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  • Rating 3.65/10 13 reviews

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All 13 Customer Reviews

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"i have recently started to restore a 1970 std. beetle and have ordered parts from j-bugs and have been very pleased with the service and products"

modified review This review was modified by vermontbug on April 08 2013 06:53:01 PM

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I bought interior door panels for a '74 convertible beetle. I made sure I ordered the right one. The ones shipped were for a standard beetle, so here I sit with my door torn apart, interior prepped and no panels. This car was supposed to be a surprise 16th bday present. Not likely to get finished in time now. "

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I purchased carpet for my son's VW Bus as a Christmas present. We never opened the box because he had decided that he wanted to do custom carpet himself. Anyway, not only did I have to pay the shipping back, but because of the holidays, the 30 day return time went over and they would only give me store credit.

Already unhappy with the circumstances, they never sent any acknowledgement that they received the carpet back (that I had to pay shipping for) until I complained. They emailed that I have a credit, but there were no instructions of how to use the credit or what I should do. We emailed back and forth for two months until I was able to get free to call. I spoke to "Sam". Sam very politely told me the equivalent of "tough shit, to bad for you." when I complained about the customer service and asked for a credit because I didn't want to do business with them anymore. "I can send you $200 worth of valve cover gaskets if you want." the weasel said to me in a snarky voice! WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!

Now I find that their prices are astronomical and I have no choice but to buy from them because they won't issue a refund to my card, or send me a check. I may just let them keep my money. I'll get it back with the satisfaction that I will blog my ass off to hurt their business.

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Extremely satisfied with JBugs. I have ordered several parts and have never had a problem.... except for this last order. A taillight lense for a Xmas present. When opened up, found to be broke. Called the next day, spoke to Sam. He said, "no problem. We'll ship another one to you today". Asked if he wanted the broke one shipped back for proof? He said,"not needed". The next day, I had a brand new lense in my hand and on my sons car.

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"What can I say.... JBUGS was GREAT for me! Every part ordered, customer service the best! I live on the east coast and shipping was fast and on time. This was NOT just a one time order, but 3 different order I had! I don't know what some of the others are talking about! All I can say is GOOD job JBugs!!"

modified review This review was modified by bulldog1 on April 18 2011 11:10:55 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I placed several orders from jbugs in the last three weeks, I ordered pretty much everything to finish my car and spent way over a thousand bucks. they will tell you everything you need to have to do the job " so they can sell there shit product!!!!" and fail to tell you that you have to rip half your car apart to do it. So I called and asked them about the part and he said just refuse it if you dont want it!! and i'm like whooaaa seriously!!! I just had a question about it and your telling me to just return it?? what a fag.. so I told him I will call fed ex and tell them I want to refuse all packages... and he said ohh well have fun with that and hung up on me. So I called fed ex and told them to refuse.. I will probably go through a battle to get them to credit my account. So DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! ...BEWARE.. If they have not been rude to you yet just wait, it will come..... These guy are real tool bags.. and the owner is a joke too..."

