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1,202 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Best buy ownings mills md. Avoid this store at all costs. Went in at 5PM today to mobile counter. Filled out form for new phone. Four reps behind counter, then, like magic all but one go to dinner. Rep serving elderly woman took 45 minutes, ten deciding on a black or white phone. Sitting right beside her. Rep was nice. Three reps came back, but not trained to do anything but sell cases. Then a person, who I had talked to when he came in after me, got served. They were mixing up the forms, not in order of arrival. At 6:30PM I left. I noticed sales associates in other depts. standing around wih no customers. Train more reps for the mobile dept. No management in evidence. Incompetent store management. Neer going to waste time at Best Buy again. Maybe they'll go the way of many other stores."

modified review This review was modified by sandy111222333 on November 24 2014 05:30:14 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Went to the one in Tiffany Spring, MO. They wouldn't help me because i looked poor. Also I stood in front of customer service for help while 4 employees laughed and had a great time, without helping me. Couldn't get a manager to answer my calls. Called HQ and they pretended to say they were going to help but never did. Called back 4 days later and they told me I never filed a discrimination case. I have the calls recorded and on top of it Their cameras show how i was treated differently. If someone knows a great lawyer in missouri to help me please email my youngdunkin29@gmail.com. thanks"

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Just wasted an entire day waiting around for an appliance delivery. I had a verbal confirmation from the store, phone confirmation the night before and an email confirmation the day before.

After no one showed up, I called. The delivery service never scheduled my delivery. How the f$%k does that happen?

Now I need to cancel the order and buy it from Lowes, or HH Gregg, or Sears, or anywhere online.

modified review This review was modified by butlerhouse on November 19 2014 02:38:25 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Despite what your eyes tell you and if you get in store service, what the sales staff tell you, Best Buy is just a warehouse, when you walk out with a product you bought from Best Buy you are on your own. I bought an appliance at Best Buy that needed service, naturally we called Best Buy, their repair staff, and I use that term loosely, literally made 6 trips to my house and all that time no use of the appliance. Finally their 800# told us they would send some one out who would help us contact the manufacturer and work out an exchange, Best Buy didn't show up for that appointment, nor did they call to reschedule or explain, they couldn't fix the unit and left us out to dry. In fact, out right lied and apparently think nothing of that type of behavior, even at the top management. Despite several sites like this one where Best Buy has terrible feedback they manage a A rating with the BBB which now shows me even the BBB can't be trusted. For more evidence I filed a complaint with the BBB in which Best Buy did absolutely nothing to resolve the issue. The first time I've ever had a company just give me the middle finger on a BBB complaint. One of the occasions while waiting for a repair we received 3 boxes of parts for the unit, the day comes the repair guy shows up he looks at the machine, says try using baking soda, turns on the machine and leaves before making sure it will work, he says call him if it don't, and it didn't. So we call the next day, he says he needs to order a part. Really? he leaves with 3 boxes of parts, he replaced nothing and he still needs to order a part? So I had to deal directly with the manufacturer. They sent some one out to fix the unit, this was recent so I'm not sure if the story end here or not. I also filed a complaint with my states attorney as I told "customer care" I would after their rejection via the BBB."

modified review This review was modified by krellion on November 18 2014 08:42:13 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I do not recommend shipping anything from bestbuy.com. Their shipping status lies. I ordered a few things, one of which was a SD memory card. I received a notice that it was shipped (a lie) and was supposed to be delivered in 1 week. However, the UPS tracking status said that they could not recognize the number. I called Bestbuy and they said that it was shipped and that it would be here the next day. Two days later and no package. I checked the tracking number again and it finally said that it was still at their facility waiting for UPS. I called them again and they said that it was ready for UPS pickup and that it would arrive while I was out of town for Thanksgiving. I told them that I wanted to cancel the order because I wouldn't be here to get the package. I asked her to call me back because I was on wait for a long time and I had to step out for a doctors appointment. She never called me back. When I got home I checked the tracking number and it had miraculously left their facility! I don't believe it. It will arrive more than a week past when they said it will and I if it is late by a day I won't be here to get it! I WILL NOT BUY FROM BESTBUY.COM AGAIN!!"

