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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.86/10 2.86/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.11/10 1.11/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.88/10 1.88/10
    Customer service: Rating 2.81/10 2.81/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.83/10 0.83/10
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Rating 4/10

Frames are my complaint

"I did quite a bit of research on whether or not framesdirect sold legitimate frames and I couldn't find anything to shun me away. Especially after learning that Ray-Ban actually has a chinese manufacturer (I am guessing its for just glasses).

I originally ordered a pair of Ray-Ban RX7047. I got them with expedited shipping and they were made and delivered in about a week and a half.

After receiving them I was pretty disappointed. The material was flimsy, the arms were bowed out and they just didn't feel like I thought they would for Ray-Bans. I immediately compared them to the 5 other pairs of glasses I've ordered from ZENNI OPTICAL and they actually paled in comparison from a quality stand point.

On top of the initial quality assessment, I noticed fractures at the bridge where it looked like the lenses were forced. I went all out on the lenses for these and included the Eye-zen "anti-reflective" coating. Well after a few days of wearing them, when the light hit them the right way I noticed scuffs on the lenses. At that point I decided to submit a return request do to those two issues.

I called and spoke with 2 different people - both were very nice and told me how the process would work. I inquired about the Ray-Ban RX5279 model as it is the one I originally wanted but they didn't have it in stock at the time of ordering the first pair.

I had to write a note describing the issues and also included the inquiry for possible exchange to RX5279 model.

Once they received the defective glasses it took about 3 weeks for me to get the new pair (they went ahead and exchanged for the model I wanted originally).

I got them in and was much happier with the Ray-Ban RX5279 model but was still disappointed in overall quality. The frames won't sit on my face correctly because they're bent out of shape and I've tried fixing them but they keep rebounding back. One of the arms wiggles and they squeak like crazy. They also put the Eye-zen coating on the new ones when I asked them not to because it basically turns your glasses into a blue mirror. Theres essentially no anti-reflective property whatsoever (thats my only complaint on the lenses). I'm just too burnt out on waiting to submit a return for a refund at this point, not to mention my prescription changed so I'd have to go back to blurryness again for probably another 3 weeks.

I gave them 2 stars because their customer service was good - turn around was lengthy but they did allow me to exchange for different frames.

If you're looking to get a nice designer pair of glasses I'd recommend going with getting fitted and ordering from a legitimate store - thats what I will do moving forward... or if you don't want to spend a ton of money, check out zenni optical, get your PD and temple length figured out you won't be disappointed for $40 shipped.

Rating 2/10


"Without going into all the details, the absolute worst buying experience I have ever had. Nothing but delays. Never did receive my glasses!"

Rating 2/10

Half vision

"Couldn't see so sent them back to have PD fixed. Again still couldn't see. I have a challenging prescription so asked to just refund. They messaged me they noticed glasses were made wrong and offered to refund some money if willing to let them correct. I agreed. One lens great, can't see clearly out of other one. Said I would try to get to Dr. Office to check things out but haven't been able to get there. Contacted them and now they say they can fix for 50% of pricing but if not right still they won't do anything. (Not to mention I did pay to send them back to them the last time.) Asked if I can just get the refund like I asked for in the first place and they are not answering back, so now I need to warn others that they are not willing to take care of their customers. Never will use again! Never had a problem with Zenni.com so will find frames I like there. "

Rating 2/10

Never ordering from this site again

"Be careful, if you don't like what you order, you'll be paying to mail that item back, plus a restocking fee. So you are paying twice for a product you don't want."

Rating 2/10

long story short....they are the worse

"Was lied to for 3 months!! 1st it was in the lab ..out soon but didn't pass quality review then was on order...you get the picture. Never got glass's!!! "

Rating 2/10

50% Restocking Fee

"That's akin to loansharking. I would have loved to cancel my order but that is a steep price. It took 6 weeks before I received that glasses. Certainly not buying from these guys again, but looking for another site to purchase from for my kids."

Rating 2/10

Not in Stock, or Discontinued!

