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Rating 2/10


"I have been stolen by EEDISTRIBUTION. I have been charged 280$ for a shipping that cost 67$. The worst customer service ever! Be aware of them! "

This review was modified by EstebanToré on March 23 2017 02:15:01 PM

Rating 2/10

a crooked company avoid at all costs

"I dont even have enough time in my day to type all the things that are wrong with this company, but i can point out one or two vignettes.

1) on one of my first few orders they sent repacked transformers but all the boxes were damaged, beyond what a normal customer would accept. The outer case or boxes were fine so the obviously pawned off on me stuff they couldnt sell for full price, but i of course paid full price for it. When contacted about this issue they told me that they only guaranteed the toy inside itself to arrive undamaged, if you are in the toy business you know how insane that is to tell someone. So i was left holding the bag on this one......

2) on another occasion I ordered some 12" TMNT figures on pre-order, well the release date came and the prices spiked as they were hard to find, guess who never got their toys? Me.... 6 months later when they are no longer hot i get an email saying my order was canceled and that I was being charged a 15% restocking fee for items they never ever sent, total bs

I wish the better business bureau or some other agency would investigate their business practices. But all I can do is warn you all to stay away, trust me you dont need the headaches their company will surely provide.....

This review was modified by greenthirteen on January 23 2017 06:32:17 PM

Rating 2/10

Wholesale at Retail price

"Our store specializes in anime related collectables. We where purchasing a SH Figurart figures from EE Distribution until i found a direct from supplier US distributer. At which point, we found out that the wholesale cost they where listing was the MSRP from the the manufacture. Upon further investigation, it was found that over 90% of our wholesale orders where charged this way. In addition, we had a 4-month pre-order for a Kotobukia figure for a client. After pressuring my rep for information, they lied to me claiming the figure was not produced. If a figure is listed on the Kotobukia site, its going into production. Calling them out on this, i was further told that it was heavily allocated, and they where not issued any. I have a feeling they where allocated internally and sent to only there retail customers. I still get Spam from the rep, but i refuse to do further business with this sham of a company. "

This review was modified by phoenix-36503 on January 23 2017 06:32:28 PM

Rating 2/10

CON-JOB outfit--FAD Based Products. They leave retailer holding the bag. Treat their retail customers better!

"As my first experience with EE on June 18 2016, I ordered 72 units of a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive toy that was supposed to be shipped in July. They came back and told me they could not ship until August because they had sold out at SDCC. They said that they were waiting for a shipment of a second manufacture. What a bunch of bull! I pestered them, asking projected ship date. They passed me through 2 additional sales people, and I begged them to see if they could expedite so I could at least show at the Salt Lake Comic Con on Labor Day Weekend. (BTW, I cc'd my attorney.) Needless to say, the toys didn't make it for the SLCCC. I tried to cancel my order close my account they said there would be a 15% restocking fee. WTF? They hadn't even pulled the items yet! They finally shipped the day after the close of the SLCCC. They arrived today (09/09/16). I couldn't be MORE disappointed. What they sent me were 72 left-over dregs from the SDCC--torn boxes, high serial numbers. I didn't even want the serial numbers! This outfit should be investigated."

This review was modified by intothewoods-57392 on January 23 2017 06:32:33 PM

Rating 2/10

A real disappointment.

"A real disappointment. I watched the Anniversary You tube videos by the founders and was encouraged by their passion and philosophy. Experience of dealing with them has left a sour taste. 1st Order, place 3 items and received 3 separate boxes and was charge freight 3 times.
The freight was more that the cost of the items. I told them that this is not acceptable and conceded that I was not clear in my request to have this consolidated. 2nd Order, Placed 5 items, was very specific and asked for these to be "shipped together and I don't want to pay for multiple freight." Items arrived in 5 separate boxes, I had to pay multiple freight charges. USD$46.80 to ship across the state. I raised the issue but they they would not address this. I am told I did not request consolidation. The word's "Please shipped together I do not want to pay multiple freight" does not have the same meaning as "Please consolidate my shipment". Further more, items arrived damaged, several of the bubble on the hot Wheels vehicles was cracked.

