I placed an online order on 2/21/06 for one Sony DSC M2 for $369.00 U.S.D. plus $14.90 s&h. When I had not received any order confirmation the next day I called their 1-800 customer service #.
The sales rep then explained to me an extended service plan for 5 years
that included "accidental damage, theft and loss with no deductiable" for an additional $149.99. I specifically asked who the plan was from and he said "direct from sony". When I doublechecked on this plan on their site after hanging up it was not described as he stated. I also checked the sony site and that plan does not exist. I called back immediately to double check to see if there was any misunderstanding and he very rudely told me it WAS as he had explained and what a good deal I was getting and hung up. I called back first thing the next morning (2/23) and stated that I wanted to cancel the order completely and was told I could not because it had already been shipped .
Since then I have emailed customer service several times and called back repeatedly as well as checking the shipping status at their site. There was no tracking number and I have only rec'd one email response saying the tracking info would update by sunday 2/26 (I was originally told it would update in 24 hours on 2/23when I tried to cancel)
Each time I call I get the same person, once I asked for a customer service manager & was told to call back in one hour when I called back the very same person told me that they were the owner of the company and repeated the exact same line about the great deal I was getting before hanging up.
There have been other customer complaints posted about this same company on the pricerunner site since my purchase date stating similar incidents. There were also claims that this same company is operating under 4-5 other names. I went to the site of one of these other names listed, a Circuit Digital and I called their 1-800 sales number. When the sales rep answered all they said was “Can I help you?” without stating any company name. I then asked if I had reached oneclickdigital and was told yes I had. Then I asked the rep. if it was also Circuit Digital and was immediately told to please hold. I was on hold for ten minutes before I hung up and called back. I inquired again which company I had reached and was transferred. The next person tried to tell me that they had never heard of Circuit Digital even thought that was the # I had called, not the one on my invoice from oneclickdigital.com. They also have the EXACT same customer service email address. I can go to any of these sites and log on to the "my account" page wuth the email address and password I created at oneclickdigital and all of my info and the exact same order # come up.

Only after I emailed their customer service and stated that I would be reporting them for fraud did I get any response. I then explained that since the plan they sold me was bogus , I wanted the $149.99 charge for it removed and was told that I would have to wait until the package arrived because the plan was “in the box” and they don’t have the invoice # needed to refund. Then after several minutes of arguing they gave me a tracking number from U.S.P.S. ( I was told it would be shipped FedEx Priority when I paid) When I went to the U.S.P.S. website the number came up as invalid on the track and confirm search.

U.S.P.S. Tracking # 23031610600037224253
Order # 209435

Oneclickdigital.com / Ideal photo and video
1080 McDonald Ave Suite 303
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230
718-232-2749 / 877-232-2740
(Email) - customer service@digitalsupportdepartment.com

7012 20th Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11204 (address on site changed 3/3/06)

Circuit Digital.com
(Email) - customer service@digitalsupportdepartment.com

Digital fuze
1051 Dahill Road
Brooklyn NY 11204

Top Dog Distribution E-mail address Head Office Address
7012 20th Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11204,

http://www.donwiss.com/pictures/Brooklyn Stores/ (this is a website dedicated solely to exposing all the bogus names this particular company is using.)

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"On 12/04/05 my washing machine broke down and I need to replace it for my family of five. The most competitive price listed was by a company called HypAudio.com at $998.00 plus $149.95 for shipping and delivery of a new US warranted machine. I submitted my Discover Card information and was charged $1147.95 immediately and received an invoice # 42860 stating that my machine would ship in 2-3 days. There were NO disclaimers presented to me prior to this purchase. I received an email on 12/05/05 requesting that I call the ‘Verification Department’ for this order. When I called, I was told that because HypAudio was not an Authorized Maytag reseller, the US warranty was void and my credit card was to be charged an additional $ 154.94, Invoice # 4047509 for a non-Maytag extended warranty. At this time I asked to cancel this order and was told that the order could not be cancelled. I sent sent an email to hypaudio.com detailing my complaints and canceling my order. On Tuesday 12/13/05 I received an email claiming that hypaudio would debit my credit card $507.00 for processing, shipping and restocking of this item that never left the local area. I responded to this email again detailing my complaints against this company. I discovered that there were no companies or DBA’s registered with the Secretary of State of New York with any variation of the name hypaudio or hypeaudio. I sent an email requesting the REAL name of the company in order to file complaints with the authorities. They refused to provide me with this information. ‘Customer Service’ sent me a very offensive email back (unsigned, as were they all) stating that no dispute resolution would be offered and all my emails would be blocked or deleted.

