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All 157 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Extremely pained by the service and behaviour of HP. My Envy touch screen Ultrabook crashed 3 weeks back, which I bought in January this year. It came with preloaded Windows 8 OS and they refuse to load the OS without charging me for it. The laptop is under warranty. Best was that the reason given for the crash by the service engineer is 'Monsoons'. Never buy an HP machine. "

modified review This review was modified by pained1 on September 08 2013 10:07:39 PM

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I bought a HP CM-1015 multi-function printer/scanner/copier several years ago. It worked fine when connected to a WindowsXP print server. When I upgraded the XP to Windows 7 (about three years ago), I could not find a driver for it, so I waited, waited, and waited more. Today is September 3, 2013, I installed the newest posted driver that I downloaded from the HP’s website, and it still does not work: It only prints black-and-white, not color. I am not even asking to have all the functions of the machine to work, just the printer part, is this too much for HP?

I am very disappointed at the HP product and its service. I bought the HP brand because I thought I would get a great product with great service. What I got is the opposite. Now, I am looking at this almost new machine (it has not been used much in the past years) and wondering: Should I get rid of it ($500+ when purchased) and get another brand? It is really a waste of money and time.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Terrible experience. Ordered a laptop online. In two weeks they have delayed shipment for another two weeks. It was unacceptable.
But they simply refused to cancel it - a clear violation of the FTC mail order rule. Had to charge back my credit card and refuse the shipment

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Again another worst ever review. Hp does not seem to employ a single fluent English speaking person. This should be the most basic requirement of employment. At best 50% of words spoken are close enough to interpret. Their understanding English is even worse. Took 3 months to get them to understand I had a a defective hard disk bearing that would start to vibrate making a chattering noise before going to blue screen "Boot disk not found or has failed" The wonderful support of Hp determined that this was caused by loose case screws. WTF? Trying to follow their communications they often stop mid sentence like they fell asleep on the phone. Then after asking to continue they reply please hold...............................then forget you were waiting on them. They will then repeat the same information they said 5 min ago. Wait again for pause ask them to continue....Nothing. Ask again.... they repeat themselves. Assure them that you have understood that they will send a confirmation email..... Oh, the call is over and good day. Thank you for clarifying that after 20min of holding."

modified review This review was modified by Build_your_own on August 22 2013 01:39:53 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I sure wish I would have read these reviews before I bought this laptop. it lasted 3 wks . before it died , had to send it in to get fixed. they kept promising that I would have it in a couple of days, which has turned into weeks, product not good and dealing with them thru this whole mess was worse, I will never by this product again!!!!!!!"

modified review This review was modified by eileen855 on August 20 2013 10:58:30 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Absolutely HORRIBLE product and customer service!!! Dreadful!

Product Complaint: My HP Pavillion touchsmart Laptop is junk. I bought it 3 months ago and already the power cord, USB AND moniter have failed. I've had to mess with customer service TWICE trying to get these things fixed.

Customer Service Complaint: With the first service, that of a new AC adapter the service was okay. But no one seems to speak english and it gives you a very "Scammy" vibe. I hated giving my credit card number to this scammy feeling guy so I gave him a prepaid visa gift card number instead. On the 2nd service (failing monotier and USB) I send them my laptop over a month ago. On 7/31 I got a call saying they'd fixed the problem and I'd get my laptop back by the latest 8/2. 8/2 rolls around, no laptop. So I call them. Oh, they forgot to send it.. I'll get it by 8/5.. So 8/5 rolls around, no laptop. I call. I'll get it by 8/8. I then email as well. 8/8. I ask for SURE I'll get it 8/8? Yes.. 8/8 rolls around.. I email. No laptop. The person says you'll get it today. 8/9 rolls around, no laptop.. I contact. They tell me I'll get it 8/8... 8/8 was yesterday... unless they're going to time travel and send it. It will NOT get there by 8/8!!!!! Hello stupid HP people!!!! So I email back.. Yesterday is 8/8.... I didn't get it.. They email back. "WE can't help you by email. You need to call." So I call.. I get hung up on.. I call back.. and am told You'll get it 8/19. I ask if they are SURE this time and why it's taking so long. They tell me the repair had a short and they had to order a new part. I ask if the laptop is fixed NOW. No. It's not fixed. But I'll get it by 8/19.. FOR SURE?!?! Yes.. so I guess I'll be calling back on 8/19 asking where the heck it is. I've never been so lead around before. HP!!! Fire everyone and get some people who actually know how to tell time and can speak english.. you're opperation is a joke!!

modified review This review was modified by faiyth on August 09 2013 07:50:14 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"HP Probook 4540s I have had two new Probooks in 30 days. The mousepad does not work on either one. This seems to be a problem with Pavilions too.

