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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
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    Customer service: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
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92 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"And then another Supervisor named Ronni called me and immediately took the side of her co-supervisor in her very own cranky, PMS menstrual, indignant and abrasive manner which appears to run rampant amongst the near do well Females that appear to be in compete charge and control of this dubious female oriented business which sells Keith Urban Guitars but will not stand behind their products in any way shape or form and when any customer will not bow down to their interuptive style of phone call dominance (where did the customer is always right get lost on these females, back when they passed their GED's for the very first time?) they also exhibit less than normal stones and hang-up when they can not verbally bitch slap the educated customer and as is their style of being on a recorded phone after they hang-up they say Hello-Hello-Hello and to the recorded version it sounds like the customer hung up. Who do these people think that they are kidding? They are kidding themselves and the people who hired them and as far I go I think that any company that hires Female Supervisors of and over the menstrual age is asking for a loss in business especially a business of such a dubious nature as in these ingeniousdesigns.com people and I find that their name kind of spells it out as to what they think of themselves but the people that I have spoken to are anything but in the genius league! When they go out of business it will undoubtedly be due to their lack of customer service skills and aptitudes most often and more pronounced at certain times of the month!
Richard C. Vickerman (Fed. Prosecutor of Disability Discrimination Claims)

modified review This review was modified by RichardCVickerman on February 21 2015 05:52:08 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I tried ordering a product from them today I place my order and go check out but it directs me to call C.S now I have NEVER ordered here before when I spoke with them the guy tells me he has to send a request to the supervisor since the apartment complex that I live in has problems in the past with orders. So what do that have to do with me! I have to wait until 7-10 business days to get a answer! They have lost their minds! Goodbye won't ever dream about shopping here again and told quite a few other people not to shop here too that was waiting for me to place my order to see how it would turn out. Just HORRIBLE customer service! "

modified review This review was modified by bn1985 on January 23 2015 05:31:23 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I ordered two orders HGTV Home 2 Solar Spotlights on 6/19/14, along with a 2-yr. service agreement on each order. The lights failed and I called Customer Service and was given the telephone number to call for the problem. I called, not once, not twice, but three times concerning the problem. The first call that I made, I was told the lights were back ordered and I would receive them in 2 weeks. I did not. The 2nd call, I was told I would receive them in one week. I did not! The 3rd call that I made, I was told the lights came from CHINA and that all the back orders would have to be filled before mine could be filled! Apparently there are many that failed!! If you plan on buying lights or any other electrical product or technical product from HSN, think twice. I would not recommend this to anyone! I have been very disappointed in my treatment."

modified review This review was modified by joanscallions on January 23 2015 01:58:52 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Tryed to buy a TV from HSN I submitted the pay meant that said that dident accept that kind of credit card but that took my money off of my card now I got a wait till that put it back on two three may be even five days that do let you use that kind of card but that shore take your money and tie it up why do that take your money if that don't accept that kind of card that don't make good scents and how can that do that I think their a little crooked my self takes two seconds to take your money and a week to put it back on your card made me so mad I'll never order nothing from these crooks again "

modified review This review was modified by rans57 on December 31 2014 11:47:27 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"This was my first, my only and my last transaction with HSN. On TV, they gave the impression that they had a healthy inventory of these dash cams and they were going fast. So I ordered one, during the order process it said “I had one”, also in my order info, I stated to send tracking number. Then I was sent a conformation email of purchase. Over a reasonable period of time, I went to their web site and checked for a tracking number, but nothing. I sent them email requesting a tracking number; they stated that the camera would not be available for about a month at time of purchase, which was 11/28/14. They stated that the estimated delivery was on the conformation email. I then explained to them of the impression they gave me during the TV sales hype was misleading to me, of the cameras being in their possession. They informed me that the cameras will not be available until the 12/23/14 from the manufacture till then. I then responded to them, how you can sell something that doesn’t exist yet, that doesn’t seem honest and it doesn’t seem legal. I replied that, normally if something is Backordered, it is stated up front, if something is not available, it is stated as a Pre-Order up front before one orders. So I requested a cancellation for the camera, I have never got a cancellation so fast in my life. Myself, I would not buy a glass of water from HSN if my hair was on fire. Just my experience and my opinion. "

