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    Product & services pricing Rating 0.83/10 0.83/10
    Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.92/10 1.92/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.54/10 0.54/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.38/10 0.38/10
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Rating 2/10

How can such an extablsihed company be this money-grubbing incompetent?

"So my brand new - I mean 50-days old Inspirion 13 was charging sometimes and not charging other times. Once I got down to 13% so I had to call dell to figure out what was going-on. I got Tech Services and a guy spent 2 hours on the phone with me troubleshooting. Since the Hardware check came through fine, he determined it was a software issue and we did a lot of work. So it didn't work so 48 hours later I called again. After collecting a tidy $190 for a one-year tech services warranty AND of course a service charge for their services that day, I spent 9 hours on the phone trying to reverse some Bitlocker issue caused by the first call two days before. I was assured by the Technical that the whole 10 hours was NOT spent on the charging issue - just to un-do the first guy's damage to my software. They decided to send me a box to send my computer to their service depot. I figured since I would wait anyway I would order a new charger from Amazon. Wouldn't you know the whole problem was the charger - there was never a problem with the computer after-all... My computer - running at the beginning of all this perfectly, has not run well since. What a bunch of screw-ups. After 20 years, and 13 computers (including the ones bought for my 3 kids), this will be my last Dell. Will never ever buy one again. Enjoy your extra $190 - you will never get another cent out of me again."

Rating 2/10

bad warranty

"I purchased an all in one Dell printer/copier/fax/scanner in June 2016. In April 2017, the fax stopped working. Dell sent me what they claimed was a factory refurbished one, with only a 2 month warranty. In September 2017, the fax broke again. In order to fix the problem, they wanted to charge $59.00, which I refused to pay. Their products are lousy in quality, warranties are horrible, and their customer service staff is heartless and unsympathetic. I would never buy any of their products again, and recommend that everyone stay away from their products. Note carefully their 1 out of 5 rating."

Rating 2/10


"I wanted a Dell product! They literally failed at EVERY opportunity to deliver. Ordered the most ungraded model of Inspiration for 1K++ and received item with touchpad that did not work. Called in to report and request exchange the SAME night. Found out after original order, you have 30 days; took about 15 days for item to arrive, was told it could take up to 7 or so for replacement. On day number 7 at about 11pm, I get an email with NO explanation, just a statement that my order was canceled. It was a holiday weekend, so 3 more days passed before I could get ahold of someone. I had to contact THEM; no one ever attempted to reach out to me with an update. Turns out, they didn't have an item in stock to send me, so unless I wanted the 30 day return window to close, I HAD to cancel (I did request additional days to make sure the new product I got actually WORKED considering the prior one was broken when received...). Since I was planning to exchange, I did dispose of the box. I was SOOO committed to the idea of owning this product. When I was told I basically had no option but to return, I explained I needed a box. The rep said one would be sent. I had also ordered a pen, so I received the label for that immediately. About a week later I checked back asking for an update on the box... Turns out they CAN'T provide a box to return items in and they essentially MADE FUN OF ME for asking! IT WAS THEIR MISINFOROMATION in the first place, further supported by the fact they did not send the return label until AFTER my follow up. I went on to express concern for the safety of the laptop, since it was only the touchpad that had issue, I did not want to return improperly packaged (nor did I want to spend a bunch on packing supplies). The rep told me not to worry and essentially to just throw it in a box (which I did NOT do; but hey, good to know their attitude about protecting products. I BET that this laptop will be resold). So over a month and a half went by with no refund STILL. I brought all of this info, along with records of conversations to my bank because Dell REPEATEDLY gave misleading or outright incorrect information while holding my money. My bank sided with me and has taken the money away ad refunded me. Meanwhile, Dell was sending msgs requesting I returned the items when they had been returned (and I had informed them of this!)! Eventually, I resent them the tracking info they sent to me along with the confirmation from the shipping company. How did they not have this on file to lookup themselves?!? Here's the best part thought: I still wanted a Dell!!! I called to speak to a rep, requesting a manager. My reason was because I wanted to "talk about my customer experience and a future purchase." The rep continued to question me and ask for specifics, so I eluded to the negative experience I had and asked to please speak to a manager again. He eventually responded, "Okay, so you just want to complain. I'll transfer you." I EVEN KEPT WAITING! I just wanted to explain my experience and I was going to request if some sort of discount could be offered like 10% or $20 or ANYTHING considering the MANY hours of my time wasted... OR AT LEAST FOR SOMEONE TO ASSURE ME MY EXPEREINCE WAS AN EXCEPTION AND NEXT TIME SHOULD GO BETTER?? Over 15 minutes later, the line was disconnected. Pretty sure I just got Punked. Still no refund; bank still in dispute going on over 2 months later. "

