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  • Conn's

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    • Address: 3295 College St
    • Contact: ecom@conns.com
    • Phone: (866) 765-1513
    • Customer Support: (866) 765-1513
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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.59/10 1.59/10
    Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 0.28/10 0.28/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.58/10 0.58/10
    Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10

122 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

"When I made my purchase November of last year, I was hesitant because I am a larger woman and didn't want the mattress to sink in or break before I could finish paying on it. The salesman said, Oh don't worry about that our extended warranty is AWESOME, it even will clean stains if you get any don't worry. So I also purchased an 95.00 plus interest warranty.
Fast forward to August. I called in the day I heard my boxsprings (from Conns) broke on August 1st. (Mind you I have a tempurpedic mattress, so when there is a hole in the boxsprings we then slept in a hole in the mattress.) They gave me a work order number of 0990196 and said someone should call me to schedule a time to come out and take pictures in up to 3 business days. I called back on the 5th and the reference number never went through and they had to start over. They gave me a new work order number 9885555 and I waited again. Finally had someone call, came out and took pictures. They didn't call me back for almost a week I believe, just to tell me they cannot help me because based on pictures a bolt is loose in my frame (how someone can determine that from a pic I will never know) and there was nothing else to be done. I ALSO learned that the warranty didn't cover the boxsprings, it was for the mattress only
(of course it didn't, how convenient). How would I know that? It just says warranty, it doesn't say item specific.
I called back over the course of 3 more weeks to talk to several managers and such. During that time my boxsprings was breaking more and more and creaked so I put the whole thing on the floor so I couldn't fall through in case it snapped.
I finally spoke to a manager yesterday who graciously replaced my boxsprings as a one time courtesy. During that phone call I also found out that since I had a few stains on the top pf my mattress they warranty is now void. I also learned that they might not approve anything further if I keep my bed on the floor because she said “It's more damaging because you're falling into the bed instead of climbing into it. But I was so happy about my new boxsprings I went to my store near me and asked if I could remove my 100.00 warranty and purchase a 100.00 frame. I had recently been receiving letters saying they upped my credit to 4000.00 instead of 2000.00 so I figured swapping out 100.00 for 100.00 shouldn't be a real issue. The manager said my account was set up in a way I could add to the account so things were looking really good!
I get to the store, got the boxsrpings ordered to deliver and removed the warranty and when the manager put in for my frame it was denied, twice. I called the phone number for credit approval and they said "I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do, something has changed in your credit score since November. I looked at CreditKarma.com and see nothing new, AND I paid off my truck in April so it shouldn't be that bad. I am not saying I have perfect credit, I do not, but nothing negative has happened recently at all. Nothing I could find since Feb 2014 and even that was a few years old just not hitting until later.
Why would you guys send out letters stating you have upped my credit to 4000.00 but then when I go in I do not qualify, not to mention I have had no late payments hit my credit with Conns at all. I have excellent credit with Conns. AND I am swapping 100.00 for another 100.00 there is ZERO risk for Conns.
Literally everything I have attempted with Conns after my initial purchase has been like pulling teeth. I would like to add I did my research and found out that Conns spends 10.00 on boxsprings because they buy a million at a time and you guys had me wait 26 days and over 50 phone calls for something that cost you next to nothing.
Today I called to get my last name changed she changed it and I asked for an email confirmation. She said she could not send out emails. I logged into this site and had to change my password because I forgot it and I got an email confirmation that said my password has changed.
Why is it every single thing I ask of Conns, the answer is ALWAYS "NO"? I am unbelievably dissatisfied and disgusted. This is not a customer friendly business at all!!!

Rating 2/10

"I bought a washing machine from Conns in Round Rock, Tx like literally 12 months ago... On Friday (3 days ago) I was attempting to wash some towels and guess what! My washing machine was not draining water, spinning or going any further than the fill cycle. I then called Conns since I paid for their very expensive extended coverage warranty, and what do you know... the service department closed at 8pm and throughout the weekend. I had my husband call on Monday at 9am to see about getting someone to come check out our washer that has defaulted and I was told they do not have any available until tomorrow. Mind you, I am currently pregnant and could have my baby at any given time so I have laundry to do. I have clothes for my baby that are needing to get washed and ready for her arrival. When I had asked to speak to someone above the person I was already talking too, I was told there was no one else in the 'scheduling department.' After arguing with the fact I dont need to speak to someone in that department, I need to speak to someone higher up in managment or corporate about this issue. I mean what am I really paying for then?? Most people in American work Monday - Friday 8 - 5 and ironically, so do the service techs through conns... So please tell me how that is supposed to benefit anyone since you have to be at home to have your item serviced. Then when I was finally with terms with just letting them come tomorrow and my husband will just have to be late to work, I'm then told that they will send someone to 'look' at it tomorrow.... What do you mean 'look' at it?? Your not going to fix my washer? I was then told it would take two weeks for me to get another one... Meanwhile, I am prengnat and now have to lug all my dirty clothes, my kids dirty cloths and my newborns clothes to the laundry mat and still pay for this NICE extended coverage they offer.... Fine, just send someone to look at it tomorrow, Well then i'm told they will call me with a two hour notice... So your saying i can't set a time for my item I purchased from you?? So here I am... still paying for this extended shitty service, water in my machine with my towels... and dirty clothes everywhere.

