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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
    Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.88/10 1.88/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
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Rating 2/10

Customer service/ false advertising

" My husband drove an hour and a half to get to Cabela's for a boat motor that was on sale online when he gets there they tell him it's not on sale and they will not honor it . The manager Mark sat and argued with my husband over the ad . extremely poor customer service . guess we'll take our business elsewhere"

Rating 2/10

Never Buy a Firearm online.

"The stores hate it when you buy online. They will make you jump through all kinds of hoops and you will be so frustrated by the time you leave. Buying a firearm should not be a long drawn out process. If you pass the background check you should be in and out but Cabelas will make sure you are there for hours! Total lack of respect for people's time! "

Rating 4/10

The Cabelas Card...

" The bank randomly cuts your limit without notice. I have decent credit, have always paid more then the minimum and they cut my limit in half. I had over half of the limit available so while I didnt go over, the reduction of available credit negatively impacted my credit score just as I'm shopping for new vehicles. There is lots of information on forums about the financing bank doing this all the time with no notice.

Rating 2/10

Losing track of stock..scary!

"Purchased a pellet rifle online (Cabelas Canada).
It's fantastic!
Thought a matching case would be nice. Web shows they have it, but unavailable to purchase online for some reason.
According to the website they had cases in stock in store in Calgary (live in BC here)
Called the store & they said they had 18 in stock, so had a relative drive out there.
When she got there the salesman said all 18 were all missing! Huh? ( but tried to sell us on other products)
So I called the store in Nanaimo, the guy said his hand was"literally"on four units!
He said I couldn't order from him/the store directly, I had to use the 1-800 number, which I did.
Over a week later I get an email from customer service saying they no longer carry them/no stock left? Huh?
This is fascinating!!
An arms dealer?? ..not knowing what stock they do, or do not have?
Wonder how many handguns/rifles/ammo they've lost!!!?
One has have to have certification out your ying/yang to possess arms, but apparently nothing to sell them!??
Well, they were bought out by Bass Pro late 2016..one assumes they just don't care anymore...

Rating 2/10

on line purchases, refunds and shipping costs .. buyer beware

"I have purchased a few items on line now (starting with amazon who are excellent to deal with) and have begun to do so with cabela's. Living in Vancouver, driving to the retail store is about 45 min ...... so I ordered the pistol "extreme" range bag after meticulously going over the size, the features etc., as I’m not one to purchase and return... and being Cabela's I thought I was dealing with a reputable company. The bag arrives and IMO, it’s not even close to what is "shown" on the website... it shows it as a 2 pistol case with its own proprietary pistol case holders on each side of the bag... and they look pretty large on line. in reality, each "pistol holder is barely 5" high so there's no way any standard sized gun could fit..... ever. the site says the case is 8.25" high ...... so I thought it would be Ok... secondly, the label on the bag says "Cabela’s extreme MEDIUM sized bag"....... Really? Nowhere on the website does it say it’s a medium range bag, and if it did, I would not have bought it as I would have known it is likely too small. Called service and explained to them what happened and they told me to return it in person to the nearest store (45 min away) for a full refund. Well, why did I buy on line in the first place??? I said I could return it the same way it came via mail, and they said I have to pay for the shipping ..... Laughter... really?? I looked on their website and they carefully tell you that they'll pay the refund and taxes...... but they leave out any mention of shipping. So really, the customer pays for cabela's on line misrepresentations if they are not in a position to bring it back to the store....
I think Cabela’s is fine when you buy at the store, but for on line purchases? Buyer beware....with amazon giving full refunds and shipping in 99%of honest cases, there is no room for a business model like this to exist. I will be mailing back to Cabela’s and I’ll pay the shipping................. but this is the last item I purchase from them, and it’s a principle issue. I'll use them for research and lotsa questions.... (Family hunters and fishermen, kids, niece’s nephews, friends .. Christmas, birthdays, presents etc.) , then I’ll go and buy elsewhere, and for on - line, it will be amazon.....their customer service is incredible and never disappoints.

Rating 2/10

Forget Their Cabelas Club Credit Card

"Do yourself a favor and skip the Cabelas club credit card. World Foremost bank is a probably the worst bank you will ever deal with. The Club is a good idea just not with this bank. The sad part is Cabelas washes their hands of any issues with their credit card division and will take no responsibility and offer no resolution to issue with the bank."

