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63 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

"Ive been trying to get some sort of response from Etsy after trying for a month now to get my money back from an etsy seller who charged my card, never sent me what i paid for and wont bother to respond to any of my emails. since the "call back" feature seems to diabled. all ive gotten are automated responsenses and one pre-scripted email from an admin who offered no help at all. in fact, it seems like im the one being treated as though i did something wrong and am nothing more than an annoyance to the company. there was a "case opened" over a week ago, to which nothing has happened with. and now im told that someone will check back in with me in a week, and that i need to give the seller time to respond. I should not to give this THEIF anymore time to ignore me, while they have my money in their bank account. the fact that etsy supports these theives is just as bad. At this point, the monetary value is nothing... the fact that i have been ignored while an esty seller has stolen from me makes me livid. i will never use this site again for anything. Their busniess practices are completely backwards, they make it impossible to communicate with anyone there, even when the law is being broken"

This review was modified by mirab5419 on November 18 2015 08:16:07 AM

Rating 2/10

"Do not buy from "FromAppalacia". Terrible seller, lacking any curtesy and refusal to correct mistakes. "

This review was modified by Mary_mac10 on September 14 2015 08:14:18 AM

Rating 2/10

"I had several RL issues hit me at once, which resulted in less than 10% of my Etsy orders being shipped late. Etsy said that since I had such a good record previously, they would put me on probation for 30 days to give me a chance to turn things around. During that time, they would hold all money I made, and it would be released upon successful completion of probation. I was encouraged to complete as many new transactions as possible because the more positive reviews I had, the better my numbers would be. Within the probation period, I resolved all the complaints against me, and completed over 200 new transactions without complaints. I earned pages and pages of 5 star reviews. Etsy then informed me that I had failed probation (?) and that they will hold my money for SIX MONTHS because someone else might file a complaint against me in the future. All of my items are shipped. Most have already received excellent feedback. There is absolutely no justification for them to hold my money. And by the way, they reminded me that my bill is due the first of next month. Etsy's website states that I can request a committee review of my suspension. I did so, but was informed that there would be no review and the agent's decision was final. Etsy obviously never had any intention of working with me and the whole probation period was nothing but their way of making as much money as possible off me before leaving me high and dry. "

Rating 10/10

"Wonderful Sellers! Gorgeous e-Commerce Website Positive Feedback Review
An Educated Consumer is the Best Customer. A buyer shopping online has as much responsibility today as a seller since there is a system called Feedback. Companies are required to ask for your feedback but this doesn't mean that you must respond or have a field day by nit-picking because a certain high power is given to you. If a seller has all positive reviews, then this keeps the seller's reputation in place. This doesn't mean they receive more orders. But a negative feedback can ruin a person's life. Do you really realize this? Do you care? Are you a caring person? Behind the monitor are living breathing human beings and many are small business sole shop owners just trying to survive on the little extras they make selling online. Some sellers are just starting out and some are on social security. Smartphones only show the photo and title upfront even though after several clicks, there usually is a lengthy description which lists the condition, color, and measurements. Buyers need to Read! Assuming a product is exactly what a buyer in excitement anticipated it to be in their mind doesn't make it that product. Perception is different for different people. And if a buyer didn't carefully read the item specifics then should they casually give negative feedback and walk away? On some sites as ETSY even with positive feedback, some buyers think a decent rating of 4 stars is good enough. After all, no one is perfect. If a seller did everything correctly by shipping on time, and the buyer is happy then why not be generous? I have been buying and selling online for years with 100% feedback intact everywhere, and I still am frightened to death of a negative. The stress level of a seller is outrageous. Not only are small business shop owners; sellers, but they have to be professional in every aspect such as buying, producing, researching, photography, packing, shipping, copyrighting, customer service and promoting across the web for hours each day. Does a consumer need to be concerned? No, but understanding behind the scenes may calm down a frustrated buyer. Yes, there are large companies and corporations with employees that sell too. But on an large e-commerce website such as ETSY which consist of thousands of small businesses, it's helpful to keep in mind that these shops may have just one person doing everything, therefore patience and compassion would be very appreciated. Expecting a handmade product to be instantly created and look factory-made, or shipped next day and arrive immediately, or an antique or vintage item that has survived 80 years to be in perfect condition and perceived exactly the way it is in your dreams is unfair and highly unethical to give a negative because you didn't ask questions or bother to read. Kindness goes a long way not just for the small business owner but for the buyer too. Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Rating 2/10

