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  • h.h. gregg

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    • Address: 4151 E 96th St Indianapolis, IN
    • Contact: onlinecustomercare@hhgregg.com
    • Phone: n/a
    • Customer Support: 1-866-974-7344
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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.13/10 3.13/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1/10 1/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
    Customer service: Rating 1/10 1/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.5/10 2.5/10

10,136 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10


"If I could give negative five stars I would. Run far from this place and never look back."

Rating 2/10

bate and switch

"BATE and Switch—Selling damage goods and blaming customers for the damage.

Purchased a TV from HHGregg in Metairie La. Brought it home Friday night took it out the box Saturday afternoon and it was damaged out the box. We called HHGregg immediately and was told NOT TO RETURN TO MY STORE—ITS YOUR PROBLEM NOW. We called customer services, sent in pictures, and emailed corporate, spoke with a regional manager IN THIS AREA- UPON THE FIRST TELEPHONE CALL TODAY HE STATED THAT HE RECEIVED AN EMAIL ABOUT A PROBLEM – THEN HE CAME RIGHT BACK AND STATED THAT HE WAS AT THE STORE WHEN WE CALLED TO BRING THE TV BACK LESS THAN 24 HOURS LATER- THEN HE SAID HE WILL SPEAK TO THE TEAM MEMBER WHO TOLD US NOT TO RETURN TO THE STORE WITH THE TV—SO I AM CONFUSED BECAUSE IF YOU WERE THERE HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW WHAT WE WERE TOLD AND BY WHOM . All this to say that WE- HHGREGG DO NOT TAKE BACK PHYSICALLY DAMAGE ITEMS—TV’S. Well my question is why would you sell a damage TV? WE ALREADY KNEW THAT THE TV WAS PHYSICALLY DAMAGE THEREFORE WE CALLED TO SEEK ASSISTANCE- WHICH IS NORMALLY CUSTOMER SERVICE- No help – no compassion or respect. BUYER BEWARE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HHGREGG- so HHGregg want us to keep a damage TV and pay for it.


E & T Poree

This review was modified by edgarandtyrap on November 18 2016 04:33:37 PM
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Rating 2/10

never again.

"If anyone is hesitant to purchase from hhgregg I am a firm believer the answer is Yes, Don't! No! 100X no.. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever again. My husband and I have spent so much money there when we built our new home. We finally got around to building our patio and this is when I forever became a hater of this place. I have never had so much ridiculousness happen in my entire life. I will explain what happened as best as I can in hopes that you see my issue with this place and choose to NOT choose them for your own needs, ever again.

We purchased a patio table for $1800 on August 28th. We paid $149 to have it delivered and unwrapped. We purchased this table online. I liked it, it matched, sat the right amount of people and had a quick delivery of under 7 days. Around 2 weeks after purchase date our table is still no where to be found. It was lost in transition to the local store near me in Noblesville that then would deliver it. It was lost for 3 weeks. Finally it arrives to the store MID-SEPT (3 weeks late), we set a delivery date. The drivers didn't call when they were on their way so no one was there to greet them. They left our packages unopened on our driveway. Three massive boxes. My husband gets a call and the drivers as they are there and they wont wait 10min for him to get home. They just leave. It is now Sept 23rd!!!! I called hhgregg customer service to get my delivery charged refunded due to not fulfilling my "unwrapped delivery" charges and they refunded me a mere $50. At this point I kept my cool and was like "whatever". Then, we unwrapped our boxes a few days later to find broken tiles of the table. I called hhgregg again to complain and ask "what now?" -- they gave me the manufactures phone number to get replacement pieces. I called and after 7 days I received a replacement piece.... BROKEN in a huge box with little to none packaging... at this point I was starting to lose my cool. I emailed back and forth with the manufacture for ANOTHER replacement piece. Turns out they gave me their last replacement piece and my table is discontinued. They will have to order it (from china) and no idea how long it will take. ARE YOU FOR REAL? Still, it's not the manufactures fault. At this point, I called CORPORATE AGAIN, talked with a gentleman and HE ASSURES ME I can go into Noblesville store and RETURN MY TABLE. Of course, the table is put together and the boxes are sitting in my garage but I didnt feel like we needed to rent a truck to take this table into their store after all this mess has been going on. So, we don't take the table with us (bc its big) and my husband and I go into hhgregg in Noblesville to request a refund. But since it was October 10th (2 1/2 weeks since it was delivered, 6 weeks after purchase date -- they say that they can't do the return in store and will need to contact corporate....but no worries, should be quick. After waiting in the store for 45 minutes we decided to l eave and they would contact us--- They do so and we wait and wait and wait. Each week I called and spoke to someone new -- each time for 45 minutes trying to figure out what's going on, why they wont refund me $1800 IMMEDIATELY due to my terrible experience. Finally today, OCTOBER 24TH my husband gets a voicemail from "some lady" saying, "sorry, no, no one told you it would be refunded and we wont take it back, thanks." Mind you she didn't leave a name, a return number to contact her or anything. So I call corporate again -- just to get her contact info and ask "what in the world?!" and she simply tells me "ma'am we cannot accept the return" about 10 times she said this. I continued to ask why -- she said it's been past 30 days and she wont go there. UMM EXCUSE ME, HAD MY TABLE NOT BEEN LOST BY YOUR COMPANY FOR 3-4 WEEKS and has the delivery drivers done their job and noted the broken tiles on the table top -- I WOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE 30 DAY WINDOW and it would have been justified!!?!