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I ordered the assus laptop on Black Friday! Great deal! It was shipped to my home address but I never received it even though UPS said they delivered it and left it on my doorstep! What on my doorstep in an apartment complex are you serious of course it was stolen! I immediately called HSN ask why wasn't this product sent signature required seeing as to it was a laptop and cost over 500.00! Thier reply sorry we will look into it and issue you either a replacement or your money back however this could take several weeks! WHAT How is this my fault and why am I being punished for thier mistake! WOW guess I should of sticked with Amazon! How disappointing! Thier sure where quick to take my money and I have know doubt will continue to charge me the 99.00 for the next 4 months cause I'm on flax pay! But won't do anything to get me my product soon! Don't think I will be ordering from them anytime soon!
So Disappionted

modified review This review was modified by charlieoviedo on December 14 2014 07:50:52 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I'm posting a second time because I want to make sure everyone considering ordering from HSN knows how they operate. My Discover card information was hacked, so went through the hassle of replacing the card, cancelling it on many sites, etc. Apparently, one of the fraudulent purchases was made on HSN (but caught before delivery). This brazen thief was going to have their purchase delivered to MY HOUSE, which in itself is pretty scary. The Discover issue got resolved.....flash forward MONTHS, and I call to order a pair of sandals on HSN, but was told I'd have to speak to customer service who told me my ADDRESS (yes, address) was on a 'do not sell to' list. I told the rep all about my card info being stolen and assured her that I have since replaced it, but she said, sorry, we cannot sell to this address. Huh?? She told me she'd have a manager call me back to straighten things out. Weeks passed...I never got a call. When I called HSN and told them this whole story, they put me on line with yet another customer service person. Same story....sorry, but we cannot sell to you. I guess I don't spend enough at HSN so they probably don't care about losing my business, which is why I want to make sure to tell everyone and anyone about how they treat a customer. I feel sorry for the people who will one day buy this house - ha - sorry, folks, but this address has been blacklisted. So, bottom line.....I get MY credit card info hacked and HSN is punishing ME for it. What a bunch of idiots. "

modified review This review was modified by TessBlair on October 17 2014 03:26:42 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I order the Bailey Chair the beginning of September now it's the 29 of September the chair was sent back on sept 18 due to no fault of mind HSN did not put a label on the box that UPS could read to deliver the package so I call and they stated another one will be sent out within 3 to 5 days this was on the 22nd so on the 29 I received a call saying my order was cancel due to the chair being sold out . they added $5.00 to my account, they can keep their money this was a Birthday Gift and was order on the September the 2nd Thank HSN for ruining my Birthday gift, I should have read the reviews before I order anything this was my first order with HSN what a SHAME !!!!"

modified review This review was modified by 61wandaj on September 29 2014 02:06:04 PM

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"I think HSN is fine for low end stuff cheap, but find quality somewhere else."

modified review This review was modified by mikesmith44 on September 25 2014 01:56:17 AM

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"I purchased a Visual Land tablet from HSN and when it stopped working within the 1st year I called HSN. They referred me to the company. I had to send in my tablet because it was not charging or turning on. After paying for registered mail I get an email that the tablet has a large crack across the screen and it voids the warranty. The lady said it happens quite often and I need to file a claim with the post office but they couldn't do anything because the warranty was voided. Sounds like a scam, they won't address the reason I sent it in because it has been damaged. I will no longer shop at HSN and I warn you don't buy a knock off tablet called Visual Land."

modified review This review was modified by jellycloud on September 19 2014 05:06:23 PM
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Home Shopping Network (HSN) User
Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"received email that my order was cancelled due to "cc declined by bank"', I contacted bank and they show charge is still pending and they did NOT decline charge. HSN then tells me that there is a "hold" on shipping address due to unfinished business. Shipping address was my place of employment, explain that billing & shipping address were different due to not wanting package left outside of my home. Was told I did not indicate is was a business, there is no where to indicate that when you enter the shipping address. Was placed on hold then rep tells me will release the hold, but now the item I thought I purchased is no longer available, so I am out of luck! HSN handled this inappropriately, I figure they should have the name of person and billing address that they have this "unfinished" business and realize I am not the same person. They should have contacted me prior to cancelling the order. I will not do business with HSN. By other reviews I see HSN tends to just cancel orders!"

