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    Product & services pricing Rating 4.35/10 4.35/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.77/10 1.77/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.25/10 2.25/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.35/10 1.35/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.39/10 2.39/10
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Rating 2/10

Best Buy's Inability to Deliver

"After spending over $5K on new appliances, it took three delivery attempts for four appliances to be delivered

After the first delivery, a Saturday, I was told a system glitch caused the error and that the remainder of my delivery would be made on Tuesday. When I went on-line, to view my order, the other 3 items were shown as back ordered. A different status from what was posted in my order (on-line) four hours earlier. I promptly called, while the delivery person was still in my house, to which no one could confirm what has happened to my remaining items. I was told they could schedule the remainder of the order for Tuesday, and that is was not back ordered. Someone would call on Monday to confirm my Tuesday appointment.

After waiting until after noon on Monday, I called to confirm that the remainder of my order would be delivered on Tuesday, even though the website showed my items were still “back ordered". After speaking to a representative, they told me again that it was not back ordered and the remainder would definitely be delivered the next day. I additionally called the local store and they opened up an “escalation”. I received a call back from my escalation manager, who informed me that he would work to ensure my remaining item would be delivered and would be calling me back to confirm the delivery and discuss compensation

On Tuesday, the day my remaining three items were to be delivered. The delivery came and two items were delivered, and one remaining item, was once again missing. I immediately called my escalation “manager” and informed him of what occurred. He told me he would call me back.

The next day, Wednesday, I did receive call back with another delivery date. The “manager” informed me he would call me to confirm the time on Thursday for the remaining item that would be delivered on Friday

Thursday comes and I did not recieve a call back form my escalation “manager”. I did, however, receive a call back from someone else confirming the delivery on Friday and that my “manager” would be calling me to confirm delivery and discuss compensation.

On Friday, my final item was delivered.

The following Monday is when I received a call from this so called “manager” confirming if all my items had been delivered. I did confirm that and he proceeded to offer me a $100 gift card. I informed him that this was unacceptable for the inconvenience of having to remain home an additional 2 days and having to reschedule a plumber twice due to their errors (BTW Best Buy-it’s $150 for canceling/rescheduling a plumbing appointment!!!).

This “manager” then proceeds to tell me that he can only offer $50 per missed delivery. I asked to speak to his manager and he tells me he is the manager.

Being a director of Customer Service, I know these tactic’s all too well. Including him proceeding to pass me onto his peer, who also stated he was the manager.

In the end I was referred to corporate, which as I am in customer service, may or may not result in anything.

My wife called the Customer service number twice on 6/27. The first time she asked for escalation and assistance from the Delivery team. After being on hold for nearly 18 minutes, the call was terminated while she awaited an agents help. An hour later, the same thing occurred while she was on hold for another 17 minutes.

That is a longer process to get through. But I will continue to pursue fair and equitable compensation, as I will also take to social media as an avenue to make more consumers aware of what Best Buy is passing off as customer service.

PS. I also find it interesting that I was surveyed for my first two interactions with Best Buy, but never received another survey once I had an escalation “manager’ assigned. Nice trick, Best Buy, I know how you must keep your customer service scores high, for your shareholders


Rating 10/10

Recently surprised

"I walked in and was shocked to see a few Nintendo Switches just sitting there, so of course I bought the Neon plus a game & walked out a very happy customer."

Rating 2/10

No return policy

"I purchased a 50" TV on line , rec'd an email stating ready for p/u. When I got to the store it was not ready.
Made 2 trips before I finally got it. When I got home with the TV it was damaged. Called customer service , they
advise me that there return policy is 14 days from the time it was purchased . Can be return to any store.
I return it to the store I picked it up from and the store Manager Nick refuse to take it. I again called customer service and they told me they were having problems with the stores taking thing back ever though the policy states it can be returned to any store. Customer service sending me a UPS label to ship. Worst customer service
I have ever seen. Will not buy from them ever again.

Rating 2/10


"I purchased a lifeproof case for my galaxy phone and paid for the next day delivery just to get an email saying that it was delayed and I was receiving the case in 3 weeks!! I called customer service, spoke to someone who left me on hold for 30 min! So I hung up called again and then spoke to someone that told me I couldnt cancel my order because it was already in warehouse? So why can they change the delivery day on me but I cant change my mind about wanting to order with them? I couldve easily purchased off of Lifeproof with 10% off and freee delivery and received my case in a week but I wanted it the next day because Galaxy s8 screens are sensitive. Thanks for the inconvenience Best Buy. The only good thing they did was refund my shipping fee. "

