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18 Customer Reviews

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Bulk Apothecary User
Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"I've ordered from Bulk Apothecary half a dozen times over the past year since I started my business back in April. Great products, great prices- especially on their bulk oils and containers, excellent clearance sales, and discount codes with substantial savings.
But there are two drawbacks.

#1: Slow slow slow shipping. I understand my orders are large and am willing to wait for my products. (Especially since I live in a rural area and don't have access to 80% of what I need for my business unless I order online!) However, I do wish they would ship through USPS instead of UPS so I could get my packages in one week instead of two. That would be nice. I hate UPS.

#2: The one unhelpful, rude employee I spoke with over the phone about a problem with my order. I got no, "I'm sorry about that. What can I do to help?"
Instead it was more like:
"Hmph. What do you want?"
"Yes, I ordered this a month ago."
"It doesn't have a valid address."
"I didn't know that. Why didn't anyone attempt to contact me about this?"
"Can I give you my address now so you can ship my products?"
"Hmph. What's your address?"

Just lovely.

I'm not going to call an entire company's customer service horrible based on one bad customer service representative. I try to keep an open mind, but if I have another problem with shipping and have another bad customer service experience, I will start searching for alternative vendors.

Which would be really unfortunate because I love their products and their prices.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"You will regret buying anything from this place. They should have a disclosure stating that their processing times are 1week+ plus their shipping. Expect your order in a minimum of 2 weeks ( business days Monday -Fri). If you need something fast, go somewhere else. These people are completely useless. I called to make sure my item was in stock and if it was going to be able to ship the next day. They said yes! It didn't ship for 1 week and then 7 days transit time.I got my order 14 days later."

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Bulk Apothecary User
Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"The one thing that Bulk Apothecary forgets is that the only reason they are in business is because of their customers. And the customer service at Bulk Apothecary is a joke. The girls there are rude, useless, and unhelpful. I spend allot of money at BA. My last order placed on 8/22/14 was a little over $800 and I have STILL yet to receive it. I have had to call just about every day the past 2 weeks to see where my order is. I was told lies that a certain item I needed the most would be overnighted to me, that would have been here Friday the 29th, but as I sit here styping this today 9/2/14, it is still not here. I called again, and the rep (Vera) told me it would not be here until tomorrow 9/3/14. This will be 13 days since I originally placed my order. THIS IS NOT RIGHT! And I paid $200 in shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be looking for a new supplier. Not going to deal with spending so much money at a supplier and they don't even respect you. Instead of apologizing that my order has taken 2 weeks to get to me, why not refund some shipping or even offer a discount code on my next purchase? Instead, their customer service makes up excuses like it is MY fault they can't get their stuff together. Bullshit. "

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Bulk Apothecary User
Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I had recently placed an order with Bulk Apothecary. I waited a week and no e-mail stating it was shipped. I then contact them and was informed they moved warehouses (without informing customers) and they are backed up in orders. I was informed that my package was on a skid and will be shipped the following day. I had then called every day after to be told the same exact thing. I call back today another week later, to be told now, oh your product is out of stock and can't be delivered until next week. They have lied up and down to my face for a week straight, just to find out I will have to wait another week. I will never do business with this company again!"

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I have researched many of the companies out there that are selling therapeautic grade essential oils. I chose Bulk Apothecary to try. I am very pleased with my choice. The products are all high quality. The oil comes in brown, glass bottles except for the one I ordered in 16oz which came in stainless steel. My coworker also ordered after seeing my products. I have had no negative issues with this company. Orders are shipped promptly and communication emails are prompt, too. "

modified review This review was modified by Rita-Michigan on June 08 2014 04:58:39 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I recently placed a very large order, only to find that some of the items I was charged for were out of stock. The items were refunded, but I was not contacted and made aware of the situation. I would have happily substituted some of the items, if given the opportunity. When I called, the representative did not offer to help in any way. When I requested a manager, he was quite rude, and also not much help. I have ordered from them a couple of times. In my opinion, quality is decent, prices are good, shipping is outrageous, and customer service is nonexistent. If I ever buy from them again, I will enter into the comment section: IF OUT OF STOCK, PLEASE CALL. "

