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  • Rating 2.33/10 57 reviews

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Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I an in UK. HP is the worst online retailer in the world. I ordered a laptop and got confirmation email. I thought everything's fine but nothing has happened until I phoned the customer service, apparently my order didn't go through, and I missed the day to give a surprise birthday present for my daughter. The customer service was confused and then she asked her manager but could not give immediate answer, only an uncertain promise that it would come later somehow. And they were not sure when the product will be delivered, this was not in compliance with the advertisement of one day delivery.

The website was confusing, when I ordered a product as a guess and moved forward to pay it, I then was asked to login etc, but after I login the product wanted to buy was gone, and not even on the list.

modified review This review was modified by JohnStead on October 31 2013 03:57:39 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Horrible experience!
1. Placed my order on Sep 30, 2013. Few days later wanted to check the status and it informed me that it will take 2-3 weeks to form the order and 5-7 business days to ship it. So we are talking about 3-4 weeks from the time of placing it? You must be kidding me? Ok, status says still processing.
2. Called them to cancel. And they told me that it's impossible to cancel. I'm telling them, hey guys I don't want it! Laptop is still there, it is not shipped - cancel and refund me my money I will buy somewhere else. They told me that I have to wait till it ships and then request RMA and send it back.
3. Spoke to a manager. She escalated the situation. A week later (all this time is says that order is in production) receiving an email - sorry we can't cancel the order due to the fact that your product is already shipped. I'm checking the tracking # - it was shipped yesterday. So, it was the whole week since we placed cancelation request and they shipped it yesterday ignoring it.
4. Will never deal with HP again. Horrible customer support.

P.S. Got me Lenovo laptop. Ordered, next day it was shipped. 2 day later It was in my apt. Found a coupon online, called them - they applied coupon in like 2 sec and also offered me $100 credit towards accessories. So... Buy Buy HP and hello good customer service!

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Do not waste your time. Bottom line: they have promised to have a courier pick up my defective laptop four times. That's four times I had to work from home to return a laptop that broke 1 hour into use. And it looks like I'll have to try a fifth time.

The courier didn't show the first two times. Then on the third attempt, the courier actually picked it up before returning it to me the next day because they had been given the wrong information by HP. Sort of a like boomerang return. A fourth pickup attempt was supposed to happen but the courier went to the wrong address because HP gave them the wrong address.

HP has steadfastly refused to issue a return until they have the product back, but they can't even manage to pick up the product (or keep it picked up). Perhaps they run out the clock on their 21 day return policy by screwing up return pickups over and over. At this point, it's working in my case.

I am contacting my credit card issuer to dispute the order charge.

There are hundreds of companies that will sell you a laptop and 99% will work with a customer to make things right. HP Home and Home Office is not one of those better companies. Even if the price seems right, don't waste your time with HP Shopping.

P.S. Their customer service supervisor sent me an email denying my refund -- and called me by a completely different name.

modified review This review was modified by ConcernedConsumers on March 20 2013 11:04:37 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"DO NOT ORDER FROM HP HOME AND OFFICE STORE. Their customer service is non-existent. They do no give you the option to change shipping address until after order has been placed and then do not follow through with their promises to correct it. Buyer beware"

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"I forget which days this all went down, but it all happened last week. Thanks to a nice chunk of change from my tax return, I decided to purchase a new laptop, as my old one had just died. I searched around and scanned the internet for reviews and articles. Eventually I stumbled upon the HP website. After toying around for awhile, I decided to customize a laptop; the prices were great, and the customization wasn't too shabby, either. I promptly placed my order that day.

Literally four hours later I realized I had ordered the wrong video card. Silly mistake, but I figured that I could edit the order I had made a mere four hours prior. So I searched and searched, but I couldn't find anything on the website or in my e-mail. I called up and spoke to a representative that informed me that I could not alter or modify my order; the only way to to do would be to CANCEL the order, and then RESUBMIT. Somewhat heated and a bit confused, I obliged. I cancelled the old order, resubmitted with the new video card, etc. I was then told I had to finalize everything with a supervisor - fine.

The previous rep was very nice, courteous and helpful. When I got on the phone with a supervisor (Patty was her name, I believe) she stated that the order was in the process of being cancelled. She then stated that I'd receive e-mails through the next day or so confirming this. I clarified everything by reiterating it to her and was "Yes'd" to death.

The next day I get an e-mail stating that my order was already processed and shipped (the laptop I didn't want). Apparently my order cancellation was denied. Back to the phone I go - call up, speak to another representative who states that I have to call in when I get the unwanted laptop to request prepaid shipping for the return prior to my refund to my credit card. Once again, customer service is subpar.

Now, at this point in time, I am waiting for both laptops. I've received the accessories already (shipping was fast), but I am somewhat puzzled - the laptop I didn't want was created and shipped out (as per HP) within two days or so; my new one is still being processed and built, despite it having a shorter "estimate date."

Overall, right now, I am somewhat unsatisfied with the Customer Service. It seems very hit or miss, and mostly it has been miss... so far.

