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    Product & services pricing Rating 4.17/10 4.17/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 3.33/10 3.33/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Customer service: Rating 4.50/10 4.50/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
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Rating 4/10

Decent store, to bad they don't carry stuff consistently.

"We go for a few items and half the time they don't stock them. Maybe next visit? I've started ordering items online because of them not having them consistently in stock. And if they do it almost always in different spots around the store. Certainly good prices, but I wonder if I'll renew this year."

Rating 4/10


"For being a big store you would think that they would have better weekend hours and be open later then 6pm. "

Rating 10/10

The best store ever in my book

"I've been a Costco shopper for the past 20 years or so and I don't ever plan to stop going there. The products are of good quality and every complaint I've ever had has been addressed to my full satisfaction. I try not to take advantage of anyone (individual or company), but I do expect high quality goods at reasonable prices. I haven't had many issues with goods I've bought at Costco, because I trust that they check items very thoroughly. Most recently I returned a Nikon camera which I had used for 1.5 years before it stopped powering on. Nikon demanded $125 to repair the camera when the brand new camera only cost $245 - crazy! I went to Costco manager and advised what happened. The manager was not happy that I got a defective camera and took the item back. I could tell that Costco managers were genuinely interested in keeping me as a customer. I shop there weekly and spend a lot of money there each year - this is how the business should act. Well done. "

Rating 2/10

Costco is the problem, not Yardline!!!!!

"I ordered a 2000.00 + wood swingset by Yardline
(Yardline Play Systems Ultra Fortress II Playset - Installation Included Item #726281)
on 3/9/2017. I was happily surprised when the COSTCO WEBSITE asked if I would like to have installation for 200.00! Wow, I thought, I don't have to find someone to put this together for me, after all, being a 47 year old woman (with a heart condition) who is getting this for her 6 year old granddaughter, this is wonderful! So yes please, add that! Order went thru and money is taken from my bank to pay for it. Imagine my surprise 5 days later when I get a confirmation email that I have cancelled the order????? What??? Why would I do that, I have told the 6 year old little girl it is coming and she will be able to play on it in about a month! So I ASSUME it is some kind of mistake. I call Costco customer service and a very kind lady informed me that the offered installation is not available in Spokane so COSTCO cancelled my order. No phone call to see if I possibly wanted it without the OFFERED BY COSTCO installation. NOPE, they just cancel it. Oh and even better, I get to wait at least 3 days for them to return my 2100.00! Seriously, Customer service is not even capable of reinstating the order they cancelled without the installation. I guess its time to get a Rainbow system, or Home Depot! Costco should fix the website to NOT offer things that they cannot provide, at bare minimum, make a phone call!

Rating 2/10

Rude cashier

"My mom had two cards, one for me and her. Today at Costco I went to use it to buy some groceries for the month and one cashier told me next time I need her to buy stuff and scanned me through, OK expected, another came up and started yelling at me and grabbed my card and demand my ID which she then walked off with, after that she told me I can't shop here and "get out, go, you're dismissed" and laughed. I had to come back 20 min later to pick up a prescription I dropped off and my card wasn't working, luckily you don't need a card for the pharmacy but still she put a hold on my card. Pharmacy is always very helpful and nice and would rate them 10/10. I've had them catch it before but they were always very nice about it. I will never go back to Costco and when my membership ends in July my mom will be cancelling my card and down grading her executive membership."

Rating 2/10

Horrible customers service and racist

"I don't even want to begin to explain that the cashier was in a pissy mood and because of that she refused to sell me my products she said she didn't take debit and because i didn't have my husband with me who has the same account she didn't want to take my payment I left a cart full of items for my 2 young kids, my kids were so upset and cried asking why they lady didn't let them have their food? Yup Canada is starting to **** big time. Not to mention she was a racist, i am so over you costco you **** and I will tell anyone I encounter how bad you ****. Most of their stuff isn't even fresh as it gets taken and put back so many times, eat the food at your own discretion don't say you weren't warned."

Rating 4/10

Shopping is not easy

"It is very difficult to find what you need in store. Really, prices are not so interesting. You waste a lot of time for small savings."

Rating 2/10

Costco online service slow as a herd of turtles ! Terrible service !