Further the hard drive on my latest replacement is bad. Literally thousands of disc errors on a new machine.

Don't buy it.

modified review This review was modified by aaetar on July 06 2013 01:27:15 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"The worst customer service ever. Completely incompetent. I tried to buy a laptop, they declined 4 transaction in a row but they put a hold on 2 credit cards. Now I have a problem with releasing blocked money because every employee says he or she is not authorized. To top it up they constantly lie about different reasons for declining which obviously are not true e.g. mismatch of addresses or bank fault paypal fault etc. Nothing to speak of, I have enough. Good advise forget about HP and go for a different brand, I will do the same."

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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Hewlett Packard is the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I cannot afford to purchase their brand of printer cartridges, so have been using remanufactured brands. They have been working for close to 5 years with no problem. Apparently, HP can now shut your home printer down if you do not use their brand of cartridges! Unbelievable! I would NOT complain to them if the printer were to break due to using remanufactured cartridges. It's my business what kind of cartridges I use. Are they going to tell me what kind of paper I can print on next?! The customer support guy said "I was lucky they worked." I find it APPALLING that they can and CHOOSE to do this to customers who have purchased their printers. I will NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER HP PRODUCT AGAIN AND WILL SPREAD THE WORD FAR AND WIDE!"

modified review This review was modified by Vicksterniner on April 27 2013 09:38:02 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"been on hold for 100 minutes with Vivek in India and nothing is resolved! HP support is terrible"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Just got off of my 10th call to tech support today. No one I spoke to was proficient in English. I bought a little laptop a couple of years ago just to run Quickbooks. I never tried to remove the battery before today and it is stuck. The girls I spoke to could not understand what I was saying. After finally reaching someone who could sort of understand the problem she insisted upon obtaining much personal information (yes, I made it up) only to tell me the computer needed to be sent in for repair. Why did she waste 25 minutes of my time to do this instead of just telling me she could not help right off the bat? I need to purchase 20 computers for my business. They certainly will not be HP's. What a fucked up operation. "

modified review This review was modified by meowmytushie on February 28 2013 07:23:38 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"HP Customer Service is the absolute worst of the worst. They can't get anything right. My C310A printhead stopped working out of warranty. Fine, so I called HP to see if I could get a replacement head. They answered the phone by saying even though my printer was out of warranty, I qualified for a free support call because I'm such a valued customer. BS. What they do is to turn your call for support into a SALES JOB to sell you another refurbished piece of junk. I fell for it. I bought a 7510 refurb. I installed the set-up cartridges (seriously, set-up cartridges??) and nothing worked. You have 5 days to return the printer to get full credit. So I immediately called them. I spend 1.5 hours on the phone. "can you verify your address, can you verify your phone, email cell phone, the model your purchased?" It was 10 minutes before I could speak! After numerous re-starts and cleaning, she finally determined that HP should send replacement setup cartridges. BUT, she couldn't authorize the shipment. A supervisor would call me the next day and verify(again). I got a call, but it was from some numnuts who was calling to see if everything was OK. I said no, please read the notes in your system. You are sending me new setup cartridges. He found no record of the entire 1.5 hour phone call from the night before. I got so mad that I screamed I would never buy from HP again. The next day I get a call from their "escalation team". These people apparently have more authority than the first-line dolts. We went through the entire diagnotics again and he agreed to send out new setup cartridges. OR, he could send me another refurbed printer. Can you believe it? HP would rather pay me to ship the old one back and ship me a new one rather than send me 5 small, light-weight setup cartridges. What kind of company can't see that they are needlessly paying for shipping charges when they make offers like that? At this point, I was approaching my 5 day time limit. The cartridges had not arrived so I decided to send the whole thing back. This was November 12th, 2012. Two weeks later I called to see when I would see my refund. They said they rec'd the printer and the refund would be issued the next billing cycle. I waited 30 days. Nothing. I called back,verified everything all over again, despite providing a ref.# and asked where my refund was. This time they said they had not received the printer yet!!!. I found the tracking number, called back on 2/6/13 and was told I would have the credit within 48 hours. On 2/18 still no refund. I called back mad as hell and demanding my money back. The girl said she would send an e-mail and it would appear the next billing cycle. I demanded to speak with an escalation team member. He finally got the job done and my refund appeared on 2/20/13 - THREE months AFTER they rec'd my printer. I've bought HP laptops, monitors, printers for years. NEVER AGAIN."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Kept getting calls on previous unresolved issues. Tried calling back to tell HP not to call me again. Representative was an idiot. She kept saying she had to read through the notes even though I told her to cancel the ticket and not call me again. At least outsource to people that can speak and understand English.