Rating 2/10

"Bought a Maverick hunter on January 28th.
Received it on Feb 5th.
There was rust in both chambers ! For a 579$ gun, that was not expected so I returned it.
Item received at Cabelas's warehouse on Feb 10th.
I did follow up every week and they keep telling me «you know we are still in the Christmas rush» ?!?!
Took until march 5th to have the new shipping label created by them and another 9 days to received the replacement
Received the replacement one yesterday (march 14th), there is powder smell and trace in both barrels, not cleaned, bags containing instruction manual and others stuff were torn up.... I'm SURE shotgun was previously owned and used !
Called them, they keep telling me this is due to «fire tested» and this is not a return from anybody else...quite difficult to trust

I would have paid a lot less bying a used one
Very disappointed

Rating 2/10

Dishonest company

"Placed an order for a reel & rod total $167 then I put in a $50 off coupon and the system took it, I submitted the order and everything was fine. The next day I got an email saying there was a problem with my order and right away I knew what was happening, the bastards saw my order and did not want to honor the $50 off coupon.

Talked to someone in chat and she said my card was declined (BS), called my CC company and they said the charge $117 was approved on their end, called Cabelas up and gave them a different card, the douche bag came back and said that card was declined too, wow, gave them a third card, he went off and then came back and finally told me the REAL REASON, "Sorry you can't use the coupon because you have to buy $500 or more".

I told him the system took the coupon and let me submit the order so Cabelas should honor it, NOP, finally I gave in and told him to take off the coupon then he said "oops the reel is out of stock now", I told him it was IN STOCK when they took my order so they have ship it, NOP, frustrated I told the douche bag "Cancel my f.. other".

Also their free shipping (you need a coupon code first unlike Amazon, Jet.com, Walmart or other reputable places where there's no code needed) is not really free, for fishing rods they charge a surcharge of $8, Walmart's free SH is really free SH, I bought rods from Walmart and never had to pay any surcharge.

I hope people never buy from them and pay full price again, go to ebay or Jet.com or Amazon, save yourself money and from frustration.

Let's hope what happened to Sports Authority (another shitty company) will happen to Cabelas, bankruptcy.

Rating 4/10

"I sent a jacket I purchased for my son to exchange. The customer purchase person kept repeating "It will be two to three weeks before the exchange will be received", I told her that I know from UPS tracking that the jacket has been received by Cabela's two days ago, nothing in the system, the continued repeating of the same thing although I had stated twice that the jacket has been received by Cabela's. Clearly customer service is trained to repeat, repeat, repeat, no matter what the customer asks. I will not order again through Cabela's, I would rather pay more locally that get the run around."

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a product online from Cabela for delivery to store on 12/29/2015. I received an email confirming the sale. A few days later I checked the order status online and found that the status was "Cancelled". I called Customer Service and was told they were "Out of Stock" and that they do not inform customers that orders have been cancelled if the order was for "delivery to store". Here it is less then 10 days from when they cancelled the order that they have the product back for sale but at 25% more then the price they had back in December. Very deceptive practice."

Rating 2/10

"My question required immediate attention from a CSR because it involved an expired free shipping code that was only 1 day past at the time of my inquiry.
After not receiving any response via email, I called the customer service phone number and was un-lucky enough to get the CSR from HELL, who refused to help me whatsoever!!!
As my concern stated, I had 2 items in my cart for 2 days without knowing when the free shipping code expired and to my surprise, it expired the day before I went back to the cart to purchase it. Had many things going on at the time (before Christmas) and simply forgot to complete the purchase. Received a reminder email from Cabelas on Sunday 12/20/15 that the items were still in the cart and when I went to purchase them thats when I discovered the free shipping deal was no longer available. Tried to get someone in customer service to help me get the free shipping to no avail. So, I purchased the items from Gander Mountain and got an even better deal because they not only price match competitors, but they also give an extra 10% discount. I wont be shopping at Cabelas anymore because of this incident and their lack of
response to correct the situation. Now I see why there are so many bad reviews online about Cabelas (LACK OF) customer service.

Rating 2/10

"I do NOT recommend purchasing from Cabela's online store. Worst experience i have ever had.

