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  • Rating 2.67/10 92 reviews

    2.67 / 100
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    Product & services pricing Rating 4.17/10 4.17/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 3.33/10 3.33/10
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    Customer service: Rating 4.17/10 4.17/10
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All 93 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Cheaper than dirt is horrible, not only do they consort with anti-gun liberals their prices are a ripoff for the junk that you get, their shipping is outrageously crazy and their rating system is made up. Not to mention you get absolutely barraged with their stupid catalogs and they also sell your personal information to other vendors without your permission."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I have ordered product from CTD for years. Had one instance where $1400 purchase was shipped incorrectly, I had to document to prove it was their bad, situation resolved, but it took longer than it should. Aside from that one instance, I was a loyal customer, they had excellent pricing, particularly ammo.

But their operations changed. They instituted a $2.99 handling charge for every item ordered, their shipping costs increased (there is no free shipping on any item). The icing on the cake was in Dec, 2012, days after Sandy Hook. #1, CTD halted gun sales citing they had to review their corporate policy. I will not support a company with this corporate philosophy when there are other firms which fervently support our 2nd Amendment. I informed CTD of my sentiments in Dec 2012.

Recently, I checked their pricing on 22LR that I purchased prior to Sandy Hook for $23, a few weeks ago it was $99.59. Don't forget to add the handling charges and shipping! Just this week I was speaking to a business acquaintance and he brought up their 12/2012 decision & stated he no longer buys from them. I guess that is what prompted my reply one year later. And yes, I referred this gentleman to another firm when we discussed shotgun ammunition. I am proud to state during the past twelve months I have made purchases in excess of $3K that could have been CTD. They no longer have the best pricing, some of their product is older generation equipment.

modified review This review was modified by ARSheepDog on December 07 2013 09:57:21 AM
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I read a number of reviews which are quite disconcerting. I am happy to say that my experience was quite stellar.

I had some simple questions which I asked via email from their web site on a Saturday evening. They responded on Sunday a couple of different times.

The item, a barrel, was not available at just about every other place I checked including the major retailers.

I then placed my order on Sunday night with two day delivery after being assured that the item was in stock. The item arrived right on time on Wednesday. (It obviously shipped on Monday because Sunday was a holiday even though the sales people were happy enough to respond to my questions on a Sunday which is just outstanding.)

My experience was 5 stars in every capacity, even above and beyond.

Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"I've ordered from them several things and haven't had any problems.

I can say this - when Cheaper Than Dirt first started they were awesome when it came to prices. Not sure if someone else is in charge of this now or the owner has gotten greedy over time or what? If I was running this business I would pull a 180 before its too late.

I just watched geeks.com go out of business for the exact same reason. And they were huge.

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I rarely leave product reviews, but having seen the many negative reviews of CTD, thought I would share my experience with them to provide some balance. For the record, I have no affiliation with CTD other than being a satisfied customer. I have placed four separate orders this year with cheaperthandirt.com; the most recent being delivered last week. All were for shotgun ammunition of various brands and types. I found the pricing was competitive for what I was purchasing. (Included 12 gauge low recoil and mini-shell variants, not easily found locally or elsewhere.). (If I thought pricing was excessive, I would not have placed the order. Pricing for 22LR as an example.). In all cases, I found their service to be excellent and would absolutely continue to purchase from them. Merchandise was shipped same day (or next at the latest), all items selected online were in stock, and everything arrived via UPS per the shipping status emails CTD provided. In only one instance did I have an issue. I ordered a quantity of 250 shells, but received only 200 in the carton. I placed a call to their customer service rep and it was rectified immediately(the next day they shipped me the 50 shells). I realize they seem to have a lot of detractors in regards to pricing. Guess it depends on what you are seeking. However, I have no issue giving them 5 star for the superb service I have experienced."