I have called to speak to someone in corporate and they keep giving me the run around... I have been doing business with them since 2008 and never had any problems like this... But I guess their TV's are the only good thing to purchase... Once i pay this off i am completely 100 percent done with this business and I'm going to make sure every one of their sites has my nice little story about my expereince... As I know mine is not the only one since I was told repeatably about not buying one thru them... But lesson learned!

Rating 2/10

"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay far away from this company. My husband and I entered the Conns in Gastonia NC , our sales rep Charlotte was extremely nice not to bright but very nice. Well we purchased around $6500 worth of merchandise. Well a week before our payment was due we started getting phone call from a TX number and Im talking about 15 calls to each cell each day! I spoke with a custer service agent named Melissa Lopez well she is the rudest person I have ever met. Asking when my husbands next paycheck is coming in and what we spent his last paycheck on. Then continued to state that obviously us paying Conns was not a priority but paying my cell phone bill obviously was since I was on on it! That we have over $6000 worth of "their "merchandise. I have never in my life felt so attacked by a "customer service agent" ! This all occurred a couple days after our first payment was due and because of a miscommunication. We were verbally told our payment was due Aug 26, 2015 when on the paperwork it stated July 26th. If I could I would pack all "their"merchandise up and deliver it back to them. oh wait I can't because they have a "return Policy" which they try their best to avoid talking about and state on the contract refund policy attached. Which I still have yet to see. CONNS is a perfect name for them because that is exactly what this company is a bunch of con-artists! I wish they had a BEWARE rating ! "

This review was modified by verymadcustomer on August 01 2015 01:36:03 PM

Rating 2/10

"Thinking of shopping at Conn's? Don't waste your time. By far the worst customer service I have recieved in my lifetime. I am building a house and choose Conn's after month's of researching best deals on appliances. Going in with the thought of spending 3k on said appliances, I was attacked walking in by several people and could not get a moment alone to even look around. Already knowing what we wanted, we gave the lady the sku numbers to check out. She then informed us that to install the items, it is $120 EACH, not for the whole set, but for each individual item, adding an additional $500 to my ticket that was already a decent sized order. We declined it, being that we are capable of installing them ourselves or having our contractor install them. She assured us everything was in stock for the delivery set a MONTH in advance.

The day before delivery, I have yet to hear from anyone regarding the delivery, or the store regarding my order so I contacted my sales rep, to be told that my microwave is on back order a couple weeks and will be delivered then, however, upon the inital sale, I told them I needed everything at once to ensure my house is finished on time. Now, I'm not one to be rude or to cause an issue, but I work in the same industry as them, and when it comes to my customers, if an item is back ordered, I tell them upfront and keep them updated. I asked my sales rep if we could upgrade the model to be delivered and she told me she'd get back in touch with me. Well a couple hours passed, I hadn't heard anything, so I went into the store and spoke with the store manager. I had found the upgraded model advertised for less with free delivery and free installation at another location so I asked if they could price match and I would just upgrade the microwave. Well the store manager ensured me that nothing could be done, they could not price match (even though they advertise it and explain it to you) and that they would in no way, shape, or form, do free delivery, installation, or price match it.

Had I not needed the rest of the appliances the next day, I would've cancelled my entire order. I cancelled the microwave and went to Best Buy where they had the lowest price, free delivery, free installation, best buy reward points, and excellent customer service and purchased from them. I will never shop at Conn's again and I will be sure to tell my customers my HORRIBLE experience here and that if they shop from them, they will go through the same experience I, and several other people, have been through. Don't waste your time, they may have good deals on appliances, but their furniture is partical board and will not last more than a year, they prey on low income with their finance promos via mail that never stop coming (even when you've never shopped with them or given them your information....which means their getting your information from somewhere....)

Avoid Conn's at all costs.

