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  • Rating 4.00/10 22 reviews

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All 22 Customer Reviews

Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"I was extremely happy to find someone carrying hex receiver 91/30 mosins, and although the price was a little higher than I was hoping to spend it was the cheapest I've been able to find them. The rifle was packaged very well and delivered to my FFL within 5 days of ordering. The rifle appeared to be in unissued or excellent used condition. I could not find any marks in the stock or marring in the bluing. The only real problem I had with them was that their website is a bit user unfriendly and I had to call them to get some information. That was not really a big deal, but the person I spoke to was not very friendly and even bordered on being rude. I had a simple question about something that I could not find out anywhere on their website and they acted as if I should have already known despite it being the first time I had ever dealt with them or even seen their site for that matter. If they had been friendly at all when I called I would have rated them higher. Their communication regarding the order was excellent. I received e-mail updates every time there was a status change in the order, including when it was signed for on delivery and a name. Overall I had a very good experience with them."

modified review This review was modified by atslugger on August 15 2013 05:35:51 PM

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Classic firearms is a very rude company with poor customer service and communication. They had a promotion for expedited processing and shipping of 1-2 days, which did not differ in time from a normal purchase. When contacting them, they implied that I was wrong and it was not a sale, so I contacted them again saying that's not what I said, I said promotion. They in turn replied that I was confused with another site and that I was wrong and it was neither a promotion and what part do I not understand? After explaining my situation they only replied OK...

This is what made me very furious. In their about us section Classic firearms states that "Customer satisfaction has always been and will always be our #1 goal. We constantly are developing and implementing new processes, technology, and infrastructure to assist our passion towards complete customer satisfaction".

This was not the case with me and when I told them about it, they told me to stop emailing them and that my problem was petty. No other people have complained about it, and they have bigger issues to deal with than my satisfaction.

"So far, you are the ONLY complaint, so I think we are doing just fine". -Classic Firearms

Do not deal with this bible beating company. They are very rude and do not care about their customers.

modified review This review was modified by Alphagunner on July 26 2013 10:54:27 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Classic Arms has horrible customer service and very deceptive advertising. I purchased an AK advertised as new in description and in all the reviews for the product. I received an obviously used (used sale tag still looped around trigger guard) and banged up AK. The AK actually had a large gash where the bluing came off on the gas tube. When I called they said that as long as it works it's not their problem. I was able to convince them to take it back, and refund shipping one of the ways. Spoke with Rick (the manager) and he assured me it wasn't used despite what my eyes would lead me to believe. "

modified review This review was modified by pipboy9000 on June 28 2013 11:37:13 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"For one order of ammo I was 37 dollars to ship. I ordered two cases which was 91 dollars. I didn't see the error until later and called. They would not help me. So I emailed them and they said they could not help me. So had I placed two separate orders it would have been much cheaper shipping but instead they overcharged and are not willing to do anything. "

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Classic Firearms is the best site for collectors, enthusiasts, people in search of home defense, and quality imported firearms I have encountered on the internet.

Customer friendly, reasonable pricing, maximum availability in unique shortage situations... they've got it covered. Check all their weapons out. I've never had to return one, or had issues with FTF's on some really old rifles, etc.

They are Top-notch, user friendly, and not shady in the least. I will continue to buy from CF!!!!

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Wow, I am really quite surprised about all the neg reviews here. I deal with numerous companies ie: J&G, Aim, Wienders,Buds, Gallery of Guns, the list goes on. I had no expectations from Classic when placing my order other than right product,advertised price and quality described. Both 1st and subsequent orders were sent in RECORD time( 4days first item / 2 DAYS second item!!!) from hitting confirm on my laptop til it got logged in my FFL's book. Its true they are very hard to get a hold of on the phone and email responses are somewhat sluggish. I'm not a paid spokesman but in light of our countries climate and the explosion of firearms sales throughout the country It must be difficult to keep up with the extreme demand. I think the follow up emails they sent to me regarding the purchases cleary show their intent to want to remain vigilant to customer satisfaction. But overall I was extremely satisfied with this company and would not hesistate to recommend them to friends."

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Wow ...!
Surprising to read all the negative comments here.
I've bought several milsurp rifles from Classic, and all my experiences to date have been very satisfactory. Maybe I've just been lucky.

Since I bought this particular Steyr Mannlicher carbine last summer, the price has dropped $20. I'm not at all upset about that, it's just the vagaries of the marketplace.
In other words .... "feces occurs"!

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Stay away from this Company- They shipped my Pistol to the wrong FFL, initially denied it, then ignored all calls and emails. Finally the owner, Rick emailed. He was a real idiot. All I wanted was a tracking number to see when I would receive it. No apologies, nothing. A real effing idiot. Don't fall for that Christian BS he has on his website. Try J &G sales, Empire Arms or even AIM Surplus. All care about customer service"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Horrible customer service! I waited THREE WEEKS to receive my order, and every time I called during that period, they would come up with a new excuse and find something or someone to blame for their terrible service. Also, when I placed my order, the rifle was listed for $799, the very next day, the price dropped to $699 online. When I asked for a refund of the difference, seeing how the rifle wasn't even shipped yet (and wouldn't be for another 3 weeks), I was matter-of-factly told "too bad, prices change"!!! When I said that I'd like to cancel the order then re-order at the new price, the lady refused to even consider, and quite rudely said that they don't cancel orders.
In conclusion, I was initially attracted to this joke of a store by their cheaper prices, but I guess there is always a trade-off somewhere. Pay the extra $40-50 on your item, and order it from well-established places with excellent customer service like Atlantic or Aim Surplus, trust me, it will save you lots of anger and frustration.

