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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I purchased a TV, a BLUERAY and a refrigerator. The refrigerator they sent was not the one I chose on the sore and the BLUERAY didn't not work right. They replaced the BLUERAY but I decided to keep the refrigerator. I paid my last voucher ahead of time after after calling to make sure what my balance was but later they charge me for something I still don't understand and don't agree with. They gave me several different reasons that don't make any sense. I do not recommend CONNS to anybody, stay away from them."

modified review This review was modified by canelca on April 19 2014 11:40:06 AM

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I purchased a 60' 3D TV, Refrigerator, oven and microwave from Conn's. They offered me a free delivery with my purchase, come to find out it is a rebate. I said oh well, Ill send it in, no big deal. Well I sent in my paperwork the next morning to get my $80 back. I waited almost 8 weeks and thought hmm, I should have my rebate by now, well I call the store and they give me a number to call, I call the "rebate" office and they tell me that I wasn't eligible for free delivery( Well if I wasn't eligible why would they give me the paperwork in the store) I asked to speak with someone else, another lady came on the phone and said that I needed to resend everything. So, now pretty upset because it was supposed to be really easy and a "perk" it turned into a headache. I thought to myself, does it really matter for the $80? It got to the point where that wasn't even the issue, I started thinking if they can't handle this little task of a free delivery rebate what if something happens to my appliances. SO! After I said I would turn in the paperwork again, they gave me another number to call, which was the number to the store I bought my items from. I call them and a guy answers and says he's the manager. I tell him my situation and he doesn't seem to care at all, he kept repeating "call the rebate office,etc." So I tell him again and again, I already did that, they told me to call you, so can you email me my sales receipt so I can resend everything. He said, no we can't sorry. Nothing else. After about 5 minutes of me explaining my situation AGAIN, (WASTED TIME) He says ,oh I can fax it to you...Oh, why didn't you tell me this already... So I said okay Ill call you tomorrow when I'm by a fax machine and called back the next day, what do you think happens? I specifically asked if the same manager was going to be there, nope. I have to jump through rings again just to get my sales receipt. I am currently waiting on them to call me back, It has now been about 2 hours. So hopefully I can get my receipt and send it in and get my rebate....Doesn't sound tohard does it?..."

