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    Product & services pricing Rating 0.83/10 0.83/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.28/10 0.28/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 0.83/10 0.83/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.50/10 0.50/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.00/10 1.00/10
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Rating 2/10

Waste of time

"Ordered a ladder blind, when it arrived I opened the box and pulled out the parts and realized there were missing parts , I called customer service and the young man said ( what do you want from us we don't carry extra parts, take it to the nearest cabelas(4 hours away) to exchange it, I just wanted the missing parts, or return it, but we are out of stock and won't send you another one, I asked if they could send me one that is close to the one I ordered and I was told no, I said I would send it back and for him to give me the address and I was told to go on line and I could find the address to return it and after they receive it it would take 4 to 5 weeks before I would receive my money back, never again will I buy anything from cabelas"

Rating 2/10

Generator purchase

"Ordered a generator with express shipment. It did not get delivered. Three business days after the delivery was supposed to have taken place I called and cancelled the order. Getting my account credited is worse than pulling teeth. I was told that credit was going to be issued that afternoon after agent was able to route item back to shipper with UPS. That never happened. Called two days later and was told that account was being researched. Asked to speak with somebody else and was told it will take six days to get my money back - we'll see.
Don't trust them - will never shop there again.

Rating 2/10

Horrible online ordering experience

"Ordered a gun from Cabela's online. Instructions are to pick up at firearms counter. Went to pick up order at firearms counter, took a number, waited. Was told I had to go stand in the firearms checkout line. Waited again. Background check was "delayed." Was called one week later and told it had gone through and I could come pick up my order. Went to checkout counter, guy brings the gun out. I ask if I can also get the rest of my online order (ammo and holster). Was told no, you have to go to customers service for that. Then the guy says he can't give me the gun because the billing address of my credit card doesn't match what's on my drivers license. Never again. I will shop anywhere but Cabela's."

Rating 2/10

Dont trust them!

"Never again! Overnight shipping not true."

Rating 2/10

Rude Employees

"First time visiting Cabela's store but have been online customer/card holder for years. Would have purchased a gun if I could have found employee interested in selling me one. Waited at counter for assistance but no one acknowledged that I was there. Kid working register was super rude almost hostile when my credit card didnt "read" when swiped first time. Second time I tried it, it went right thru. This young man clearly needs training as he was rude to all customers around us as well. We drove an hour just to visit Cabela's store. Won't ever make that mistake again. Shop at your own peril at So. Denver location!"

Rating 4/10

Cabela's 8 Person Alaskan Guide Series Tent Warranty

"I purchased an 8 person Alaskan Guide Series Tent about 4 years ago from Cabela's. I was elk hunting this last fall with the tent in Wyoming and there was some bad weather. The tent was set up well with all stakes in ground, rain fly stakes in ground and guy wire ropes staked. The tent collapsed and 3 of the 6 main poles shattered or broke and the vestibule pole broke. Where the poles broke it ripped the tent. I took the tent back to the Sun Prairie WI Cabela's store. I told them what happened they determined the tent broke under conditions of normal usage(btw, another identical cabela's tent was set up not far from me but did not collapse I assume because it was sheltered a little next to a camper). They said it had a lifetime warranty and they would cover the tent and pay me or give me store credit of $223.00. I paid 599.00 I believe when the tent was on sale. I think the tent usually sells for $699.00. I said how can that be? They said they would only pay me the lowest price they ever sold the tent for. I have looked at those tents for years and for the past 10 years or better they have never sold for $223.00. the 4 person tent is currently on sale for $349.00 and the lowest I have seen the 4 person tent on sale for was $299.00 over 10 years ago. I paid for the tent with a Cabela's Visa when I bought it so although I did not have my receipt, there is no question it was purchased from Cabela's because it is a Cabela's brand tent and they can look up on my account what and when I bought it and what I paid for it. Which, they refused to do that when I suggested that they do that.

I have been a loyal Cabela's shopper for years. In large part because of their reputation of standing behind their product. I can say now, that I was sadly mistaken about that and they do not stand behind their lifetime warranty products like they claim to.

