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  • Rating 2.83/10 124 reviews

    2.83 / 100
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    Product & services pricing Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.67/10 1.67/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.33/10 3.33/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10

All 124 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I ordered $50.+ worth of electronics parts all listed on the web site as in stock. After getting a confirmatory email, I heard nothing further for two weeks, finally after waiting and expecting my parts I look for their phone number on their web site. Lo and behold they do not have a phone number or addressed listed, neither could I find a phone number anywhere on the web. Then I send an email to their customer service email on their web site I get a quick response back from somebody named Alan who lists himself as sales manager, saying my order is complete will advise shipping information shortly.
After seven or more days I get no shipping information. I email him twice, I get no responses from him. Finally I call my credit card company (Chase) to file a claim. Chases check if they have a phone number for this company. They do not have one, they have phone numbers for every other merchant I deal with. I send another email to Alan to cancel my order and that I have contacted my credit card about them. The next day I get an email from Alan saying they have all the parts except __. I email back I want him to cancel the order and issue a complete refund including shipping charges, as he shipped nothing. I hear nothing further from him until a few days later when he says he will cancel the order and issue a refund I check with the credit card company they had not received the refund yet so they send me a long claim form I had to fill out I filled out the form and faxed it with documented emails. A few days later I called the credit card company to see if they received the fax they had not, so I asked to check if I had received a refund from them, it turned out in the interim they had sent the refund. If you do`not really need need your parts and are prepared to deal with these lies and bs from them and to waste your valuable time, not to mention the aggravation,then go ahead and deal with this company. If not, do yourself a favor and order from another company even if you pay a few dollars more. I then ordered from Jameco Electronics a US based company, and got the same parts for about the same price and they were shipped the day I ordered them. I got them a few days later.

modified review This review was modified by mansrol on March 05 2014 05:25:59 PM

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I ordered $60.oo worth of stuff from these guys.
I waited 3 months for these guys to send me something for nothing.
The guy explained that they were awaiting a shipment that contained a part that would complete my order.
The same guy offered to send me what he had in stock right away and send the remainder at no extra cost at a later date. I agreed, please send you have got!
I waited more... then emailed an order cancelation and refund request.
Now they will not respond at all.
I can only report these (CRAP) scammers to the FBI as far as Paypal knows and sends instructions on how to do so.

Update: I received my refund 1 hour after writing the above review.

modified review This review was modified by randyk1963 on January 25 2014 07:52:46 PM
Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"I ordered some solar cells from this place, then later that day looked them up here. Oops. I didn't bother looking them up first because I first visited their website years ago and figured if they're still around, they're reputable. It appears that some customers have good experiences, and some don't. I initially wanted to cancel the order but decided to see what happened.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received email notification the order shipped the next day. It said I should receive it within 7-10 days. 10 days came and went, nothing. I wasn't in a hurry, so I waited awhile longer.

18 days later it arrived, and the merchandise looks good. It was shipped from Singapore to the USA. I paid so little for these things so the extra time is OK with me. But whether I order from them again will depend on how impatient I am and how much cheaper the item is compared to a domestic supplier.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I'm so pissed at this company, I placed an order on 10-28-2013 and today is 12-09-2013 and they haven't shipped it yet. I contacted them, this is what I got in return today.

Only 7SR3911AS (Single Hi-Red 0.39in CC 7-Segment LED Display)$0.35 is unavailable from your order and is currently out of stock.

The replacement stock is not expected to arrive at our warehouse in the immediate future and some delay is expected.

Please advise us if there is a substitute with another part with the same amount ?

Should you have any further enquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards




modified review This review was modified by younasa on December 09 2013 01:54:59 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"What can I say. I guess I should have googled this company before I ordered from them. This company ripped me off plain and simple I ordered transistors from them and I did not get what I paid for. I emailed the company for over two weeks now and get no response except this
"Dear Chris

Please confirm the amount difference appeared on your bank statement and we will issue a refund that amount. "

I am not talking about the difference between my order and what I paid I am talking about the wrong parts being sent to me. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. IF YOU WANT PARTS GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. DIGIKEY MOUSER ECT. They do not have a phone number you can call them at I wonder why lol its because they dont want to deal with customer service issues! This company does not stock its own product they are simply a drop shipper. stay away from this company!

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I have purchased from Futurlec in the past and just purchased
from them a few days ago . Their shipping is slower than most
electronic sites for parts .But if there is a problem filling
a part in your order they can't fill they will ask by e mail
how you want to handle it by refund or with other part sub
for it . Their parts are quality and low cost And you can't
beat their shipping rates . Futurlec is on the up&up

modified review This review was modified by DavefromPgh on September 20 2013 02:08:03 PM
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I'm surprised at the low ratings given here to Futurlec. Their prices are very low and customer service is very responsive. True, their order fulfilment time is very very long, and they generally don't notify if a product is out of stock. But they have always billed only when the order is shipped. Most orders come from Thailand apparently so long delivery times are expected. If I need something fast I go to Element14 or a local store."