modified review This review was modified by Cassiewalker327 on January 27 2014 02:27:04 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"On or around September 18, 2013 I went into Conn’s Home Plus, Austin, Texas to purchase a washer & dryer set, and a freezer. On 21 September 2013 the following items was delivered to my house address in Austin, TX. I received the following items Samsung WA422PRHDWR 4.2 Ft Large Capacity Top Load Washer, Samsung DV422EWHDWR 7.2 Ft Super Capacity Electric Top Loader Dryer, and GE FCMSSUWW 5.0 Cu Ft Manual Defrost Chest. On or around October 21, 2013 my washer stop spinning and the water would not drain out of my washer. On October 23, 2013 I called in a service call to Conn’s at 1-855-266-6349 to have someone to come look at my Samsung washer. The technician came out to my house on October 25, 2013 to look at my washer he informed my fiancé that a part had to be ordered for my washer and that it would be in a week and someone will give you a call when it comes and was told to call within 24 hours to find out the status of part. During the technician visit he also stated to my fiancé’ that this is a problem the Samsung front loader washers. If this information had been disclosed to me at the time of purchase that all these problems existed with Samsung I would have never purchased this brand of washer and dryer and this information was never disclosed. I called on the following day and was told to call back on Monday because they do not show any notes in the computer about any part being ordered for my washer. On October 28, 2013 I called the service department back at Conn’s to get an update on the part and I was told that the part would be in November 4, 2013. I called on November 4, 2013 to see if the part was in just to be told that the part had not come and was told call back on tomorrow. I called back on November 5, 2013 to check the status of my part and was told that the part will not be in until November 7, 2013. I called on November 7, 2013 late in the evening to check the status of my part to be told that it was not in. In my conversation with the customer service rep it was told me that this is estimate date I relied to her that it was told me on November 4, 2013 that it was confirmed to be in on November 7, 2013. I have called Customer Service, the Resolution Department, Samsung to try get assistance with this matter but been giving the run around by so many people. I was given a ticket number by the Service Department, Ticket #296494 and said that I should receive a call within 24 to 72 hours from a manger from the Parts Department regarding my washer. On November 8, 2013 I called Conn’s around 9:00 a.m. to inquire about the part once more and was told by customer in the Service Department to ask about my part and was told that my part was in and that we could come out on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 and that I would be receiving a call from the technician between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 10 a.m. to let me know what time he would be coming out to my house to do the service work. On November 12, 2013 10:00 a.m. had gone so I called the service department to only be told that three other parts for my washer had to be ordered. This information was never disclosed to me or my fiancé. Also to be told that the technician that was doing the repairs was running late because he had a doctor’s appointment and that I would get a call from the technician very soon. After not receiving a call from the Technician I called back to the Service Department to be told that the technician that was supposed to do the repairs will not be able to do the repairs that day and I asked if someone else can do the repairs they informed me no he was the only that could. My fiancé took off time from his job to sit at home to wait for the technician to come and find out later that morning that he would not be able to do the repairs. After I talked to fiancé he had me to do a three way with the Conn’s Service Department to get the status of the part once more to be given the run around once again. The customer rep that we talked to this time told my fiancé that they was waiting on 3 additional parts to come in and that she was going to put in a trouble ticket and I informed her that a trouble ticket was put in last week and someone was suppose to call me within 24-72 hours and her response to me was that she does not show a trouble ticket at and she created a new trouble ticket for me, Ticket# 299119. This call was recorded by my fiancé. After I hung the phone with my fiancé and customer service I called the Resolution Department in hopes to get some type of answer. I went to explain my situation to the representative let her know that I had two ticket numbers the first one was put in on Thursday, November 7, 2013 and the second on was put in today Monday, November 12, 2013. After giving the customer rep the first ticket number she explained to me she does not know why they informed me that they had no record of this ticket number and she put me on hold for about 10 minutes to do some research. When the rep came back to the phone she explained to me that no part has ever been received, she does not know why the service department even scheduled appointment for me for Tuesday in the first place. She also inform me that my original ticket was never given a high priority and I was told on Thursday that my ticket would be given a high priority. She told me that I should her from someone around 5:00p.m. today and if I do here from any one than to call Resolution Department back. Everyone that I have talked to all they keep telling me is I understand what you are going through and I explained to them I honestly don’t think that you do because I have been giving the run around from each person I have talked to at CONNS. To be told that your part will be in on November 4, then November 7, then to say on November 8th that your part is in set up a date for November 12, to be told on November 12th that three additional parts is needed for your washer now when originally it was only one part, and on top of that the technician that suppose to call you between 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. is running late will give you a call to let you know when you time is then to go from that to say that the technician will not be able to do the work now because something came up but you do not have no one else that can do the work. Then to be told the part has not even been received yet there was never three additional parts for your washer. I informed the customer rep I do not think you know what I am going to through at this point to be paying for a product that you cannot even use. Now if I was in collections you would be hounding me until I make a payment. I want this matter to be resolved as soon as possible.

On November 15, 2013 @ 8:41 a.m. I called the Customer Helpline; I spoke to Geraldine to get update on the status to why I have not received a call from a Service Manager as promised by the end of the day on November 14, 2013. She informed me she did not know why. I also let her know that I had a ticket that was already open #296494. After she looked to the ticket she saw notes that a technician came out on November 12, 2013 and three additional parts was needed to be ordered. I explained to Geraldine that the technician never came out on November 12, 2013 it was told to me on November 12, 2013 that the technician had a doctor’s appointment and he was running late and will calling shortly to let me know what time he will be coming. I never received the call so I called back a few hours later to only be told that the technician was not coming out because he had a family issue. So I asked why are there notes in the computer stating that he came to our house on that day and I also let her know that my fiancé took off that day just for that reason. It was never disclosed to us that three additional parts had to be ordered for our washer. I was informed by Geraldine today that the other three parts was ordered on November 12, 2013 and she informed to me that they will add this information to my ticket that already in existence. She did apologize for what I have been going through I thanked her and hung up the phone.

