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10 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Made a first attempt to sell cards to Card Kingdom through their online store for store credit, for which they offer a 30% bonus to the price of your cards. A few days after the order was confirmed as shipped by USPS tracking I received an email so that I could review the grading of my cards only to find that all but a handful of the cards were graded low; these were cards which had literally never seen play and hadn't left their binder slots since being opened.

Obviously distraught about the matter and confused as to how even a card I'd unpackaged two days before selling had been graded so low, I emailed the grader back and was put into contact with 'Rishelle', their customer service manager. Through a short series of emails and a phone call I was told that their grading was not negotiable despite the description of one of the under-graded cards she gave falling under their own website's 'NM/M' rating. Growing frustrated, I told her to simply credit the order and I would not be doing business with them again - only to have her cancel the order entirely.

I have no clue if I'll even get my cards back - I was not offered a tracking number for the shipment - or what condition they will be in when they do, but I will never trust this store again. They severely under-graded expensive cards to intentionally offset their promised 30% store credit bonus, a highly deceptive practice, and then hid behind their 'non negotiable' grading policies.

modified review This review was modified by MadMage on January 21 2014 04:02:53 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I recently discovered my magic cards from twenty years ago are actually still worth something and sold about $5k of them to Card Kingdom. Since I'm a rather untrusting sort, I sent a series of smaller shipments to "test the waters" so to speak.

The good:

- The company appears to be quite honest. I intentionally included some extra (fairly valuable) cards ($30 or so) in a larger order of 100+ cards without listing them on the invoice. All the extra cards were returned to me; none of them 'vanished'.

- I spot checked about two dozen rare cards after selling them, to make sure that if they graded the card as VG or EX, their increase in their 'stock on hand' for that card was increased by the appropriate category (to make sure they weren't buying the card from me as EX, but then selling it themselves as NM). In all cases, everything matched.

- The website clearly lists the grading that they assigned to each card I sent, and the value. Customer service was very responsive when I asked them to double check and explain the grading they gave me on some of the cards.

- The website was perfectly happy to support instructions regarding the cards; for example, one shipment I asked them to only pay me for cards graded as NM and to return everything else. This was executed without any issues or problems.

- I double checked all the cards before I packed them, and took pictures so that I had at least some documentation that the cards were actually in the shipment. This proved to not be necessary, as no cards were "misplaced" in any of the five orders (some 400 or so cards in total).

- All cards that were returned to me for various reasons were well packed and protected.

The Not-As-Good:

- Processing, in some cases, was somewhat slow. All shipments to CK were insured and tracked, so I knew when the orders arrived. In some cases, the orders were processed and confirmed within 2-3 days. In one case, it was a full week after they received the order (plus an inquiry from me) before the cards were graded and posted on the website.

- I will say upfront I haven't played this game in twenty years, so I am certainly not at all an expert on grading cards; ergo, take this bullet with a grain of salt. Disclaimer aside, the grading of the cards felt odd to me; it was consistent within each order, but not across all five orders. Some orders were graded generously, with cards I felt were borderline NM/EX all coming in NM. Other orders with cards that I felt were at the same level ended up all EX/VG. It almost felt like different people were grading the cards, and some of them were pickier than others. Again, see the disclaimer above.

Overall, my interactions with CK were quite positive. Their customer service was responsive and friendly, the prices they offered compared quite favorably with anything I found locally or on the internet, they seemed very honest, and I felt I made out well on the grading. I don't intend to sell any more of my cards, but if I ever did decide to sell more of them, I would certainly use CK again.

