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Rating 2/10

Dell has crappy hardware

"I've purchased two dell laptops, both dying just in a year. I forget the first model but my 2ND is an inspirion 15 5000 series. There seems to always be problems with the power cable/charger and/or battery. You can plug it in, but there's no supply to the battery. So you can't charge your laptop and have to constantly keep it plugged in to use it. I've also noticed that you have to actually keep the charger in a certain position or your laptop will turn off. Probably some loose wires within the cable itself. This is very frustrating and inconvenien. I've seen many people from online forums having these same issues. Another issue I've had with BOTH laptops is wifi connection. I have to constantly restart my laptop until it connects to the network. All of our other devices can connect just fine, so it's a problem with dell. I've also seen other people having this same issue. I'm thinking it has to do with some wires coming loose on the wifi chip. I can't even connect to the darn Internet through an ethernet cable. This is honestly so frustrating especially when I need to finish work. I am not buying from dell ever again. Never had this amount of problems from anyone else."

This review was modified by TheMonstar on March 27 2017 04:15:01 PM

Rating 2/10

Just let me buy something

"All I wanted was to buy a Black Friday deal. Simple request right? Nope. I'm not even going to get into how badly done their site is and how impossible it is to find anything.
1) Advertized Black Friday deal was not launched at the advertised time & marked as a past deal before it should have started
2) Chat service unable to help although I provided screenshots I had taken of the offer and how I was unable to even find the item that day (apparently they have two searches and one is outdated?)
3) Finally was able to get on the phone with someone and although they completed the order for me, the shipping information was incorrect and it took another 4 calls to have it sorted out
4) The order was still shipped to the wrong apartment although Dell had my address in writing multiple times. They also insisted if we update the apt # the delivery (a large TV) would be moved to another date as it was out for delivery. I've worked with shipping, a call to the driver was all they needed. They also gave me FedEx's customer service number when my package was sent by Dell through UPS.
5) The promotional giftcard should have been delivered within 2-3 weeks. Took 2 1/2 months with multiple phone calls, attempts at chat and being told I was wrong, I had been sent it.
6) The chat customer service told me multiple times they don't take preorders. They do for video games and they still insisted this. The video game that was orderable stated it was a preorder with no announced release date. It had come out the previous month.
7) THEY WON'T STOP CALLING, I've told them from the start to not call me, just email me- I work full time and can not drop what I am doing to talk to them. Guess what? They called me to further discuss my issue.
I would never, ever recommend Dell. If I could go back in time and tell myself to spend the extra $100 to get the second best deal on that TV, I would in a heartbeat. They've been nothing short of a nightmare.

This review was modified by cassiem on February 14 2017 01:15:01 PM

Rating 2/10

The only thing worse than my Dell laptop is their customer service!

Laptop - Issues with the unit within a month of purchase. Problems with flickering screen at times, crackling sound, occasionally turned off while full of battery and charged, internet connection drops out when other units from same source are stable, touchpad is a joke (overly sensitive, inconsistent and extremely difficult to use)

Customer Service - Possibly the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Spent many hours (I lost count at 6 hour mark) over the phone, dozens of emails and no result. If you want to subject your arch nemesis to psychological torment and eventually self harm, then this is the machine and customer service for you.

This review was modified by Calebtheman on January 31 2017 12:15:02 AM

Rating 2/10

Worst Company In The World

"Bought a desk top last week. It was delivered and when I went to hook it up they sent a monitor that was not compatible with the tower. I spent 3 hours on the phone and spoke to 7 different departments. A simple cable is all that was needed and they refused to send it. Then they wanted to send a new monitor. I agreed and then they backed out. I sent the whole thing back. My cost 125.00 technician, 2100 a cable, 47.00 shipping it back.
Just got back from Best Buy, bought a Lenovo and hooked it up in 10 minutes.
DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH DELL, THEY DO NOT Care about their customers.