On November 15, 2013 I called the service department I spoke to Samuel at Conns and I explained to what I just disclosed to me by the customer helpline and that I was truly upset with how the service department has handled this situation with my washer. After he looked through the notes he began to tell me that on November 12, 2013 that the technician came out to my house on November 12, 2013 and I explained to Samuel that no one came to my house on that day and I asked him why are there notes in your system that are false or misleading and why was additional parts ordered and this was not brought to my attention at all. He told me let me put you on hold and call the Dispatch to find out why additional parts was ordered and find out why the technician claimed he came to my house when he never did. Samuel came back from with this information he informed me this, he said that the technician was scheduled to come out to my house on November 12, 2013 that all the parts was not there and they had to order the additional parts the question that I have for him was why was I lied to and giving the run around on that day. Samuel admitted to me that they did drop the ball on this matter and all he can say is sorry. Then he goes to say I need to be patient and I explained to him I think I have already been patient enough and no person should have to go through all this to get a washer repaired. Then he goes on to tell me that if we can fix your washer we will and I explained to him really and the parts are scheduled to be in on November 19, 2013 and I explained to him that according to your policy that you have you thirty days from the date I put my service call in to fix my washer or you will have to replace it then comes out of his month that is not a guarantee that is up to Corporate Office or Customer Help Desk. Also let him know that my thirty days is up on 21 November 2013. Then he went on tell me that we have another thirty days from the date the other part was ordered. At this point I was just floored with disbelief of how those words even came out of that gentleman mouth. I think at this point I have been through enough and all want right now is to have both my washer and dryer replaced as a set since I brought them as a set with a different brand.

modified review This review was modified by angeliahenry72 on November 15 2013 05:43:47 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"DO NOT SHOP AT CONN'S!!!!! These people are horrible. They lie cheat and steal. I understand now why they got the name "Conn's"... because they ARE some cons! These people lured us in on the "no interest for a year" thing, then when it came time for the final payoff, they lied to my wife and then turned around and sent us a bill for another $689 dollars. Now we're stuck paying it or it will hit our credit score plus I'm sure they'll take us to court. Don't buy ANYTHING from these people!!!!! Read the reviews everywhere on the internet, you'll definitely think twice before buying from them!!!!"

modified review This review was modified by ScrewedByConns on August 21 2013 06:55:54 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Ridiculous! Idiot associates whose hands are tied from providing customer service are: Chris, Joel, Nick, Stephanie, and Jane. Just avoid the headache and shop elsewhere."

modified review This review was modified by DallasCentralExpressway on August 07 2013 08:54:11 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"As a previous warranty repair technician for Conn's furniture, I can attest to the following:
* Approved "repair" methods are not always permanent, especially regarding seat cushions and recliner mechanisms.
* Many customers were pressured into an extended warranty, but given no printed coverage information (Many spoke of a prior lawsuit regarding this issue). Cushions are covered for 12 mo, and some only last 3.(yes,3) Repair techs are instructed to add 1" foam to cushion covers that were not designed for it. Corners bust, seams split, zippers break, and springs sever overstuffed cushions & covers... right about the time your standard 12 mo warr. expires, and 2 yrs before it's even paid off. Extended warranty DID NOT cover seat cushions. Also, repair techs don't make much $ if they order parts. They are more than happy to attempt a repair. But you still have the right to make demands, if the repair doesn't meet your approval.
* Bed frames MUST have slats for mattress or box spring coverage. I saw 3 month old mattresses fail time & again. No slats, no coverage.
* I saw vinyl sofa sets that were sold as leather. Verify EVERYTHING. Salesmen lie, and it can't be proven.
* Customer service will redirect/stall your calls long after your frustration begins. DO NOT give up. (but expect to make multiple calls)
* I received many calls on my personal phone from customers who were told that "I" made the decision to void/ignore their warranty. Elderly or invalid people, incapable of even causing the damage I had reported.
* If you don't pay for in home delivery, most any damage claim will be written off as abuse, caused by YOUR delivery efforts.
* A large percentage of my repairs had damage that was caused in the warehouse or while being delivered to the home. Inspect EVERYTHING & do not let them shred your upholstery getting it through the door, and then repair it with glue & dye. You paid for something "new". Many customers accepted imperfect items before the first payment was even made. I saw many instances where damage was hidden from the customer. (if he took it back to the warehouse, he wouldn't have gotten paid for the delivery) I also made many warehouse repairs to items that were sold as new. Again, INSPECT EVERYTHING. (look closely. suggested repairs only make damage less obvious) On one occurrence, I was asked to repair part of a sectional sofa, to be sold as new, because every one of the "new" ones in the warehouse was damaged.
* They say chair arms are designed to support the weight of an arm while sitting, not to support your entire body while trying to get up.
* Their job is to get your $. Mine was to keep you just happy enough to come back. We scheduled jobs to begin as late as 7pm. I was authorized to stay as long as the customer tolerated, sometimes after 9pm. I was also authorized to make scheduling calls as late as 9pm, weekends included.
* Payment plans involved insane interest rates. Many customers stated that "they definitely live up to their name", and not just regarding interest rates.
*** I could write a book, but I've tried very hard to forget much of what I saw, and what those customers were dealing with. (and this review is also limited in content) I resigned when instructed to do substandard work, being told that if the customer refused the repair effort, Conn's could write them off as abuse & "put it behind them".
Alternative suggestions:
* Finding quality used furniture & paying for professional cleaning is a considerable option. Ordering new upholstery panels directly from a manufacturer is also fairly affordable. (use a cheap icepick to remove staples) Check online for installation instructions. If you're stuck with the cushion issue discussed earlier, I suggest that you find cushion foam through a fabric store & cut it yourself. I use a well sharpened machete.
* In the furniture world, if it's HEAVY, then you know the manufacturer wasn't overly concerned with saving money on materials or freight, which usually means quality design & construction.