The accessories are nice, though. The bag I got is stylish; the wireless mouse I got looks sleek. Plus, the prices were right, even for the laptop (I found an online coupon that took off $415).

I'll send in a new review once I obtain my laptop(s) so I can state how smoothly the sendback goes for the first, and the quality of the product of the laptop that I want to keep.

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Rating 2/10
modified review posted

They charged my credit card but didn't send my order. Had to dispute the charges with my bank.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Purchase made on 8/21/11. When it had not arrived by 8/30/11 went online and website stated that expected arrival date was 8/28/11. When I called hp, was on hold for over 2 hours before reaching an agent who had no information, would not let me talk with a manager, and suggested I wait till the shipping department sends me further information."

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Rating 10/10
modified review posted
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"Ordered HP touchpad Sat, with the regular 5-7 day shipping

Didn't hear from them till Tuesday (eh, they were bogged down bigtime), then bam, shipped Tue, bam Got it Thursday.

Great job HP, thanks for the expedited shipping!

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Tried the ole Bait n Switch...twice. Yay for selling products they don't have in stock."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"On 11-27-10, I purchased (what I was told by the customer (technical support) service representative, Syed, was) an upgrade to my C5280 HP Photosmart Printer that can print directly onto CD/DVD. It was supposed to be delivered the next day via FEDEX but it didn't arrive for three days. I opened the box read it's capabilities and found that, even though I was EXTREMELY CLEAR with Syed that the ONLY REASON for the upgrade was that I needed to print directly onto CD and he assured me that this new printer could, IT COULD NOT!
Without unpacking the printer, I called customer service and asked for a refund. I followed the return policy to the letter. According to FEDEX tracking, they received the printer on December 11th. They confirmed they had received the printer on December 17.
Since then, I have been calling almost daily asking for my refund. As of today, 1-21-11, I have NOT RECEIVED my refund.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"August 25, 2010 I ordered a new HP Laptop Pavilion DV6 and a wireless
keyboard/mouse to go with it. After finding the time to try it out, I
found that the wireless keyboard space bar didn't work unless it was
struck exactly in the middle. This is not acceptable as I need to go
through every document I type and separate the words with spaces. The
keyboard has a wide space bar for a reason, a space is used often by
both thumbs in my case. I called HP and after going through several
agents in India, and the US, Your customer service people sent me
another wireless keyboard/mouse combo. This did exactly the same thing.
Tonight was the first chance I've had and I called to see what HP will
do to correct my situation. I just got off the phone after 1hr and 45
minutes. In that time I initially was connected to 'Chloe' in the
Philippines who after asking me for all the information about the
problem including when, where, how I bought it, serial and part numbers
for both the new and old keyboards, whether I bought the keyboard/mouse
with a computer, what was the serial number, order number, shipping
order for the replacement keyboard, address, phone number and a
multitude of other questions and repeating them because they couldn't
understand partially because of the dialect and partly because the phone
lines are so crappy between here and the other side of the world, only
to be told that they were going to have to transfer me to a different
department for this. So I went to India, where I went through all of
this again and had the same ending and went to the US. At least the guy
there was cordial and could understand without repeating but he sent me
back to 'Raj' in India for another repetition who sent me back to the
Philippines again. There I spoke with 'Brian' and then his 'manager' who
essentially said sorry we will send you another of these same
keyboard/mouse combo's that I already have, that don't work. Customer
Service this is called, Total Care it's called. I used to be in Customer
Service as a Field Service Engineer and we took care of people. You sold
America out to these foreigners who could care less about customers, at
least this one. I told the guy forget it, don't send me another one. He
then said he'd have someone call me tomorrow and I ask for 8am and he said
9am. That was OK but then he said it may be within 48 hours he said. So
apparently he thought I was going to stay by the phone for the next 48
hours so I told him to forget

modified review This review was modified by pondysh on November 16 2010 08:42:11 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I ordered a Linksys router from HP and selected the 5-10 day shipping option. Being a customer eager to get his product, I tracked my order progress everyday. On the day it was 'delivered', I did not get my product and was very concerned (I just spend over 100 for a router and FedEx said it was delivered). So then I called HP and asked what I should do. After following their instructions of checking nearby apartments to see if my package was mis-delivered, I was not able to find my product. I called HP back and they shipped me another order via next day air.

I was very happy with the outcome. I hope next time they require a signature at door for orders over $100 though.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"HP sold defective units big time in 2009, not only desk tops but laptops too. There was a class action suit for the laptops and there is one for the desktops. HP couldn't make a computer that worked right if their life depended on it.

I had no idea HP had deteriorated to such an extent when I purchased my high end desktop with several upgrades. I purchased a Pavillion Elite e9180t which had a motherboard that was made by Asus which had incompatibility issues and they knew it when they sold it to me. They lied so many times in the process.

Since I had upgrades they had to build this unit and they didn't just put off the build date to wait about 2 months for the replacement mobo to show up.

