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76 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"If you would like to experience unfathomable rudeness and stupidity then the staff at Canada Computers on Merivale Road, Ottawa is for you. I can certainly understand the business of a post-Christmas shopping time, but there was absolutely no effort on the part of the staff to make things run smoothly–only lazy and churlish behaviour. I have spent thousands over the years and have tolerated the staff because of their decent pricing but this was the last time. You have lost a customer for life. There are way too many other places both online and offline that offer the same products, as good or better pricing and significantly better customer service. Good riddance!"

modified review This review was modified by dcalfe on December 28 2014 06:49:29 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"The Brampton location has worse customer service ever went tonight ask for mifi mobile hot spot stupid sales associate start laughing telling me about it's mofi like i don't know what I'm talking
about they have no product knowledge

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"went to but a laptop today that is shown on their website stating weekly special and the guy was too reluctant to help me with the product. kept showing me more and more expensive models and i was like no this is the one that i want CAN YOU PLEASE get me this piece from the back. He looked very upset and kind of smashed the laptop on the cashier counter. I refused to buy it and bought macbook air from best buy. If they are not gona hire professional and well mannered employees, they are not getting me $$, This is not the first time i have seen them playing this deceiving games but in the past i could just grab an item my self unlike today where someone ad to climb the ladder and get me the item from the top of the shelf "

modified review This review was modified by infiniteplus on September 11 2014 07:25:10 PM

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Canada Computers User
Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Bought a pair of Soundblaster Rage headsets yesterday. The port that the charger plugs into was broken when I tried charging it. Went back today to return the headset and they said that it was 'physical damage' and not 'defective' and therefore I need to contact the manufacturer and they can't do anything about it. SINCE WHEN IS PHYSICAL DAMAGE NOT EQUAL TO DEFECTIVE? I wonder what Canada Computer's actual definition of defective is. (Mississauga Location)"

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"It has been a week since I've order my stuff, and it has not been shipped yet. I received an Email telling me that my stuff was ordered successfully but that one item was Back order so my order was put on hold. I checked on their website and it wasn't. So I called them to be sure and they told that it wasn't the reason why my order was on hold. It was because I couldn't have a different shipping address than my billing address (although they gave me the option to do it). So they told me to change my shipping address to my billing, which I did. It has been 4 days and I got no reply whatsoever. I'm still waiting..."

modified review This review was modified by Callinthebin on August 28 2014 10:45:24 AM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Ordered refurbished speakers a while back, for about a third of the actual cost of a new set, and could not be happier about my purchase. Not only were they near new, but I haven't had any problems with them and I've been using the set for about a year. The price was unbeatable. Unfortunately, I cannot comment about their customer service as I did not need to deal with them. Will buy from again."

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"I have spend over $6000 at Canada Computers over the years. I have found their shipping ans service to be fair. It was not until I need to RMA some materials that I realized how poor their service actually is.

I had a DOA HDD and a graphics card I needed to return. It took forever to get someone on the phone (there is no online RMA process!?!?!?). I got the RMA numbers, returned the items to the College Street location and am still waiting, two weeks later, for some kind of acknowledgement that the items have even been received.

I think I will be moving my business over to Newegg.ca. They are more communicative, their shipping is FAST, and their RMA process is very clear and easy.

modified review This review was modified by jts42 on February 03 2014 06:28:45 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Many of the staff are pompous and cold. They have no conception of customer service and generally ignore customers.

"I'm looking for so and so item"
"We're out of stock"
"Do you know when you will have more stock available?"

If you're okay with browsing through their retail stores without any guidance then CanadaComputers is fair. They have pretty average prices and sometimes have exceptional sales.

- Stock availability is NOT reflective of actual stock; it is several days delayed
- Backordered items have no status update on shipping or ETA; they often offer shipping bonuses for backordered items - AVOID as CandaComputers will never give you an idea of shipment and will keep your money

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Let me start by saying that I had a customer service issue (i.e. something that actually involved customer service, not the unhelpful for finding out how a good a company really is at dealing with issues case of the goods arrived quickly (which they did) and one didn't have any interaction with customer service so one is a happy customer), that was resolved with great helpfulness, friendliness, and speed.

In other words, I have had the complete opposite experience of the most of the "reviewers" who report having had terrible experience with customer service when push came to shove. Normally I don't enjoy dealing with customer service because the other online retailers I have dealt with (names withheld due to rating site policy) are only good until something goes wrong that they don't want to deal with because it would involve cutting into profit and/or changing/fixing systems, and your never actually gets to real management for consideration because you're stonewalled by customer service drones.

With Canada Computers all but one minor detail of a $2000+ order was correct and arrived quickly. The minor detail is that the touchscreen I ordered (which BTW works great and which my wife and stepson really like) was an opened box that got mixed with new stock.

It was not a refurb (initially I thought it was, however after talking with Canada Computers I checked the box, etc again and realize there were no indications on the monitor or box of defects, nor the usual indications of sent back, fixed, and resold) and CC tells me (and I have reason to believe) the manufacturer's warranty is still valid).

I actually am very happy with CC, because even though I explained that I wanted to keep the touchscreen (it works great) and my main concerns were the warranty and that I didn't like getting (what thought when I wrote them) was a refurb when I ordered new, they didn't say what I expected which was that the only option was to return for refund.

Instead they went with my suggestion of a credit (they offered 15% which I have accepted) and I get to keep the touchscreen. The only questions they asked were the order number and serial number on the touchscreen (that's how they determined it was a return that got mixed into new stock, not a refurb, and the manufacturer's warranty status (which is one year more than the CC two-year depot warranty that also came with it).