I worked backward from the shipping invoice and the REAL name of this company is: Thunderball Marketing, Inc., 10 Cragwood Road, Avedel, NJ, 07001. The responsible party for process service is: Ely Levy, 2134 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, New York 11223

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"These guys charged me for something over a month ago. They never sent me the item, and never refunded my credit card. I have been calling them for 3 weeks now."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Buyer beware! This has been my worst experience of attempting to purchase a product I have ever made. The only way to describe the workings of this company is fraudulent. For the record:
On May 12th I submitted an online order for a Hitachi projection TV, a TV screen cleaning kit and S-video cable. According to the company's website the items would be shipping in 2-3 business days. Well, two weeks later the items were still shipping in 2-3 business days. Needless the say that my credit card was charged the day I submitted the order. Repeated calling of the company yielded only two things: comforting words and pushy requests to purchase extended warranties. Finally, after two weeks something happened. I received an email that my items had shipped by UPS. I thought I might be able to survive this purchase learning in the process to check out a company before I order (I had discovered resellerratings.com in the meantime). The email came on the 23rd, it was to arrive on the 31st. I made sure somebody was at the house and tracked the shipping via computer. To my horror it said "Item delivered" on the UPS website yet no TV was to be seen while a downpour took place outside. I pictured my TV sitting in the rain at the wrong address. Coming home I discovered a small package on the counter. Opening it I discovered the screen cleaning kit. The next morning I called Hype-Audio to be told that the TV had shipped separately with Team Air Express. The given website was incorrect but I found it anyway and was actually able to locate my TV. It was to arrive on the sixth. Remembering that I ordered an video cable as well I had the idea to check the small package again. At the bottom I found the missing cable. It was unpackaged, covered in dust and clearly not new. Then June 6th arrived and the TV actually made it. The excitement did not last long as I uncovered an 4.5" by 4" crack behind the protective screen. I reported the damage immediately to both the shipping company and Hype-Audio. The shipping company promised to send an inspector who stopped by on June 9th. On the same day I received an email from Hype-Audio stating "It is my distinct pleasure to inform you that item(s) in you order have shipped via Team Air." That's three days after I received the TV!
On June 8th Hyped-Audio send me an email that they initiated a claim with Team Air and promised a full refund. On June 10th I received an email from Hype-Audio that they needed a written repair estimate to satisfy their insurance company. Neither a dealer was specified nor who would cover the cost to get a written repair estimate. I sent in the requested estimate, wrote another email and have not heard anything since. At least, the shipping company will come by on June 21st to pick up the TV. So as of today I am five weeks without TV and out of $1496 with nothing to show for.
Judging from reviews from other customers of this site and the BBB this is not an individual mishap that occured but the way this company works.
Needless to say that I will never buy from this company again.
Update on 9/20: The shipping company indeed picked up the TV. Hype-Audio sent me phony emails asking for written insurance estimates. I faxed one but of course they never received it. The whole point is to drag it out as long as possible so they can hang on to the money. The credit card company reimbursed me but to my knowledge they are still trying to get their money back from Hype-Audio. I complained to the BBB and the AGs Office in New York. So far Hype-Audio has not responded to either one agency. This sort of tells you how little power the agencies have in dealing with black sheep like Hype-Audio.
As a lesson, verify the seller before you buy because you are on your own after the fact!

modified review This review was modified by thelazybee on September 20 2005 08:41:30 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Where to begin… what a horrific experience. I was a fool to go with the lowest price, thinking I was getting the best deal. Hype Audio is an extremely fraudulent company. They operate under four or five different company names, all owned by A Heffco Company. They simply just lie to you.

I ordered a Large Screen CRT Rear-Projection TV from them via their website. Like everyone else, I immediately received order confirmation and a credit card deduction – at the time of order, not shipping (should have been my first clue). The next day, I received a call from a salesman “confirming my order”, but really calling to sell me the extended warranty. Hard selling practices (2nd clue). Next, their website continually said “Will ship within 2-3 days” for order status. 8 days later, no change in order status, and no email with tracking info as promised (3rd clue is the charm). I called “customer service” and managed to speak with a man named Rob. He assured me my order would ship the next business day.

So, when I received no email with tracking information and there was no status change on the website, I called again. Got Rob again. He said “I see your order as shipped in my computer system, but I have no tracking details. Let me check with the warehouse and call you back” Did you catch that… it had shipped, but he has no shipping details.