I thought you were collectors and enthusiasts and understood our passion.
I am not angry , just disappointed.

This review was modified by edhotmail on August 11 2016 05:29:30 PM

Rating 2/10

EE Distribution Scam & ****

"Ordering with EE Distribution Entertainment Earth is a nightmare. Their sales reps email you multiple times a day saying which items are "best sellers". But what they don't tell you is that they sell them on their retail site for a few dollars more than the "wholesale price". Their retail prices make it impossible to compete with them.

EE Distribution Entertainment Earth exclusives are always put on clearance on amazon and ebay and other sites. They restrict you from taking pre-orders until the item is in stock. Then every exclusive they have gets marked down like their recent Star Wars Force Awakens figures, Guardians of the Galaxy and various POPs.

EE Distribution Entertainment Earth shipping is slow and terrible. They send damaged product nearly every time bc there is no condition guarantee for wholesale customers. They have a mint condition guarantee for retail customers- so it seems they send all the damaged stuff to wholesale clients. Maybe they made EE Distribution Entertainment Earth wholesale business to unload damaged product.

EE Distribution Entertainment Earth also takes way more orders than what they expect and keep you in limbo while they fill their retail orders. You can't cancel and move on because they charge you fees to cancel orders that are delayed or likely never show up.

EE Distribution Entertainment Earth is probably the worst wholesale toy companies. Bad service and they always play games.

This review was modified by toycustomer on January 23 2017 06:33:25 PM

Rating 2/10

Charged for shipping twice.

" I pre-ordered the Xplus Gigan 1972 figure from EE which was listed on their site as $159 FREE SHIPPING. Then when it became available and they charged my card, they charged me $180. $20 shipping charge. The confirmation/receipt I received shows that the original price of the item retails for $139, plus the $20 shipping charge, making the total price $159. So it's a sly way of charging you shipping without you knowing it. Then for some unknown reason, they charged me another $20 to ship. WTF? I immediately asked customer service why, and they gave me some convoluted answer, pretty much lied flat out. F*ck Entertainment Earth. Go shop at BIGBADTOYSTORE or Amazon, hell even ebay before you deal with these idiots.

Oh and this website s u c k s crap through a straw because it took me over 15 minutes to post this review. Piece of sh!t captcha.

This review was modified by IanPorter on January 23 2017 06:33:30 PM

Rating 4/10

New to this, and already feeling fishy

"I'm new to the toy game, but passionate about it. After doing some searching I came across EE and got set up with an account. My first issue is the lack of true information on their processes, shipping and their site. I was contacted by a rep and walked through the site, which made me a bit more confident, but that hasn't prevented me from having issues. I'm a week in waiting for an order to leave their warehouse. They leave you in the blind and the only response I'm getting from the rep is "Everything is fine" pretty much. I placed an order for a customer last week. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Four days later a second customer orders the same item, I go to another supplier that actually dropships and order the item from them. Shipped the next day no problem. Meanwhile my order at EE, is still waiting. After updating the customer and making excuses to see me through the weekend, I just went to Amazon and order the item from there and shipped it to him. Now that's on it's way to his house. Meanwhile, my EE order is still awaiting shipment. After countless confirmations that it's heading out, it is still awaiting shipping. This is just plain bad. I'm no expert, but after reading these reviews, and this wait for an apparently 'In-stock" item, I'm definitely not confident in their ability to fulfill preorders that I place. The only other option I can consider is for me, since I live in Ca., to just go down and pick up my orders myself, but for anyone who this isn't a viable option for I can definitely see this being a pain the ****. I'm hoping they get their act together, but after reading these reviews I'm not so confident. At this point I'm going to start searching for another 'MAIN' supplier, and put EE on the back burner."