modified review This review was modified by 01vetter on November 18 2014 11:39:54 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I have gone to best buy in menifee a few times and each time I get horrible service. I order things online and they aren't ready when I get to the store even though I get the email. Also the employees just stand around and don't care to help you out!!! And when they ask you if you need help finding something they are walking away as they're doing it. By far the worst experience I've ever had at a best buy store. After my last visit last night I will not be giving them my business anymore."

modified review This review was modified by suziiberryy on November 18 2014 08:56:45 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Best Buy's Geek Squad appointment scheduling is dysfunctional, inefficient and dehumanizing. I've just returned from my third interaction with them over the last month. I have stood in line for a half hour to be told to go and stand in another line for another half hour and then been told to talk to a floor associate which meant standing around waiting for another half hour. I have been sold the wrong part to get my streaming set up, then upsold to a new DVD player to accomplish what I need and then advised to buy a new TV when that didn't work. Went on YouTube and found a solution that was basically free and works like a charm. Meanwhile about 2 hours of standing in lines or on the floor at Best Buy for nothing. Now have taken a computer in for service and made an appointment which was not honored. Stood in line for a half hour to be seen because there was no check in. Now have tried to pick up the job and after waiting a half hour in line again I have been told by my Geek that she couldn't turn around and pick it off the shelf and hand it to me because this time I didn't have an appointment. It would have been faster to hand me my computer than it took for her to explain to me why she couldn't hand it over. Never again. Been a loyal customer for a decade but I'm through with Best Buy."

modified review This review was modified by PlumR on November 15 2014 09:11:05 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Latest visit and the last, My 96 year old father wanted a new cell phone, Jitterbug seemed like the perfect one, so off to BestBuy in Mobile to purchase one, Young sales person found us what we were after, Then the dept manager got into the transaction as we wanted to toucn and feel the phone , phone was in box the dept manager Sara ? said we cound not take out of box and turned around and left. The new and young sales guy did not know what to do. So as you know what I did Left and will never return"

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Rated 1 star because I couldn't find anything lower. Bought A Stack Washer Dryer on-line from Best Buy. They sold it to us, billed the credit card, set up delivery, send confirmation via e-mail, we ordered the propane converter they said we we needed, hired the plumber, drove to meet them at the house, confirmed the delivery time twice and they never showed up. Called and they said they were just running late. Then got an automated e-mail saying to call to reschedule the delivery so called back. ??? The item was not in stock. Mind boggling disorganization."

modified review This review was modified by FCBlues on November 13 2014 12:01:36 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Very disappointing they advertise 150 trade in on ps3 for a xbox one. I went into the store on Rainbow and lake mead. And they offered me $40 for my Ps3. When I told them it said $150 on their web site.They said not all units qualify, which is BS. The unit was only a year old, i bought it last Xmas for my son. I will never shop at their store again. "

modified review This review was modified by rockvegasnv on November 12 2014 11:48:18 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I would never use best buy geek squad it has become a joke. I tried to get my phone replaced and they want a deposit of $250 or you have to mail your phone in and be with out a phone. They use to handle it in the store now they dont. What a joke"

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Just clearing out old emails and I came across my "purchase" from BestBuy.

To cut a (very) long story short, I bought a Christmas present from BB. They later told me it wasn't in stock and had no idea when it would be - and were surprised and unhelpful when I cancelled!!