"Worst experience ever! I was looking for designer frames and saw that FramesDirect.com had a great selection. I picked Versace VE1163B on 5/30/17, chose the lenses and paid for my order. The next day I receive an email saying that my order is being processed. Two day later I receive an email from them stating that "Due to high demand" these are on backorder. What? Ok, so I went back, picked another brand, this time Chopard VCHB73. I paid for the difference of the two frames and was hopeful that all would be good. Nope, I received an email stating that I will be notified when my order ships... Then on 6/05/17, I receive an email that these were discontinued. WTF?!? I emailed back, frustrated at this point, and asked if I could just get the lenses and I will get the frames elsewhere, since this eye glasses company didn't have the only thing they sell available. I received an email back that they cannot do that, but they would like to give me 10% off for my hassle. LOL, WOW, what a deal for a week of wasted time, NOT. I cancelled my order, I do NOT suggest wasting time here. By the way, the discontinued Chopard VCHB73, are still listed on their site as being available. "

Rating 2/10

It's the worst experience ever!!!!

"Rude customer service and they are so unhelpful... It's very expensive for nothing there's many places you can get better price and service with no stress... I will never buy from them EVER!!!"

Rating 2/10

Poor poor service

"Could'nt even get off the ground, after multiple attempts to place an order both on line and by phone, the order was cancelled the following day when the company's computer software could'nt figure out how to charge my perfectly good credit card. The order was cancelled and I was told it could not be redone without using PayPal. I felt coerced and dumped. I won't be buying from framesdirect.com."

Rating 2/10

Absolutely the Worst Customer Service for an Online Product Ever

"The WORST. Ordered online from FramesDirect. Provided a picture of my face (used to measure pupil distance) and copy of prescription the night I ordered the glasses. Was assured by "Amandaf" who was handling my prescription, my glasses would be done in 2 weeks and sent out. I paid for premium overnight shipping because, as I explained to Amanda, I needed the glasses by the end of that 2nd week (3 days after the 2 week period for making the glasses) because I was going on vacation and was driving, and since my prescription had changed a lot I was not seeing well in my current glasses.
Fast forward 2 weeks. No email from anyone w/ tracking # for package. Called Amanda, left message (she didn't pick up). Sent an email backup asking about the email w/ tracking #. She didn't call/email back. I called back several hours later and reached her. She said tomorrow was actually the "2 week" day and she felt, based on experience, the email would come from the lab later that evening or the next morning. She said she had a call in to her lab correspondent but hadn't heard back. She said she'd touch base with me the next day.
Next day: no email w/ tracking #. No call, no email from Amanda. Called, left message, emailed. Heard nothing. Called back, asked the receptionist to speak to Amanda's supervisor and she said the supervisor was in a meeting. I asked that he call me back. She said she'd leave a message. Two hours later I called back and the receptionist said he was still in a meeting but he knew to call me. Travis finally called me an hour later, 3 hours after I'd asked to speak to him. By this time it was lateish, around 6:30-7:00 p.m. my time (an hour earlier in Texas). I explained the situation. He checked and said Amanda must have gotten the email from the lab tech late and hadn't reached out to me yet, but he could see an email and the lab had conducted a quality control test and the lenses didn't pass, so they had to be remade. I said "WHAT?". He said it doesn't happen often, but when it does they won't ship out defective lenses. I explained I needed and expected the lenses by Thus., as my husband and I were leaving to go on vacation on Friday. He said he could put a rush on the glasses, but it would take 2-5 days. I said, "Then I probably won't get them, will I?" because it was already Tuesday NIGHT. He said no, he didn't think I would. I told him Amanda never mentioned this possibility, and I'd explained to her I needed the glasses before I went on vacation. He said he was sorry and offered to refund the premium overnight shipping charge. I said no, that wasn't sufficient. I felt Travis wasn't empowered to solve the problem or give me a reasonable refund/reduction in price, so I asked to speak to HIS supervisor. He said no one was available at that time. I said, "There isn't ONE person above you who is available on site?" I INSISTED he find someone and finally Travis called the Operations Manager, Al, and patched him through to me on the phone.
As with everyone I'd spoken to, Al was very polite. I explained what was going on. Al gave me a lot of platitudes, explained that their quality control was very strict and they wouldn't ship out defective glasses. I said that's all well and good, but NO ONE EXPLAINED TO ME THAT THIS MIGHT HAPPEN and I needed the glasses in 2 days. He said, could we ship them to where you're staying? Initially I said yes, but then realized since we were only going for a long weekend the glasses might miss us there, and then would have to be found (at a summer cottage), sent back and reshipped. This plan wouldn't work. Al offered to send them for free and also offered me (his second offer) $40 off the price of the glasses - which cost $375.25. I laughed and said, "Really, you're offering a little bit over 10% for all this trouble? I've been on the phone and sending emails for 2 days and either no one gets back to me or it takes hours, and it was never disclosed to me the glasses had to pass a quality control test and might not even be shipped out in 2 days, and this is it?" He said that was the best he could do.
I'd had it by then (by now it was 8:00 p.m. my time) and said, no, just refund my money. I'll find someone else to make my glasses. Al said, there is a 50% fee. I was momentarily confused and said, "What?" He said, we only refund 50% of the total cost. I said, "Are you out of your mind? I don't even HAVE the glasses!" He said, "That's our policy." I hung up.
I looked up FramesDirect's company website and got Dr. Dhavid Cooper's name (founder and CEO0. I sent a snail mail LETTERw/ a copy of my email to Amandaf which outlined the story above and said I wanted a REFUND IN FULL. When I got back from vacation (the following week) I had an email -- from PAYPAL -- stating FramesDirect had refunded my purchase of $375.25. Never received an apology from FramesDirect. No email, no letter, no phone call. Just the refund.