This review was modified by KickGameSick on February 23 2016 04:02:56 PM

Rating 2/10

"Reasons to NOT partner with EE Distribution:
1. They will not cancel or change an order without assessing you with a 15% fee.
2. Their sales people pester you daily with multiple emails and phone calls.
3. They do not really know when the stock will arrive and keep putting you off until you wish to just cancel the order (See #1 above for the fee).
4. They sell directly to the public which undermines your ability to generate a profit.

This review was modified by chasquad on January 23 2017 06:33:37 PM

Rating 2/10

"Their wholesale distribution operation (EE Dist) totally Sucks!!! They make you pre-order and then don't ship the product when it arrives but back order you. Then if you want to cancel and get it from a "REAL" distributor they would charge you a cancellation fee. Then for items that I have received, 50% of the time they are damaged and they can't help you unless the item itself is damaged. So try selling am item for full price with a damaged box, fat chance. But they do to their own clients, at TOP $$$. Its too obvious, they want their cake and to eat it to. I dont know why manufactures still keep them in business. "

This review was modified by offerstopaul on January 23 2017 06:33:39 PM

Rating 2/10

"Why charge for shipping when you're going to use the slowest, most inefficient means of shipping that was clearly only a fraction of the amount you charged me for delivery? Horrible handling of order, and even worse response from customer service that has zero interest in resolving issues. Before placing an order, check Amazon or just about anywhere else, even paying slightly more is preferable to the horrendous service you'll encounter dealing with Entertainment Earth."

This review was modified by Robpaulsen on January 23 2017 06:33:42 PM

Rating 10/10

"What amazing customer service! All of my items shipped FAST and arrived in perfect condition. I called customer service after I placed an order online to make some changes to my original order. They were friendly, helpful and all of my items arrived in perfect condition! I will order from Entertainment Earth again and again! "

This review was modified by dianaprince_76 on July 30 2015 05:34:44 PM

Rating 2/10

"EE distribution is HORRIBLE. I placed Pre-Orders for May a few months in advance, and none of them came in May. All of my other distributors had the products in stock and not only that but EE was selling these products on their Entertainment Earth website to their own customers. Yet they weren't in stock for your Distribution customers? I see! I ordered 6 different types of figures. Some of them started shipping a month late (in June) but here's the worst part... They made each case ship separately (and charged me separately) even when certain cases were shipped on the same exact day!! Yes, I paid $50-$60 on shipping when it shouldn't have been more than $10...totally killing off a big chunk of my profit as a small business. And they said "I know it's weird but it's the way our warehouse works, sorry." Nope, at the very least it's your job as Customer Service to prevent these things. The cherry on top was when I received my products last week completely damaged...So let's go over this. I paid extra for shipping my items separately and you don't even package my products with ANY protection? No styrofoam, no paper, no padding? I sent pictures to Customer Service of my destroyed products and they usually get back to me the same day. They haven't responded to me and it's been 7 days. Learn how to treat your vendors with some decent Customer Service and maybe you wouldn't see so many bad reviews on here. Stay away from this place...Even In Stock orders have a possibility of shipping separately and arriving damaged! Big waste of money and time!!"

This review was modified by tubular2001 on January 23 2017 06:33:48 PM

Rating 4/10

"For the attention of the international customers:

Before ordering from this site, this is a must read:

It could be that some products in your order be defective, because eedistribution do not guarantee the quality of the goods (except for "mint products"). In the same way, you could receive incorrects products (differents from those ordered), if the product in question is out of stock... some products are supposedly in stock, but the quantity specified in stock is wrong: when you receive your order you discover that you don't have the full number of items ordered (they replace the number of missing items by others items that may be unsaleable).

Consequently: as an international buyer you must pay prohibitive postal fees, and moreover, You may receive unsaleable products. Obviously if it happens, your profits tumble.

If you purchase for less than $500 UDS, your order will automatically be put on hold
during 15 days, in order to add others possible purchases. They say that they do this to group your items and reduce shipping costs. But if your order is pending, it's important to know that for their part, they will take out without waiting money on your bank account so long as the products ordered are in stock. If you want that your order be sent faster, you have to contact them. Very tedious process.

