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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.75/10 2.75/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 3.33/10 3.33/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Customer service: Rating 2.81/10 2.81/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 5.36/10 5.36/10
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Rating 4/10

Customer service lack of action

"Being a long-standing Costco member and customer for more years that I can remember, I wrote to the customer service department to complain about a wrist watch my wife purchased from their Lantana Store in West Palm Beach, Florida.
She purchased a Vince Camuto watch that cost approximately $120.00. Not expensive, but the watch was really nice and attractive. It was quite unusual and had an elegant blue rubber strap and rose gold face. Sadly, I damaged the strap and wanted to purchase a new strap directly from the manufacturer. After calling the manufacturer, I was told that they would not be able to provide me with a replacement strap for 2 months or more, and when quoted a price for the strap it was going to cost 70% of the initial purchase price of the watch. I would have thought that if Costco were to sell an item, and if the item required a spare part, Costco would ensure that the manufacturer would have made adequate provisions to provide spare parts for an item that is currently sold in their stores.
The service department or customer service department at Vince Camuto were rude and uninterested in helping me, and I had to drag what little information out of the person I spoke to on the phone.
So, I decided to take my complaint to the seller of the watch which was Costco and completed the on-line form on their company web site, but it took days for them to respond to me in acknowledgement of my complaint. I initially wrote to the customer service on Wednesday June 28, 2017 and again, on Thursday June 29, 2017 through the contact page on the Costco web site. Upon receiving some kind of generic response stating that they would get back to me was all I could get out of Costco. So, as I am a persistent person and being a good customer of Costco having spent thousands of dollars with them each year. I gave them my membership number so that they would check to see how much I spend and taking that into consideration would treat me with a little respect. I kept writing and each time a different customer service agent responded and the response was that they would forward my complaint to their purchasing department. I never heard from their purchasing department. So, as I said, I am persistent person, I decided to send certified letter to three of their senior directors explaining my situation and attaching the chain of emails from their customer service department. One knows that when you write to the CEO of any fortune 500 company or a company of that stature the CEO is shielded from customer complaints. The CEO never knows how customers feel because bad news is always kept a safe distance from the big bosses. I know that my complaint will either be ignored or some low-level employee may respond, but it’s unlikely. Well, till now the odds are slim as its already July 15, 2017 and no one has gotten back to me except email stating that someone would get back to me. It’s not all bad news about Costco as I wish to say that the in-store customer service is good and one can obtain a refund on goods that are either faulty or just provide a refund with no argument as I saw one customer bring back a box of opened crackers and he got a refund. All I want is another watch strap for a watch I like very much and I deserve a response from Costco explaining to me how they intend to help. Is that too much to ask ?
If you read this Costco; please get me a new watch strap.

Rating 4/10

AWFUL, very frustrating

"They are constantly moving everyday use items around to make it very frustrating to shop. It must be very labor intensive to do it as well. No other store does it. There is no logic to why they do it, but as a customer, it takes longer than it should and is frustrating to shop. Sometimes, I become so frustrated I give up. Once a Costco employee could not locate the dates for me. They were moved by the entrance because of Ramadan. Now, how many of us know much about Ramadan or even when it is going on? Today I looked for the light in the lighting area and for frying pan where all the frying pans were, but because these items were on sale they were moved to a new place. Someone please tell me how I supposed to know that? Had trouble finding regular items... organic eggs n tofu as well. Gave up on Maple syrup after asking and searching for 20 mnts. Rediculous to shop there. Once Amazon starts delivering groceries, it will be worth while to pay $99 for Prime than to pay $65 to Costco to spend time in driving, parking, buying products in bulk and losing my cool. I truly want Costco to stay in business, because completion benefits consumer, but if they don't organize the store logically, eventually others will agree with me and fled. Hope someone reads this review and does something about it."

Rating 4/10


"Pharmacy had prescription for hours before I went otoget it. Then told me it would be a 30 minute wait. 20 minutes later they call to say they don't have all the pills and they can only give me 3 and to come back the next day at 2 for the other 87. At one the next day they call to say they don't have the 87 - I need to come back the following day! Saturday-and they will be closed on Sunday!
Why didn't they check their supply when they got the prescription or while I was there to pick it up? There are always lots of people working but only one person to handle the long line of people waiting to pick up their prescriptions.
My husband is wearing a heart monitor and has received multiple calls from the doctor and LifeWatch about problems with his heart - that is why this medication was prescribed!
I will NEVER fill another prescription at Costco - and I'm tired of getting OLD fruit in the produce section. The Carmel Mountain Branch in San Diego is an awful store!

Rating 4/10

Lenovo computer

"I bought a Lenovo computer February 2016 and started having problems with it November of the same year. Nobody has fixed the problem yet because neither Lenovo nor Costco want to be responsible for a defective product that they advertise and pass on to their customers. My computer will probably never be fixed, yet, Costco and Lenovo have benefited financially from my patronage and I have to deal with a computer that does not work. Communications between Lenovo and Costco have been ineffective and the duration of this tribulation is making me very perplexed about businesses such as Costco. "

Rating 2/10

Costco Sells Known Carsinogenic chemically treated Foods

"Costco knowingly sells Propylene Oxide treated foods both in the cooler and open areas, such as but not limited to nuts.
This chemical in banned for human consumption in Canada and all of Europe.
This is the biggest cover up and food conspiracy in the country and many know about it and refuse to act.
I talked to the quality control group lead at corp, they are not the slightest bit concerned as long as they can get away with this activity legally, the health of the subscribership was never a concern or item of interest.
This chemical put my Wife in the hospital twice after consuming Costco treated foods.
Buyer be ware, Costco is not a reputable company.