This review was modified by lagunalakesal106 on January 30 2017 02:15:01 PM

Rating 2/10

Used to be a Dell fan

"I just want to start this review out by saying that I was one of the biggest Dell fans ever. Before this last experience I had owned 3 Dell computers that were awesome (2 desktops and a laptop). My last Dell laptop lasted 6 years. It took me through my masters degree and Principal Certification. It was an awesome machine that went everywhere I went from the ball fields to the classroom. It finally became too slow to keep up with my needs. Now to my new experience with Dell, which began in October 2016. I am absolutely heartbroken and disappointed. After my research and talking with Dell online I chose what should have been a pretty top of the line product with an i7 seventh generation processor, touchscreen, 2 in 1. I was so excited to get it. Then reality set in. It really had trouble out of the box loading the usual beginning software. It took a couple restarts to get it going. There were delays on getting to websites. Then ten days after my purchase the screen got a few lines that quickly increased to a black screen. After a LONG conversation with the Dell tech, he was trying to tell me to hit this on screen button and go to this menu, which he could not seem to understand that I could not see the screen!!!!), they finally agreed to send me a new replacement and send a call tag for the broken machine. Several weeks passed and I finally got my new machine. However there was no call tags (or they call them way bills) with the new machine to send it back. Thinking maybe it would come separate I began to set up the new machine. It literally was taking hours for the set up process and kept getting stuck and would need restarted. After an entire weekend of trying to get it working right I called Dell and spent 3 hours on the phone with a tech that took over the machine to get it to load all my software. Three days after that I was listening to Pandora on the laptop when the sound went to not great to non existent during one song. Later after a restart the sound was 4 times louder than in had ever been. That night I was trying to use my earphones in the machine and it would not even recognize them. Fed up I called Dell and after another long, long, long discussion I told them to take the piece of crap back and send call tags for both machines, the first one was still boxed up in the closet waiting to be sent. Two weeks later I got one call tag, so I sent the first laptop back. After 15 days I called the company to see if they had received it since I never received a confirmation on it. They were ticked because I still had the replacement machine. I told them they only sent one call tag so I sent one back! I asked for them to please send a call tag for the second machine and after 30 minutes of being on and off hold the ladt said it was being emailed to me in 30 minutes. So we hung up. Two day later I still do not have a call tag for the machine. Now I use a laptop at work a lot. I use it for my teacher evaluations, walk throughs and several fundraising events for my school and church. It is now mid-January and I am still without a proper working computer. Do I recommend Dell? No not anymore. They used to be who I would recommend anyone who would listen, but I will never again purchase or recommend them to anyone. And I guess I am going to call and argue with customer service again so I can send my machine back so I can get a refund so I can start my computer search again. I really did not have time for all these problems. I work as a small school principal with many evening duties and 2 active children who I taxi everywhere. Spending hours on the phone constantly with Dell is not what I decided to invest in back in October."

This review was modified by jessnewcome on January 21 2017 01:30:02 PM

Rating 2/10

Dell Is Trashed

"Dell used to have the best support in the world and I was proud it was located in my home state of Texas. I told everyone about the support of Dell. Sorry, Dell is a sloppy third world run company with no interest in helping anyone except to take more of their money. I wouldn't walk across the street to buy a Dell product if they were giving them away with $1,000.00 to go along with the product. I'm ashamed of Dell and they need to move their headquarters to a third world country since they already have their support there... Don't buy a Dell product, you'll be sorry, especially when it is out of warranty..."

This review was modified by jlwjr1 on January 20 2017 10:00:02 PM

Rating 2/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

Don't go near Dell, they're as bad as it gets

"Can you give zero stars? Dishonest, incompetent. They seem to be in the business of scamming short term loans from their customers these days. They bill you, string things along, eventually cancel the order without permission leaving you high and dry. Not even the courtesy of an honest answer about why your order gets nuked, they send out a form letter lying that it was at the customers request. When Dell was a publicly traded company there was some accountability and customer service. Now that is gone and they'll happily screw the small customers. "

This review was modified by vroomfondl on January 09 2017 12:33:52 PM

Rating 2/10

why accept orders, when they cannot be fulfilled.

"Would take a order and then cancel the order on there own. Clamming customer requested to cancel the order. This Is a company which sells computer hardware and software and does not have a proper inventory system. Dishonest, have not seen the refund yet.
Will have to chase them for it.