**In all fairness, some of my customers had a house full of Conn's appliances & electronics, some for 15+ yrs. Feedback here, was mostly positive, unless they needed customer service. You'll have to suffer 3 failed repair attempts before their guidelines guarantee a replacement. One customer said that she had to throw away everything in her fridge & freezer 4 times before she was issued a replacement. I wonder what that would cost an 82 yr old lady, on a fixed income...

*** My (unrelated) message to EVERYONE... Don't sell your soul for a dollar, whatever your profession might be.

modified review This review was modified by clearCONSCIENCE on July 08 2013 02:31:13 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Well I decided to buy a new larger capacity washer/dryer from Conn's and the added warranty was offered to me along with a whole bunch of good things it offers. Well it took a little over a year after purchase for my washer to start shooting water everywhere! I called the Friday night it went out, but they were closed. I then called Saturday morning and they were closed for Mother's Day (which was actually on Sunday so I guess they needed the whole weekend off). So Monday morning I call and earliest appt was that Friday. I take the whole off work because forbid them to give me a time window until the morning of appt which they don't really keep. They come out and say I need a part and they will call when it comes. By the middle of the next week I call to check. Part there, but no call to me. Next available repair date is another week out. I work and have to sit at home again? 3 wks with 6people's clothes? Wastec money at laundromat? Rude customer service techs? Can you say I will never buy from Conn's again? Bad thing is they aren't even paid for and no you don't get a discount for lack of use because they have 30 days to actually repair an item!! I DON'T THINK THEY SHOULD EVEN GET ONE STAR FOR THE LACK OF EMPATHY AND THEIR RUDE EMPLOYEE THAT HUNG UP ON ME BECAUSE I WAS IRRITATED! NO STARS!!"

modified review This review was modified by Jusgolden on May 22 2013 12:44:35 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Prior to buying agian at conn's I have been a customer for 6 yrs. On Feb 2012 I decided to purchase a Front loader washer and dryer and it came with free pedestals. Good right! No not so fast.. After a week of having it in my home the washer was not working properly and I went back to the store and told them to pick it up. Even at this they took their sweet time that after three weeks I received a collection notice for non-payment of an equipment that I reported was not working. Even though this issue was corrected it took approximately three months to resolved my credit report. Unfortunately, this new salesperson name Ali took over in helping me with the replacement. This sales person never wrote out a new contract, did not request credit be applied to the old balance and currently I tried to pay it off but noticed that I am paying the first washer and dryer. Conn is a rip off!!! They are trying to rip people off with their money!!! These new sales rep, account manager, regional manager, and store manager as well as the help desk and credit department don't know what they doing!!! Is not worth buying from Conn's anymore...Poor CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I think they have one too many "n's" in their name. The quality of this furniture is not what your lead to expect. After one week the foam is already flattening out. Very disappointed, very disappointed. Caveatr emptor, you get what you pay for. One good note, the delivery men were most helpful and courteous, nor do I blame the poor saleswoman trying to make a living."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I have never had a more unpleasant experience shopping for anything at a store. To say my sales person was overly aggressive, rude, and indifferent except in making a sale....is an understatement. I repeatedly advised the sales rep... I was here to choose the model/size TV and then purchase it the NEXT NIGHT when I have time to bring it home and install it. She kept saying she was on commission and would not be working the next day. I told her to give me her business card and I will ask that she receive credit for the sale. That of course was not good enough. I asked that just my girlfriend and I walk the TV aisle but she followed along all the same. Then she asked that I be introduced 'to someone'. The Manager practically grunted when I politely said I'll be back tomorrow and he then turned his back on me. And you know, my plan was totally upfront and honest; and I would have gone back the next day to purchase and pick-up the 50" TV. NOT NOW. Sorry, not after that experience. And this is from a customer that has purchased several big ticket items from your store the past several years. Frankly I blame executive management for not sailing this ship correctly.