This review was modified by LadyJeeper on June 29 2015 09:06:44 AM

Rating 8/10

"Great product selection plus good service & fast shipping. I couldn't ask for me! Oh also like their website"

Rating 2/10

"Conn's is a rip off. They say they are A rating with the BBB is because they know how to cover up their lies, don't know how to admit THEY screwed up and caused harm and their sneaky way of doing business. We bought an entertainment center from them. They had the wrong payment date, and the day they wanted their money, six days before the due date they blew up our phones and called both of our employers. They said they would take back their product, yes only to put a repossession on your credit report, sell it and then you have to pay when they didn't get out of it. Your so much better off going to Rent--Center or Arron's Rent to own. These people at Conn's are out to screw you!"

Rating 2/10

"I would not recommend Conn's. I got approved ,bought kitchen appliances. However before i even signed any papers, i did asked if it's OK to split the payment in a month (otherwise i never had signed any papers) Answer: Absolutely . Well so i did started to split my payments. However it turns out to be so much Drama,they don't stop calling me. Even when i told them on the Phone (and they do see ,i pay the amount i owe them every month) that i was told ,it is OK to split the amount in a month. However now they call my Phone (7 times a day) AND also they start to call my work as well. Well when i called them and told them, to stop calling my work and i told that lady on the phone,i will pay the rest of 52$ until end of them month and that i would recommend to give there staff a better training and not lying at costumers, only to make a sale. Well That lady hung up on me!!! I call it good costumer service and way to go Conn's ! Never buy there again. Rude people, annoying and liars! "

This review was modified by Angie1977 on June 16 2015 06:18:16 PM

Rating 2/10

"We went into conns's and applied for credit due to the fact that we wanted a new french door fridge. We got approved for 5000.00 with 12 months no interest, so we got a Samsung fridge and matching diswasher. Upon getting the items we had problems with the fridge doors not staying open and found out that the diswasher did not have a heating element to dry the dishes.

We called customer service on the door doors and a new fridge was delivered. Upon getting the second one the doors did the same thing and they had a service person come out. They could not solve the problem.. We then recalled service and they then sent out a Samsung autherized repairman and he attempted to fix the doors with no luck. He replaced the mother board on our diswasher but it was the wrong one.

So we then contacted the store manager in Vegas Steve and began a long arguement over the 15% restocking fee. We feel that we should not have to pay it, due to the fact the items were not as they were described by salesman. So we decided to pay for the 15% restocking fee only so we could distance ourselves from them.

Upon getting to store we dealt with asst. manager Phillip Romero who did not have very good math skills and after over a hour of dealing with him we paid the 538.98 and left the store.

I then went to RC Wileys and purchased a new fridge where they priced matched a very good price for it and paid cash for it and had it delivered on the 5th with no problems. Avoid Conn's as they deseve their names they are crooks and will be out of business before you know it..... In finishing they deserve everything they get in return for the way we were treated....

This review was modified by zorroc on June 05 2015 05:48:59 PM

Rating 2/10

"There is a reason why this store is called Conns (cons)!!"

Rating 2/10

"If you love being jerked around and being completely screwed over then Conn's is the place to go! We've been trying to get out couch repaired for the past five months, which is covered by our payment plan. Five month, that's right almost half a year, what fun!
Now they're trying to claim the damages are our fault, but that's an outright lie, don't buy from Conn's they say they wanna help but only wanna take your money. Fantastic!

