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278 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

"Associate refused my trade in said it was to late to do a cash trade. Really!!!! then thats false advertising. I had to go to another gamestop to do my trade. CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS"

Rating 2/10

"I received a few GameStop gift cards for Christmas and they both worked at first. I had already put the gift cards in on an online order so i removed them. I decided to wait and not make the purchase. I come back today to make the purchase and the cards wont work saying i have no balance. It also says $0 on the Gift card balance page. Transaction was not completed but the money on the gift cards is gone...come one GameStop"

Rating 2/10

"I'm not surprised to see all these bad reviews for Gamestop after my experience. I purchased a game for $35 but the salesman pulled the wrong game. The one I ended up with was only worth $18. I didn't notice it until about a week later because I bought several games and hadn't gotten to playing that one yet. When I came back to get the correct game it wasn't available, but I was able to pick out another game. That game was worth $18 as well and I was told I would be refunded the difference, but I did not receive a refund on my credit card. I returned to the store only to be told the manager said I was out of luck. She refused to refund my money and I ended up paying $35 for a $18 game. The manager was dishonest and literally stole money from me. "

Rating 2/10

""These guys are arrogant crooks -- my ten year old has been wanting to replace his Xbox 360 to play his old games. went to the tysons store as on line it said they had one. Wasted 20 mins there and they do not, but at least they tried to open the old one that had broken and that we thought of trading in so as to get a game out ( they couldn't do it but they tried). Tysons looked up who had one on their computer, called Vienna and Vienna had a used one for sale. Tysons asked if they had checked it, it had been checked but Vienna said would completely check it again. -- drive to Vienna, asked if they could try to get out the old game from old console - looked at me horrified and said they did not do repairs - they wouldn't even attempt it ( unlike policy at Tysons who had been super busy yet two assistants each tried and spent time on it. Vienna was empty - completely empty with three guys there. - Sold us the used xbox 360, said they had just checked it and it was completely fine -- got it home. My son so upset - we opened the tray to put game in --- tray won't close !! we're a family of 8 with several older kids in late teens - none could do it and all have had xboxs before and know what they're doing. The manager MUST have known he was selling us a dud. Now on their return policy we will not be able to get $ back only a store credit because it must be returned in working condition !! nightmare, so disappointing. Happens so often at Game Stop especially this one - no wonder its empty. Not going there again ! be warned stay away. Try Best Buy...."

Rating 2/10

"Lame customer service. Could not submit online feedback form due to a website error, and was on hold for 20 minutes to speak with a representative.
Purchased item for an additional $20 for prompt delivery. Was told would receive items by end of the week, and refunded the $20.
Apparently it had to be collected from a store, Sent to the warehouse and then sent to a different store and then finally to us, which takes some time.
if we don't receive it by tomorrow than to call back and they will process the refund. since we technically ordered on a weekend I guess they say two business days.
Understandable. What about this back and forth stuff? Is it still applicable? And then the line disconnects. Great.
Looking forward to waiting another 20 minutes tomorrow.

Rating 2/10

"Don't EVER pre-order from gamestop.com. We "pre-ordered" Call of Duty 3, which I expected to be here BEFORE or at least on the day it became generally available. But that's not the case, it's not arriving until November 5, a week after everyone else has it. This is probably an example of the worst online purchase experience I've ever seen. I will not allow my family to pre-order from gamestop again. BTW, I pre-ordered 2 movies from Amazon, and they came on or before the advertised availability date. Use Amazon, not gamestop."

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a Kinect With Dance Central Spotlight from Gamestop.com. The Dance Central game did not come as promised. I called their "customer service" line and, after being on hold for one hour and give minutes, I was told that the only way for me to get the game would be to return the entire Kinect unit for a replacement and then to call back and hold again to get everything working.

All they had to do was to give me a code and instead they sent me off on a wild goose chase. Caveat Emptor if you do business with these folks.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a Pipboy edition of Fallout 4 on their online store because it was available for a short time. There was an issue with the order and their website wouldn't let me order another one or cancel it.
I waited 2 hours for some guy in another country to answer my call, in that time the game had sold out and he told me there was nothing he could do.
I'd give them even less than one star if I could.
Never ever doing business with them again.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a used game online as I have done before with no issues. I spent 30 minutes trying to get it ordered. It kept telling me to log in repeatedly and kept adding 4 and 5 games to my cart. I finally get it ordered. Not only did it come 2 days late, The games was cracked in several places and doesnt play. I will never waste my time or money here in store or online."

Rating 10/10

"After reading extremely mixed reviews of peoples experiences with game stop after purchasing games etc, i was unsure whether to go with the cheap services of gamestop to buy fifa 16 for ps4 or to take less of a risk and pre order it off the likes of amazon or tesco etc. After some thinking i decided to go with gamestop and i pre ordered it for a very cheap price. The game came on the release date as promised with no problems or issues at all. An extremely easy experience that i would gladly go through again"

This review was modified by I_like_brocolli on October 02 2015 09:44:37 AM

Rating 2/10

"Avoid purchasing anything pre-order from gamestop at all costs.. If your CC is stolen your order will be cancelled without warning. and with pre-orders that have been sold out they will NOT rectify the issue. "IT'S POLICY" because of the way the CC was declined. This just happened with the new destiny collectors edition with me. As for me I will no longer be doing business with any gamestop/ebgames web site or store again. This is extremely poor service and only shows the leading goal get your money not work to give good service."