And these Brick/Mortar stores wonder why they are being out-competed by the Internet stores?...hmmm, maybe due to Customer Service???!

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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"The WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! The sales associates don't know what they are talking about & seem lost most of the time. We purchased a small upright freeze, that we picked up at the warehouse. We had the freezer about a month or less & it stopped working...so I called service repair line (we bought the service contract) & they sent a repair man out a few days later. I was informed that they do not fix this model & someone would bring me a new one & pick this one up. Well, I never heard from them, so my husband went to the store to see what was going on. He was informed that since we picked it up instead of having it delivered we would have to take it back to the warehouse & trade it out ourselves. This is ridiculous, I did nothing to break the freeze, so with good customer service you would think they would trade it out by bring us a new one...wrong!! My husband then asked for the district managers phone number & was told by the store manager he didn't have a phone...what kind of district manager doesn't have a phone????? After about 2 weeks I phoned the customer service department & explained the situation & I was told the very same thing they told my husband, that I would have to bring it back. So, I told the lady I would bring it back & want all monies returned. This is where she informs me that there will be a 15% restocking fee...I said for what it's broke you can't resell it!! I also asked for a managers phone number & was informed that they don't have any phone number for managers. After I was put on hold several times the representative asked if I would like to file a complaint...duh what do you think? Then she asked me what I wanted on the complaint..duh??? I just told you the story, so you can put whatever you would like on the complaint. I again asked for a managers phone number & she still said they don't have any phone numbers. I asked who would call me & she stated that she didn't know because the complaint would go to an overseer & they would choose the manger!!! This is the worst customer service ever....I asked the representative if she had ever read the reviews for Conn's, I told her they were not good at all & I would think they as a company they would want to change this! So, now I should hear from someone in 24 to 28 hours..so the story goes on. I will never buy anything from Conn's again! & advise others not to buy there either!! I will also be reporting them to the BBB.
Anna Pace, Houston, TX

