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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.61/10 3.61/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.50/10 3.50/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.67/10 1.67/10
    Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Rating 2/10

Heartless Pieces of Feces CSR people.

"I bought HP Pavilion 17 New thru Amazon 6/26/17 , it has a 1 year warranty I would think that would cover ALL EVERYTHING. I have a friend visiting me knows very little about laptops computers how to treat things. He only walked by my laptop with coffee stepped on something and spilled a tiny bit of coffee suddenly letters G and H don't type laptop keeps shutting OFF after I leave 10 minutes. I call support in India, I get told NOT COVERED AT ALL cost to repair $299.99 it only cost me $439 and was new I had it 48 DAYS. I said we can't afford this then offered a 10% off wow amazing. I explained I would need 6 months to save $300 so would my friend and I live on disability it took 6 months to save for new laptop. Them to me SORRY we did all we could do REALLY!!! On the other hand it appears Amazon will issue me a FULL $439 credit but not replace, and IF I wanted the HP same one reorder but thing is will I, likely not, it's a great laptop no doubt but having to worry about a very useless warranty of 1 year and lousy mean, hateful unfeeling CSR Support in India or whatever middle eastern country the support is in scares me a LOT. "

Rating 2/10

Poor customer service

"HP keep blaming Microsoft for the ongoing issues I am having. When I approached HP to do at a minimum a hardware diagnostics , they keep saying it's not hardware and that Microsoft need to delete some registry keys to fix the problem. Now after 6 months and finally contacting Customer relations on both sides before the warranty runs out, HP are finally going to run their Hardware Diagnostics. How ironic that the last HP tech support rep recently says the problem most likely is the Nvidia video adaptor and they may have to change the mother board. But this information never showed up in the case number. And all Customer Relations keeps saying is ..... well you need to schedule the laptop to be sent to their depot and diagnosed as it's never been in for testing. Well maybe if their technicians would do this and stop blaming Microsoft then we could move forward. Terrible service and each rep keeps passing the buck and saying they can't help and provides another phone number to call. I must have 20 phone numbers and they are always the wrong departments. Joke. And lastly, with a week to go before the warranty runs out, they have told me that I can't buy a 2 year Care Pack because it will take too long to register it. My response is if the motherboard dies one day before the warranty runs out, the still have to fix it. And if it takes two weeks to repair it due to backlog, I still get 90 days warranty. So I don't get it. What's the difference between this and the Care Pack and registering it. If it's on the books / data base, who cares how long it takes to register it. "

Rating 10/10

HP doesn't seem to be the problem!I

" I was investigating the "Smart Friend" support offered by HP when I came across the reseller reviews. I agree with some comments reviewers here have made about the "Smart Friend" support. It does NOT seem like a good deal at all!!! I spoke to a regular HP customer support person yesterday about my forgotten MASTER PASSWORD for Windows 10. She immediately responded that if we couldn't resolve it, we'd "have to WIPE IT" (YES, she meant wipe my computer...resetting it back to factory settings). I was relieved that my laptop was no longer under warranty!
That being said, I have to say to the people that are switching "back to Dell" (someone would have to SHOOT me first) and the others that are blaming Hewlett Packard, you are purchasing a USED computer from a RESELLER! I have a BBA in MIS...in other words a Bachelor degree in the Business side of Computer Programming. I have worked for companies that made me grab a laptop before leaving because I was on call 24/7. I ALWAYS had problems with these "USED" computers that were serviced by the "BEST". I used to be able to take apart desktop computers, and I could do ANYTHING with hardware as well as software. Now, things are VERY different.
I am SO SORRY for the horrible experiences I have read about in these comments. I hope things have improved for everyone. I, personally, would NOT advise purchasing a used computer unless I got a lifetime warranty and/or replacement. It's just NOT worth the small amount of money you save buying a refurbished or used computer. It's just my opinion, but after buying new computers from DELL, and having a horrible time getting support. My experience buying NEW products from HP with lifetime warranties (from a 3rd party) has been an absolute pleasure!

Rating 2/10

Complete System Failure!!! HP says sorry, not our problem!

"HP, is horrible to deal with and does not stand behind their products. My 16 mo old laptop has complete system failure. Motherboard, Hard Drive, Processor and even the screen! I have been dealing with them since the day I purchased it and their answer now is sorry, out of warranty. I will never purchase another HP product as long as I live and I am posting this everywhere!!! "

Rating 2/10

More than worst.

"The worst company I have find in my life.The coustomer support is worst than ever & ever. I am facing the problem with SOUND & one agent Fixed it. Now, I have problem with WIFI connection & they are saying it will cost you $ 49 , even my laptop is under warranty.

Please, do not waste your money on such laptops instead it is better to stay without laptop.