I had called like 6 times to ask questions before I purchased and each time the sales persons told me that I should buy before 10-20 before Win7 comes out since there is no guarantee on the price of new OS after it is launched. If I buy before 10-20 it is loaded with Vista and I get apples to apples upgrade to Win7 for free. This was not true since a month after I bought it the entire upgraded unit I bought went down in price by $10.00! The sales staff was told to say this since this was told to me over and over by several folks there.

The unit showed up and I along with thousands of others found out immediately the mobos locked up and froze. You can google under lockups, freezes, hangs and you will find thousands of posts. There were more than one model of these that had these same problems.

They redirected all complaints to India customer support which is so bad that it was clear this tactic was a stall for HP while new Asus boards were on their way but never admitted to it. HP had phony fixes like bios update that dumped the mobo down which didn't help.

Corporate accounts were tracked much better than individual sales from the looks of it. I called and talked to several people there all getting the run around it was a nightmare for thousands of consumers.Some of the stories folks posted were much worse than mine and I was one of the lucky ones to get it fixed in two months.

I finally got them to ship me a new mobo and they had AT&T contracted out to come to my home to replace the mobo. By the way the mobo is so crowded it was amazing and I can see no upgrades are going to be possible. The tech was surprised at how tight everything was packed onto that board. It should be interesting how long the thing lasts.

I still have issues with the monitor not waking up and have to turn it off and then on which is another issue many had. Class action suit was filed 2-12-10 for selling inherently defective mobos.

I would never ever buy another HP product. I would never subject myself to the lies and poor customer service they provide. If I had it to do all over again I would have bought an Apple since Dell and others all operate this way from what I have discovered. Also HP only has a 17 day return policy. By the time they build the unit and it ships to you there is just a few days to determine what is wrong. I couldn't even return it by the time I figured out that it was not a software issue that could be fixed but hardware issue. HP was not honoring any returns and made folks wait for their fix. HP is a consumer bully big time. Also I would like to add that I found it timely that their year ends 10-30-09 so it was in their best interest to increase sales with whatever lies and to not show returns liabilities during the time I purchased. They were also in negociations for buying out another company too.

Dell and HP count on business to buy their throw away units and the individual consumer is really an after thought in the big picture with HP & Dell. After you factor in the price of MS software and office suite along with computer system, Apple is not really that over priced and out of the range plus they and MS can't tell you to leave them alone since the software is OEM either. This was critical in determining if the problem was software related or hardware related when trying to figure out why the units were not working. Consumers were turned away from both to get straight answers.

Apple has 80% customer satisfaction vs the others like HP and Dell who have a 60% customer satisfaction. I have been a PC person since my first computer in 1996 so it is a big deal for me to let go of PCs like this. But the good news is that Oracle just bought out Sun and is positioning itself to take on Dell and HP for the business market which means they may make better hardware with cheaper Linux software which will blow Dell & HP and others out of the water when it comes to price and quality. Cross your fingers this maybe be the end of the status quo of crappy expensive systems and software as we know it today.

The irony here for me was I thought if I bought an HP directly online from them I would get better pricing, better support and extras. In reality I was actually treated worse than if I had bought it as Costco since they have a 90 day return policy and HP gave me only 17 days. I could have gotten my money back and bought an Apple if I had bought it at Costco. So they treat their direct customers even worse.

HP direct held their customers captive until they could find a fix and wouldn't let them out of the deal for nothing. They lied to consumers about the issues and send them to India to spend hours & days & weeks & months trying all sorts of phony fixes to stall for time. I tried to return my unit and was told no.

Rating 10/10
modified review posted
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"They often run some really good specials and I take advantage of them when I can. The best part is that my order always arrives the next morning, even if I've ordered very late the night before. I'm not quite sure how they do it.

I'll definitely be ordering printer supplies from them again, and do recommend them to others.

Thanks HP Store!

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I will never buy another HP product. My Pavilion DV8T arrived with several problems, the most obvious that there was no ?/ key and a duplicate :; key. After about 10 days of use I had compiled a page long list of software problems most of which related to video freezing; Display driver not responding and recovering for no apparent reason; during start-up requiring a check of the file system but never able to complete the task; etc., etc. I called HP before the 21 day return timeframe lapsed and was told to send it in for repair. I highly regret not sending it in for a refund. However, I sent the laptop in for repair and after 10 days received my newly damaged laptop back. Somehow the technician seems to have used a hammer or some other object when repairing the keyboard since I now have several dents in the frame of my laptop just above the keyboard. I'm not sure what other damage may have been done but quality control at HP is clearly non-existent. I called HP and got the run around, finally talking to a case manager who said I could send it in for repair. I said I wanted my money back and I would give them their damaged laptop or I wanted a new laptop. I have no intention of waiting another 10 or more days while they further damage my laptop. Customer Service is a joke - they tell you several times to wait while they check on something and then come back and say the same thing over again. For a company as large as HP I would expect better quality control and better Customer Service."

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