This review was modified by kinshua on May 08 2015 12:54:30 PM

Rating 2/10

"On Saturday April 11th of 2015 my partner Craig Smith purchased a couch and a set of end tables (INVOICE # 027006692-001) that came with a coffee table, from the Conn's store at 1655 South Stapley Drive Mesa, Arizona 85204. It was myself my partner our roommate and her boyfriend who were looking at furniture. We were approached by Deborah Powers, and she became our sales rep; she was very pushy and annoying. She forced us to purchase a set of side tables and coffee table, by saying we either had to purchase them or pay $140.00 to have the couch delivered to our home in Prescott Valley. A few things have come up about the sale that really ticks us off. Deborah never discussed the terms of her companies warranty until after the contract was printed and signed. #2 She failed to mention the warranty or the return policy. #3 not once were we informed about her putting "life insurance" on our loan: I have never nor would I agreed to that. On 4/13/15 our delivery arrived at our door at about 3pm, Craig received the furniture delivery by Alex and Gill and not once did they ever tell us we had 72 hours to return the furniture if we weren't happy or if the furniture had defects or issues. After the delivery drivers had left we had noticed the tables were very unstable and the glass kept sliding on the supports, we can not have this in our house due to a toddler lives with us and safety is utmost IMPORTANT to us. On 4/14/15 I called over to Deborah to let her know that I wanted to return the tables due to the manufacturers defect and that's when she told me about the return policy, in a smug condescending tone says," I told you there is NO RETURNS!" She said she would talk to her manager and call us back. Later that night at about 8:30pm she said that we would have to call service a total of 3 times before we could get credit for the tables and exchange them for something else. On 4/15/15 I called service at 7:30 am our time and spoke with a representative that told me that we had 72 hours to return the tables if we were not happy or if they ha a defect. She also mentioned that we needed to contact the store manager. I called at 10:30am and asked for a manager, and they told me that they would call me back. I waited to about noon then called back and spoke with Manager Chris Hernandez. He said that he would call the warehouse and get back to me....never received a return phone call. Our roommate Deseree called at about 1pm and spoke with someone higher up then the woman she was talking to. The higher up rep asked who our sales rep was at the store and when Deseree told her Deborah Powers the woman knew exactly who she was and wasn't surprised. She told us to drive the tables to 7313 West Thomas Road in Phoenix, which I might mention was the wrong address it was supposed to be 7333 West Thomas Rd. So, Craig and myself packed up the tables into my van and drove them to the phoenix location. Keep in mind we drove over an hour from Prescott Valley to do this. We walked in and spoke with a rep that had no clue what we were talking about and told us to go back to the Stapley Store in Mesa and speak with the manager. In the mean time Craig was on the phone with customer service and must have spoke to about 3 reps including Crystal. Crystal was still fighting us tooth and nail, because none of the other representatives made notes in our account. Crystal transferred us to her manager Meredith in which went to voice mail in which I left a voice mail to call me back. I have yet heard from her. We arrived at the Stapley store in Mesa and spoke directly with the Manager Chris Hernandez and he was a complete rude ***** Basically. Chris refused any help to remedy the issues at hand, he said we would have to wait for the warehouse to come back up to our home in Prescott Valley. We told him we were tired of being ran around and that we would personally drive now to a third place dealing with Conn's. We then headed over to the warehouse located at 1100 North 127th Ave Avondale, Arizona; which I would like to add was over and hour away in traffic from the Mesa store. Once there was were being helped by a man named Bill, he was doing all he can including calling the store we purchased the furniture and tables from and calling corporate for us. He called the Mesa store and spoke to the manager Chris Hernandez, Mr. Hernandez was a real jerk to Bill, he told Bill the same garbage he told us. Bill agrees that because of the defect in the furniture we should be able to return it. Bill was the most helpful person all day!!! Bill got us on to customer service in which the rep was able to created a 72 Hour Help ticket which number is # 414483. After driving around Phoenix (wasting time, gas) to try to resolve the issue, it has not been resolved. I have never been treated so rudely and passed off as meaningless by a company who obviously is not business of Customer Service what so ever. You have the most unprofessional and rude employee's."

This review was modified by mattk_cs on April 20 2015 11:15:33 PM

Rating 2/10

"These people are liars! I should of known by the name Cons that I would soon be conned! Never ever go here. I purchased $6000 worth of stuff and some how everything was covered under insurance but my couch which is falling apart 6 months later."

Rating 2/10

"When others say NO. We say yes. They say yes, to rip you off, any possible way. Conn's Home plus 345 N. Academy stored staff is made up of Crooks, Thieves, Liars, Shady management."

This review was modified by 2540emiko53 on March 22 2015 10:05:52 PM

Rating 2/10

"Take your money to ta company that appreciates your business. We purchased a bed, couch, love seat and chair on February 21st and they have gave us a complete run around and the delivery time each time we called they gave us a different story. They don't know what the hell they are doing it is now March 3rd and we still don't have our stuff. We will ever canceling our purchase if they don't show up today. Go somewhere where they care."

Rating 2/10

"I bought a sofa, loveseat, recliner, 60 inch tv and stand. They gave me a "free" 32 inch tv that I have to pay 149.99 for the warranty! The cost of the warranty is about 2000.00 for everything. The "free" tv screen got cracked in my possession. We were told by customer service to return in to the store and it's up to the manger to repair it or give me a new one on the spot. That was February 8th 2015... it's now the 28th. Our contract says 7-10 days... that's funny. When we call or go in the store we're told a couple more days. I went in the store this past Friday and was told the ticket was closed. After the manger investigated he said the repair manager has it and they are re opening the ticket and I will get new tv in 24 hrs. I asked for a new one they have in the store... the cheap ones. He said no.. they have to wait for the repair manager to give the go ahead first. I called the cooperate office and they said the same thing. WOW... the repair manager has more authority than anyone. If they are acting this way about a 32 inch tv...... I'm afraid if anything happens to my major purchases. We've spent about 15,000.00 with them and no late payments. I guess they don't want to satisfy their customers.... I won't be going back recommending them to anyone!!!!!! Btw... still no tv.

This review was modified by Nanchrish1 on February 28 2015 06:40:01 PM

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