Rating 2/10

Terrible customer service

"I ordered two pair of glasses. One was shipped to me. My credit card was billed for two pair! Customer service will not respond to me! Buyer Beware!!!"

Rating 2/10

AWFUL quality

"I have ordered eyeglasses 5 years ago with them and had no issue. HOWEVER I ordered a new pair of eyeglasses this year and I'm very disappointed with the product. I ordered frame Ray-Ban RX5114 and what I received on the mail was awful. Lenses were fine but the frame looked cheap, the arms creak every-time you move them. The whole frame creaks and makes noises when you put them on or take them off. It looks like a toy frame. It's almost laughable and of course made in China. I called to find out about the return policy and in top of reducing 50% of what you paid for the lenses from your refund I have to pay for shipping expenses to return it. Really? This quality is NOT acceptable."

Rating 2/10

Zero customer service! Deceitful policies!

"Zero customer service! Deceitful policies! "

Rating 2/10

If I could give them a 1/2 star I would ! Buyer be aware.... do NOT purchase from them .

"You think you will save money but all you're getting is a hassle and a headache . Here is my experience: my friend had on a pair of cute glasses , loved them ! She order them from a legit site but found them on frames direct ! Sweet I'm getting them ! Filled out all the info , card info and boom . Simple . Ha that's a joke ! I get an email saying the frames were back ordered until July , they wouldn't charge me until the product was shipped .
Well ... my card was charged .
The sent me a list a frames they had instock , sweet found another pair I liked . They emailed me , made the switch even refunded me some money bc those lens were cheaper .
Please allow 2/3 weeks for the item to ship .
1 week later Email again sorry those frames are backordered until the end of May .
Not acceptable at all !
So here I am today going around and around with them , I've requested a call with no luck ! Take your business elsewhere

Rating 8/10

A Fan!

"Normally, I am all about reviews. I ordered from framesdirect.com prior to reading reviews and to say I was apprehensive is an understatement, all for nothing. The entire process was pleasant for the most part. I ordered normal glasses with progressive lenses and sunglasses. I have 2 issues though. 1, It took me FOREVER to search for sunglasses because many I chose were sold-out or discontinued. I think items should be marked as such or removed when discontinued, Natasha in customer service was very helpful and responsive via email and phone. Her responses were within 24 hours. My second issue, is shipping. Let me preface by saying I understand why they want a signature at delivery but that is not always convenient for everyone. Maybe they could consider an indirect signature, like VERIZON. A reviewer did mention that pick up at UPS was restricted per their shipping policy, I did not find that the case. When I called CS, I was told delivery would be attempted 3 times then items would be held at UPS for 5 days to enable customer pick up. I had both pairs of glasses in my hot little hands within 14 days despite the sunglasses PIA. All in all, I now know what to expect and will definitely order from framesdirect.com again.They have a huge selection and much better pricing than my local businesses."

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