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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.86/10 2.86/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.11/10 1.11/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.56/10 1.56/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.56/10 1.56/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.88/10 1.88/10
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Rating 2/10

They screwed me over! They ****!

"Awful, terrible, lousy, and bad too!"

Rating 2/10

Don't waste your time

"Customer service is useless, bulk buyer Ari contact was not helpful and was actually quite sarcastic and impolite most times (not a great trait to have when you're a sales rep), and the 3rd party payment/security/verification software should be called "Sorry, we only advertise discounted gift cards...we won't approve you to purchase them." I will never recommend anyone to purchase from this company, and I have nothing positive to say at all. The single worst online shopping experience(s) of my professional retail career. "

Rating 2/10

3rd Party Security Software is a joke

"After buying thousands of dollars of gift cards with no issues & even becoming a bulk buyer (which is a totally separate process) i tried to make a purchase one night & the order didn't go through right away. In the middle of the night I get a text message from their security software to verify the purchase.... or course didn't verify it until morning. Too late... now I'm stuck in the code 43 error that everyone else gets. It took be a couple weeks to get a live person & all they did was pawn me off to the bulk buyer rep I've worked with.... get the standard nothing they can do bs from customer service & bulk buyer rep. Go else with this customer service...."

Rating 2/10


"First, I’d like to mention that I’ve had the opportunity to deal with Gift Card Zen’s customer service before and all issues were resolved in a matter of hours (or in one case, less than two days). I will never purchase from GCZ ever again due to the last few conversations I've had with their representatives. If I could give zero or negative stars, I absolutely would. I purchased a gift card that was supposed to contain $100 to a local store. Upon checking out, we found out that there was less than $5 on the card and we had to prove to the manager that we didn’t steal the card and explain the whole concept of GCZ. I contacted GCZ a few hours after getting home and received an email the following morning. Despite the fact that I had proof I wasn’t able to use the card, the representative was adamant that she could not issue a refund. I’ve been using the site for about a year and anytime there was any sort of issue with the card, the representatives were so kind and helpful, and they immediately issued refunds for problematic cards. I grew tired of repeating myself to the email representative and decided to call the support number. Not only was the first representative I spoke to rude, but I was handed off to three others and had to repeat my issue each time. All of the representatives were incredibly rude and one even flat out called me a liar (keep in mind that I do have proof of this issue). I can understand one rude customer service agent, but there were multiple ones in such quick succession and none of them offered any actual help for my issue. The customer service used to be great and if you had asked me a month ago if I were to recommend the site, I would have said absolutely, but this has caused a complete turn-around in my attitude towards the merchant. I will be filing a chargeback with my bank, as that’s my only option left, but I wanted to warn anyone who’s thinking about purchasing from GCZ."

Rating 2/10

Same as the rest... BS verified

"I ordered 2 Itunes gc's yesterday. While it took 5 hours it went through and they worked. When I tried to place another order today it took about 8 hours for them to cancel my order because it wasn't "verified". No issues with my CC. Bank did not question the charge. Now my funds are on hold. From the sound of the other reviews, I may have dodged a bullet. Just shady. "

Rating 2/10

Horrible third world credit security!!

"This company has to have a third world security credit checking unit. I have a 830 FICO score and all credit cards in impeccable standing. They rejected my credit cards AFTER requesting and receiving ALL the card security information. This company needs to invest in an American Credit security service to monitor the credit cards. NO HELP at all resolving the rejected cards. My advise is to not buy from the company and let the decline in business promote resolving a change in credit collecting and responsible accurate ratings."

Rating 2/10

Scam - Beware

"I called many times, couldn't talk to anybody. I wanted to buy cards in bulk and they didn't answer to any of my emails or voice messages. I finally bought some cards from the website and my order was immediately cancelled. Worst service ever! I would definitely not recommend this to anybody"

Rating 2/10

Sellers, Run Away, GO ANYWHERE ELSE!

"I stupidly tried to sell $300 in gift cards to them online. The next morning, they drained the balances to $0 and refused to pay. I lost $300. I tried to resolve it, they just sent me form letters. Then a full denial. They will steal everything and deny all liability so you will have nothing. I should have googled them first. I'm not alone. :-("

Rating 2/10

This Company is a FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD - DO NOT BUY

"This company is a complete and total FRAUD - I purchased gift cards, got to the restaurant and was horribly embarrassed when they didn't work. I purchased in May 2017 and the cards were used in 2012 - they sell you cards with 0 balances - I'm not sure where they are getting these, but it shouldn't be legal as they are a total SCAM. I was with the restaurant manager and Carrabbas on the phone for 50 minutes trying to figure this out. DO NOT BUY."