modified review This review was modified by alaric6 on March 10 2011 09:15:18 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"THE WORST. I ordered a part from them because most their stuff is 2 or 3 bucks less than everywhere else. NOT WORTH IT.. I placed an order and waited 14 days.. No package, no tracking number, nothing. On day 15 I called, no answer, left a message. I wrote two emails, no response ever. Here we are 23 days after I placed my order and I just now got emailed a tracking number. Jesus. This place is wack. JCWhitney or pretty much any other shop is better. Awful customer service. Just awful."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I am sorry I did not take the time to review the customer satisfaction on this bussiness before ordering from them. I am having exactly the same problems that were reported here. Got hooked on them being a few dollars less expensive. Believe me, it all evaporates when you loose time and your parts never arrive. Go somewhere else, lets reward those who treat us well and do not buy from these type of stores. They do not deserve to continue operating."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I found this company on the Internet. Read thru there web pages thoroughly and was impressed with what I read about quality and how there employees owned and restored there own cars and how they did not have time to mess with inferior parts. I called and Intermediately started asking Questions about Quality..if I had problems and so forth. Was met with a very friendly person, said there parts were correct and best money could buy, asked about complete kits..yes everything you need to do the job Right. Asked about returns--THIS IS THE RED FLAG I MISSED ! You are responsible for return shipping!!! SO I placed an order 568.45 and patiently waited for the parts to arrive working on several other projects. The light assemblies were not correct, 2 right side fronts, the rear ones were all plastic with tin foil wrapped around where the missing bulbs go.I tried to insert a bulb,the tinfoil was scared and the bulb broke because it was so tight to get them in-out. The chrome was very poor quality, no rubber seals for the handles , the only thing that was descent was the hella ign switch. I call today 9-9-2010 and was told that my shipment if recieved today will be credited today..Great..Maybe I can continue to work. But ask me to call back after 3pm my time when I was told they did recieve my package but I would not get credited till there next period and was illusive about when.
I am an independent Technician repairing these Quality cars for consumers, I, We dont need companies like this costing us money and productivity while lying to us all at the same time. Hope the extra time I spent to report this helps someone in the future. I did speak with the original jbug--still around, and was told they sold them a mail order business with some inventory..BUT THEY were not affiliated and had a distraught customer from Pacific jbug in front of him at the time..drove down to get parts from him..


modified review This review was modified by Dave99999999 on September 09 2010 03:44:08 PM
Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"I read the previous 2 reviews so i had my doubts before ordering. I live in in Orange county and wanted a local merchant and jbugs had the lowest price on most of the items i was looking for. Called and checked availability before placing my order. Everything arrived within a week. Have since placed several more order with them.

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I recently ordered a tweed interior kit and window rubber from Jbugs back in June. I am very pleased and will be ordering more form them in the future. I was told that the interior was special order and would take 3 weeks to get in, and it actually shipped in 2 weeks. This is the second car I have restored and the window rubber is great. It is super soft, easy to install, and it does not curl in the corners. The online ordering process was very simple. The interior installation DVD that was provided free was tremendous, especially for the headliner. I had heard it is the hardest part and I was nervous to do it myself. I must say it looks good and I even surprised myself. I had some other questions and called and talked to Sam. He was very helpful and it is nice to talk to someone who knows the car and the parts, not just someone who takes an order requiring you to provide a part number. I will continue to buy my VW parts from Jbugs.com"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I am extremely dissatisfied with Jbugs. We have placed multiple orders with this company, and have problems with each and every one of those orders. Not a single one of their employees (from the Owner Gary, to Sam the General Manager...) are trained in the ways of customer service.