modified review This review was modified by delightseeker on April 14 2014 11:31:35 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I bought $86.00 worth of oils and fragrances but when I received the package, there was no packing list attached. I asked them if they will be kind enough to e-mail me the copy. Never heard from them.
Yesterday I made a soap batch, using avocado oil, palm oil, Shea butter and noticed that all oil bottles contained less than 16 oz.
They sell their product by weight however the quantities are packaged by volume (FL oz). Contents of avocado oil and palm oil bottles measured 15.1 oz by weight and Shea butter was less than 14.6 oz (I have very accurate scale).
I was really mad because when I went to other sites I found out that I could have bought the same items from others sellers like Camden-Gray for 20% less.
I can not blame them for their high prices however short- selling is both unethical an illegal.
I decided to contact Natures Oil(label of the oils) and file a complain when I noticed their telephone address and company location is the same as Bulk Apothecary.
It is obvious to me that customer satisfaction is one of their least priorities.

modified review This review was modified by Edonzy on February 16 2014 10:37:54 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Bad customer service! It took 11 days and 2 emails to get a 1 line dismissive response that didn't even acknowledge my question.

I tried to order the 8lb. tub of Castor Oil but the website said it was out of stock and removed it from my cart so I ordered 4 1lb. bottles of Castor Oil instead. I received an email saying my order had shipped but the 4 1lb. bottles were backordered and would ship at a later date. I emailed to ask if I could change my order to the 8lb. tub instead since both were backordered and I had to wait for them either way. They told me to call customer service to change my order. Before I had a chance to call I received another email saying the 4 1lb. bottles had been canceled from my order and my Credit Card refunded. I emailed to ask why they had been canceled and explained that I needed them and did NOT want to cancel. They explained they have a new policy that when items are out of stock they are immediately canceled and refunded (obviously so they don't have to pay extra postage to ship the backordered items later - instead - they tell the customer to re-order them when they are back in stock and pay the extra postage)! I emailed back explaining that I didn't think it was fair that I would have to pay $15+ in shipping to re-order the Castor Oil when combined shipping on my current order would have only been $2. My email was completely ignored. 3 days later I emailed again asking if they would at least send me a coupon code to use on my next order to make up for the $13 in extra shipping I would have to pay and again my email was completely ignored. 7 days later I emailed again stating that my last 2 emails had been ignored and to please respond and received the following dismissive 1 line response that didn't even acknowledge my question:

"I’m sorry for the inconvenience. You can reorder the items when they are back in stock. Thank you!"

Clearly customer satisfaction is not a priority for this company!

modified review This review was modified by CrystalHaines on February 13 2014 11:52:59 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I placed an order for argan oil from Bulk Apothecary after telephoning the company to inquire about the product. I was told the product advertised on their website is in fact 100% pure argan oil.
The product I received is not 100% pure argan oil. It is almost colorless, it has no scent/odor - at all, and does not absorb into the skin as argan oil should. I wish I knew about this website before I made the purchase. I will not purchase ANY products from this company again.

modified review This review was modified by tljsmith on January 07 2014 03:23:42 PM

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"I have ordered from them twice now and both times had quick shipping at good rates too!
I have found the product to be much better than craft stores though I do question their essential oils-they are not very clear at depicting this. i did have a bottle not ship with my order and I called customer service that it was missing and I had it in 3 days. Not bad. They're prices are really good and so far so has their customer service. I was also really happy with their white beeswax and mango & cocoa butters. I only gave them 4stars because of the vagueness around the essential oils and I wasn't notified about a backorder I was planning a day around:(

modified review This review was modified by csyk20 on October 10 2013 11:44:27 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Not happy. I like to spritz Rosewater on my face before applying oils as a moisturizer. The Rosewater has a smell that I would not want to spray that close to my face/nose, much less feel like this is what I might smell like all day. I bought some oils that were not too expensive to try this company. Disappointed and will not be ordering from them again. I'll stick to paying more for the quality. "

modified review This review was modified by pdpd on September 24 2013 01:29:41 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I just started using Essential Oils, I tried a organic oil from local store for type 11 diabetes, it was bringing my numbers down, so without doing any research I ordered oils from Bulk Apothecary, I got my order but the oils are not working, so I went back and looked at Heritage Essential Oils website and read about Essential Oils and found out that anyone can use the terms that make them sound good. I spent 143.00 I bought something called Muscle Defense that seems ok, but now I'm not sure that it's nothing more then a little better version of what you buy in the drugstore, do research, I agree you get what you pay for"

