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    Product & services pricing Rating 0.71/10 0.71/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.02/10 1.02/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.05/10 1.05/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.11/10 1.11/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.83/10 0.83/10
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Rating 2/10

Complete Scam

"These crooks provided no protection for consumers. They do not confirm business addresses or licenses. They do nothing except set you up with bad contractors. Home advisor are frauds."

Rating 2/10

Got ripped off for $5,000 from Home Advisor recommended contractor. Scam company

"Hired a contractor from Home Advisor who skipped town with my $5,000 deposit. Home advisor says they do background checks on their contractors. Turns out my Home Advisor contractor is a convicted felon with warrants out for his arrest. Met with a dozen other victims who hired this contractor from Home Advisor who got ripped off for thousands of dollars. Do not under any circumstances use Home Advisor!"

Rating 2/10

Worst service I didn't even want to give one star.

" I personally had two contractors come to my home without calling just showed up at my front door wanting to know about the job so I allowed two estimates to come in through home advisor even though they did not make appointments I chose one guy who is sponsoring home advisor and he came in and did a complete remodel of my three bathrooms in my home and I was left with one working bathroom every toilet was not put on properly I had a leaky pipes I've got damaged pipes that actually have to be replaced I have damage flooring I have damaged walls including the fact that now I have to pay another contractor to do the same job because Home Advisor gives them are personal address so now our safety is now in danger because home advisor allows them to come over to your personal property. For someone to just show up at your personal home just to show up there so if I wouldn't of paid him for the job thar he didn't even complete then my life would be in danger because of a guy I don't know but home advisor apparently knows so now I'm in danger because of it I don't Believe that any business should be giving out a personal address ZIP Code is more than efficient for an area for information of trying to find a handyman. I am so afraid when I go to my home now because of the type of people that have came over to my home to do the contracting job when they're outside smoking crack and smoking weed on my property but yet they always seem to go around and say they are representing home advisor not even on top of that I came home and actually found them cooking in my kitchen like it was theirs so on top of everything I am out of pocket $6000 now I have to find a new contractor to finish the job properly without getting ripped off and without having people cooking in my kitchen like it's their house and smoking crack and weed on my property so I will say it is very nice to know that home advisor could care less who's contractor they are promoting because it is their website they do the background check on the person and then they are the ones who give them your personal address so now I am actually selling my house because I am afraid of these type of people they come in they rip you off they steal your stuff but at home advisor really just doesn't care. Which I got to say is really sad because I own two businesses and they are all real estate and I have multiple multiple properties where I always need handyman's and I will never ever go through home advisor again and I will definitely spread that around and let everybody know to never go through this company again. Owner Buddy Investments LLC. I also have proof of every picture of every leak of every damage I have videos of everything and still a month later I have no working toilets or showers or anything. I hope at home advisor is happy for sending sourdough contracting to ruin my home and put my life in danger so thank you very much for that and I will be selling my house because of the people that you guys promote."

Rating 2/10

Run away from this scam.

"Tried several times to get work done thru this outfit. Total waste of time. Either they never contacted me or bothered to return my calls. When they did they never showed up to start the work. Even had two of them tell me if I wanted future work done I would be better off contacting them direct because all the contractors that use Home Advisor simply get back their fee for listing with them by passing the fee onto you, the customer that thought the service was free... Haha. Jokes on us!!"

Rating 2/10


"I can believe this liars.The links don't work, the charge you for everything .The worse experience ever as contractor"

Rating 2/10

Pressure, promises and manure - I am a handyman

"It all started when they said they had a job for me - fixing doors. Having just started my handy business, it sounded good, but I did not have the cash to buy in. I was called at least once a week, trying to hard close me with promises of work and stories of how many calls they had that they could not fill. After a few weeks, I said I would let them know if I was interested, but had a full dance card via my own marketing. The calls kept coming.

Two weeks before writing this, I told them I was not interested, but if business slowed down I would call. I asked the to stop calling as it interrupted my work. I was then told they were going to cancel my account. Logically, what do I care if they do? As a matter of fact, I asked for just that. I do resent the "threat" of canceling a non-existent account. I will NEVER work with home advisor in the future. If they really had that many jobs they could not fill, they would not have to try a hard close. In order to keep "business", they would have brought me on in another way. It seems it was all either fluff or they don't care about the consumer of the handywork, just the fee I would pay.

Rating 4/10

Quality of Contractors

"They started really well and I liked them. But it seems that it all went downhill. On all of my recent project the problem was that matched contractors don't contact you or don't respond to emails or set up times and never show up (no warning given). Not always, but often.

At the same time I couldn't put that review because I didn't hire. I would think that when I spend 2 hours waiting for somebody and this somebody doesn't show up and doesn't bother to let you know that seems like a good reason to a) not to hire and b) let other people know as it's an indication of a client service.

When I called them and asked to match me with more contractors I asked for a few things:
- match me with more contractors on that specific project
- ask them to contact me over email
- exclude from that request original 2 contractors who didn't show up and ignored our emails

What happened:
- they sent request asking contractors to call me on the phone
- they sent that request to all contractors from ALL projects we requested in the last few months (and we do a lot)
- they included all contractors including those I specifically asked to exclude.


No Avatar

Rating 2/10

Rude, rude, rude.

"They will not stop calling me! After multiple times of requesting our number being removed from their list, they continue to call. And this last time they pretended to be a local company, purposely not telling me who they were, to try to get information. At this point this is harassment. I am so glad that we did not sign up for their services because clearly they are not a company of integrity."

Rating 2/10

Worst service ever. Stole over 700.00 from my business

"They are thieves. This company needs to be shut down"

Rating 2/10

Potentionally dangerous

"I signed up to get estimates on painting services. I had a crack head show up at me house unannounced in a beat up van. We asked him how he got our info he told us he paid home advisor something like 20.00 for our info. We would not even be in the immediate area of this person, let alone let him in our house. Then to top it off his van broke down in our driveway. I highly recommend not using this service they give your info to anyone with a few bucks. Definetly not worth the risk of getting robbed or worse. I had to give one star to leave this warning for others, otherwise they definetly wouldn't have gotten that. If you feel lucky give them a try. "

Rating 2/10


"These people are hustling contractors your biding against 5 other contractors over charging for the Leeds I'm telling you it's a rip off you have to bid the job so cheap and after every hundred dollar leed your bidding on you have to pay if you get it or not 95 % of the customers didn't even want to have the work dude just getting an idea of what it cost had a couple people never even get back to me and still had to pay homeadvisor you guys **** and extremely unfair you get a minus -5"

Rating 2/10

Waste of time.

"Lol never got the information I was looking for. "

Rating 2/10

Home Advisor are Scam Artists

"I'm a contractor who uses Home Advisor. They claim to be free on their commercial. But they charge $20-$30 a lead to each contractor. We have 12 competitors. So they're making $400 for one customer inquiry that ultimately goes to one contractor. Half of the time the leads aren't even what we do as a service. The other half don't answer the phone and Home Advisor won't give credits for invalid leads. Home Advisor will try to sneek us leads out of our coverage area just to get someone for the customer to talk to and charge us for it. You have to pay $400 a year on top of the lead fees just to be put on their directory. We've been lied to, forced into awkward situations, talked to like scum, overcharged, etcetera
Do not sign up for Home Advisor. You'll regret it.

Rating 2/10

They are a garbage company

"I hope the go out of business. There business model is shady and they screw over the consumers and the contractors. "

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

Late night call

"Loaded app .... At 10:42 pm the plumber called me and all I did was look. No appt. Made. Remove app at once but now my number is out there. "

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