What is important to understand is that by this policy, they strongly push international sellers to spend $500 USD and more.

If you are a new seller with limited funds, it is not worth wasting your time and your money. For others sellers, you will purchase from them knowingly.

This review was modified by Psyche71 on January 23 2017 06:34:08 PM

Rating 2/10

"This review is regarding Entertainment Earth's Distribution service. I'm a reseller of toys/collectibles and just re-started my business at the end of 2014. I've been using EE Distribution as a supplier for figures, statues, and other collectibles.

EE Distribution gives you an ETA on when items will be released. They also have item statuses which will tell you if they're in stock, sold out, pre-order only, pre-sold out, cancelled, etc. When items are pre-orderable, they have a drop-down list of quantities that extend to about 600 pieces for some items. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I imagine this is based on their expected orders from the manufacturer.

When you pre-order something that isn't pre-sold out, you would expect that your order will be available at the estimated release date. Sometimes that's true, but then there are the other times.

For instance, I pre-ordered 36 Carnage (from a Marvel Comics line) figures in December 2014, with the expected delivery of April 2014. It's not April and I've received about 50 orders for this figure (people expecting that it will arrive when it's stated to arrive, which is fairly typical across the industry). 36 will be arriving from EE (or so I thought), and the remainder + extras from my second supplier.

I checked on my order status today and saw that my order was updated to "36 items backordered," even though I had ordered 36 of these items 4 months ago. There was no e-mail, no phone call, no communication of any kind regarding this change in status.

You might think "Ok, backordered isn't so bad..." but you have no idea when those backordered items will be released. Many times, when something is "pre-sold out," it means you're screwed until several months to possibly a year down the road, when the manufacturer decides to re-produce these items, due to popularity. There's no way of knowing, and EE Distribution will do nothing to make this right.

If you attempt to cancel the order, they'll charge you a 15% cancellation fee (which isn't even listed anywhere on their site. There's literally no mention of a fee in their help section, FAQ page, or in their disclaimer page." I only know about this fee, because I asked my sales rep about another item that's never coming in. It's another one of those instances where you pre-ordered it, yet they're continuously pushing the release date back (no, not pre-sold out, just never releasing). You'd think they'd be ok with cancelling this order without a cancellation fee, but no... despite their not delivering your merchandise, and despite the items never being in-stock, they're going to charge a fee.

I've had pre-ordered items become pre-sold out after my ordering them when they were available on several occasions. This has hurt my business tremendously.

I have thousands of dollars invested in this company, and they've screwed me over on so many release dates, it's driven me to take a loss and cancel all of my upcoming orders (thousands of more dollars). I can't do business under these circumstances and continue to lose customers and sales.

Their ETA for merchandise is absolutely terrible. They oversell their merchandise, which screws resellers out of inventory, and then they hold your money for ransom, because you placed an order for items that will never become available.

This has happened with many items... not just the two listed. I can name several more: Alien vs Predator Alien Pop Figure, Hobbit Smaug POP figure, Metallic Deathstroke Pop figure, Batman Arkham Origins Deathstroke Figure, Batman Arkham Origins Bane Figure, Two-Face by Greg Capullo Figure, Wolverine Pop Figure, Thrasher Batman Capullo Figure, and many more.

On shipping - they're typically good at packaging their items and when items are already in-stock, they're fairly good at getting them out and to your store in a timely manner. They use FedEx for everything and that can be quite costly. I want to say that a typical order of about 8-12 action figures is going to cost about $12.

Good luck, however, if you ever receive a damaged shipment. The best I could do was get a 5% refund on some of the damaged items (two of the figures), despite others incurring damage. They figured that even though the others were damaged, they could probably still be sold. They were incorrect, of course. The other two damaged figures did not sell, but two additional ones in decent condition did. These are collectibles and they know that. They wouldn't take a return or provide an exchange for undamaged items.

Dealing with EE Distribution has become a nightmare. I've completely taken myself out of the pre-order game, until I can find a better, more reliable distributor. They're a terrible company to do business with and I would truly recommend you go elsewhere.

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