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Crocs Coupons
  • Rating 2.67/10 26 reviews

    2.67 / 100
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    • Customer Support: 1-866-306-3179
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All 26 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Horrible, horrible packaging. I ordered about 14 pairs of the same shoes in different sizes and it came in a huge, damaged box that was taped all over the ripped parts already--it was a huge mess. Even worse, the shoes looked like they were all thrown in careless ly and were all over the place. Only one or 2 pairs were in their hangers and in plastic bags but it took me a while to sort through the mess they made and put the hangers and matching halves together. I ordered 2 more pairs and they took more than a week to come, compared to the big box that came in a few days. Will never order from them again because this is how they treat their customers."

modified review This review was modified by run2fit on August 13 2013 10:57:33 PM

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I ordered One pair of Croc's and was charged Three Times! After contacting Croc's one charge was deducted. While my discussion with Croc's continued I received 2 pairs of Crocs, yet Crocs has record of only one pair being shipped to me. I did not order the second pair, nor do I want 2 of the same pair of Crocs. I have been in discussion with Crocs from the first day that I noticed 3 charges on my charge card and it is now 21 days later and I still have an extra pair of shoes that I did not order and a 2nd charge on my credit card that I did not authorize. I have emailed and spoken live to Crocs regarding this matter with no resolution. The customer service folks are very nice but so far no resolution..."

modified review This review was modified by zkittie on August 08 2013 04:47:54 PM
Kat0304's Avatar
Huntington Beach, CA
Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"My experience with Crocs has been pretty good so far. They have really comfortable wedges and their style has definitely improved throughout the years. They always have coupon codes and shipping is not super fast but it's okay."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Unbearable slow shipping + useless customer services = fail

I should do my search first then I would never choose this horrible merchant. I can not believe such famous brand can be this bad. In fact, among all other online retailers, they are the worst I ever seen.

This is my first time purchase from them and I will never buy another Crocs product. Period.

modified review This review was modified by Hexagontypec on December 05 2012 05:48:42 AM
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted


Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I have made 2 attempts at ordering the women's baya line croc from crocs.com. The first time their website said it w in stock but a few days after I placed my order I received an email informing me the order had been cancelled because they were out of stock. The 2nd time, I actually chatted with one of thei onine representatives and he told me they were now in stock so I replaced the order. Again, a few days later I received notificaton the order had been cancelled as they wre not in stock. I am floored at their obvious unorganization. Very dissatisfied with this company!!!"

Rating 4/102/5
modified review posted

"Shipping is very SLOW. It took almost 4 weeks to get my order. I have made a few orders with them and each time it takes the same amount to get my order.
If you need to return something, forget it, they make it such a huge hassle that you wont want to return anything.
I will not buy from them anymore because of this.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"DO NOT order from these people; it may say "In stock" but that is not necessarily true. I ordered 2 pair of Crocs (2 kids) & in the "Shipping Notice" it said that 1 pair had been cancelled with no reason. It's a nice idea to think that the children could "share" the remaining pair (perhaps 1 could wear the left shoe & the other could wear the right shoe) but I don't think that's very practical. I sent an email & Crocs very kindly responded 3-4 days later (Crocs is very quick to address "issues"--NOT) with what amounted to a form letter that I translate as, "We are CROCS. We have so much business that CROCS does not need your business". My suggestion is that some absolutely needing/wanting a pair of Crocs, order from another retailer who does have an interest in Customer Service; I've always had good luck with Amazon..."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"This is a letter I had to send to their PR department. No response yet.


I am contacting you because customer service has completely failed - and I don't know where to turn. In fact, they have managed to anger a regular Crocs family.

On Nov 24th I sat down with my wife and daughter to buy some more Crocs (we have over 100 pairs already). It was a bit complex as there were coupons, etc. We added some shoes, changed our minds a few times and then some shoes in our cart became unavailable - so we had to choose something else. We finally arrived at a decision.

The total came to $45 for 5 pairs of shoes. This didn't seem unusual to us as we have purchased most of our Crocs during sales or from the Outlet on Crocs.com. I then saved the order as a PDF (I always do this to protect myself). In the end the total was more than $45 as sales tax needs to be added in and is dependent on the shipping location. I clicked the order through and received an email receipt. The receipt says a total of $51.35.

A few days later we received the order. Some were given as gifts. Not another thought.

Then today I notice Crocs charged my account for $76.34. At first I thought my wife made another order. I checked my bank records and there wasn't a charge for the first order made on Nov 24th.