Rating 10/10

Fishing Rod Replacement / Customer Service

"I bought a Wright & McGill rod that was on sale at the time of purchase at my local Alabama Cabela's. It broke while fishing but I no longer had the receipt. I went to the manufacturer website and it had a lifetime warranty but cost $30 plus proof of purchase to mail back. I called Cabela's customer service, which was in Nebraska, and they spent at least 30 minutes searching to find my record of purchase when I only remembered what month I purchased. They insisted on looking when I would have given up. Then they told me they no longer made that specific rod but I could go back to my local store with the info they had given over the phone and get a refund or apply to something else. I went expecting a hassle and the customer service guy was more than willing to do whatever made me happy. I went to pick out another Wright & McGill rod but none on sale and much more expensive. I was just gonna pay the difference but the salesman offered to exchange at no extra charge. He went to the front desk and made sure there was no problems with the exchange. I have never had such a great experience dealing with a refund. And, they were all smiles and happy! What is this world coming too lol. They earned my business!!! I went back and bought two depth finders and a bunch of other accessories. We have several outdoor retailers in this town I could shop with but Cabela's has earned all my business. I've never been to any other Cabela's store but the North Alabama store is superb! Keep up the good work and thanks!


Rating 2/10

Fishing rod Life Time Warrenty problems

"If you buy a rod from from Cabela's and part of the reason you decided on a particular rod was because it was was presented with a Life Time Guaranty; be advised you will have to wait, jump through hoops and be without a replacement rod for a long time before Cabela's fulfills their promise.
After calling "Customer Service" I was advised to bring the rod to the nearest store and I would be given a replacement. Upon making the trip and waiting in line I was then informed I would have send the rod back to the return department. Now I am told told they no longer carry that rod so I can only receive credit but I will have to wait an additional 2 or 3 weeks until they process the claim.
Thanks a lot Cabela's - you ****!!!

Rating 2/10


"Garhole!! The absolute worst place to bring your boat; unless you want it in a month, pay through the nose, and have more wrong with it than when you dropped it off. Incredibly unhelpful staff that is inept to give them any credit. After recognizing what happened to my boat & bringing it to the attention of the service manager, the first thing he did was to start crawfishing & say it was like that when I brought it in. When I asked why it wasn't noted on the intake invoice (because it wasn't) he looked me like I lost my mind. This was after it took over an hour to find my invoice, pay it, and then locate my keys. I couldn't
wait to bring it somewhere else.

Rating 2/10

Tailed Me Like a Criminal

"I've been buying hunting and fishing gear from Cabela's for over 20 years online. I've never been inside a store because I never lived anywhere near one. So when I moved to Falls Church, Va and found out they opened a new store in Gainesville,Va off Hwy 66, about 10-15 miles away, I couldn't wait. So I'm all excited to check it out and make the trip on a Saturday morning. All I wanted to do was walk around and check everything out. About 20 minutes into my happiness I noticed I kept running into the same dude. It's 90 degrees outside so I'm in shorts and flipflops, this dudes in a blue long sleeve shirt and slacks. I figured I'd move to the other side of the store real quick to get away from him and check out what's over there. Sure enough, I turn around and there he is. Hmmm security guy is following me. No biggie. So I'm checking everything out going up every aisle and the dudes following me. I turn around and he acts like he's looking at something on the shelf. So I started walking off real fast and zig-zagged through a couple of aisles and stopped real quick and turned around and stood there. Here he come around the corner right after me. When he saw he was busted he stopped and grabbed something off the shelf like he was checking it out. I went straight to checkout and when the clerk asked me if I found everything I said no, the security guy keeps following me around and it's making me uncomfortable so I'm leaving. 23 years in the Marines, I work for the Dept of the Navy, a Top Secret clearance, over 6 figure salary, MY FIRST TIME EVER TO STEP INTO A CABELA'S, and they treat me like a shoplifter. Hello Gander Mountain."

