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    Product & services pricing Rating 8.59/10 8.59/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 9.85/10 9.85/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 9.49/10 9.49/10
    Customer service: Rating 9.93/10 9.93/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 9.88/10 9.88/10
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Rating 10/10

Awesome company

"Just wanted to say th­anks for the great ex­perience I received w­hen dealing with hide­volution - I received­ my laptop last week ­and I am very impress­ed with both the lapt­op and the customer s­ervice I received.

Great customer service and follow up support, Can't speak highly enough of this company.

I'm in Australia and delivery was super fast and flawless.

Will definitely be dealing with these guys again!!!

Rating 10/10

Top Notch Custom Laptop Build

"I recently ordered a customized Evoc P670RS-G from Hidevolution. I read many reviews of other custom shops that could also build the 670RS-G model and decided to go with Hidevolution for 2 reasons:

1) Prema bios is universally regarded as the best. Hid will release it when available but other builders do not offer.

2) Hid offers Coollaboratory Liquid thermal paste for the CPU where many others do not.

I did pay extra to have the build rushed. I placed the order early in the morning on 10/18 and it took 11 days for me to receive it. No dead pixels, system was stable and flat out performs. Other specs are as follows:

i7-6700HQ processor
Nvidia 1070 GPU
256 GB SSD
Windows installed

One of the great things about this machine is there is no bloat ware installed. Just Win 10 and the necessary drivers. System is performing great with temps in the 40's and haven't seen higher than 59 degrees while running Titanfall 2 at the highest settings. The only contact I had with customer service was to ask for the Gears of War 4 code that was part of the Nvidia 1070 promotion and Hidevolution provided the key before I even woke up the next day. A++++ overall.

Rating 10/10

Outstanding customer service before during and after order

"Donald and Ted made the experience of buying with Hid very pleasant. Very good support. Live help (Chat) of Hid was a big plus, always quick response, and above all, polite (I had a quite unpleasant experience with another seller customer service for similar notebook).
Payment options for non US buyers is perfect. Everything arrived as ordered ( I even received a gift from them), packaging was also very good. I would definitely buy again from them.

Rating 10/10

A 400$ mistake, which I wouldn't mind making again.

"After countless hours of searching for the perfect back-to-school-do-everything Laptop I finally decided to drop my summer savings on an Asus GL502VS. Out of all available retailers, I decided to go with Hidevolution.com and I am very glad that I have. The customisation possibilities offered are endless, which is very rare for a pre-built laptop and that's only the beginning. I thought that ordering a custom built laptop from USA (I live in Slovenia-Europe) would be a pain, but it wasn't. All thanks to the excellent customer support offered by the Hidevolution.com. The order process was seamless and any question I had regarding any step of the process was very quickly answered (despite the 12hour time delay due to time-zones!!!) by the sales staff. I did not know it is possible to order the laptop to first land in UK and then be delivered to Slovenia, which cost me 400$ in tax. Sadly I only found out about this the day the laptop landed in Europe, making the UK "detour" impossible. Despite all this, the sales staff was always there to help and give me very detailed explanations and solutions to the questions and problems I had with the delivery service. Overall, I will use Hidevolution.com again because to me, customer service is very important and I have never encountered such devoted staff until now. 5/5 stars!
P.S. This review was written by me and not endorsed by any member of Hidevolution.com company.

Rating 10/10

Very good experience ordering from HIDevolution

"I purchased a Clevo (EVOC) through HIDevolution and my experience was very good.

Ordering a Clevo from HIDevolution is a bit more expensive than ordering the same model from a Clevo (i.e. Sager) reseller, but in my opinion the difference in price is justified. I felt that better support for this particular laptop might be justified since some people have been having issues with this model. I am reviewing HIDevolution and not the Clevo laptop so I will leave it at that.

HIDevolution is a little more than a reseller - they can do things like repaste the CPU with liquid metal. HID offers direct hardware support and they can handle most repairs in house.