We placed an order on 3/31. Immediately afterwards we got an automatically generated email order confirmation- in which everything was correct. Shortly afterwards, we got a second order confirmation from an employee. This 2nd email was incorrect. When the order was placed, we had different billing and shipping addresses. When I got this 2nd email confirmation, I had the same billing and shipping address on the order. I immediately replied back to that email asking them to confirm my correct shipping address- that was on the 31st and we still have not heard back from them. Finally on Wed 4/4 I called them up to get the info from them myself. Over the phone they confirmed my correct shipping address and also notified me that my order that shipped out the day before (minus one part which was on back order) on the 3rd. I asked if I could get our tracking number emailed to us, and I was told it wasn't a problem. Well I waited 24 hours, no email yet. We are two business days shipping time away from Jbugs .If the order had really shipped on Tuesday, we would of gotten it on Thursday. So on thursday I called them again. Once again I was told that the order shipped. I explained that I wanted to have the tracking number- then I was told some lame story about how it was too late to obtain FedEx tracking numbers- a story that I did not believe at all. I am a shipping manager and I know exactly how the process works- they were trying to force feed me some major B.S. So the next day, Friday, we call again. This time we actually get in touch with their shipping manager. He ( I think his name was Julio or something...) told us that something strange happened. It said the order shipped, but we did NOT have a tracking number- which according to him, meant that the order never shipped out. He apologize and said that he would pack it up and ship it himself on Monday and email us our tracking number. Well Monday came and went. It is now Tuesday morning. I called again a little ago and was jerked around again. My order still has not shipped. One guy told me it would ship out today (and why should I believe them now? they never told the truth before...). Instead of them being apologetic for messing up my order, I received major attitude. I was never told that they were sorry for their mistake or anything. Never once was I offered expedited shipping, never once was I offered a discount. They obviously do not care very much if they make their customers happy or not. Instead of trying to explain to me what happened, they tried to take the easy way out and cancel my order. I was FURIOUS. That is when I was transfered over to the owner- who was not very much help either. He told me another story all together. He claimed that they DID ship my order but FedEx lost it. How convenient- too bad it happens to be a big lie. If that was really the case, he would have no problem providing me with a tracking number. Even if Fedex misplaced or lost a pkg- they still have a tracking number for it. That is just the way it works. Regardless, he informed me that my order is on the table and would definitely ship out today. I asked him if I could be called with the tracking number once it had been generated. He then said that I would have to wait until sometime after 5 (and of course they close at 5:30) and he would do everything that he could do to call me and give me that tracking number- but he could not give me a 100% guarantee because (in his words) "I could get hit by a bus and die".

This is a not a good company to do business with- please be aware and please steer clear. Do not spend any of your hard earned money there! There are many other more deserving companies who would love to have your business!

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I have ordered parts here and there thru out the internet. Mostly in Calif. Because that’s were I am from, quicker in shipping. JBUGG’S I had too many problems with. First there return policy they don’t tell you is THEY DO RETURNS ONCE A MONTH for internet / phone order. Regardless if I am a walk in customer or over the internet/phone, I should be treated the same. Returns should be done as soon as they are received... first problem I had was an order of sunroof cables, one was defective. I called them they told me to just ship back with copy of receipt and they would ship me out another. I followed there instruction. I waited until shipping was confirmed thru UPS. Gave them a few days. I called them they told me returns will be done tonight it’s the end of the month. What ever. Game them a few more days they said they haven’t got to it. Called again they said “just tell me which one u need and we’ll ship out to you we are to busy to go thru returns” I called back told them the one I needed. I called back a few days later they told me they were out and to check with them in a few days they had an order coming in... They should have held it for me… I called back they told me they didn’t know when they were getting them, back order... well I waited for that to come in. Second problem I had ordered 4 seatbelts. They sent two and two were back ordered I received one later and never got the 4th one. Two seat belts were made in 2005 and one in 2006. They were different. They should have sent all four at one time like I ordered. They were beige with black stitching and other s was with beige stitching... they all had to match. I also didn’t need adapters for seat belts. I shipped those back to. I shipped them back cost about 20 dollars to ship back. I wanted to be reimbursing for this. This was not my fault. I went thru the same thing about returns being done once a month. This ticked me off. I told them to cancel my back order on sunroof cable and to reimburse my card back also cancel seatbelts also reimburse my card back. Well, they convinced me that they had matching seatbelts there and they would ship out ASAP... they did, but they never credit my card back for seatbelt adaptere, sunroof cable and shipping. Once again I called, and then they told me I had to fax a copy to confirm shipping. I did. Then waited again... I check my card history and seen they credit my card only retail for sunroof cable and 2 adaptors. Well I was taxed on it. I should get the tax back... and they still didn’t reimburse me for shipping. I did try contacting them thru email. They don’t respond. They told me they get to much junk mail, yet they have it posted on their site to email them if you have any questions. All I got were excuses from them every time I called. “we’re doing it tonight” “It’s backordered” “ the person who does that is not here” “leave me your number I’ll call u back”. I have worked retail for 13years and this is no way to treat a repeating customer… I would never recommend this store to anyone… unless you’re walking in and know what you want… never over the internet/phone... "

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