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Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I am so surprised by the negative reviews regarding Classic Firearms. Although this says Classic Arms, I assume they are the same company. I have ordered three firearms from the company in the past and I have just ordered one today. My last order was a Nagant M1895 Revolver and I paid extra for hand select and Tula manufacture. I got an outstanding firearm that cleaned up nicely, I received the accesories that were supposed to come with it, and it fired great. My only complaint was that the last numeral of the date was gone, so I only know it was made in the 1940's. This is military surplus, so what can I say? I'm very happy with it. Two other weapons that I ordered were AK-47's, with various accesories. Again, the prices were right (as with the Nagant Revolver), and my only complaint was that they were missing the cleaning rods. I called and talked to a lady who said that she would try to find one for me but they had come in without the rods. In the meantime, I ordered one. A couple of weeks later, I received one from Classic Firearms. I used that one for the second one that I ordered. All in all, I couldn't be happier. They usually get to my FFL within three days of ordering so I have no complaints there! Some places take that long to get to the order (or longer). I would recommend Classic Firearms to anyone. "

modified review This review was modified by Tinstar on August 29 2012 10:49:08 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I wish I had read these ratings before ordering from them. In early August 2012 they advertised that they had just received a batch of extremely nice WWII Walther p38 pistols. Everything in the ad was about what surprisingly good shape these were in. The pictures of an example gun was stunning. There was no mention of force matched serial #'s or Russian capture marks. I was shocked when mine came in and had a force matched frame and a large capture X on the slide. They offered a refund on the price of the gun only (I would be out shipping both ways). As an alternative I could keep it and get a $20 credit on my next order. I suggested that was on the low side and a refund would be preferred instead of a credit (like I would be ordering again). At that point the owner said I was unreasonable and retracted even the $20 credit offer. They did update their ad the next day to note the mismatched serial #'s and capture marks...perhaps they were tired of fielding complaints. Anyway, their "Christianity" appears to be nothing more than a marketing tool and I will never do business with them again. (I should note I had previously purchased a Type 53 Mosin, that had an out of spec. chamber and was unsafe to fire. I chalked that up to bad luck and mil surp. It was cheap so didn't deter me from a 2nd order. Burning me on the P38 makes me think they total schisters.Order at your own risk!"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Purchased a Mosin dragoon era rifle from deal of the day when their new website launched. Description said all serials matched and no counter boring. Wrong and wrong. Bolt and receiver serials matched, but floor and butt plates were both different. Barrel also had about 1.5" counter boring. Called to see what could be done. Only solution was for me to ship it back for a refund but shipping was at my own expense. Also, took about 3 weeks before I received the rifle. Called multiple times asking for tracking info, when it would ship, etc. because my FFL dealer kept asking me. I could hardly get a response from these folks. Since I purchased this rifle, I've noticed inaccurate information in the descriptions of other rifles. Misleading. Unethical. Terrible customer service. Golden rule? Ha, what a joke. No thanks."

Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"Ordered a P64 from them. Pistol arrived 7 days from the order date. Packaging could of used more attention. Overall I'm pleased with the purchase."

Rating 6/103/5
modified review posted

"First, let me say right up front that it is damn near impossible to contact these people. They apparently don't believe in email, the phone line is alway tied up or no one is answering, and if you fax anything but an order form, good luck. I ordered two pistols. All I received was an email confirmation, that the order had been placed. No total with shipping and no tracking numbers. Eventually I checked my bank statedment and saw that I had been charged for only one of two pistols I had ordered and the ammo. Eventually my two packages came. The pistol was fine but the box with the ammo only 4 of 5 boxes and one was open with loose ammo flying around the shipping box. Upon collecting them I found 1 round was missing.

Update: I got a hold of someone and they said they would send out the missing box. I will update my rating accordingly when it comes in.

Update: I got a hold of someone and they said they would send the missing box. I will update my rating when it comes.

Received the box today and I'm increasing my rating because they seemed very read to remedy the situation. I still believe they drastically need to improve their communication. Otherwise OK

modified review This review was modified by lzx1819 on April 17 2012 02:30:30 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Bought 2 pistols from them. A Romanian Tokarev and a Polish Tokarev. The Polish had the lanyard ring missing, so I called them. They said they'd exchange the pistol but I'd have to pay for the shipment to them. I explained that I thought that was unfair, given that the pistol came with the part missing. They wouldn't change their mind, so I told them to make it up to me in some other way, like maybe a small discount on a different purchase. They wouldn't do that either. Finally, I told them expect a negative review and they had just lost a customer. Their reply? "That wouldn't be the first time". Unbelievable. Most amazingly, the owner put a Jesus fish on his website. I guess his Christianity doesn't extend to his business practices. Shameful. AVOID THEM"

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