I worked with donald@hidevolution.com and he was very responsive to my questions both before the purchase and while the laptop was in production.

The only real issue I had is that I added monitor calibration to my order. When the laptop arrived I did not find the thumb drive that was supposed to contain the calibration profiles. I asked Donald to look into it and he confirmed that calibration was no performed and promptly refunded the cost to my credit card. I am actually not that surprised that calibration was not performed since at the time HID was handling quite a lot of orders and trying to get them out the door as quickly as possible.

So overall I am very happy with the service from HID and with the Clevo laptop itself.

Rating 10/10

Hidevoltuion has always been there for me.

"I have bought several laptops and tablets from this company. There customer service is some of the best if not the best in the industry. All my laptops have been amazing from them and when I had an issue they were quick to reply and offer a solution. Even now I am having some custom work done on a gaming laptop I have and rather than use a company nearby I'm sending it to them because I trust the work that they do. Ted Kim is awesome by the way!"

Rating 10/10

Best bying experience I ever had!

"Hidevolution refused to sell me the laptop! :) No other resellers said me "STOP! WAIT! THERE WILL BE NEW MODEL SOON!". DonaldS promised to contact me later. He did and now I have better model for same money. Hidevolution does fair business! Salesmans provide good technical consultation, reasonable advices and answer tons of emails. Delivery is fast, packaging is very good. Right documents - no customs fee possible. Recommended for international buyers!"

Rating 10/10

One of the best Customer Service yet!

"I am very pleased with the service and to be honest one of the best place to buy your next computer! Donald @HIDEvolution helped me with my order and communication is just amazing! I would get replies during before and after work hours but overall quick and fast replies! When I was ordering my computer honestly I didn't know about HIDEvolution until someone on the forums recommended and most of the claims are true! I emailed like three other resellers and none of them emailed me back for weeks so I took the chance on HID's amazing praise and wow they blew me away! The customization on the laptops have a huge variety to customize but that doesn't really matter if there isn't great customer service! I am very happy with the order and even recommended to all my friends and co-workers to go to HIDEvolution for their next purchase! The reason on the Moderately Priced is that it is priced a bit higher but with the customer service it is worth it! "

Rating 2/10

Greed is their only emotion

"I bought an expensive Razer laptop. But because I wouldn't pay for their express delivery (despite them bringing it up several times) they took a month to fulfill the order (Ordered 8 Aug, Received 5 Sep - despite notifying Donald that I was only in the location until end-of August). They also sent it to the wrong address despite updating their website with the correct address more than 3 weeks prior (Around the 12th, they locked me out of the account so I can't see).

UPS still has the shipment tracking available which also shows shipping happening on 28th, after my complaint, despite HIDEvolution's claim of handling it within 5 days and dispatching on 26th.

I paid extra charges for an additional European adapter 'accessory', Hidevolution then did not supply the original american adapter I paid for with the laptop (Even after replying here and sending me several emails to deny responsibility for the slow service, they have not actually acknowledged (let alone rectified) the missing adapter).

I sent two complaints for support - one was about the adapter, they didn't bother to answer either - although it was only after the first email that they finally shipped the item.

For many of you, like me, a computer is probably one of your most expensive purchases - you should be able to expect decent service. Read the other '5 star reviews' carefully and see how many mention free items, being asked to write the review or delivery and other problems.

Rep reply posted Nov-12-2016

A rep from Hidevolution.com, donald-hidevolution.com, has responded

“I am so sorry that this customer was disappointed with their buying experience. We work hard to offer the best value and best service to our customers, and we are always concerned when we fall short of satisfying our customers, but we are there to make it right if we make any mistakes, and sometimes we must ask for a little forgiveness for the human element.