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I had a problem using a coupon because I was told its a problem for people to use the same house number and send it to the same address. I stayed on the phone for who knows how long trying to fix the problem, it's a turn off to buy from here again. I should never have to explain/ argue about multiple people live in my house, it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Then they charged the wrong account and put my card number on the wrong house hold member. Lastly apparently I'm not allowed to have people who send me gifts to my address and put it in my name, it's a crime too. If I have to explain how I live for one coupon then no thanks, keep your business. Cheapos!"

modified review This review was modified by JazzDiva on July 07 2014 11:18:17 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Horrible Service. I ordered a new phone from them (Galaxy s5 for Virgin Mobile) while they were having a massive sale. It was 492 while the original was 599. I ordered the phone and everything went through. 4 days passed while the order was "processing" and the sale was going one. As soon as the sale was over I receive a call that said my account name and credit card name did not match so they would not send the phone unless I switch accounts. So I asked them if the sale price would go with me. The answer was no. Then I called customer service and first they said the price was 579.99. I told them I bought it at sale price and then they said "we never had that sale price." I called their bull because not only did I print out the receipt of the 492 price, they also emailed me the sale price. Then they said they could not go back and reinstate the original sale price so I would have to pay the new one which is over 100 dollars more at which point I hung up and am never shopping here again. Not only that but they switched the price of my order to the 599 without even confirming with me so it would look like I was crazy and made up the sale. Did they not realize they give us receipts? Horrible company."

modified review This review was modified by Jake143qq3 on June 25 2014 03:21:40 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"To say that I have ordered thousands and thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from HSN is an accurate statment!
I have never purchased any item over $79.00, ex a ring $79,00 and didn't like it but returned it within!!!! a week. Yes I have returned jewelry for size purposes.

Mind you I am not kidding I have purchased maybe $10000.00 worth of merchandise. My whole home is HSN stuff that I LOVE. I USED TO TELL EVERYONE ABOUT HSN!!!!!!!!!!!
THEY SUDDENLY blocked my account WITH NO WARNING, NO LETTER OF WARNING, and all my accounts were completely paid because I used a credit card.
I have written about 5 long letters. I have called and spoken with a few supervisors. I sent certified mail two times to the corporate office. I have called the corporate office.
They say I returned too many items and that is why they closed my account. The one supervisor said to me I am lookng at your account and you do not return too many items. I agreed! I normally bought 2 or 3 of an item and kept at least 2, sometimes returned one for size with all its tags attached and in the original packaging with all the inserts.

OVER 75 PERCENT of time I returned items unopened!!!! in saleable condition.


They have not been able to purchase any of their items that they love for make up, acne products, jewelry and they are none to happy.

So now 3 unhappy customers are telling everyone NOT TO ORDER FROM HSN for how they treat their customers instead of having 3 happy customers.

I used to use ebates.com to place my order and save an additional 3 -4 %. I sometimes wonder if I got kicked out because of that, because I was a faithful customer for years!~!!!!! 3 of my computers are from them, etc!
My whole house is HSN


modified review This review was modified by seekandfind on June 17 2014 06:54:57 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I bought a gold medal from HSN, and they sent me the wrong one. I asked to have the correct gold medal sent by overnight shipment. I was told that they could not do this because it would cost them too much money. What?! It's their error, and they are essentially telling me that it is my problem?! This item was for Mother's Day. So, the item will get here AFTER Mother's Day. This is why I prefer to shop with a major online company that sells books among many other things. At least, the major online book/merchandise company, overnights items when it is their error. HSN: If THEY send you something in error, and you need the item for a special occasion you are out of luck."

modified review This review was modified by TexasDame on May 08 2014 09:51:06 AM

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