Bought a pair of gloves from their website, and received the standard operating procedure of confirmation. It says "you should receive a tracking number within 5 days". I waited for 10, nothing happened.

I emailed them, asking of the product whereabouts, they responded a day later with a UPS Tracking Number and i found out they had shipped the product to US when i live in Singapore.
Dissatisfied, I asked for a refund. They emailed me back saying
"We have contacted our enhanced shipping partner to get further information as to where your package is, and will contact you with the information we receive".
Not only do they not admit they screwed up the whole order, they refuse not to give me a refund.
Online stores like these really give e-commerce a bad name.
Order from Cabela's only if you choose to have your money spent on delivery screw-ups.
Once the money goes through, they can't give a rats ass on whether ur product gets through.

Rating 2/10

"This is the worst retail/online store I have ever dealt with. I ordered a pair of Merrill shoes, received their confirmation saying they would be in contact when the shoes arrived at the local store. I called the store to check delivery and they said the order was cancelled by them. I called Cabella's customer service and they said the same. Never was I contacted to let me know the order was cancelled. This has now happened to me twice in the last 2 years. This is an example of a retail corporation not caring, much like Comcast in communications. I will never give Cabella my business and will not ever give them my recommendation."

Rating 2/10

"This is a review of Cabela Canada's policies. No idea what they may be like in the US, but this was my experience here. I have recently gotten in to hunting with my husband, and we just happened to be up in Barrie for a wedding in August. Which had to mean a trip to Cabela's! I was so excited to visit the retailer because of everything I had been looking at online. This is quite a trek for us, probably about 2.5 hours, so I wasn't getting there often.

Because I am new to the sport, I needed to buy A LOT of stuff. We spent a considerable amount that day, including on brand new cold weather gear for deer hunting for me. I loved the look of the OutfitHER line! It's just gotten cold enough to use it, and I had it on the other day for the first time. Huge disappointment! I might as well have been wearing plastic bags and banging pots together for how loud the material was. Not something I noticed in store because of how loud the store was.

When we called Cabela's about returning, because my husband was driving up that way, they told us we had three months from the purchase date. We were within that period, but that is still a bit of a short time considering the store sells product that you might buy in the spring but can't use until the winter hunt.

Either way, my husband took it back , tags and all, today. He didn't have the receipt, but did have our credit card statement from the purchase, again as well as the original tags.

Where the disappointment comes in. Cabela's is currently having a sale on this gear. So they only returned the amount of the sale price, not the full price purchase! Despite the fact this is a return for product dissatisfaction, and we clearly spent much higher on the product, the policy of Cabela's would not return at full price. The worst part was we only wanted store credit so I could turn around and purchase new gear, which was more expensive even then the full price of my original suit. And I would have spent the additional money to get the new product.

Now I do not even have enough to come close to the purchase of my new product. Because of this experience I will most definitely only use the store credit down to the cent, and will not be returning to Cabela's for gear in the future. Bass Pro has a much better return policy, as does SAIL, a Canadian outfitter.

Hugely disappointed by the poor policy

Rating 6/10

"I've been a loyal patron of Cabela's since the '90s. Originally, they gained my business by selling great stuff. I could go into a store and buy with confidence. My original purchases were 100% satisfying, and most of it lasted 15 to 20 years!

They've declined a bit. I saw the writing on the wall awhile back when I saw cheap goods being offered in a sales paper. Okay, they need to open themselves to a wider market, fine. The problem with that is that I can no longer buy from Cabela's with the same level of confidence. There goes the original attraction.

Now, here's the really disapointing part. Cabela's branded products! Of the last 6 items I've purchased with their name on it, 3 have been cheap/defective: 1 pair of logging boots with mismatched sole sizes; 1 pair of water-proof hunting boots...that leaked like sieves; two chamois shirts that shrunk, pinched/pulled, like cheap discount store garbage! To be fair, the good as well: fleece vest; Trail Gear seat cover (I'm a trucker, seat covers last a month usually, this one 3 months and counting, not a dent); and socks.

I now ignore any clothing or footware with their name on it. It isn't worth the risk or disappointment.

There is still a lot of great stuff at Cabela's though. And, their customer service and returns policy are second to none!

Still, all things considered, Cabela's is now my 2nd, or perhaps 3rd, stop. Pity.

There you go: the good, the bad, the ugly!

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