Rating 2/10

You Don't Want My Money?

"I tried to buy a small iTunes gift card through Gift Card Zen.

I tried over and over again, and they kept cancelling my transaction via email, or just not accepting it at all (Code 43).

I contacted support and they handed me a line of crap about how it is out of their hands, third party service, yada yada.

That's garbage: I buy things online all the time. All of my credit cards are in good standing and are regularly used (including the one that Gift Card Zen rejected). Third party authorization is the norm for online retailing.

Why, when I make online purchases at dozens of websites, does this one arrogantly decide that they do not want my business.

Finally, although I requested that they either accept me as a customer or close my account, they have not done either.

Hopefully something changes. I'd really like to use the site, but it is completely up to them. I'm not sure what kind of business model entails refusal to sell to a customer who wants to make a transaction.

Rating 2/10

Total **** scam...

"Bought a giftcard on 4/24...went to use, zero balance...Card was used on 4/2 and sold to me on 4/24"

Rating 2/10

Gift Card Zen has really fallen from grace

"WOW, Gift Card Zen has really fallen from grace now that RetailMeNot has purchased them. The former President Aaron Dragushan doesn't even respond to emails anymore. So, I recently bought 12 Noodles e-cards from them. Went to use one today, and it only had a partial balance. So, when I got home, I checked my remaining 10 cards, and ALL 10 had been defrauded (ZERO BALANCES)!! When the initially were selling the Noodles cards, they had like 1200-1500 of these cards for sale, and you're telling me that 10 of my 12 cards were defrauded?? This makes no sense! There is something underhanded going on here no doubt! I have been a GCZ customer for a long time, but this about does it for me. They initially had a one year guarantee, which then went to a FOREVER guarantee, and now it is just 100 days. That tells you how they're trending. And, when the all of the sudden went from a FOREVER guarantee to a one year guarantee, they didn't even tell any of their customers. I got completely blind sided by this. And, after reading just now that they only received 2.8 stars out of 10 based on 62 reviews on this site, that again says it all!!!"

Rating 6/10

refund was within 10 minutes

"I've been buying gift cards from a competitor for years. Lately their success means the discounts aren't what they used to be, So I tried GC zen. I ordered 2 cards. Took a day to get to me. No big deal. My problem was that before printing card, they had a box to check saying printable cards aren't guaranteed. No guarantee! no thank you! The person who sold the card could use it a few days later since they have all the info. If I wanted to buy without a guarantee then I would buy them on Ebay at a better discount. But I buy from re-sellers so that if the originator commits fraud it's their problem and that's why GC Zen gets 15% or so of the selling price. So they also provided a link to cancel order which I clicked and got the refund to pay pal in 10 minutes. Which seems much different than other peoples experiences. So no complaint there. Also to the winers out there; People who sell gift cards may be committing fraud. If your order was cancelled and they returned your money. They don't have to tell me why. You don't need to be a psychic to figure out they did due diligence and discovered it had a 0 balance so they returned your money. Stop wining and be happy they saved you from the fraud, which is why we use re-sellers. Not sure if I will try them again, but if I get the benefit of the 100 day guarantee I may. But next time maybe for a smaller amount under $50 because of the poor ratings and use it right away. Yes then actually getting it within an hour or two matters."

Rating 2/10


"Bought $800 worth of electronic gift cards that were supposed to be delivered in 24 hours by email. 72 hours later, no gift cards but they took my money. Called them but no one answers. Emailed them and 48 hours later they told me that my card was declined. I called my bank and they confirm the purchase went through and the money was taken. I told them to deliver the cards of refund my money. No response. I had to dispute the change with my bank. DO NOT BUY>>>THEY ARE A SCAM!! "

Rating 4/10

It worked - but the process and communication sucked

"So I basically tried to buy a $100 Amazon gift card for $98.
Long story short I got it!

But the process was NOT explained. After paying (and having them charge your card) - about an hour later I got a text verifying that I placed the order. After I verified that it was indeed me that placed the order - they sent me the card. But it was over an hour later - and they never explained this process. My expectation was that after I pay I should receive the card right away.

Anyway - I got what I wanted - but the communication was crappy about the process which made me feel insecure.

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