"Don't ever use that website Etsy. If someone scams people they close down the account, but they don't offer a refund for their lack of due diligence or even notify you. They leave you sitting there waiting like an idiot. Then they tell you to go through PayPal in hopes that the waiting period has not elapsed. So let me get this straight, a claim is time sensitive and Etsy makes zero effort to notify you of a fraudulent account they had? Now I have no time to find a replacement in time. I'm not only out the money, but I can't get the item in time for my family event."

Rating 10/10

"I have been selling and purchasing on Etsy for 1 1/2 years. As a purchaser, I've had one bad experience with a seller who never sent my items and quit answering emails. I filed a claim through Etsy and after a 2 week investigation, I was reimbursed in full. I don't understand why there are so many complaints about Etsy being non-responsive to buyers with complaints, as that has not been my experience. As a seller, I very clearly state my return policies, materials and metal compositions. I take many pictures to give the purchasers a clear idea of what it is that I’m selling. I stress on every listing that the customer needs to make sure that they give an accurate measurement when ordering. I make chokers, and this is imperative. I’ve accepted items for resizing even when the purchaser ordered the wrong size. At one time I did this for free, but now I charge a small fee for any needed materials and for postage when the original item I sent was made as was requested. My markup is small and for me to do this for free costs usually costs more than what I had made on the original sale. I’ve received two reviews stating that they feel my items are too pricey, even though my profit averages below $10 after materials, shipping supplies and an hour of my time. I'm not a big company who can buy materials in bulk at a substantial savings. I buy most of my materials from other Etsy sellers. I don't get angry over negative comments, but it can be quite disheartening when I make a real effort to offer items as affordable as possible. I’ve received a couple comments regarding slow delivery when tracking shows the item mailed earlier than the processing times stated in my policies, due to USPS issues, which I’ve addressed immediately. Normally I bug the USPS until the items are located or reship a new item. When it's not possible, I’ve issued a refund and took the hit, even though it was no fault of my own. I’ve end up in the red at times as my items are made of leather and leather is not a cheap material. 99.9% of my customers have been wonderful but, just like anywhere, there are those who are out to get something free. Example: I replaced an item a customer stated they never received, only to have the same customer come back months later, order another item, and state that they never received it either; even though the tracking in both instances showed that the items were delivered to their mailbox. I replaced both the items and took the loss. I’ve had a customer whose review stated that the item had glue spilled on the leather cord giving a grimy appearance and that it was too big. I contacted him, apologized for his bad experience, asked what all was wrong and if I had sent the wrong size. His reply was that he had ordered the wrong size; that there was glue spilled on the leather cord and on the focal making it look grimy; that the person he gave it to loved it and saw no problems; and that he is a picky person. The problem here is that I use a gel adhesive that doesn't run and I sent the right size; however his review implies that he received a totally nasty, grimy choker in the wrong size. I refunded his purchase price and postage even after he stated it wasn’t necessary, didn’t ask he return the item, and still all he left his review as is with the exception of adding that he was giving me back a star due to good customer service. When it comes to the items I make, I recheck and re-measure items repeatedly before packing for shipment. I have a large box of items at home that didn't look quite right to me when finished, so I remade a new item to send that met my satisfaction. People who’ve looked through this box normally can’t see any flaws on my self-rejected items, but I won't sell them if I believe there’s an issue. What people don’t understand is, just like when buying on eBay, they’re buying from individual sellers who have their own policies. Read the seller's policies/shipping times before buying. Just like stores in a mall, each seller pays for their own space and operating costs. Do you hold the mall responsible for having a bad buying experience with one of the stores? When buying handmade / custom made items, it takes time for the item to be made. Most of the sellers are a 1-2 person operation. There’s no rack or bin of readymade items or a shop full of mass producing employees, and they don’t have the major corporation advantage of buying bulk priced materials. I make every attempt to respond to messages within 24 hours. This isn’t always easy since I, like many sellers, have a full-time job as well. I enjoy and take pride in what I do. I’m sure I’m not the only seller like this. It’s not fair to judge Etsy as a whole for bad practices of a few. "