modified review This review was modified by ksarkies on August 18 2013 06:20:02 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Had to create an account here just to show my dissatisfcation and to warn potential customers.
I bought a couple of different types of transistors from the site at very cheap prices. The webpage clearly showed the items were in stock. After a week I noticed my shipment still wasn't shipped, so I emailed them. I got a response saying that they were out of stock on all my items and I had to wait 5-7 business days just for them to receve it, then another week for it to arrive to me. It's been two weeks since my purchase and the order has not even shipped yet.
Futurlec seemed like a credible company after looking at some forums where people buy from them regularly. However, be warned that if you buy something that says in stock, Futurelec will leave you hanging for weeks upon weeks. If you need any essential parts, stay clear. The only positive thing is that they responded. Whether they said 5-7 to shut their customers up for a week or not, I will have to see.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I've used Futurlec for years and have ordered from them several times. Their prices and selection on electronic components are great... but the last few orders I have placed with them have proven to be a disaster.

I placed an order over 5 weeks ago.

First off, they charged my credit card immediately after I placed the order.

I didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks so I emailed them. When I finally heard back, they said that some of the items were on backorder and they would arrive in 1 to 2 weeks, so I agreed to wait.

Two weeks came and went with no movement on the order so I emailed them again.

When I finally heard back, they offered to cancel the backordered items, refund the difference and ship out the order immediately.

Still no movement on the order and nothing was refunded to my card.

Still waiting and hoping I won't have to contact my bank!

modified review This review was modified by frap23 on July 17 2013 02:58:45 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"they all are cunts. Never order something from them. They are the biggest Scammers on the planet."

modified review This review was modified by tarkan on May 17 2013 01:55:39 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Scam, scam, scam!!! If you were smart enough to check rating on of this company you will notice that it's a pure scam. They charge your credit card, but never even attempt to ship anything. I ordered my stuff a month ago. Order status says "Order Entered". Card was charged immediately and amount was actually higher than invoiced.
I'm opening dispute with my credit card.
Cannot believe I made a mistake of ordering from a company without checking here first...

Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"I have been using Futurlec for the past 3 years. On the whole they are great - their prices are fantastic. But they have some very bad practices that I find annoying. Their communication through email is terrible. If they could improve on these areas then they would be better for all their customers. In all that time (3 years) I would have spent $1000's of dollars. Had one major delay due to part not being in stock - so they hold but don't let you know. Thats just a crazy business practice. But here's the rub - they are so cheap I put up with that and other annoying things - because on the whole I save money.
Heres a tip/info - they give 3 options for postage. If you chose the cheapest option then you are getting sea freight and expect 6-7 weeks, if you chose the middle option expect 2-3 weeks, if you pay most expensive - still takes 1-2 weeks. if you are getting delays beyond these times email a few times - generally the problem will be they are out of stock and are delaying sending. You can tell them to cancel the part from your order. This is also an annoying practice employed by deal extreme and other chinese companies. Instead of having to send twice and paying for 2 lots of postage due to their error - they try and avoid and just send one time, but not let you know that they are doing this.
So the bottom line is if you are in a hurry then Futurlec may not be the best place to order from. If time is not an issue and you are trying to save money - then give them a try.

modified review This review was modified by SteveF2013 on January 30 2013 05:00:52 AM
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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Rip Off. I ordered $10 worth of parts Nov 9. and received a confirmation email. Then nothing. Emails I sent to customer service bounced back as "not a good address". I figured I'd never see any parts. My card was billed immediately, and Futurlac is not in NYC as they say it is in Australia so I was also hit with an international transaction fee. 7 weeks later I get a "dispatched" email. 17 days later the parts finally arrive in the mail from Germany. Total time from ordering to arrival - 7 weeks. But get this - the one part I really wanted was not shipped and the paperwork said cancelled. Not buy me it wasn't. The other parts in the order cost under $2 and I could have bought them at my neighborhood Radio Shack. I just added them since they were cheap and I was already paying the $4 shipping. Of course I don't see where my credit card was credited back for the cancelled part. This place is a joke. Save yourself the grief - shop somewhere else."

Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"I just found a few delays in my order and thought I'd check on the reviews for this company. They don't seem very good. I've ordered from Futurlec 3 times now. Each time I've received what I've ordered, at a great price, well labelled, however, yes a little late. 1 to 2 weeks seems more like 2 to 3 weeks. I'm guessing the company is busy (which is a good thing) and delays are because they source parts from around the country. I'm also guessing that sometimes they get orders partially wrong. I emailed the other day about my order and did get an update status. I emailed again today - and again a quick response. We can see quite a few complaints here. I'd be interested to hear from happy customers. Remember everyone, if you want quick, professional service there's a always a price to pay. If I want things quickly - rscomponents, but it costs more. Futurlec are extremely cheap. And no, I have no affiliation. Chris. Australia.
9 Nov - just received my order all in labelled bags and no mistakes. So they're not as bad as some of these reviews say. But that's only me.

modified review This review was modified by chrisow on November 09 2012 02:31:15 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I want to contact the authorities and would recommend that no one buy from this company ever. They do not respond and took over $300, it is a major scam please avoid ever using this company. I still have not received my product and it is 2 months. Now they do not even respond to emails. "

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