However, in this case, let me review the facts:

The first day we had contact with him was August 8th when he requested a Chat. On that day, I chatted with him for over 3.5 hours. He wanted us to ship a Razer laptop to an EU country, and said he wanted it in a hurry because his laptop was failing quickly. I told him I told him "We can usually ship within about 5-10 Business Days after payment received, or parts become available, but we offer a Rush Order of 1-3 Business Days after payment received, or parts become available, refunded if not possible, for a $50 fee. If you would like Rush Order please select it as you Check-out.” I also told him that when shipping to the EU, we first ship to our warehouse in the UK, and from there they ship to the EU. I told him that once shipped, the in-transit shipping time would be about 1.5 weeks, and gave him my email address.

He placed his order, without Rush Order, on August 8th.

Just after midnight on August 10th he emailed me at the address I had given him regarding his Bank Wire Transfer (T.T.). At about Noon on the same day he requested a Chat during which I told him that I had received his email, and that he had sent it to the right place. I also told him an international Bank Wire Transfer (T.T.) usually takes 2-3 banking days to arrive, and that we would email him once it arrived.

On August 12th, his Bank Wire Transfer (T.T.) arrived and we emailed him confirmation of same.

On August 15th, he requested a Chat regarding an order update, in which he asked if our shipping estimate was that Wednesday the 17th. I replied "No, I doubt we can ship that fast. We can usually ship within about 5-10 Business Days after payment received, or parts become available, but we offer a Rush Order of 1-3 Business Days after payment received, or parts become available, refunded if not possible, for a $50 fee. Our shipment from Razer was supposed to be on the 10th, but they missed that ship date. We are waiting for an update from them. Yours will be from that shipment once it arrives." To which he replied "Ok".

The Razer shipment arrived on August 19th and we shipped to the UK warehouse on Friday the 26th, 5 business days after the arrival of the Razer. Our UK warehouse then shipped to him on Tuesday August 30th. This is not well over a month to fulfill his order, and we kept him accurately informed of what to expect as well as the progress of his order throughout.

We did a thorough search of our emails (both mine and Sales@HIDevolution.com from which many of our emails to him were sent), chat, chat messages and voice mail, and he did not notify us of any address change that he claims he made more than 3 weeks prior. If you look at the dates, you will see that more than three weeks prior to our ship date would have been before August 5th, prior to our first Chat with him, or the placement of his order. He also did not mention any change of address in our chat of August 10th, or August 15th, which was but a week and a half prior to our shipment to our UK warehouse. The only thing we ever received was a chat message on September 2nd stating that we had shipped to the wrong address.

It was, in fact, delivered to him on September 5th, 21 business days after receipt of his Bank Wire Transfer (T.T.), and 16 business days after arrival of the Razer shipment. Given that we told him it would take 5-10 business days from receipt of his good funds, or parts became available to ship, then 1.5 weeks in transit, I would say that by getting it to him 21 business days from receipt of his Bank Wire Transfer (T.T.), and 16 business days from receipt of the Razer shipment, we delivered it to him about a week or more earlier than we told him to expect, twice, in our estimated production time and in transit shipping time.

We never received an email to my address, or Support@HIDevolution.com, or Sales@HIDevolution.com, or a Chat request, or chat message from him regarding the Power Cord, notwithstanding what he states in his comments above.

I am very sad that we were not able to meet his expectations, and have yet another happy, satisfied customer, and I hate writing such long winded replies, but these facts should speak for themselves.


Rating 10/10

Living the dream...

"Eight months ago, I started this awesome experience. Awesome because HIDEVOLUTION and specially Ted K, were the best seller and costumer support I could ever ask for. After an oddysey trying to import the laptop to my country including 3 attempts of delivery I got exactly what I paid and more! Some people might say I am overreacting but considering all the trouble they went through just to help me get my laptop, this is the least I can say. Ted K. is a great person, always thoughtfull and concerned about my case. So, yes, I am living my dream. I am enjoying every second using my laptop and this couldnt be possible without HIDEVOLUTION and of course Ted K.!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart. I strongly recomend this seller. "

Rating 6/10

Amazing service but...