This review was modified by submissiveofferings on July 01 2015 01:37:33 PM

Rating 2/10

"Non-Responsive...order never sent and no way to resolve issue (does not accept phone calls or respond to requests for a call back)"

This review was modified by rknox5 on May 19 2015 02:53:26 PM

Rating 10/10

"I am a Seller on Etsy, I am shocked by all the bad reviews I see., I have to say I also buy on Etsy and I have a few bad experiences as well, but overall, 90 percent of my purchase were 100 percent wonderful. It is a shame that a hand full of Bad Sellers have to ruin it for all the Top Notch Sellers on Etsy. I have over 710 perfect reviews, I deliver most of all my packages by Priority mail,within 1 business day of purchase. I have sold over 2216 items within 2 years and my goal i to make each customer happy at any cost!. I will do my best to make you happy, please people dont let a few bad sellers stop you from coming to Etsy., stop by my shop www.etsy.com/shop/cottoncreekcotage and see what can be a great experience. I sell Vintage Transferware, Dinnerware,Linens and Primitives.
Thank you, Linda

This review was modified by cottoncreekcottage on May 11 2015 12:22:16 PM

Rating 2/10

"Closed my shop without warning!!! No return email or call. There is no phone line that lets you talk to a person, only directs you to there help on website. All the items are over priced. I was making money selling my items for a reasonable price. Was I not making enough money for them? I hope etsy closes its door!!!! I truly wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but am so sad I did! Just look at their ratings all over the web THERE HORRIBLE!"

This review was modified by Cafecases on April 29 2015 04:30:31 PM

Rating 10/10

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE ETSY!!! My wedding couldn't have been done without etsy. Want cute little paper hearts to scatter around? Etsy! Want colored non allergic fake flowers that almost look real?!?!? Just Etsy! I am a firm believer in Etsy, if you can't tell. Cute crafts, cute ideas, just flat out cute. "

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a ring for my daughter's friend as a present. That was on 24.12.14. I have still not received it. The seller has ignored the emails I have sent to him. I will never use etsy again "

This review was modified by dusk58 on February 28 2015 04:18:33 PM

Rating 2/10

"No protection against fraud. I bought a necklace for one of my bridesmaids from "Sharies." The necklace came broken, and when I returned it she was rude bordering on cruel and she:
1) denied it was broken
2) Told me that it was my fault if the necklace was broken because she posted an image of it
3) Told me that I did not know how the clasp worked and that's why I thought it was broken
4) Told me if it was broken, the mistake happened in shipping
5) Told me there was no possibility of returns and I should have thought of that before I bought a necklace from her
6) Told me I had no recourse for reporting internet fraud because she clearly states on her Etsy page that she accepts NO RETURNS
I can see why

This review was modified by AstaKula on February 18 2015 03:41:37 PM

Rating 2/10

"i never recieved my order;the seller nor etsy respond to my emails;;they basically just stole my money!"

This review was modified by mandysmith123 on February 01 2015 11:07:10 PM

Rating 2/10

"This worst company online. Stay away. This review comes from a seller on Etsy. I have been selling antiques on Etsy since 2012. They have something called "Direct checkout". Etsy holds your money for 5 working days. This is how they make money on our money. I closed my shop and Etsy continues to bill me.
Stay away.

This review was modified by Hillarysantiques on February 01 2015 12:51:21 PM

Rating 2/10

"I see a lot of teed off customers from etsy.com customers. Well, I have had a real bad experience to from some dishonest woman who calls her shop The Vintage Junk Queen. I have appealed to Etsy but I don't expect to get any assistance. They have blocked me so I can't say anything negative about that purchase.

That shows me that Etsy has no interest in the customers of Etsy, After going to 3 different sites and seeing page after page of complaints about Etsy, I was wondering if we might get a class action suite going, I would really like to see that lying woman who jipped me for 48.50 get some heat. If any are interested in giving Etsy some pay back please write me at pfeifferje@aol.com. I refuse to have my money taken and be told there is nothing I can do about it. I am going to take all options I can find including the FCC, All BBB's and the starte attorney generals or whatever. But first, it might be good to try and hurt Etsy's purse strings a bit. I think I have seen enough conplanits about jipped customers for a class action suite.

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