This review was modified by pissed_0ff_cust0mer on September 09 2015 06:54:04 PM

Rating 2/10

"Dear GameStop,
I ordered online, but seeing how I can't leave feedback online, I have to do it this way. Maybe you'll listen, maybe you won't. But I'll at least be able to tell someone how I feel about your horrid customer service and refurbished products in English and they'll be able to understand me.
So here goes the story for the 4th time...
I bought a refurbished iPod online. There's my first mistake.
I bought it from you, GameStop, a company that I had heard has some issues, but I thought I'd give it a try. There's my second mistake.
I bought the iPod on April 19 and it is now July 5. I took the iPod with me to Hungary when I traveled there in May and it had no issues other than not being able to keep a charge for more than 2 hours, which was something I could live with.
However, today, July 5th, I went to use the iPod and it would not turn on. It had previously been sitting on my coffee table for the last 5 weeks since I returned from Hungary and I have not touched it or used it since. While I was traveling, it was in a padded case in my laptop bag, which is also padded, so it received no jolting or damage of any kind.
Here's where you come into the picture! Are you ready for your lead role?
I called customer service and waited. No big deal, I figured it's busy, I can wait. Meanwhile, I was googling solutions for my iPod issue because, guess what, I'm not as stupid as the average technologically inept human being and wasn't going to sit through the whole 'Did you turn it on and off' interrogation. Bad news for me - the iPod is toast and will not be fixable. Good news for you - you are in a role to amend the situation and either give me a refund OR provide me with the same product, free of charge. I waited some more and then finally got to talk to a human being. However, I couldn't understand a single thing they said. I figure America is a land of multiple tongues, nationalities, etc. Essentially a lovely melting pot, right? That's the case anyway, until you call into a customer service representative and then none of them can speak English very well AND you can't understand them. I suspect this is a trick of GameStop to prevent them from having to actually fix their mistakes like a reputable company.
So here's the gist - because it's outside the 30 day mark for GameStop to do anything, you won't. This is what I expected.
However, what I didn't expect is for a piece of technology to fail after owning it for less than 60 days. This, again, is where you, GameStop, come in.
This is what I want: for you to fix this problem. I don't want an apology. SORRY DOESN'T FIX YOUR BAD REFURBISHING SKILLS. Do NOT apologize to me. I don't want to file a complaint that will go into the dusty corners of the file cabinet and be shredded after the mandatory how-ever-long-it-has-to-be-filed. I want this fixed. Immediately. There's no reason why this piece of technology should have failed so quickly, especially after the extremely light use I put it through. So this speaks measures about your abilities as a company to refurbish material. So either fix this the proper way - and maintain whatever shred of dignity you have left as a company - or, I'll add my complaint to the countless others of disgusted customers. Will this take you down? No. But hopefully someone who is wiser than I sees this and thinks twice or maybe three times about buying a piece of crap technology from a piece of crap company who can't stand behind their own values.
The choice is yours.
I don't expect to hear back from you and I don't expect to receive any kind of refund or compensation for the trouble and frustration you've caused me. All I can hope is that you will consider what the right thing to do is, and do it. Gladly.
I would bid you good day but that would mean that I have any pleasant feelings toward this company at all. That's not the case. So, do your job, fix this problem and our paths will never cross again.
K. Frush

Note: This is a work in progress. If I receive a reply, I'll post what they said back and what I said back to them. Also, please read the above letter as scathingly and sarcastically as possible. I'm furious. If I could put NO stars, I would. But I can't, so they unfortunately get one.

This review was modified by kfrush on July 05 2015 03:30:32 PM

Rating 10/10

"My sons love this place. I love it because I can take all my boys to one store and they are all happy! "

Rating 10/10

"I love GameStop. They are a great store to deal with. Their staff are the most friendly staff ive EVER dealt with(in EVERY store). Ive shopped in a couple of different GameStop Stores and its strange because its really friendly and helpful in all the stores. My local store is Clarehall but I would use Donaghmede, Santry and Swords quite regularly too. Ibe shopped in the Finglas, Blanchardstown and city centre branches too. And each and every one of them is as friendly as the others. I definitely give it 100% for customer service but prices and Services are spot on too. I dont shop for myself there, I shop for my children and husband but it is definitely a favourite store. They spend the time explaining games, consoles Etc.and always tell me best value for money and give me money saving tips. Definitely a 5 Star shop!!!"

Rating 8/10

"I live in Michigan. Searching high and low for a refurbished PS3 60gb backwards compatible console. I had to drive 325 miles round trip to the State of Illinois to buy this console. The console seems to work perfectly fine. The Playstation logo is not on the cover (disappointing). For those of you who buy the PS3 backward compatible consoles, remember, that ONLY the 60gb has the actual hardware for playing PS1 & PS2 games, whereas the 20, 40, and 80gb consoles are software. Also, whatever you do, DO NOT update these consoles with Sony's new updates because it damages the consoles. Although I just purchased my console today, I am impressed with its performance. This purchased console "has not" had any new Sony updates. I do not play online, and I have no interest in any of Sony's online features. This console should last for several years leaving internet connectivity disabled.
Also, copy all Gamestop receipts, originals fade with age.

This review was modified by coldsteel41 on April 14 2015 01:15:19 AM

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