Rating 2/10

Price hiked online to cover shipping

"I bought a product online thinking that the prices were the same online and in the warehouse. Anyway, I saw the swing in the warehouse after my swing was delivered and asked for a refund in difference from the online customer service. See replies below from customer service...

First reply: "Inventory and prices are often different online as opposed to what is available at your local Costco Wholesale warehouse. We offer many more products online than can be stocked in the warehouse and warehouse prices include no shipping and handling charges. Costco.com does not price match our Costco Wholesale warehouses because they are separate business operations"

Second reply after I disagreed with the first reply: "Costco.com functions by shipping the items directly from the manufacture or our vendors who are authorized dealers of the item to you. Other sites usually offer products from their locations and other reseller sites, who may not be an authorized dealer. When they offer free pick up for items they carry in their local store this is usually at a lesser cost. This depends on the item that you are looking at who it is actually coming from. Other retailers are able to possibly sell the item lower than cost or discount shipping since they mark up many more items to make up the difference in price. Costco does not do this to our members and makes sure to try and provide quality products at our lowest possible price for all of our items. Our price includes shipping charges included in the price of the item. This price is the convenience of having it delivered to your home. The warehouse offers a cash and carry price since you would have to transport it yourself. You are more than welcome to return the item for a full refund of what you paid and repurchase it at a cash in carry price."

Comments above contradicts on that they offer better prices than their competitors, but in fact they don't as they include shipping and handling by increasing the product prices online.

Rating 2/10

Very poor customer service, I am still waiting

"I went to COSTCO and a filled for a credit card, after I was approved (1 hr) I want a temporary pass to use the card to buy a TV. By the way was offered to me by the person who filled the aplication.
After many attemps was imposible. She told me that she will call the manager to see if he can fix the problem, after 20 min ( now was 90minutes since I enter the store ) I told the employe that I wil go get the groceries because the store were getting cngested and gave my celular number so when the manager arrive that she . can call me and do a better utilization of time.
Never receive the call I was unableto buy the three led 4 K Tv,.
By that time I was tire and hungry the temperature near 100 so I did not even ask I just leave.
I am still waiting.

Rating 2/10

Coupon cashback

"I was waiting for my cashback from costco for 3 month. I was driving there every month trying to figure out where is my money. Finally,I received it but they refused to redeem it without my husbund. They send coupon under his name although we have one account and the same rights. I am totally dissapointed with you guys!"

Rating 2/10

the biggest cheater

"I am wondering why people shop at Costco. Not only the quality of most of the products by Kirkland is terrible, you can find the same product and same amount cheaper in there stores.
For example diapers Huggies is 39 while you can it 37 and even more dipers in the box. The Dawn was on sale for 2 dollars less and I found it the same price as regular price in Walmart.
People think that the toilet paper or paper towel are really economic but if you calculate you would see you pay more than the regular price in other store and if they are on sale elsewhere then you are ripped off at Costco. Let's bycode this money sucker. Don't let them think consumers are dumb.

Rating 2/10


"We ordered a sauna from costco.com. We are long time members.
Not only did the sauna take over two weeks to get from California to Harrisburg but the shipper then did not deliver on the arranged date. Today, the day after, I have now been given four different stories as to why it has not arrived. Finally the truck driver called and told me he had no idea we were waiting because his dispatcher did not notify him of a time to deliver. The shipping company is Saia LTL Freight out of Georgia. I am amazed that a reputable company like Costco uses these people. No communication from them and when I call nothing but a bunch of half truths.
I did inform the shipper when they originally called to schedule the delivery that we were going away this morning. Thats why we scheduled for the day before. Here it is almost 4:30 and no delivery and a ruined trip.
Guaranteed we will never order from Costco.com again

Rating 2/10

Wedding Flowers

"My bride placed a order 10 days in advance of our wedding. Made several calls to customer service concerning the order. They never notified her the order wasnt shipping. This was a order for 150 roses in the wedding colors. She is heart broke. Due to there poor customer service which just says they are sorry. What kind of company would do this. Never expected it from Costco. You can bet I will spread the word."

Rating 2/10

Poor delivery

"Ordered a 100lb freezer and they delivered it in the cort yard on my lawn. Did not ring door bell. Did not notify by phone. UPS was shipper. Be aware before you order online if the shipper is private or UPS. "

Rating 4/10

Decent store, to bad they don't carry stuff consistently.

"We go for a few items and half the time they don't stock them. Maybe next visit? I've started ordering items online because of them not having them consistently in stock. And if they do it almost always in different spots around the store. Certainly good prices, but I wonder if I'll renew this year."

Rating 4/10


"For being a big store you would think that they would have better weekend hours and be open later then 6pm. "

Rating 10/10

The best store ever in my book

"I've been a Costco shopper for the past 20 years or so and I don't ever plan to stop going there. The products are of good quality and every complaint I've ever had has been addressed to my full satisfaction. I try not to take advantage of anyone (individual or company), but I do expect high quality goods at reasonable prices. I haven't had many issues with goods I've bought at Costco, because I trust that they check items very thoroughly. Most recently I returned a Nikon camera which I had used for 1.5 years before it stopped powering on. Nikon demanded $125 to repair the camera when the brand new camera only cost $245 - crazy! I went to Costco manager and advised what happened. The manager was not happy that I got a defective camera and took the item back. I could tell that Costco managers were genuinely interested in keeping me as a customer. I shop there weekly and spend a lot of money there each year - this is how the business should act. Well done. "

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