"Ordered a new Samsung washer dryer on Costco online dec 23, 2016 . Almost a month later it arrives on Jan 21st but only 1 piece . Then I wait till the following Saturday for both pieces to arrive . Delivery guys unpack washer and a big dent on front and a weird bulge at front where the top joins to the front piece. They say to call Costco.ca .I did so and got a ticket number and told to wait three days. I did a search on the washer and turns out its on recall for the top of washer detaching from the bottom during high spin, I didnt even hook it up. I send a follow up email with photos and all I get 3 days later is an email to send the serial number. I do so and wait another day and half and nothing , it's now Thursday January 26 noon and I call. I get a Justin whom is young and I can tell doesn't care. Says a return of the units and for them arrange pick up will take up to 4 weeks . Also I tried the steam dryer which my dry clothes on steam came out wet each time. I tell him this and again not much support . I'm not impressed with the lack of follow up from Costco on line resolution centre . Justin of the resolution centre **** ! Frustrating customer support and no real follow up ! Instead of waiting a month I had to get some friends to help me load up the washer and dryer on my truck and I returned them ar store in Regina Saskatchewan.
Stay away from Costco online if you want appliances. Also top load Samsung washer and steam dryer junk !!! This is the 5.5 cu ft white top load washer and matching steam dryer, recall notice is still hanging up on wall at Costco as of January 29, 2017. Regina, Saskatchewan Canada What a trerrible experience !!

Rating 2/10

Doing a return with Costco is worse then a nightmare!!

"I am into my 3rd week on having to deal with a return and it has been nothing more then a nightmare. All I need is a return label from UPS and every 612147267time I contact them they give me a new excuse for example they said it takes up to 10 business days to process a return request. After the 10 business days has passed they said UPS is backlogged and the most recent one is they accused me from calling at the end of the day on a Friday which would be hard to make a resolution to this return problem and get in touch with UPS since no one is in the Costco office on weekends in the return department.

First of all I called Friday morning at 9:05 am to make sure that they had a full day to deal with this return problem. They also told me Friday morning that they would send me the return label by the end of the day Friday or Saturday....another lie because the return department is closed on Saturdays!

I'm appalled that there is so much disorganization and excuses being made in this company just for a simple return label!! Costco is supposed to be in the top 10 ranking companies in the Americas. I have better return success with best buy and bed bath and beyond and Amazon if having to do a return then with Costco.

I do not recommend ANYONE placing an online order with Costco in case you have to do a return for whatever the reason may be. Satisfaction is not guaranteed through them and felt it is important to share this with all of you...good luck and happy online shopping

Rating 2/10

Sales tax Scam

"TAX SCAM --- Charging you more sales taxes than should

I was attempting to purchase a sell item prices at 1,299 (discounted 400). I noticed that Costco Charges a tax on the prediscounted amount. Alabama tax code with dept of revenue does states that manufacturer coupons the amount of tax will be the prediscounted amount supposedly different from called "in store" coupon where tax is on the discounted amount. yet no where on the advertisement is anything about manufacturer discount. Having speaking to Alabama Dept of Revenue, waste of time, not worth there effort to audit costco about this. If sales shows $1699 - 400 off and your cost is 1299. then you should pay tax on 1299 instead paying tax on 1699. Huge scam. beware of COSTCO.. I bet the additional sales tax is never seen by the state of alabama. Just another way consumer getting screwed over by big company.

I emailed that Costco Tax department several times and they could not show any justification for this SCAM. other than it is a manufacturer coupon. Which should only apply if the consumer take the rebate, therefore sales price will be the pre discounted amount.

Rating 6/10

A Little Slow but It Works

"I shop here often. There are several good deals. Shiipping could be faster but for many things its cost effective and works just fine. The new website is much better than before"

Rating 2/10

Costco.com - can't get anything shipped to me

"Have tried to buy a laptop four times now from costco.com and the order keeps getting cancelled automatically. I called customer service and got a different explanation each time, ranging from issues with the billing address to the shipping address. I know it can't be the billing address since my bank is putting the money on hold. And why they're not able to verify that I'm at the shipping address I'm entering is something I'll never know.

I can understand system shortcomings. Maybe your address verification system isn't as robust as it should be. That's fine. But what I'm not fine with is getting poorly treated by your customer service reps. I'm now going to take my business to Amazon, a company which understands that I should be able to ship a product whererver I please. Amazon also happens to be a company that values customer satisfaction, and their service reps don't speak to customers in a sarcastic tone.