So I call up Crocs. I explained the charge discrepancy to the CS person. She put me on hold several times and then came back and said they made a mistake and the total should have been $76.34 and that they won't refund the difference. We went back and forth for a while. She then put me through to a 'supervisor'. She was equally insulting - and droned on about how accounting made errors and said "You received 5 pairs of shoes, didn't you? Then you have to pay for them...You don't expect free shoes, do you?" - or something along those lines.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She did offer to take the one pair of shoes back and would send out out a box to pick them up. In the end I couldn't stand it anymore and let he have it (sorry, but everyone has their limits).

I can't believe an established company like Crocs would have such poor customer service. Did I do something wrong? Am I responsible for Crocs web server or accounting department? Am I supposed to be an expert in Crocs coupons and should have known Crocs my total should have been higher?

Now Crocs has wasted more than a few hours of my time. I want my refund. In fact I think the entire order should be free at this point. My time is worth much more than $25 an hour.

Crocs is a brand. The brand is supposed to have integrity.

Kind Regards,

"John Smith"

PS - I logged on to my account and the order still shows $51.35.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"WOW is all I can say. When they advertise free shipping I was expecting shipping like Amazon. This is a joke. I ordered the shoes on 8/9 and its 8/22 with a expected delivery date of 8/26. What a crappy service from a company that makes nice shoes. Pretty disappointed in crocs. If you live near a Outlet just go there.. Or you will be waiting a month for shoes."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Extremely slow to ship. I've place two orders from them, and both times, they sat on the order for days (items were marked as "in stock"). They are the slowest to ship of all the online merchants I have ever dealt with - and that's a lot. Don't order from them if you need your items fast."

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Crocs customer service rocks!! Paid returns, helpful, no hassles."

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Purchased from crocs.com 4 times in 2010. All transactions were smooth. Had to RMA one pair due to it being too snug. CSR walked me trough the rma procedure, gave me 30%off coupon code and $5off RMA code on the next purchase. Email follow ups were fast as well. Return shipping was free via fedex. I will surely do business with them again and recomment to all! Thanks goes to CSR Andrea and Melinda!"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Crocs had a great sale on their "outlet" section of the website - buy one, get one free plus free shipping. I ordered four pairs of shoes for a total of $39.98. My order actually shipped pretty quickly and my Crocs arrived within the 10 day window. However, the box only had 3 pairs of shoes in it.

I tried calling customer service, but they were not open at 3:30pm PST (4:30pm MST) on a Friday, even though they're supposed to be open till 5 MST. I called again on Sunday at about noon (1pm MST), only to find out they're not open on weekends.

I emailed customer service on Feb 4th, no answer.
I emailed again on Feb 24th and finally got a reply this morning (March 1) from "Anna W." who said that the fourth pair of boots was out of stock and so the warehouse just took them off my order. She assured me that I wasn't charged for the boots. OF COURSE NOT!! They were a buy-one-get-one-free deal, and those were counted as the "free" pair.

Anna W. admitted that they simply removed the boots from my order, defrauding me, and because they were free and didn't owe me a refund. They never notified me or put a note on my invoice that this action was taken, they simply failed to send the boots.

Anna W. oh-so-generously offered to "preserve the sale" for me, so I looked at the outlet and found an acceptable replacement. I emailed the information to her and she said she spoke to her manager and they "have decided to send" the replacement shoes and that it was "a onetime action and has been noted on [my] account." How nice that they have _decided_ to fulfill my order as a onetime action -- as if I'm getting something other than what I ordered in the first place!

Crocs.com has lost my business forever. Don't buy from this site, just go to your local mall or REI shop or use Zappos.com to order if you simply HAVE to have Crocs. The prices are comparable and you won't have to deal with this dishonest company.

modified review This review was modified by aniZina on March 01 2010 12:54:18 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I placed my order on June 10th with ground delivery (which Crocs says can take up to 10 business days). If that was true, my order would have been delivered June 24th. But it has not yet shipped and their customer service line just kept me on hold for 21 min last night. I e-mailed on the 15th and got the Croc’s auto response but never a reply back. I e-mailed a second time June 25th in hopes of getting some kind of resolution. On June 29th I was informed by the Crocs customer service manager (Ivy Berg) that they are out of stock on the shoes that I ordered.

But hey, even though no one told me and even though I had to constantly follow up on this company to try and get some feedback through their customer service channels, they were nice enough to send me a coupon for $4.99.

This way, next time I feel like getting jerked around for a month, I can save almost five bucks.

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