Rating 2/10

Customer service/ false advertising

" My husband drove an hour and a half to get to Cabela's for a boat motor that was on sale online when he gets there they tell him it's not on sale and they will not honor it . The manager Mark sat and argued with my husband over the ad . extremely poor customer service . guess we'll take our business elsewhere"

Rating 2/10

Never Buy a Firearm online.

"The stores hate it when you buy online. They will make you jump through all kinds of hoops and you will be so frustrated by the time you leave. Buying a firearm should not be a long drawn out process. If you pass the background check you should be in and out but Cabelas will make sure you are there for hours! Total lack of respect for people's time! "

Rating 4/10

The Cabelas Card...

" The bank randomly cuts your limit without notice. I have decent credit, have always paid more then the minimum and they cut my limit in half. I had over half of the limit available so while I didnt go over, the reduction of available credit negatively impacted my credit score just as I'm shopping for new vehicles. There is lots of information on forums about the financing bank doing this all the time with no notice.

Rating 2/10

Losing track of stock..scary!

"Purchased a pellet rifle online (Cabelas Canada).
It's fantastic!
Thought a matching case would be nice. Web shows they have it, but unavailable to purchase online for some reason.
According to the website they had cases in stock in store in Calgary (live in BC here)
Called the store & they said they had 18 in stock, so had a relative drive out there.
When she got there the salesman said all 18 were all missing! Huh? ( but tried to sell us on other products)
So I called the store in Nanaimo, the guy said his hand was"literally"on four units!
He said I couldn't order from him/the store directly, I had to use the 1-800 number, which I did.
Over a week later I get an email from customer service saying they no longer carry them/no stock left? Huh?
This is fascinating!!
An arms dealer?? ..not knowing what stock they do, or do not have?
Wonder how many handguns/rifles/ammo they've lost!!!?
One has have to have certification out your ying/yang to possess arms, but apparently nothing to sell them!??
Well, they were bought out by Bass Pro late 2016..one assumes they just don't care anymore...

Rating 2/10

on line purchases, refunds and shipping costs .. buyer beware

"I have purchased a few items on line now (starting with amazon who are excellent to deal with) and have begun to do so with cabela's. Living in Vancouver, driving to the retail store is about 45 min ...... so I ordered the pistol "extreme" range bag after meticulously going over the size, the features etc., as I’m not one to purchase and return... and being Cabela's I thought I was dealing with a reputable company. The bag arrives and IMO, it’s not even close to what is "shown" on the website... it shows it as a 2 pistol case with its own proprietary pistol case holders on each side of the bag... and they look pretty large on line. in reality, each "pistol holder is barely 5" high so there's no way any standard sized gun could fit..... ever. the site says the case is 8.25" high ...... so I thought it would be Ok... secondly, the label on the bag says "Cabela’s extreme MEDIUM sized bag"....... Really? Nowhere on the website does it say it’s a medium range bag, and if it did, I would not have bought it as I would have known it is likely too small. Called service and explained to them what happened and they told me to return it in person to the nearest store (45 min away) for a full refund. Well, why did I buy on line in the first place??? I said I could return it the same way it came via mail, and they said I have to pay for the shipping ..... Laughter... really?? I looked on their website and they carefully tell you that they'll pay the refund and taxes...... but they leave out any mention of shipping. So really, the customer pays for cabela's on line misrepresentations if they are not in a position to bring it back to the store....
I think Cabela’s is fine when you buy at the store, but for on line purchases? Buyer beware....with amazon giving full refunds and shipping in 99%of honest cases, there is no room for a business model like this to exist. I will be mailing back to Cabela’s and I’ll pay the shipping................. but this is the last item I purchase from them, and it’s a principle issue. I'll use them for research and lotsa questions.... (Family hunters and fishermen, kids, niece’s nephews, friends .. Christmas, birthdays, presents etc.) , then I’ll go and buy elsewhere, and for on - line, it will be amazon.....their customer service is incredible and never disappoints.

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