So here it is October 24th, I can't return my table, it's broken, no replacement pieces coming anytime soon AND I don't even think I have sat in one of it's chairs yet-- I am BEYOND upset and cannot believe this is okay. To hhgregg, I would love to inform you that from today and forever, I will not let any of my friends, co-workers, acquaintances or family members SHOP at your store. I just wasted 8 weeks of my life trying to give YOU the benefit of the doubt and make this right. Shame on you for this behavior.

And the "Lady" at corporate, you're awful at your job. When I asked to speak to your boss- "that's not happening" she said. Well no thanks for your help and you have terrible customer service.

This review was modified by abigailolvey on October 24 2016 12:52:19 PM
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Rating 2/10


"hhgregg's customer service is beyond horrible! Specially if you have to deal with Benito Henriquez, the Sales Manager. On 10/09/2016 my wife and I purchased a Samsung fridge, microwave, washer and dryer at hhgregg Aventura. This will be the first and last time that I buy at any hhgregg. I should of went to Best Buy, like I always did in the past, but unfortunately I decided to give hhgregg a try. What a mistake! I entirely regret giving over $3500 to this company.
The items were delivered in the evening of 10/12. At first sight everything seemed fine, but upon further inspection and after actually trying the washer machine that same night we found out that the machine was very loud (louder than our previous 10 year old machine), it vibrated tremendously and the plastic chrome finish on the door had stains/marks that wouldn't come off. The model number is WF42H5200AW.
Additionally, these is not even the machine we wanted. We wanted machine model number WF45K6200AW, but they didn't have the dryer that goes with it in stock because of a shipping issue that Samsung is experiencing, they said. Out of all the washers and dryers that we were interested in they only had the ones we bought available. So we settled for those, our mistake.
On 10/14 we drove to the Aventura store to speak to someone about this issue and look for a solution. To our surprise, they simply told us that we needed to call Samsung and have them take care of it. We left the store and called Samsung immediately. The customer service representative at Samsung told us that they couldn't do anything and that I had to go to the store, because the retailer offers a 30 day guarantee and that Samsung's warranty begins after the 30 days are over. I turned around and went back to the store to talk to one of the managers, Angel, who kindly called Samsung from the store and passed them on to me and later explained that we need to call Samsung and let them document the problem and that after doing that step he would exchange the machine or even give us a more expensive machine at the same price and to go back to the store after calling Samsung and after the technician's visit, in case Samsung decided to send a technician.
After calling Samsung that night we went over some troubleshooting and I was provided with an E-mail to send pictures and videos of the issues. I emailed them the videos that same night and I received a call from them on 10/18 to schedule a tech visit. The tech came on 10/20 and said that there was nothing wrong with the machine. He took the top off and tightened a few screws, that for some reason were lose (where is Samsung's Quality Control?), and that got rid off the squeaking noise for now, but there's still lots of banging noise and vibration that a new machine shouldn't make, but according to him that is very normal. I also had to tell him to write down the fact that the marks on the door won't come off, as he tried and couldn't take them off.
We went, to the store after the technician left, as that was what we were told to do by the hhgregg manager Angel. We spoke to Benito M. Henriquez, the Sales Manager, who happens to be the same person that was there when we bought the machine. From the beginning he had a terrible attitude, typical of a really bad manager who doesn't care about customer service and doesn't have a clue what customer care means. He clearly didn't care about our issue and instead of trying to understand the problem he seemed extremely careless and even sarcastic at times. We really felt we were bothering him. It was like talking to a robot and not a logical human being. He had zero empathy and even rolled his eyes when we mentioned that a brand new machine shouldn't make such noises and have marks on the door. After that, I felt helpless and started to raise my voice because he kept saying to call Samsung and have them take care of it and that if we wanted to return the machine we had to pay a 20% restocking fee and that we needed to give them the box, to which I replied that I don't even know how the box looks because it was delivered without one, I never saw a box.
This is by far the worst customer service we have ever experienced at any kind of retail store. He had the nerve to give us the run around in our face without showing a bit of empathy. Now I understand why this store is always empty. In my opinion, Benito Henriquez is extremely skillful at saving the company a few dollars by being rude and shameless, but, horrible at doing his true job, which should not only be selling, but keeping customers happy and retaining them. His careless attitude and lack of leadership is also clearly reflected in the store's atmosphere.
If he would of showed some common sense and care I wouldn't be writing this review. I doubt that someone at hhgregg cares about this review, but I surely hope that someone can find this helpful and spend their money somewhere else.