Rating 2/10

Don't ever buy Dell laptop particularly on DELL online portal

"Terrible Dell online purchase"

Rating 2/10

More like Hell

"They are extremely bad, beyond what anyone might imagine. Their prices are bad most of the time, and when they feel okay, they are usually with their notoriously hard to use Promo gift cards. They rarely ship on the promised date and their chat or phone service is a joke. "

Rating 2/10

Never buy Dell

"All of their sales are scams. They send out the sales, then tell you when you call to order one that the sale no longer is valid, but they can sell you the same product for $100 to $200 more (even if you call the day of the sale!!!) Buyer beware!"

Rating 2/10

Never buy Dell ..

"When you need any type of support they transfer you over seas and you can't understand them. If you keep trying and it's out of warrenty they want to charge you to help you out."

Rating 2/10

horrible computer

"I bought a computer and the battery blew in about a month. I expected a year maybe since I payed 500. Then in a week the charger blew and then by the next month it would not turn on unless plugged in. by now it wont charge turn on or handle anything so thanks for that Dell

Rating 2/10


"i went to dell store in my city and the store employees were extremely rude and completely unsupporting. Worst service ever and from the other reviews it seems like the company isnt bothered either"

Rating 2/10

The worst company I have ever dealt with!

"I ordered a desktop computer on line; got it in a reasonable time. Neither of my existing monitors worked. Was told by dell, Oh, you have to buy a cable adapter to go from DVI to HDMI. Did that, but still it didn't work. So, I ordered a new monitor form Dell. It had a 2 week delivery time. Well, OK, if it will do the trick. After two weeks they say it is backodered and will be another 30 days before I can get the screen. In the mean time I have no computer, but I do have boxes with the equipment I can't use setting in my living room that look like trash. So, now it has been a month and still they expect me to wait another month! IS THIS THE BEST COMPUTER COMPANY IN THE WORLD? Or what? They are a joke with the worst service I have ever experienced in my life."

Rating 2/10

Faulty Product, Horrible Customer Service

"I purchased an Inspiron 15 5567 laptop in December 2016 and on March 22, 2017, its battery completely failed. After more than an hour on the phone with Dell's Technical Support, they determined the failure was likely my fault because I "overcharged" the battery. Dell's own Laptop Battery FAQs state that the battery can't be overcharged because " ... the battery is designed to stop using the charger when it reaches full charge," but apparently facts don't apply here because Dell wasn't going to admit that I was sold a laptop with a bad battery. The fault was place squarely on me, the customer.
When I purchased the laptop, I had chosen the mail-in service option, primarily because my previous Dells had been reliable and I'd only had to call on Technical Support and subsequent repair after extended periods of use. So, I had to ship my laptop to Houston to have the battery replaced, a repair I was told would 7-12 days to complete. When you include the 10-day round-trip shipping, I would be without my laptop, on which I rely to make my living, for 17-22 days, which was, to say the least, panic-inducing.
After I shipped my laptop off to Dell, I tried desperately to find someone at Dell to help me expedite the repair and return process, first emailing Customer Care who then kicked me back to Technical Support. When I finally was able to speak to a supervisor, I was spoken to in a manner that was beyond rude. For more than an hour, this supervisor argued with me, frequently interrupting me to talk over me and tell me how wrong I was to have shipped my laptop off to Houston so quickly and telling me that he could have helped me if only I had waited to send my laptop off for repairs. I wish I were kidding about this. I know it sounds unbelievable and perhaps I wouldn't believe it if it hadn't happened to me, but it did. At the end of the call, I was in tears of frustration and anger. All I wanted was for someone at Dell to treat me as well after they had my money as they had before they had my money. But Dell is no longer that company.
To the Houston facility's credit, the battery replacement was done quickly and my laptop returned quickly. I'm praying that it holds out. And, of course, Dell has never and will never admit that I was sold a laptop with a faulty battery in the first place.
Because I have been a longtime customer who had seen the steady decline of Dell's product and especially its service, I recently wrote a letter about my displeasure to CEO Michael Dell and mailed it to the Corporate Office in Round Round, Texas. In response, I received a phone call from a member of Dell's Advanced Resolution Group. He also was rude, condescending, frequently talked over me, and did nothing to try to retain me as a Dell customer. I guess I shouldn't have been shocked, but I was still shocked.
I am well and truly done with Dell. And I'll do my level best to steer everyone I know away from doing business with Dell as well.