modified review This review was modified by oldguysrule946 on July 25 2013 12:22:09 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"This review reflects only the internet seller, not the actual store in Fort Worth. I tried to buy something online, paid, but was declined. The site said it was a credit card issue involving the number. This was the very first time I'd ever had a problem using my credit card with an online merchant ever. I've bought things since then with no problems. I tried again, same error. I called, tried to order over the phone, they said the number was invalid. We checked the number four more times, the code on the back, everything. They kept telling me it was invalid. I called my bank and they said the funds were being approved on their end, that everything was as it should be, nothing shady going on, no glitches except that the merchant was refunding the money after taking it out. I asked what the problem could be, they told me that it wasn't on their end because the money was being taken out, so they didn't have a problem on their side. I called back, tried a few more times, but the card was never approved by cheaperthandirt.com. So, I resolved not to buy and told customer service that they could contact me when they wanted to sell me something instead of teasing me. They emailed me back, telling me again it was my bank's fault. The emails went back and forth for a while, and every time I tried to end it politely, they would rebound with "It's a problem with your bank's software, not us". "Why, then," I would ask, "does every other merchant from which I buy have no problems at all ever, and only you guys have problems?" "It's a problem with your bank's software, not us." The runaround was unbearable. I have nothing positive to say about these people, and I wanted to share this in hopes they'd take some action to update their software."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"The only thing I have bought from this company was a rifel scope, and it was just as advertised. I'm writing a review to just let everyone know how this company just loves to stick it to their customers. Yesterday 5/18/13, I bought a 50 rd box of 9mm ammo at walmart for about $11 after tax. TulAmmo is the brand. When i get home i look to see if this company has any of the same ammo in stock and I am absolutely shocked to see that they do in fact have it in stock, but at over 5 times the retail price. Yes I understand supply/demand, but over 5x the regular price? That should be illegal! I can safely say I will never order anything from this company again. If that's how this company does business I will not ever give them one cent of my hard earned paycheck."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Worse company. They totally undermine the second amendment and alienate their customers by dropping guns and then start price gauging customers. $12 magpul 30rnd for $150?

Hope you guys go out of business.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Possibly the dirtiest most despicable company ever created. They use anything possible to try to create a frenzy and no subject is too low or out there. The Mayan Apocalypse, elections, asteroids, Doomsdays preppers, whatever. These morons thrive on trying to create a panic in the morons who buy from them. 9mm and 5.56 @ a $1 a round, $150 mags for $900, $15 mags for $100. My dying breath will be don't buy from CTD! If these idiots were the last company on earth with what I needed, I would do without."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Similar experience to many others who have already commented. I ordered a product on February 5, 2013. Said the product was in stock and the transaction went through. The following day I received a message that the product could not ship due to "depletion of inventory." After receiving this message, my credit card was still charged. Two days later I was refunded. As this was all transpiring, the product I had ordered miraculously reappeared in stock and for sale, but cost $6 more per unit. Shady business practices at best. They seem to be bordering on fraudulent advertising."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I had a bad experience similar to other reviews. I ordered some ammo and they charged my card, only to get the "depletion of inventory" email a few days later. When I wrote to them about this their response was "demand is high". I responded to this and their next response was "What would you like me to say?". Really, this is customer service? I ignored the warnings and bought from them, but I won't make this mistake again. Stay away from this site and buy at a place that values your business."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I ordered two 30rd magazines from Cheaper than dirt. The web site said they were in stock. They sent an email saying they would not ship “due to depletion of inventory” but billed my Visa anyway. Not only did they violate Visa USA policy, I view this as fraud. I have filed a fraud affidavit with my bank to get my money back and filed a complaint with Visa USA. "

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Rating 4/102/5
modified review posted

"Purchased a pair of scope rings from them. Item was in good shape but the shipping cost they charge is ridiculous. How heavy could a pair of rings can be? They charged $12 for them! "

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Ordered product on Friday and on Monday I was told that the item would not ship due to "inventory depletion" and that my CC would be refunded. The very next day, seen the same product in stock on the site for $10 more. Still waiting on my refund. AVOID this business!!!"

modified review This review was modified by ar_builder on January 15 2013 12:50:32 PM
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I've read a lot of the reviews and for the first time felt compelled to write my own about my experience. I have used CTD twice now. Both times, the status of my order was communicated to me via email very timely. My order shipped quickly and was accurate and fairly priced. If I felt the site was overpriced, I would not have placed an order. There are many other places to shop so instead of complaining about their pricing, go shop elsewhere.. ??"

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