This review was modified by reviewmember on January 09 2017 09:39:25 AM

Rating 2/10

Orded a TV for my parents that still hasn't been manufactured yet

My order date was 11/28/16 my delivery date was scheduled 12/26/16-1/3/16. I received no updates on my shipment not only has it still not arrived on 1/7/16 but I found out yesterday that there is no TV and that it might be in the warehouse by February. The agent was unable to sent me an email in response to this call I only got transferred to two associates on the phone neither of them had a solid answer. They both gave me the same run around. They did apologize but way too little too late DELL! Dell how can you sell merchandise on your website that you don't have in inventory. I have worked in retail for over 5 years! Not only is this website horribly managed. 1st of all you do not keep track of your inventory. Red flag # 1 you guys are scam artists! Taking consumers $$$ without products to physically ship to them. Second of all your customer service agents have horrible responses to simple questions like when is my updated shipment date! How can they not provide that when my item is past due?? 3rd of all they just tried to get me to cancel my order. I don't want to cancel I just want my TV. This was a christmas gift and Dell has given me no resolve or piece of mind. Never buy from them again! They will take your $ with no merchandise to sell you, they will not communicate when their shipments are delayed, they will not contact you if your item is out of stock, they will cancel your order for you but not offer you an update on your item that is delayed!!! Save yourself the troubble.

This review was modified by Buyitordiet on January 07 2017 11:15:00 AM

Rating 2/10

I thought I purchased some SSDs from Dell. I was wrong ...

"On 1-4-17 Dell advertised WD SSDs for sale for $20. Sounds too good to be true? A HUGE number of orders were placed through Dell and many received their drives. Unfortunately, many customers did not. Instead, they received a canned email stating:

"As requested, some or all of the items in this order have been cancelled. You’ll find your cancellation details below, and you can view all products in this order on your Order Status page."

I did not request a cancellation of this order, Dell did, unilaterally.

Bad form Dell ... bad form.

Rating 2/10

Faulty Laptop Inspiron 15 Hinge - Product Needs Recall - Poor Customer Service

"I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop on December 2015. Roughly 10 month later the hinge of the laptop broke, which caused the screen to bend when opening and closing. The laptop was never dropped or handled in a manner that would cause damage by the user. It was simply opened and closed like a laptop is intended to. I had to resort to leaving the laptop open at all times.

The laptop is still under the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. On November 13, 2016, I called Dell customer support to setup a warranty repair. The tech support agent, Arlene, began the process and said I will be receiving a shipping label to send the laptop off. About half an hour after hanging up with the agent I received an email stating that this particular issue wasn't covered and the ticket was canceled. I contacted the BBB and opened a dispute. A few days after that a Dell representative, B.Manjunath, contacted me to resolve this issue. The representative offered me a discounted repair price of $159 plus tax. I refused this unethical and unfair solution and kept the case open with the BBB. After a couple of weeks of back and forth the representative offered to fix it under warranty and I sent it in for repair.

I went online to find if anyone else was having this issue and found literally dozens of forums with people complaining about the same issue. All these consumers are complaining that Dell is not taking responsibility for this defect. They are all asking for a recall or class action lawsuit, but Dell isn't responsive. I find it odd that this hinge broke in the same spot for everyone and yet Dell is blaming the consumer. This is clearly a design defect due to cheap parts and poor engineering. This also isn't the first time Dell has had problems with faulty hinges. An Inspiron model from 2011 had the same issues. It infuriates me to see companies like Dell produce faulty products and not take responsibility for them.

In the end Dell fixed the problem but I had to jump through many hoops to get this result. They should have covered this under warranty with no questions asked before wasting so much of my time. They know of this problem but refuse to admit to it. I will not recommend another Dell product to anyone.

Rating 2/10



This review was modified by DIMPLES37 on January 01 2017 04:32:10 PM

Rating 2/10

Dell has criminals and scam Artists. They are just as guilty for allowing it to happen.

"1. I purchased a $1130 Dell Laptop Service during the third week of October 2016. This computer almost immediately began malfunctioning due to a failed motherboard and a failed power generation issues. The computer routinely crashed with a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and would sometimes not turn on (Power Generation Issue). Finally after the third week of the computer's purchase, the computer wouldn't boot up at all. In sum, the laptop was a permanent and fatalistic lemon lot product that should never have even graced the shelves of any store.