I should also mention that it's been almost a week now and the bank still hasn't removed the hold on the funds. Trying to get the hold removed should also be a fun process.

Rating 2/10

Screw me once, shame on me, Screw me twice, I'm through with YOU!

"I bought my winter tires at Costco last fall, great deal, and with the deal came FREE Summer/Winter tire conversion each season for the life of the tires, including balancing and nitrogen (Actually the FREE turned out to have a $45 fee each time, but ok, I didn't read the fine print - but this isn't my complaint).
The guy told me that they didn't take appointments for the seasonal switch between Winter and Summer tires, when they take off the one set and put on the other, depending on the season. He told me people line up for a 6 am open time, and it is first come, first served (they can do 4 an hour) and once their quota for the day is filled up, they don't reserve spots any more.
Ok, that's not a problem, I am retired, I can get up at 5 am, go line-up and get it done. Save the $300 on the tire purchase (good price) and save each time I have to switch between the two sets of tires (without having to buy a second set of wheels, I might add).
The first go round worked ok, I got there at 5:30, was 5th in line. By 7:00 my winter tires were on, and I am off to have a nice breakfast.
Spring roles around, I figure ok, get up at 4:45, get there by 5, be first in line, switch back to the summer tires. I get there, first in line, settle in with my coffee, and by 5:25, a guy comes out of the store to move some shopping carts, and says, "You know the Tire Centre doesn't open till 10:00?" I say, "but don't they open the doors at 6 to take reservations for tire conversion?" Answer: "No, that's just the winter, when they can sell you winter tires!" I ask, "Is there a line-up usually then?". Answer: "No, maybe a few."
Great, I get up and go home.
Two days later, I am there again at 9:15, no one waiting in line, but 1 person shows up a few minutes later. About 5 minutes after that, the VERY SAME GUY I saw two days before comes out, and says "Do you have a number?"
No, what number? He looks at me, hands me a number -- 15 -- (this means my turn will come at about 1:30 pm!!) He says: The first guy showed up at 5:00 am.
Now remember, this is the same guy that came out two days before and said nothing to me about taking a number, in fact said line-ups were not common in the spring-time!!!
I gave him back the number and told him I would never return to Costco, so disorganized and no idea about what GOOD CUSTOMER service is all about. I went to Canadian Tire, booked my appointment for the next day at 10:00 am, and the cost was only $75 more than the $45 FREE price from Costco. The $300 SAVINGS (?) didn't seem so impressive anymore, when my blood pressure would have to skyrocket twice a year trying to get my tires switched over.

Rating 2/10

Horrible Customer Service, waited all day

"I was in the Costco langely in canada, the optical department.
I had brought my prescription and was trying to buy a frame for $250.
I spent about 40 minutes having different people take my measurements, then the costco had to call another costco to confirm they had taken my eye exam and the prescription was from them. About 40 minutes later the costco finally called back and said yes the exam was taken by them a day earlier and that was my prescription. After taking my measurements again and punching it in on the computer they said their frame could not be ordered by me because the prescription i need is below 4.5 and mine was 6, they told me to look for another frame and i told them i had just waited 3 hours for them to figure their **** out and they said oh well we are about to close today please come back tomorrow.
Basically wasted around 4hours of my time standing around in costco looling like an idiot because they cabt figure out how to get **** done.

I think u should find out if the glasses frame could be used with my prescription before wasting 3hours of my time.

Will never shop at costco again.

Rating 2/10

Lost package and call disconnected by customer service

"I have placed the order for ellipitcal online on 12/28 and it was supposed to be delivered in two to three weeks. After multiple follows up on the status by myself using the tracking number, I was told at the end of third week the the order has been misplaced and the item is out of stock. Agreed to accept a different item as replacement and the order placed again on 1/19. I was told that the item will be delivered in two weeks at the time of placing this order. Now it is 1/24 and no further updates. I have called the customer service and they don't have any updates and i have simply wait. Further at expressing dissatisfaction and frustration, she says I can't blame Costco because
it is the problem with manufacturer even though they charged by card on 12/28 and my point of contact is Costco. Finally she disconnects the phone. Horrible service...Never place online orders with Costo.

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