Horrbile customer service.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I have owned HP Products since the beginning of my computing days in 1994. The best HP was their HP Laserjet 4L - it ran for me for over 15 years - then it was like it got a message from HP and locked up and wouldn't work.
I have had at least 5 other officejet, laser printers and each year HP multi-function devices have gotten more invasive my computer, faxing - less user friendly. I recognized HP has to make a profit BUT now its printer cartridges have a short shelf life; the HP printers will not accept remanufactured cartridges; fixing a machine is like trying to order an aircraft carrier - it doesn't happen.
HP NO LONGER HAS GOOD PRODUCTS FROM MY EXPERIENCE - I WOULD NEVER PURCHASE AN HP PRODUCT BASED ON THIS EXPERIENCE. What have I done? I bought a Lenovo computer and Lexmark multifunction machines - at this point (3) years I have no complaints on these brands.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"HP 3 day onsite warranty isn't 3 days and HP support service is attrocious. I'll never buy HP again. I fell for it and paid $350 for a four year 3 day onsite response warranty. Two years into ownership my harddrive failed.

Day 1 - call 1: spent 10 minutes with the tech providing all my info and proof first that I had the extended warranty. Then began the forced troubleshooting with the gentleman with a difficult to understand accent. 10 minutes into following his required steps the call disconnected. He had my number so I thought he'd call me back since he didn't give me a direct way to contact him. After ten minutes, I called back in again.
Day 1 - call 2: Called in again and got a new tech. Explained to her (with a another difficult accent) that I was disconnected. She couldn't find my detail and I had to run through all the detail again. I know my computer's serial number by heart now. After 15 minutes again we restarted the whole troubleshooting process. 60 minutes later, she finally agreed with me the hard drive was bad. She then said, now that it's diagnosed she had to transfer me over to another group for the repair. What? Now I'm transferred over to them and they pickup. I run through all the basics again because it's not a warm handoff, it's cold handoff. After the 5 minutes of my infomation being passed to him, I have to go again into explanation of what the tech did with me and stress to him that the drive needs replacement. They acknowledge it finally, and tell me there's a problem ordering the drive and they can't do anything for me until the next day. And they wont schedule the onsite repair until it's in my hands, not just ordered. They said they'd call me back tomorrow and order it.
Day 3 - I still haven't heard a peep from HP, so I called in once again and selected the "status check" option. I was handed over to three different groups this time as each person I talked with said their group couldn't help me and that the case only stated that it was escalated to a manager and I needed to talk to a manager. The third group was finally a manager. She indicated nothing was ordered and no manager took any action until my call now. She also then proceeds to tell me that yet a fourth person (case manager) will need to talk with me for the order and she'll make it a priority, but after being put on hold for a minute, she came back and said no one is available to talk to me now, and most liklely it won't be tonight (it's 8pm, they close at 11pm) and that I'd get a call tomorrow. I asked why I had to be consulted yet again for the hard drive order and she said some legal stuff required me to be on the phone to repeat my address "AGAIN" to them. She still can't also schedule the repair (I didn't want to try to open the all in one touchsmart pc for fear I break something or I would have just done it myself). But she did assure me it would be fast after this now.
Day 4 - is tomorrow. I'll see how responsive they are now that it's escalated beyond a manager and assigned to a case manager.

If you want to know how my case and PC being down and out ends up feel free to ask me (jimrobertri@gmail.com). I'll gladly share the facts. Oh and BTW, this is just for a standard eSata 3tb drive, standard HW these days.

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