Rating 2/10

Charged for a Fake Listing

"Charged $850+ for an item that was never intended to be provided. I was charged. I received an order confirmation and delivery date. I never received the product. I called to confirm delivery time on day of delivery as listed on my receipt and was told that the product was not in stock. Not only was it not in stock, they were no longer selling it. I floated them money for 10 days for a product that would not be provided only to have to spend almost an hour on the phone trying to track down my product and request a refund that would take another ten days. "

This review was modified by mikeshoe60 on September 28 2016 11:03:22 AM

Rating 2/10

Never Shipped

"So I have been waiting 3 weeks for my 2 TV's that I ordered for Football season. I also ordered Wall Mounts. The wall mounts came a week ago, but still no TV's I called and they said that I received them. So now they have a trace out with Fed Ex to find them. We were looking at the packages last night of the Wall Mounts - They have the same tracking numbers as the TV's. The packages also read 1 of 2 and 2 of 2. Now I do not profess to be super off the charts intelligent, but if there are 2 TV's and 2 boxes for the mounts wouldn't that make it 4 packages and not 2??? They never shipped them and I had to figure it out. So I will make another call today, yesterday my call took 1 hour, today likely the same. So many people are calling with issues they are busy all the time. HH Gregg ****!"

Rating 2/10

Over a month ship

"I ordered a tv and sound bar 7/1/16. Had to call online services 5 times. It took about 45 minutes each call I made. They delivered the tv after 5 weeks and the sound bar I had to give up on. They said it would ship, they said it was coming, but every time I called, they had dropped the ball and nobody put the fool thing in the mail. No one cared that they owed me product for my hard earned money. This company is poorly run and I feel they will go the way of circuit city. Rest in peace HH gregg"

This review was modified by Besmooth on August 18 2016 09:28:07 PM

Rating 2/10

Buyer Beware

"Purchased an LG refrigerator for HHGregg in March of this year and the handles broke within one week and here we are 3 months later and the unit doesn't freeze at all.
I contacted LG about a warranty repair, They scheduled a repair for me the next day, Well first thing that morning, the repair tech called and rescheduled. So, I'm without a fridge until I don't even know when because they can't give me a date either. BUYER BEWARE. Here's the real kicker, Called HHGregg for assistance and the manager "Sean" told me that there's nothing he can do, it's between me and LG.
Needless to say, I will not be purchasing anything from your company again nor will I ever purchase any LG Products. I'm also about to leave a negative review on every site I can find about the terrible customer service I have been given by both LG and HHGregg. Consumers really do read reviews so i'll let all other potential buyers no about the lack of concern on behalf of HHGregg...

Rating 2/10

GE Dryer

"I purchased a washer n dryer from Hh Gregg on Manhattan Blvd Harvey La in February of 2015. My dryer stop working for almost 4 weeks now almost a month. I purchased a extended warranty for what good it is doing me. The tech ordered a part came out Saturday that just pass,to change the part n the dryer is still not working. I called customer service in there still giving me a hassle about replacing the dryer.... This is so inconvient for me n my family after all this time I could have purchased another dryer... I will never buy anything else from Hh Gregg n I will definitely not recommend anyone to purchase from them n as of today I still do not have a working dryer"

No Avatar

Verified Customer
Rating 4/10

"We ordered ALOT from hhgregg since we just moved to PA from Ohio. We ordered a refrigerator, 2 tvs, and tv stand, Weber grill, and more. The frig was delivered and all was well, this was done online. The purchases we made at the Berwyn store did not go well. We were over charged, we were told we would get a discount, we would not be charged for delivery, etc. This did not happen. When I called they said AGAIN they would give us a discount but have not. Then they said I had to come to the store. I have not had time.
We also ordered a Gas Weber Grill assembled. This took over a month I believe to be delivered. You set up times and then never showed up. Very disappointed! When it was finally delivered it was a propane grill that had been jerry-rigged. We called Weber and they said that should not have happened and told us to send it back that is was a safety hazard. We sent back but then again took over 2 weeks to get the correct grill. When they delivered it they cracked my deck screen door. I still have an outstand balance on hhgregg credit card but feel I should still be getting a discount!
I was also charged $24.99 for water connection which I did not receive and delivery people said they would credit since it was brand new house. Over all not pleased with our experiences. I also sent a letter to synchrony about charges wrong but have not heard. If things are recified don't know if we will shop again at hhgregg.