modified review This review was modified by Iskabis on May 26 2013 09:06:26 AM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I recently sold every valuable rare in my collection to Card Kingdom because I don't play MTG anymore and they were just taking up space in my attic. Nearly all the cards were in near-mint condition in my own opinion, but based on some of the other reviews I saw, I was worried they were going to pull some shenanigans on me, and bottom-dollar me. It's a very vulnerable feeling knowing you are trusting complete strangers to accurately grade your cards and not take advantage of the fact that you're potentially powerless to do anything about it if they decide to lie and say your cards were damaged, to increase their own profit. Well, I am pleased to report that they did not do so - at least, not to me. My payout was 95% of the pre-grading order total (the total if everything were near-mint condition.) That is about what I was expecting. So, at least in my case, I feel they treated my order fairly. The only negatives I came away with is that they don't really communicate with you at all other than to say they got your shipment, and don't take the time to give you any detailed info. It would have been neat to know which cards they downgraded, and to have given me an option to take them back if I didn't want to agree with the downgrading. But on the other hand, I can see what a PITA that would potentially be for them, because some people are unreasonable. I don't have any more cards to sell. But if I did inherit someone's collection or something like that, I would absolutely sell to them again. I talked to local game shops in my area, and they were not paying anywhere near as much for the same cards. So if you're thinking of selling your cards, and if, like me, you aren't really able to access a decent market locally, and don't want to take the time to sell them one by one on eBay, Card Kingdom is, from my experience, definitely a viable option for liquidating your collection for a reasonable percentage of eBay "market" value, all in one convenient shot. Granted, I am only one anecdotal example."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I sold some rares to card kingdom, checked my packaged cards several time, but they said that the highest valuable card was not recieved in the package so they didnt pay me the 25 dollars for it...What a scam---And the ones i did sell got undergraded...They tell you yours were poor and sell them for nm."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Not exactly thrilled about Card Kingdom, i needed money and had alot of valuable cards even some rare standard cards i had just pulled from packs that day. i would normally sell to blackborder.com, but they were not on the buy list at the time. I take excellent care of my collection, 90% of my cards are mint and unplayed. anything i get valuable i double encase straight from the booster pack and box away untill its time to sell or trade. I sold Card Kingdom about $62 worth of cards and they downgraded just about everything to $42. it really got me angry especially because they downgraded my Sensei's Divining Top, Solemn Simulacrum, and Scape shift i was reluctant to sell them in the first place by ALOT but i took the money because i needed it. usually blackborder gives a 20% bonus for my cards but this place really sucks. I actually read the reviews here first about cards being downgraded so i asked them to list for me in the special instructions box if they downgrade anything, and just about everything was downgraded. before i sent them in to Card Kingdom i casually had some one at my local store Jupiter Games look at my cards and confirm they were mostly mint. i only expected a few dollars off tops because i had two older cards from Scourge that were not mine and played. Card Kingdom put almost everything as "near mint" and shaved off several dollars from a few cards. Only a few passed to them as mint. most sights will pay the same or about the same for mint and near mint cards and only less for "good" cards. Anyhow. i will not be bringing my cards to them again their grading system is crap and i highly suggest if you have anything valuable you take it elsewhere. they might fool you by putting a higher price on their sight, but they will most certainly not pay you as much.

Also heard alot of people are buying roughed up cards from them, maby they downgraded my cards because they dont or cant take care of them properly and are losing money. just a thought! ^^

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"if you are thinking about ordering more than $100 worth of cards on your first official purchase from them, then think again! they have this weird pollicy that they use to make sure your a legit costomer and not trying to rip them off... they check your address, card, and it is taking forever! i ordered my bulk order of $160 worth of cards on saturday, it is now thursday, and the only thing that has happend is my money is out of my account! the shipping prosses hasnt even begun! i am VERY dissapointed on how long this is taking just for them to send me cardboard with art on them! i just dont understand..."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Buyer Beware! I purchased $200 of cards listed as NM and they came in 2 grades under advertised. Tons of nicks and even creases on a couple of the cards. Then I got hate mail saying I didn't know how to grade cards when I emailed them asking to credit my account or at least get information about returning them. Overall this was the worst purchasing experience I have ever had. If you want to buy boosters then go ahead but DO NOT buy singles from this company."

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"Sold a stack of old cards to company. Received prompt communication and prompt payment in exchange for my cards. However, several of my cards were "downgraded" after they were received. I was never notified which ones were supposedly in worse condition or given option to take them back. Would probably still sell to them. Don't play anymore but would probably still buy from them if I did. "

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I placed my first order with CardKingdom.com on May 23rd. I purchased 34 magic singles and 3 accessories. I could not believe when on May 26 I already received my order when I only paid for regular shipping. Everything was extremely well-packed (the cards were all in a hard-plastic case, everything was in a box packed with peanuts, and the box was inside a USPS envelope). There we no errors in the fulfillment.

The cards I purchased were all advertised to be in mint condition and they all arrive as advertised - mint.

Oh, and they even included a free Magic pin with the order. A small token but it means a lot!

The prices of the items I purchased seemed very reasonable.

I am extremely happy -- I will definitely be using CardKingdom.com again for future purchases. A++++++++++

modified review This review was modified by Rothgarr on May 26 2010 12:40:16 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I heard from friends that Card Kingdom was relatively quick and usually had an accurate stock. Well I can definitely say I had a pleasant experience with them. I ordered about $50 in magic singles on a Tuesday, I was notified that they were shipped on Thursday, and received the cards on Saturday. The cards came in a well-sealed hard plastic case with padding and strong tape inside of a USPS package. All of them were in mint condition. Would definitely do business again and highly recommend."

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