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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"HORRIBLE! Like many others on this site I've had a terrible experience with Epic. Wish I'd read the reviews before ordering! I ordered green sweat pants and sweat shirts for a team. Called to check on the color before ordering. When I received the order, the color was totally wrong.

I called to tell them it was wrong (and had a mad scramble to find the correct color somewhere else by our deadline!). They asked me to send a picture, which I did. They then said I should return them for credit, as based on my picture they were not what I ordered. So far so good, right?

But then, after they received the return, their customer service lady called and said that what I returned did not match the picture I sent! And that they weren't going to give me credit because they felt I'd received what I ordered.

This led to a long and circular argument with the customer service lady, who eventually at my insistence transferred me to her manager, "Rudy Garcia", who is supposedly head of customer service. His idea of customer service is apparently to be rude, abusive, and totally unhelpful. He actually said that his job was to enforce their rules and to not give credits, not to make customers happy. He certainly succeeded! I am very, very unhappy.

Avoid this place. They are bad news.


Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I purchased 9 sports bras for my dance team in November, 2012. When I received them, two had dirt spots on them, one had a dark piece of elastic floating between the bra and lining that showed through the bra, and the third one looked like it had been drug across a dirty floor.

I instantly called them to complain. They told me I had to submit pictures of the items, then send them back at my expense and they would return them to JB Bloomers for them to determine whether or not they were deemed defective.

I received an e-mail back today, telling me that they would take them back, but were not going to give me full credit because the items were dirty? Well yeah...they were because that's the way I received them. They were NOT in individual packaging rather just thrown in a box. Therefore, they could've easily gotten dirty at Epic Sports, however they wouldn't take the blame and give me a full refund.

This is completely outrageous! I have never been treated like this from ANY retailer before. I will NEVER purchase from this company again. Nor, will I EVER purchase anything from JB Bloomers again.


Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Nightmare experience so far - my order is MIA, customer service is rude and implying that it's my fault, meanwhile I ordered an identical item off of amazon and got in two days with free shipping. Save yourself a headache, and just order from someone reputable."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I ordered scrimmage vests from them. Before I finalized the order, I called them to confirm the difference between the Intermediate and Adult sizes. I was told that the Intermediate Size was for 42 Inch chests and the Adult size for 52 Inch Chests. I then ordered the Intermediate size.

When I received them I noticed that one of the tags on one vest said YOUTH!

I took the vest out of the plastic package and tried to put it on. I COULD NOT. I then decided to pull another vest out of its package. The tag on this said INTERMEDIATE, the size I ordered. However, the vest was the same size as the one that said YOUTH on it. I ordered 10 vests and checked 2. I did not open the rest of the shipment, but the 2 I checked were the wrong size.

I called Epic Sprts to return the items. While on the phone with Ashley, I was told that the vests should be 42 inches which means they should measure 21 inches when placed flat on a surface and measured at the half-way mark between the waist band and the top of the shoulder straps.

When I measured the 2 vest I could not put on earlier, they measured only 16 inches across! THEY WERE NOT THE RIGHT SIZE. I communicated this to Ashely on the phone while I was measuring the 2 vests. After reporting the measurements to her, she told me to return the vests. I stated that I would rather get a FULL credit because of the size issue, and did not trust that I would be shipped the correct size with a replacement order. I told her there appeared to be some kind of manufacturing issue here. YOUTH and INTERMEDIATE vests both measuring only 16 inches accross, and the fact that there was a YOUTH tag on any of the vests at all raised my concerns.

Ashley issued an RMA and had UPS pick up the vests. When Epic Sports received the vests they only issued me 75% of a Full Credit after taking out a 25% restocking fee.

When I called them to ask why, Ashley answered the phone and told me that they checked the vests upon receipt and that the vests were all the right sizes. She said they measured all 10 of them and that they were 21 inches across (for a 42 Inch chest). My eyes popped out of my head as I reminded Ashley that she was on the phone with me when I had measured the 2 vests at only 16 inches across. I also reminded her I could not put them on.

She denied that my measurements were correct and said that they would not credit me the restocking fee. I responded that something is wrong here and that I knew for a fact that MY measurements were correct.

I then told her I would dispute the charge with American Express. Her response was that American Express would not do anything! Rather confrontational.

STAY AWAY from this outfit. I have posted links to what others have said about Epic Sports at other sites on the web. Many of the other reviewer negatives also relate to bad experiences with size issues like mine, and the denial of full credit due to a restocking fee even when its Epic Sports fault.

This company is shady at best with a constant history of terrible customer service and outright deception and denial of problems with their products. They will be out of business eventually. WATCH!

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