Rating 2/10

Worst experience EVER

"I purchased a dishwasher 1 MONTH ago. After they didn't show up for one installation, called the night before and told me my dishwasher was broken and then PROMISED it would be delivered a week later only to get a phone call the night before cancelling, I knew I had to write a review. Something I have never done before. One department didn't want to deal with it so they transferred me to someone else who I waited on hold for an hour an a half for before eventually hanging up. I called again and asked to be connected directly with the store. I am completely disgusted and have never experienced such a horrible service. I refuse to pay 1 cent for this thing after all of the hassle. I took off work one morning to wait for it and planned to leave early another day because they were supposed to come between 2-5. This is unacceptable and I urge everyone to find another appliance store. Anywhere is better than HHgregg at this point."

This review was modified by Jlynnl1120 on June 28 2016 06:36:43 PM

Rating 10/10

Could not have handled an aweful situation better - GREAT sewrvice

"We got a Samsung 28 ft French Door fridge at HHGreg Bel Air. It was a floor model with very small dings so we truely got a GREAT price. They helped load it in my truck! Once Home I noticed the fridge rubber seal was kinked on one door. I contacted Samsung to get the seal replaced and stated it had dings from the store we were aware of. I included pictures.
Samsung Customer Care (or Don't Care) was TERRIBLE. Over the course of a week (since they are slow to respond) they sent me 3 emails stating there was "physical damge" and will not have warranty repair." The they called me to tell me "Samsung Warranty clearly states if there is physical damage the warranty is void."
The General Manager at HHGRegg was GREAT. Basically said,"Do you want a new one, a different brand or just a return?" We switched to a GE Profile 28 ft and he gave us an even better deal including free pick up of Samsung and delivery of the GE. Beat Amazon.com price for exact same model by almost 50%.

This review was modified by Sean.Devoy on June 16 2016 07:53:30 PM

Rating 2/10

hhGregg did NOT stand behind their product

"We bought an Amana washer and dryer on April 14th, 2016. The set was delivered within 2 days by 2 very accommodating delivery men.
We used the set for 1 1/2 months when the washer malfunctioned (the lid quit locking during the wash, agitating cycle but would lock during the rinse cycle) We went to hhGregg to discuss the issue and had the misfortune to deal with a manager named Kevin. Kevin was rude, condescending and argued that the locking of the lid was "Not a safety issue". Kevin refused to take back the washer and refused our offer to pay the difference and get a more reliable washer. Kevin said "It's over 30 days...call Amana" (we had them for 1 1/2 months.) When I called Amana the staff stated "The lid not locking is definitely a safety issue!" A technician came to our home today (5-31) to check the washer. His conclusion 'Computer board malfunction' which will be replaced. To say that we are very disappointed in this washer and Kevin's (from hhGregg) handling of the issues is an understatement!!!
We have bought many good products from hhGregg in the past but after this experience...we'll shop somewhere else

No Avatar

Verified Customer
Rating 2/10

Salespeople lied about stock and "manager" screwed up purchase (of course)

"Let's be honest. I (customer) should take some responsibility for continuing to give HHGregg a 2nd, 3rd or 4th chance to do something right and fix what they've done. This latest incidence in April involved purchasing a wireless all-n-one printer. I called the Greenwood, IN store to (a) see if the printer was in stock and (b) if they would price match the Best Buy store about 1/2 mile down the street. I was told that they would not price match (contrary to their specific corporate policy) and that this specific printer was out of stock and back-ordered.....needless to say a few hours later, I'm standing physically in the HHGregg in front of the salesperson and manager with the printer in the box screaming at them for a price match and reminding them of of their extreme limited capabilities and capacities as human beings. HHGregg really should try to fire and get rid of their stupid and lazy employees. When I was there, I counted about 3-4 other possible customers in the store....so I don't think HHGregg is in the power position to turn away actual customers trying to give them money. I had to come back a few days later to fix all of the errors thru another store manager (who by the way, severely screwed up a washer/dryer order and delivery a few months earlier in January)"

No Avatar

Verified Customer
Rating 2/10

"The couch I ordered came with a torn seat cover, no legs on the couch. The store ordered a replacement cover and replacement legs. The legs were received and I went by to pick them up within 2 weeks of the delivery of the couch. I had to contact HHGreg 3 times to have the cushion ordered. I have never received the replacement cushion. I have contacted the store they stated they would reorder, but nothing has ever happened with this cushion. I am highly disappointed with the whole situation and really will not order another thing from HHGreg. "

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