2. I had to speak with over 10 Dell employees (20 hours of time I will never get back) regarding this issue, and every step of the way was unpleasant and difficult to understand. I was finally able to convince the Dell employees that I needed to ship the computer to their factory for a warranty repair. I took multiple pictures of the computer 360 degrees before packing it up and shipping it via FEDEX (pre-paid label from Dell) to their repair factory in Texas. I carefully documented photos of my laptop before packaging because I am always careful with these type of things. Not a scratch, chip, or even a fingerprint on it. It was brand new, and once it was discovered to be a lemon, actual use on the computer was extremely limited. I was finally able to mail my laptop on 20 December 2016.

3. Several days later, I received a call informing me of additional costs for the warranty repair. I inquired very confused as to what these additional costs entailed and what they were for. They informed me that I needed to pay for my CRACKED LCD screen and for IMPACT DAMAGES found on the right side of the laptop. This is fraud and a scam by Dell. My $1100 laptop was in pristine condition without a finger print on the laptop. It was NEVER dropped. I denied these claims and told them that I would send them photos as proof that my computer was in perfect condition the day I packed the laptop. In fact, I even spent extra money for reinforced cardboard and wrapped it so well with packaging material that I suspect the laptop could've even survived a drop from an 8 story window. I am more than 100% confident that the Dell technician dropped my laptop within the factory and is fraudulently covering his/her tracks.

4. I disputed these claims with Dell for over 4 days. I was LIED to twice by Dell. I had one representative tell me that my computer would be fixed free of charge. The next day, another employee denied it saying he didn't see this on record. A couple days later, an employee from a resolution group told me that I would be getting a full repair free of charge. The next day (today), I receive a phone call from another member from the resolution group, that I would need to pay $239 for the repair, or my computer would be returned without repair. I asked this employee how this could be possible, but all they say is "sorry, the case has been finally decided by Office Depot." They were acting like a broken record player. When I asked "who, what, when, where, why, how" on all of these contradictions and logical failures, they just say the same thing like a broken record player. When I asked for his supervisor, he would state that he was the highest level of authority that makes the decision. I asked for the names of the technicians handling my laptop, and he wouldn't provide those either. The whole entire ring has been designed this way on purpose.

5. I am more than just a little convinced that these employees are acting in a highly criminal fashion. There is no way to get in contact with Dell HQ within the USA, so there is no real accountability or customer service. I can't reach any action authority or customer service representative nor those technicians in Texas that likely dropped my laptop. I am instead being fed the "final say" coming from a representative physically living in India. The fact that they can't even explain their logic through their "final say" in charging me is beyond me. If I have proof that I didn't do it with my carefully documented photographs, how could they deflect it and only go about the path that profits them and makes them walk away with no responsibility? It was their employees that dropped my laptop. The correct answer for them should be for them to completely REPLACE my laptop through a 1 for 1 swap. The fact they dropped my laptop should entitle me for that benefit. I should not even get the same laptop repaired. It's like getting a crashed POV that was refurbished. Nobody wants that. They however, want me to PAY to repair the damages that they caused. This is insane.

They are SCAM artists. Do not trust, and do not buy. You will regret it.

Rating 2/10


"Backordered, and never told

"Ordered a 3DS XL for a christmas present. Dell.com told me it would arrive by 12/19 - 12/23 at the latest, I even paid slightly more for shipping. Instead, the order is backordered for 3 months, and they never told me. Yes, that means my christmas present would arrive in MARCH.

I was furious, and their agents and support were useless. all they would say is that they apologize. no email, nothing!!!! They also guarenteed a refund, when they don't charge your account until it ships. So all in all, they lied to my face about my order, and changed a 12/21/2016 ship date to 03/21/2017 with NO NOTICE WHATSOEVER . if I could give negative stars I would."

This review was modified by KOUKLA56 on December 28 2016 10:39:23 AM

Rating 2/10

Backordered, and never told

"Ordered a 3DS XL for a christmas present. Dell.com told me it would arrive by 12/21 at the latest, I even paid slightly more for shipping. Instead, the order is backordered for 3 months, and they never told me. Yes, that means my christmas present would arrive in MARCH.

I was furious, and their agents and support kept insisting they emailed me on the 23rd, which never happened. They also guarenteed a refund, when they don't charge your account until it ships. So all in all, they lied to my face about my order, and changed a 12/21/2016 ship date to 03/21/2017 with NO NOTICE. if I could give negative stars I would.

This review was modified by SirJmak on December 27 2016 10:32:07 AM

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