"I have bought MSI GT72s 6QF with GTX 980 8 GB laptop from HID.
They promised what they delivered but there were few issues. They again sent me another laptop as I returned within 30 days. The second laptop had some issues. I again sent within 30 days.
I got third laptop for +300 pounds extra. It was fine.
Vivian has been providing a great support. She is a rockstar and very friendly.
Now the Laptop Hinge is broken. Again I have shipped to US HID. Though promised support has been given, they should warn MSI about such kind of low quality products being priced for 2500 pounds, I dunno why but HID never seems to be registering my complaints against MSI.

It is like I should pay 2500 pounds for some cheap quality laptop and I should keep my mouth shut. HID is not ready to take all these concerns to MSI.
MSI thinks that their customers are arsoles. HID being their retailer, should strongly emphasize these kind of customer concerns but they are not ready to open their mouth against MSI.
Even though they are replacing the bezels and hinges I'm worried that same problem may arise in the future also. I'm very disappointed with the purchase. I spent 2500 pounds just to lose my peace of mind and keep shipping the laptops for issue fixes for the rest of my life.
Very disappointed. Feeling lost completely. My 2500 pounds ... It's not an affordable amount for me.
My only thanks to Vivian because amidst all these issues she is the only one constantly supporting me. Thanks a zillion to Vivian only.

Rating 10/10

HIDEvolution is my go to

"Sure, they may have asked me to write this review, but I already gave them a glowing review on notebookforum with out them asking. I'll paste what I wrote here:

HID was absolutely fantastic. I was talking with @Donald@HIDevolution since before the Pascal mobile cards even came out about laser engraving and other questions about the Clevo P650 chassis in general and he was always responsive. Once I placed my order he took it even further, responding to some of my emails at 1a.m. his time. We went back and forth several times about the laser engraving, and he informed me promptly that the 6820hk + 4k combo got backordered and would take longer than expected. To compensate he upgraded my ram clockspeed from 2133 to 2400Mhz for free. So considering I wasn't in a rush I was more than pleased. I'm sure he was tired of the amount of emails I sent (wayyyy too many), but he was always responsive and professional.

10/10 would buy from them again. They offer so many options that other sellers don't, one of the only U.S. Clevo sellers who support the Prema bios which all overclockers should be interested in.

TL:DR I asked a lot of questions, and they answered them all quickly and helpfully, plus gave me something free for a delay.

Rating 10/10

HIDevolution will always best the Best Re seller For me.

"My first ever experience in ordering a gaming laptop online and the people at HIDevolution offered to make the gaming laptop which i always wanted and made my dream come true which was to own a powerful gaming machine in compact form and lo and behold i now own a wonderful piece of machinery.
The whole process of ordering, communicating with their customer service, payment and eventually getting my order shipped was so seamless and swift that it took only a few weeks for the order to be shipped from the US to DUBAI and the people at HIDevolution were always there to help me and answer any of my questions
The quality of equipment which one expects to get when ordering something online is always a matter to be considered but my laptop came very well packed without even a minor bump on the package and the laptop was neatly packed with whatever any person expects to be packed along with a laptop and finally the laptop was really beautiful and powerful to say the least.
This all ultimately makes HIDevolution the best online re seller on the internet and it deserves the business of other people looking to buy any type of laptop online.

Rating 10/10

Thank you for the P870DM2

"I already had a few orders with HIDEvolution, they are very helpful and very responsive. That is why I decided to have my next laptop ordered from them. Apart from supporting Prema sbios and vbios, they have also a very technical staff. It took around 9 days for the order to finish from building to shipping (due to customization).

No Avatar

Verified Customer
Rating 10/10

P870 DM sent to France

"Very friendly team, quick response and high-level service.

Will deal with them again for my next Performance Laptop.

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