After a few hours and no call back, I called “customer service” again, and guess who picked up… Rob. Well, Rob informed me that my television was on backorder. I think what happened here is my television actually grew some legs and decided, I don’t want to be shipped, and walked back to the warehouse. The fact of the matter is, the product was never in stock, a common problem with the Heffco Companies, but they would not divulge this information.

At this point in time, I cancelled my orders, one for TV and one for extended warranty. I asked for an email confirmation and Rob said “we don’t do that.” What?!? Later that day, I emailed and faxed the company requesting cancellation with very detailed and specific information on what I ordered and what I was canceling. The next day, I called to make sure and Rob said he cancelled the order for the TV, but not the warranty. “I didn’t know you wanted to cancel that.” Needless to say, I got my RMA number.

In the end, I got a full refund, but I am lucky. I have read many bad bad bad reviews of this place and many unfortunate people are just plain ripped off. I have learned that the lowest price shop is not the best place to shop. Play a little extra to a reputable company and sleep easy at night.

Read reviews. That’s what they’re there for.

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Best price found for Sony RDR-VX500, shipped within 10 days, product recieved in good working order. Very pleased with service."

modified review This review was modified by KJ2114 on March 08 2005 06:29:25 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Terrible customer service and packaging.
Product received w/ damage and customer representatives have terrible attitude dealing w/ the problem.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Salesperson assured me that items were IN STOCK right there in NY, and that they would leave same day. Salesperson said there was NO NEED to expedite, whereas items were only going from NY to MA, and said they would definitely arrive in time for Christmas. 4 days later, the items finally shipped... from Phoenix AZ, with a scheduled delivery of Dec 28th. I called their "customer service" jerks, who brushed it off with a "well, what do you want US to do about it?". I don't think these pricks stock ANYTHING. They lied about everything else."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Ordered it on 12/15/04 and upgraded to 2 day shipping so I would get it before xmas. It showed in stock when I purchased it. Got a call on 12/20/04 saying it was out of stock and beind delayed by customs. HA wanted me to fork over more $ to buy a different version (same model number) and they would get it to me by xmas. What a scam. "

Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"I didn't review this company when I made purchase. I bought total of four Cannon Powershot A310 and got them all in reasonable time frame. They did asked me to fax over some proof and I did. I didn't find any problem and all the two orders went very smooth. Maybe they have improved. I didn't cancel anything so I have no experience about cancelling order."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I’ve spent thousands of dollars over 20 years doing Internet commerce. I’ve experienced mix-ups and delays, but, certainly, found each and every problem rightfully resolved to my satisfaction…Until I dealt with HypeAudio!

In over twenty years of Internet commerce this is worst company I have ever dealt with....No company has come close in rudeness and ineptness.

I ordered A DVD player on Sat night, 9/11/04. Got a prompt acknowledgement of my order. The next morning (Sunday) I received a demand via email for a faxed copy of a utility bill with my physical address on it, or a fax of my state ID or driver's license. My response was to cancel the order. I sent a cancellation response twice. I included a request for acknowledgement in my second cancellation. On Monday, 9/13 I received an email stating that I should forget the previous demand for ID and that the order would be shipped. I replied that I didn't want to do business with HypeAudio and repeated that the order be cancelled. I called Customer Service and the Hype representative replied that it didn’t matter if I wanted to cancel the order because they were going to ship it anyway and charge me a restocking fee plus a two-way shipping. I called my credit card company and notified them not to transfer one penny to the crooked jerks. About twelve hours later, I received notice of shipping of the DVD player. This morning I received a tracking number from Hype. I intend to refuse to accept the package. I have received repeated emails that inform me that I should read the fine print before I refuse receipt even though I cancelled the order several times on Sunday via email, and via email and telephone on Monday. As I previously stated, the warehouse transaction was not implemented until twelve hours after my last attempt to cancel.

If you go to the Yahoo reviews on this company, you can see that they are salting the reviews to keep their positive evaluation high. Every time you read a legitimate horrible review, it's followed by several highly positive reviews (one or two liners) that negate the truth.

Trust me, I have never written a negative review before. These people should be investigated. Pay a few more bucks when you do your buys and stick with known entities. No seller is perfect, but you will probably regret dealing with HypeAudio. Several URLs review resellers…Read between the lines when you read the Hype reviews. How can any company be so terrible to the “true” reviewers and perfect for a multitude of the of the others? The reviews are at the two extremes…Poor or Perfect. Very few reviews lie in the middle.

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