Rating 2/10

Lied About Product Availability

"I ordered a video card from Dell after chatting with a sales rep. I asked very specifically whether the item was physically in stock, or if it was subject to availability and drop-shipped from a manufacturer. They assured me that the item was physically in stock and would ship. I asked why the delivery date was a couple of weeks in the future. They lied and said that it was just the initiation of the process that causes the delay in shipping, and not anything to do with item availability. I checked the site every day for a few days after I placed the order and the item still showed as in stock. Then I waited until my estimated delivery date and the item hadn't moved. The order was 'confirmed' but not actually shipped. So I contacted them and they informed me that the item was no longer being manufactured. In other words, the sales rep lied to me. The only reason I ordered from Dell was because they listed the item in stock, where other sites listed it out of stock, or for a higher price. If the sales rep had been honest, I would have ordered a similar item elsewhere and avoided this headache. All they offered in return for my wait time, the lie and the cancellation was to cancel the order and a coupon. Great, so now I have a useless coupon for a site that I will never order from again because I can't trust them, and they've wasted my time, and my money has been **** on my card so I can't order a new item from elsewhere until the authorization clears. Don't ever order from Dell!"

Rating 2/10

take your money and won't give it back

"I ordered a Alien aurora from Dell the other day. I remember as a kid dell be best in computing. so having looked around i thought, yeh, dell. Gaming PC, £1200, lets do it.

First of all, after i received the initial "internet receipt" i heard nothing. my credit card statement said " payment pending" so 3 days later i use the DELL chat feature to talk to sales. Why sales and not the people who deal with the order. Because to do this, you need your ORDER NUMBER, which you only get after the order has been processed. In the mean time there is nothing you can do. I spoke to a chap in sales, told him my query, he took my Internet order number and off he went to look.

Came back 30 seconds later "your order has been rejected due compatibility reasons"

Why i ask and why not tell me

The fan you selected for the machine is not available so you have to upgrade to the £200 more expensive fan. Right i say, thats fair enough i guess, don't want the machine melting

Off he goes again. The comes back and asked to process that one. I explain to him "there is a still a transaction pending" we need to cancel that one first or ill be charged twice.

"no no no you won't, please fill in the credit card order form"

I say no, i want that other one cancelling first as there isn't enough funds on the card to take two payments, its just going to reject"

"no no no it will be fine i promise"

Long story short, it rejected. he the demanded i ring the bank there and then, "you tell them dell isn't fraudulent"

I ring the bank, they say no they need to cancel that as there isn't enough funds

I go back to him, I say to him, cancel the first one then wait for that to leave the system and then we ca carry on"
Then goes on to tell me he will process it first thing and let me know when its done. HOW?? don't you need me to enter my card details first??

All in all, their service is rubbish, its stressful and that "£1200 which became £1400" is my money, and they haven't cancelled the order so they are holding my money ransom.

Go elsewhere guys. Iv bought computer stress free before.

Rating 2/10

I tried to buy dell allienware 17 laptop with headset which are £3090.00 from dell website. My payment for laptop has declined but for heads

"I tried to buy dell allienware 17 laptop with headset which are £3090.00 from dell website.
My payment for laptop has declined but for headset is processed and they were shipped out. I send them email to cancel order because I don't need headset without laptop. How comes? I putted into basket 2 items, they charge me which is processed. I understood, there are someone in office and try to charge your card without your knowledge. When you submit your first order, if its not successfully, then they try to charge manually. They are using your card details. They saying they can't cancel order and cannot refund money for headset. There is must be cancellation and returns period e.g. 14 days. Also I sent cancellation email before dispatch the item. And they didn't ask me to charge my card behind of process.

Rating 2/10


"This is the second time I purchased the Dell laptop. But both the times my experience with dell was very bad. First time the speakers blew off within 15 days and second time the software is highly corrupted. I am facing hardware problems like dysfunction of power button and control key. Software problems such as blue screen of death. Now, in case of blue screen of death I tried almost everything to stop to it but I was not able to do it. When I called Dell they told me that they are ready to fix hardware problems as my laptop is in warranty period but they will charge for software problems. So, if you don't want nightmares while coding do not purchase dell products especially laptops. "

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