The touchscreen is awesome, I get store credit because of the mixup, and I don't have to deal with the hassle of a return for refund, and ordering another. (The RMA guy passed the issue onto real management who made the decision to offer the credit)

I am *very* pleased with Canada's Computers customer service (at least online, and if you're willing to communicate via email and give a day or two for real management for issues that customer service folks (who are also friendly and helpful) can't handle) and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for not only good deals but a willingness to work through issues (at least if you're polite and reasonable as I was).

I was not asked (or paid) by Canada Computers to write a review, nor am I an employee, contractor, relative of either of same, or otherwise affiliated with Canada Computers except as a satisfied customer.

modified review This review was modified by bythecshore on August 27 2013 11:43:50 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Hilariously incompetent staff at the Waterloo store on Weber.
Placed a pick-up order last Tuesday, got the email saying, "Thanks for your order; please stand by for notification when it's ready for pick-up." Ok. I'll wait.
...a week goes by...
I call them today, speak with a sales dude who, I swear, was either in or barely out of bed.
"I'm checking on order number blah blah"
"Ok... yeah, I've got that in stock."
"Oh? I ordered it a week ago."
"Uh, I don't know if it was in stock a week ago. But I got it now."
No apology, no concern that the customer was never notified, and, hilariously, little-to-no wakefulness.
Guess what all them no's add up to: no customer.
NCIX.ca matched the price and, having waited a week, I can wait a couple more days for my stuff to come by post.
Canada Computers: When you need it fast & cheap, ask for "mnghth."

modified review This review was modified by drsills on August 20 2013 07:54:40 AM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"$1,100 purchase.

I bought a Y510P Lenovo laptop base model from Computer Canada. I have it shipped to Vancouver. It came within 2 business days, no damage what so ever.

I had emailed first for online stock and got in touch with their customer rep. Replies was relatively quick for e-mail replies.

Their price is a little bit lower than their competitor (TigerDrct) by around $10.

There was no brokerage fee what so ever even though this item is not available in Canada yet. I just went and showed my ID and I got the package.

Very Satisfying and recommended, be sure to check for stock first before purchasing online so your shipment don't get delayed.


PS: The Y510P base model does not come with NGFF slot for the SSD if you want to upgrade SSD. I recommend you get their 8GB SSD then replace it later.

modified review This review was modified by ReynerT on August 12 2013 01:57:27 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"For this purchase I picked up a wireless N adapter for one of the computers I have in the living room. A MB-650B Mid Tower case along with a an Intel 1155 motherboard for another computer that will be in the living room. It couldn't have gone more smoothly. Know what you are getting beforehand."

modified review This review was modified by ndimario on July 20 2013 11:10:11 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Same as the other reviews. Do not be fooled by cheap prices. They sold me a discontinued motherboard and within hours when I returned as it was broken they wouldn't refund or exchange. The manager told me to contact with the BBB if I was displeased.
I wish there was another part to this story but it's not. This hasn't been the first time I've been disappointed by them but this is the last. Even though it was only $55, they have the most shady return and warranty ever.
Their inventory system doesn't even work either as they couldn't even tell the item was sold at their location. In addition to all this headache, when I said their receipt says there is a return policy they said in the fine print it says to look at their website for more details. Which it does, the website then says it's at their discretion to accept returns. But who is going to read all the fine print? They are shady sales people, if something is a final sale they should tell you at the time of sale. I will never go there again.

modified review This review was modified by vmail on June 22 2013 03:24:26 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted


Canada Computers is arrogant, They sold me an Intel 510 SSD that was discontinued on Intel website in 2011, but yet they sold it to me in 2013, the drive failed 3 weeks after purchased and after talking to Intel Canada they advise to go back to the store and replace the drive as the serial number batch not supposed to be sold in Canada or North America at all. After 3 times they playing dumb on the phone, I went to the store, the first guy told me I have to call Intel, I told him the whole story what Intel has told me, after that he said he doesn't know he just walk away, I went to Customer Service desk and the guy wasn't even listening and arrogant meter hitting the Max on these guys and after I waited 30 minutes for the Manager to show up, he told me that Intel has made a mistake on their website and that Intel Canada doesn't know what they are talking about and I should trust him that the discontinued item effects only Mexico and not Canada, After showing them all the emails from Intel, the arrogant meter just exploded and Canada Computer Manager told me perhaps I or Intel made a mistake when were checking the serial number, I show him the Intel 510 SSD and said look, check for yourself, he said how should he be sure that this is the drive I purchased and he would not accept even their own receipt with the serial number of the SSD on it.. is amazing how these people still in business, I have filed a complain against them in small claim court in Toronto.

Please be advised that Canada Computer would not return even if it were Manufacture defect product without charging a 15% restocking charge. Also most of their stuff is outdated or discontinued, check and double check online before you go to Canada Computers as their Customer Service Zero. And whomever here gave a 5 star and put a good word for them, be 100% sure that it is one of their employees.

Hope this will help others who face these arrogant people. At the end of the day this is Canada and this Nation has rules and Laws and Canada Computer isn’t above that, no matter how they talk to you or how much they try to ignore you. Is a shame that the name of Canada is associated with bunch of Liars, ignorant, arrogant and disrespectful people at Canada Computer, Shame.

modified review This review was modified by Jafang on June 18 2013 12:08:37 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Like most of the reviews basically: AVOID.
Don't be fooled by attractive prices.
Canada Computers will bite you in the behind as soon as you have made a purchase. 15% Restock fee even if the product is defective is just MIND BLOWING IN THIS DAY AND AGE. Legally they can run a business like that but ethically and as a service wise, it is extremely wrong. AVOID! Save yourself a hassle, trouble and a terrible service and go anywhere but here.

modified review This review was modified by kenrmd on May 13 2013 11:09:49 PM

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