So, if you're thinking of using them instead of, say, Amazon……don't


modified review This review was modified by Dominic9 on November 11 2014 08:13:46 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I am FURIOUS with Best Buy. I purchased a Samsung front load washer and dryer then ordered pedestals at a later date. Best buy called the day before to confirm a timeframe to deliver the pedestals the next day. To no avail, no best buy. I called to see what happened to find out the pedestals were on backorder. That's the beginning of this mess. I cancelled the order and purchased the pedestals from somewhere else. Now that I've had the appliances over the 30-45 day mark, the washer hose popped off & there's water all over my freaking floor. Geek squad comes out to tell me the w & d were installed backwards & the hose on the washer is too short. So now someone else has to come out on a different day (wasting more of my time) to tell me they were installed correctly however the washer needed some kind of tie. They did manage to do that but now I have dents in both w & d. I am not a happy camper. I have talked to at least 6 or more people & still don't have any answers. I want to have the machines replaced. I did NOT buy off the scratch & dent and because Geek Squad damaged them, the machines should be replaced by Geek Squad. I am so pissed with this customer service. I have been transferred over & over again, no one knows what to do. This is my first and LAST time purchasing from Best Buy."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Back in March 2012 I had purchased a playstation 3 from best buy, an when I checked out, I was asked if I wanted to buy the extra warranty/insurance for extra protection for my new playstation 3.
It sounded great!
I asked what does that provide me?
The clerk at the counter told me that I get a year free from playstation already, and than I can either buy the 1 year protection plan, or the 2 year protection plan?
I asked the guy when does that protection plan take place, the guy at the register told me that the best buy protection plan will take place after the free year warranty from playstation.
Mind you the guy at the register told me that he is an expert on all things playstation, and knows all the ins and outs of the protection plan from best buy and how it works, and told me that if I had any question that I need to go to him, because he's an expert on it all!
So I asked if I buy the 2 year protection plan from best buy an the one free year from playstation 3, than that would mean I have my playstation protected for 3 years right?!
The guy said YES! You are protected for 3 years!
The best buy plan won't take effect until the free year from playstation expires!
I was sold after that, so I told the guy to give me the 2 year protection plan on top of my free year so I can be protected for 3 years!
Well last month my playstation 3 literally fried itself out!
So I call best buy to get my playstation fixed!
Well turns out I was lied to!
The 1 free year from playstation and the 2 years from best buy run together!
So I only had 2 years of protection! Instead of 3 years!
So I told best buy that there employee told me that I have 3 years and told them exactly what he told me as I wrote it above. And everyone I spoke to literally did not care at all, and said "We can't do anything", "Buy a new one", "We can fix it, but you have to pay full price", "You should have called us before March!"
WOW! Are you serious?!
I was literally laughed at by one girl, I was hung up on twice, and nothing was done!
They did not care at all about me, my business, or my situation and problem!!
I was and still am COMPLETELY DISGUSTED by the lack of professional customer service! And the fact that they really did not give a crap, and literally could careless about my situation, and me!! I felt completely worthless, and that's the worst feeling in the world, and best buy is the worst company in the world! Esp for making me feel like that, and also for not even trying to help me at all! Or at least even trying to fake as if they cared! So sad!

What's even more sad, is that after all this stuff best buy put me through!
I call SONY playstation myself, and told them the situation, the problem I had, and everything best buy had done, made me feel, and put me through!
Do you know that SONY told me to send them my playstation 3, and they will fix it for me FREE OF CHARGE!!
I just had to pay for the shipping to ship it to them.
($10.87 for shipping and handling to SONY)
Well it turns out that my playstation was completely fried, and that they could not fix it at all, but that they are going to send me a brand new one because they couldn't fix it, and because I am such a loyal customer!
WOW! I could have cried!
Not only did I get a brand new playstation for only $10.87!
Not only did SONY fix my playstation after over a year of the warranty being expired, and they could have laughed at me, but they did not! They were completely professional! Made me feel like I was a loyal customer, and really made me feel that they did appreciate my business with them! That's an amazing feeling in the world and I am so blessed to be a SONY customer!
And I'm completely disgusted that I was ever a best buy customer!
Best buy could not help me after only 6 months of the protection plan being expired!
SONY Playstation not only fixed my problem, but sent me a brand new playstation 3 because mine was unable to be fixed, even after 1 year and 6 months after the warranty expired!
I will forever be a loyal customer to SONY! FOREVER!!

SONY is literally the best company ever!!
And I'm proud to be a SONY customer!
Best Buy is literally the worst company ever!!
And I'm disgusted that I was ever a Best Buy customer!
Worst company ever, worst customer service ever,
just the worst in all aspect all the way around and back! BAD! And SAD!


modified review This review was modified by ColdHardFacts14 on November 04 2014 10:45:27 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Wow wish I had viewed reviews here before ordering online from Best Buy. I have never seen so many 1 star reviews as with Best Buy, and here I am adding another. I am not going to go into tedious details, but suffice it to say that after almost 3 hours and 4 different calls over 4 days- each time being assured that all was corrected and that my order would arrive as promised - there has STILL been no resolution to their error which was holding up my order. I have now cancelled my order and paid a premium to another vendor to get my item on time for my grandson's birthday. I WILL NOT DEAL WITH BEST BUY AGAIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE where there is any other viable option, which I anticipate will be every time for a very long time. So frustrating! "

modified review This review was modified by indigoNY on November 04 2014 06:52:27 AM

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