modified review This review was modified by sheila245619 on July 02 2013 12:58:47 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Bulk Apothecary advertises their essential oils are Therapeutic Grade. But are they - NO! If your looking for quality look to legitimate companies. This is not one of them. I placed an order for $260+ and asked for Certification of the product which is common in the industry for Therapeutic use of essential oils. I made four written requests all of which fell on deaf ears.-NO REPLY. When I called Corey said they don't have any certificates proving authenticity of product. You can ship the product back to them at your cost. They will also deduct a re-stocking fee. The total cost for trusting their representations $62.00+. Apparently they don't value TRUTH in advertising, good customer service or the value of establishing return customers. This company is all advertising no substance. I will return to our previous supplier who may charge a little more but provides Certification with pride in their products. And when I resell product I know I am providing the best to my customers. Bulk Apothecary will not see any more of my money. I may have some of the oils tested and report my findings to the FTC, and other federal agencies. Because of their behavior I suspect fraud and false advertising."

modified review This review was modified by JayDavid on June 18 2013 06:44:33 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"i will NEVER do business with bulk apothecary again. i made a large purchase of essential oils and coconut oil, almost $200 worth, without doing my research. very bad idea. i liked their low prices. but you get what you pay for. the only guarantee they have is lowest price. you can return if you're not satisfied, but when you get your oils to begin with, they're not in a sealed container. so how do you know they're not re-selling you something that has been opened, contaminated, and returned? and nowhere on their website does it claim that their oils are pure, or even all-natural. wait - i take that back - they state in the description of their peppermint essential oil that it is '100% pure at some of the best wholesale prices online'. so why would they list one (or maybe a few more) oil as pure, and not all of them? most likely because they are NOT all pure. i wonder what their other oils are mixed with? their tea tree oil is a joke, and their coconut oil sucks. their 'extra virgin' coconut oil isn't even offered in unrefined. the description is just basic information about coconut oil in general, and doesn't even say ANYTHING about their specific coconut oil, except that it is refined, and has no taste or odor. but it doesn't say HOW it is refined. also, when i recieved my order, there were a few oils that were missing, because they were on 'back order'. i was not notified of this whatsoever. i didn't find out until i received my order. yes, i did receive the others a couple weeks later, but the fact that they took my money, knowing they were out of stock, without even telling me, sounds pretty shady to me. AND - you wonder why all the reviews on their website of their products are so good? i tried to write a review of their tea tree oil. so that other people would know how low quality it was. they don't even post your review without THEIR APPROVAL!! of course they're not gonna approve a bad review. that's bad advertising. i don't like their product, i don't like the way they do business, and when you try to contact them because you are not satisfied, they are conveniently VERY hard to get ahold of. just the fact that they are so big on advertising the lowest price, means that they likely will do just about ANYTHING to lower their prices. does this practice compromise the quality of the product they are selling? absolutely! if you are looking for a quality product, or if you are counting on everything being there when your order is shipped to you, DO NOT buy from bulk apothecary!!"

modified review This review was modified by sonyafitts on June 16 2013 12:35:58 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"to Sales
I recently placed an order with your company.
I was impressed with the pricing and having a few orders due in 3 weeks from the date I thought was plenty of time to receive it.
First off when I placed the order, I was suppose to get a confirmation email.
I never did. If I had I would have known some of the items I needed were back ordered I had to wait over the weekend to call this was 2 weeks ago .
The lady I talked to found my order and said it's on the way
but 3 items were back ordered .
So I received the order a week later , and there was no melt and pour soap, all I ordered was a pound to get this order out and try your product.
I called and was told they would send it right out. In the
A few days later another call, oh sorry we were sending it next week with your back order.. I will get it right out
mean time I placed a $150 order with Bramble berry, because I know I will get my items on time, and I always know when something is back ordered it says so right when you try to order.
I just received that order as I am writing this letter.
I still have not received my melt and pour.
I really am disappointed.
I thought I found a really great place to order my supplies.
I asked about why I didn't get an email to confirm.
She said wow that's strange.

I continue to have a bad experience!
I called this morning to see where the melt and pour
is, why it hasn't been sent.
This time I am told the melt and pour is on back order!
I have called 3 x nobody ever said it was back ordered.
I was told the back order would be sent by last week.
Now it's next Wednesday.

I have never had this kind of service, too bad they have great pricing and cool products.
What good are they if you never receive them!
I will order from Bramble berry.
Great products and wonderful customer service!

By Chelle

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