Rating 2/10

I'm going back to Dell

"Do not like their customer support - PC shut down while working, triggered remotely out of my control, missed deadline, was then locked out of my own PC (PIN no longer worked). Tech unable to help - referred me to "Smart Friend" who charged me $60 after telling me "try your email", which gave me access again. This on top of an extended warranty for $130. Supposedly the machine had a configuration problem - had I not registered with my email, the whole hard drive would have had to be wiped clean, and all my files of 1 year would have been gone... Refund request was denied by Smart Friend of course. Smells like a setup."

Rating 2/10

Terrible delivery expirence and a defective product.

"I bought a 2 in 1 tablet. HP X2 in the HP store. The shipping promise was to deliver it in 3-6 days, it took 18 days. I call customer sevice twice, both times the HP representative lied to me, giving me false statements about the shipping. When the computer finally arrived, it didn't work. Completely dead. I wait 20 days for nothing. I just hope that the return and refund process wasn't as bad.
HP has become a terrible company. Is a shame because thy use to be very good. I'm done forever with HP.

Rating 2/10

Poor build Quality and Awful Customer service

"I bought HP pavillion x360 13.3. I checked the youtube reviews of the laptop and decided to buy this laptop. I have been using the laptop for 7 months now, At first it was working well then it starts to give trouble. Now after 7 months the Mic is broken and the laptop is so slow, it takes minutes to open a jpeg file. I took the laptop to Microsoft and they checked it and said the laptop has hardware issues. Then i contacted HP, they were not helpful. They refused to replace or return the product because it past initial 30 day free return period. If the product break before even the warranty ends what's gonna happen when its past warranty? and the worst is HP customer service they have no intention of helping you solve the problem, instead they keep referring you to talk to other people. This is the fist time i bought a laptop from HP and I'm never gonna buy a HP product again."

Rating 2/10

Bad quality and terrible service

"I strongly don't recommend to buy something in this store. I bought printer HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter. It is the worst printer I've ever seen. I had problems with head and wi-fi. But it takes me more then 30 days to understand it. I use printer twice per month, and it was dismay for me, when it didn't work correct. I tried to return this printer to store.hp.com, but the answer was they are not able to take returns outside of 30 days. And they suggested me to contact with HP Technical Support. I don't want to contact with technical support, because I am interested to return the goods of improper quality. I wanna have the best quality for my money. I thought buying something on the official site of the big company I protect myself from risk to buy bad goods. Finally, I am very disappointed the work of store.hp.com. Usually it's first time when I have problem with returning. If you are going to buy something, I suggested you to choose another shop, where it'll be easy to make return if needed. "

Rating 2/10


"0 out of 5 stars
I purchased this machine and it had an annoying click in the left speaker
ByTeresa Smithon March 23, 2017
Verified Purchase
DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!!!! I reserved writing a review until today. I purchased this machine and it had an annoying click in the left speaker. I tried everything to fix it and after 1 month called HP support. Upon calling, the support rep actually finished my sentence knowing what my problem was prior to me even explaining. HE EXPRESSED ALL THESE MACHINES HAVE THIS ISSUE, AND IT IS A DESIGN FLAW. I use the machine for work, so after 6 hours migrating data, and set up for working, this machine has an issue. Tech support gave me several things to try, but buying and installing a particular blue tooth seemed to stop it but now you have no sound or video. Then they shipped me another machine after a fight concerning my data. They wanted me to go buy another hard drive, migrate my data, ship the machine back to them and then they would ship out another machine to me. This was after a month and a half. I got the new machine, migrated the data from the first to the second and left it running to finish over the weekend. I came in on Monday and the SECOND MACHINE had the same annoying click. I called tech support to tell them I still had the issue and sent them video of both machines. They asked me to hold tight, and they would have a machine shipped to the tech support guy and he would check it out and then ship it to me if it worked. He called me and said his worked fine. I asked him if he left it on over the weekend, and he said he would. After the next week or more he called me and said HIS MACHINE had the same issue. He then told me to wait again, and he would get back with me. The whole process has taken literally MONTHS! He then called me out of the blue, and told me they have fixed the motherboard issues and were sending me a replacement machine. A REFURBISHED MACHINE. I explained I bought a new machine and I wanted a new machine. He told me they don't make them anymore. I said I want a comparable new machine, and he explained refurbished to me. I explained in my experience refurbished machines often had issues that went undetected and I don't want one. I also told him I paid for a NEW machine, so I should get a NEW machine that works. He said they had an upgraded model and I would probably have to pay the difference, plus the tax, and not be refunded the tax on the first machine since HP did not get that money, plus pay more for the new model of the same machine without the issue. I said I want to talk to someone because I did not think that was fair to me, the consumer who did nothing but ask to receive what I paid for. His other option was refund the machines price by check after they receive both machines back from me leaving me with nothing to work on while they did that.
Two weeks later I got a call from the escalation department. Here is the result. I was told my machine is out of warranty. I bought in August, this is now March. After establishing I have been in constant contact with them since August, they were very unhappy to assist me. They want me to go to the store and BUY ANOTHER HARD DRIVE, migrate my data to that hard drive, go without a working PC until they ship me another REFURBISHED MACHINE, download my data to that machine and see if it works. I asked about the upgraded model that does not have this issue, and was told they could not do that. I offered to pay the difference, and they said no. I asked if they could trust me and overnight the machine so I could migrate my data from machine to machine instead of having to BUY MORE EQUIPMENT and download my data, go without a machine, then reload my data two times. The answer was no, send back the two machines, wait for a check then go and buy the upgraded machine online and pay any expedited shipping however I wish. This means NO WORKSTATION WHILE I WAIT FOR A CHECK FROM THEM AND THEN DO AS I WISH WITH IT.
I asked to speak with a supervisor over the person that contacted me and he refused. I then told them good luck ever getting a hold of me again. I now have 2 partially functional PC's laying around my office with no sound, and I am out the $2,000 or so with no recourse. I told them the only thing I would be able to do is write a review. My total cost in hours dealing with this is about 40, plus the actual monetary cost.