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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Conns...well they are the worst! From the start of the whole thing. The salesperson, lack of knowledge. She sold us on a sectional set and tv stand. It started okay (for the first few months). In the few months we went and purchased a bed, mattress (pillow top) with foot and head board. Again it was ok. Into the 6 months of having all, our sectional was coming aprt at seams. A tear was put on a back pillow part. Called to have it repaired. This after we've paid extra to have the warranty/insurance on it. Which we purchased the warranty/insurance beccause we were told by the salesperson that it would cover so much, including wear and tear. It took them 3 months to come out after calling twice. Even after giving them the name and whatever number they give you, they pretty much called me a liar! A month later a guy shows up, without my knowledge. He takes pictures and asks how it happened, why is it so big now. I told him, well heck, from the first time I called it took 5 months for someone to come out! People still sat on the sectional, what do you expect? It wouldnt of gotten this bad if some one came out like I requested. Anyway it took another few months for them to contact us on what they were going to do. Well we were told the warranty doesnt cover it. At this point we are mad. While going back and forth on the phones, to the stores with them on honoring the warranty, the piece of crap bed we also purchased from them, the little wood pieces that hold up the slats that hold up the mattress broke off. My husband was again mad. (i could use the actual words that have been said, but trying to keep it clean) Well for starters very badly made. Anyhow with that we have our mattresses on a metal frame with the actual head and foot board fram sits around it, pretty much for looks. Anyhow, back to the sectional, my husband called again, they come back and tell my husband saying the sectional we purchased is discontinued! Oh my husband is floored! I'm fed up myself. I contact BBB. It becomes a case now. Guess what? We werent honored the actual warranty, but we did get credit amount for the piece that was damaged. Ok for starters on this, we had a limited time to use the credit. (we didnt know this til a sales manager told us this when we went to check out what we could get) As we decided we will use it to get our kids a couple of small stereos. Well we were told we could not use it for multiple buys, I'm like you gotta be kidding me people! I had a fit at the store! They will do all they can to rip you off! So okay, whatever. Next payment time came, went to the original store (which turned into a clearance store now for conns) as my husband is making the payment, something catches my eye. I walk over to what looks exactly to what we had damanged at home!!! Oh let me tell you! I hollered to my husband from where I was at, look at this! My husband again was mad. He told the manager that was there we were told that you people discontinued this type of sectional. He was like sir Im not sure who told you this, but we have a list of what we do have. Oh my, it started a whole new issue. Told them we will never ever and make sure we tell others never to shop here. Well, the next problem with them is that they can harrass someone! My husband was layed off for awhile, they honored the unemployment insurance, where they continue paying the purchased items, but at a lower amount. But it was a monthly paperwork and faxing type of thing, it took awhile for them to get started on it, because again finding every excuse not to. Anyhow, knowing that my husband was doing all what he was supposed to do, they still called my husband 4 to 8 times a day asking for a payment. My husband told them they have lack of communication, because I just spoke to somone over this, I'm going to tell you the same thing what I told the others. Which he did. He recently just started working again. Now we are trying to get back up on our feet. He let them know he has started working, he will get a payment to them maybe next month, but if they cant accept that well come pick up the stuff. They refused. They told him sir you are just about done paying it off. My husband tells them well why call me 4 to 8 times on a daily basis, my home and mb. Hes told them he cant answer the mb phone because he is a truck drivier. They call here, but they dont want to speak to me because I'm not on the account. Yet they sure allow me to make a payment! The last time they called me I told them I cannot make the payment, they said why is that? Well I'm not on the account, like you told me when I tried to get info, in other words a statement to show where we are at. Yea they didnt like that, but I forwarned them about the harrassment, I've turned them in to FTC and BBB again for harrassment. All in all...DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS COMPANY! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, LACK OF RESPECT, VERY BADLY MADE PRODUCTS, LACK OF HONORING WARRANTYS (EVEN WHEN ITS ON PAPER), CONSTANT HARRASEMENT ON A DAILY BASIS...LIKE MY SON TOLD US....CONNS.....THE NAME SAYS IT ALL!!!!!"

Rating 2/101/5
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"We went in to the Lafayette, La store to look at a Dyson vacuum, the sales girl was new and I was not sure they had the right vacuum. We were about to leave and use a coupon from Sears, but the girl called over a salesman who opened the box (there was no display) to show us the hose reach of the Dyson. Still not sure the salesman kept talking until he had my husband convinced he was the greatest salesman. The girl looked online at the vacuum but neglected to tell us that the one the store had in stock was not the one we saw online. My husband bought it. We come home I looked it up and it was not the right one. We had a hurricane that week, so we took it back to the New Iberia store, who would not take it back, because it was not purchased at his store. My husband had an upcoming meeting in Lafayette so he took the vacuum with him to return it after work. The store wants a 15% restocking fee. Our receipt did not have anything printed on it front or back. This was a shock to us. We had no idea Conns had any sort of a restocking fee. We stopped shopping at Circuit City way before they closed for the same reason. I stopped shopping at Best Buy for that reason also. The Dyson was taken out of the box only at the store by the salesman, I do not see why they could not have taken it back."

modified review This review was modified by SouthTrucker on September 05 2012 05:22:07 AM
Rating 2/101/5
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"I've had nothing but problem's from the appliance I bought at Conn's which isn't their fault but I've been very dissatisfied with their support and repair rules plus the extended warrantee is a scam that is ridiculously expensive."

Rating 2/101/5
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"My husband and I financed a pillowtop mattress set from Conn's in January, (giving well over $1,000 for the set, before interest, etc.) along with the extra insurance. (Nearly $1,800 with insurance and interest) We noticed 6 months later that the mattress was showing signs of breaking down on both sides, (sunken places) but more on one side than the other, causing our backs and hips to hurt. I called to report it and several days later the mattress manufacturer sent someone out to inspect the set, taking pictures and measurements. I got a call today from Conn's saying that the mattress measurements only show a 1/2" sinkage and that is not considered a defect. My husband and I were both present when the measurements were taken, and the one side was well over 1-1/2"! They won't replace it. We have to wait another 90 days before they will send someone out to re-inspect. In the meantime our backs and hips are killing us. JUST A WARNING....THE WARRANTY AND EXTRA INSURANCE AREN'T WORTH THE PAPER THEY ARE WRITTEN ON. I will be taking my own pictures the next time the inspector comes out."

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