Rating 4/10

It restarts in the middle of your work!

"I bought this new Pavilion laptop and my business partner was always saying what a POS it is because it shuts down in the middle of your work to do updates. It is true. I've tried to have it not do that but it insists anyway. It should be part of the set up where the machine will only do updates after approval of the user, or when the user is not using it. This action just supports my thought that the people who make these PC's have no concept of how people actually work. This really kills my creativity when this POS shuts down in the middle of my work without warning. So I bought this because it was cheap, well I guess I got what I paid for.

Another thought that seems to escape HP in being a great computer maker. HP could greatly improve their brand image if they could make a machine that turned on quickly, like in fast. But no, they don't get it. And that's why they are cheap. Believe me, I will never say anything good about this Pavilion POS.

Rating 2/10

Hp easily one of the worst companies in the world

"Okay let me first begin, the **** **** at Hewlett Packard have **** me off for the past 8 years. I've had 2 laptops both of which became extremely slow months into operation even with the best security software and several factory resets. In addition to that are the cancerous pieces of plastic they call printers. These are not printers, they are **** paper weights on your desk that you spend money on. My parents bought me an hp printer when I went off to college despite me telling them how terrible Hp is, and not to my surprise it began bugging out 4 months into me using it. The printer always spools, and never works even when I plug it in via cable. I've reset my internet multiple times, reset my printer and computer multiple times. Manually turned off the spooling and reconnected it multiple times to no **** avail. All it does is says it's spooling and it never works. This **** is **** useless and I am so close to throwing it out my window and setting it on fire. The CEO of this company can go **** a **** **** for creating a company that scams millions of people a year. "

Rating 2/10

New Laptop issue; Terrible Customer Service- 3 hours into and got NO WHERE

"Spent over 3.5 hours going through no less that TEN (10) people to try to get a box sent to return my laptop (1.3 years old) for simple battery and over heating repair (Envy) which after I paid for it and got a case number- got bounced around the planet- half the people you can barely understand-- with no one having a clue what to do or how to help. NEVER even got to the Technical Depart. to arrange the box delivery. I cancelled the CC charge. I have been buying HP products for 40 years but will NEVER buy anything again from them. The 1-800 Customer Service number is a joke and will simply lead you to spinning your wheels. "

Rating 2/10

HP Needs to be called HN for hell NO

"I am VERY dissatisfied with HP and their ability to meet my needs. I had a year warranty on the laptop. One day out of nowhere the computer just stop working it went to sleep mode and never woke up. The power as still on , lights were flashing, and the screen light was also present. I was then instructed by HP send the computer back them. Once This was done in the computer was received they then told me the laptop had water damage, which it could in no way at all have been wet because it was not wet or had any water damage previously to me sending the computer to them. They said that since it had water damage that it did not fall under the warranty and they had to send the computer back to me. BUT I'd it had water damage it would've never power on. Once I receive the laptop I then discovered that there were NO screws on the laptop as well as no power at all. I highly do NOT recommend dealing with HP. They didn't even TRY to resolve my problem when I called back to complain about there being no power and screws to the laptop missing. Signed, Prettysn2222@gmail.com "

Rating 2/10

The WORST IT Company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"HP Should be shutdown it is an embarrassment for United State Junk Product ! Horrible Support

ZERO Quality of service and product

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