Rating 2/10

Customer service/geek squad/fraud/credit card fraud

"ZERO STARS!!!!! I purchased a phone online for my son in October of 2015. In August of 2016 I also upgraded my phone & my husbands phone in store. We realized when getting set up, my sons phone was double covered for insurance both with Best Buy & Verizon. We asked to cancel with Best Buy, because Verizon's plan covers more. After trying to be talked out of this, they told me to go to the geek squad desk & cancel, while they were finishing setting up our phones.. I did this & thought I was done being charged $7.99 a month. I never noticed until May (10 months later) I was still being charged. I called, was transferred many different times, and told there wasn't a record of this request. finally after over two hours of being on the phone I was told, they'd cancel it AGAIN and I wouldn't be charged again starting in June & a request for reimbursement would be put in & I'd get an email in 5-10 business days to see if I'd be reimbursed. Well low & behold I was charged AGAIN on June 19. So called in immediately tonight to be told again there was no record of this request AGAIN and they couldn't give a refund because they get some money, but so does apple support. I was talked to rudely and basically called a liar. I asked them if conversations were recorded because this was obviously mistakes made on their employees part NOT MINE!! He said yes, but didn't know who to contact to access them. We carry geek squad insurance, have bought TV's, games, systems & much more from this company to receive such horrible treatment.. this is fraud!! I'd rather take my business to Walmart at this point. I will be contacting corporate office by letter & mail ( they explained this was the only way to reach them). FRUSTRATED BEYOND BELIEF!!! "

Rating 2/10

Terrible service

"We ordered a refrigerator from Best Buy because we had gift certificates from a charge card. We could have purchased this item from 6 other stores for the same price. Waited 3 weeks for delivery. Rec'd an email reminder but never a call. They were to arrive from 4-8. Even Time Warner can provide a smaller window of time. But arrived 5 minutes prior to scheduled time slot. Called at 4:30 and was informed they would arrive within the hour. At 8:30 we were told that they came and waited from 3:50 - 4:15 - a flat out lie. In the meantime, my day is shot and my food is warm. Basically we were told that is so sad, too bad. Call an 800 number. I think I will just share my experience on social media so others may learn from my mistake. And now I cannot just cancel the order on my credit card because gift certificates are involved. I can only imagine how they will rip me off with the warranty."

Rating 2/10

False Advertisement

"I recently purchased a nikon d750 from Bestbuy dot come that stated it came with a FREE Batter Grip, however, my camera arrived without it. When I called them they stated that the on line add was wrong and that they would give me a credit up to the amount the battery grip would cost, which I didn't agree to. I tried explaining that the promotion was a Nikon promotion and they shouldn't be selling the cameras if they couldn't honor the promotion. I was told to call back because Nikon was closed at 9PM in the evenings. However, the next day after calling again to try to get this settled I was told they gave me a $200 credit and no more would be given. ??? A new Nikon battery grip cost $349.00. Best buy did not stand behind it's guarantee and their staff knows nothing about customer service. It seems just issuing a credit of any sort would make customers happy so they think. I ordered the camera based off of the promotion that was being offered. I wanted a Battery Grip! I didn't want a $200 discount to go elsewhere, because I could have gone elsewhere for the Nikon promotion and received the same free batter grip. It just so happens I have always bought in the store. This was my first time buying on line with Best Buy and I will never again do so. They can't be trusted to deliver what the ad states you will get. The ad is still up on their site so Nikon Buyers Beware! "

Rating 4/10

Poor customer service

"Avoid Best Buy in La Quinta if you care about customer service. The department is staffed by one certain woman (40ish maybe pushing 50) who has the personality of a fish. No trace of her having interest in keeping you as a customer at all. Wait till the younger staff is available as they tend to be more helpful. Also avoid buying extended warranty as it is most lik6a rip-off. "

Rating 2/10

Gift cards scam

"I just placed an order for 2 tv's earlier in the week and used 2 $25 gift cards I received for my bday in January.
Everything went through when ordering. However, the next day I received an email stating that there was a payment issue and the order was on hold. After quite a hassle and an automated system, I was finally able to talk to a customer representative. I was told that there has been an issue with gift cards being declined and to provide my credit card information for now, and I could do a written request to possibly get a replacement gift card. I reluctantly agreed, but I needed the sets for Thu evening.
Today I learned that the 2nd gift card was also declined.
So 2 people have spent $25 on gift cards and both of them were declined!
That sounds like a scam to me. I cancelled the entire order and will certainly purchase the tv's elsewhere.
Be aware, the gift cards you buy for someone, may be declined.

Rating 2/10

Doesn't anyone work here?

"I'm a total tech idiot so I tend to need a lot of help when shopping for anything that needs plugging in. So, I went to best buy to buy what ever I needed so I could have wifi in my apartment. The place was empty! (aside from a handful of customers). The only people working there wouldn't leave their precious little stands to show me what I needed and no one seemed to care. I left. I still don't have wifi so I'm not happy with them."

Rating 2/10

Poor quality service and product.

"Unfortunately the minimum star rating is one!
I bought a laptop from Best Buy and a protection plan. The laptop broke down due to hardware issues several times. When I asked for a replacement as per the protection plan I got a different reason why they could not from the four employees I dealt with. They admitted that they sell laptops that they anticipate will breakdown 3 times on average in a two year period. Lesson learned. If you want to buy a laptop or any electronic device DON'T to to Best Buy. Save your hard earned money. Go somewhere where they will actually try to give you a fair deal.

Rating 2/10

Customer service/process

"Order a 55 inch tv westinghouse brand on the 30th of May online and it says that the earliest time I can receive it is the 8th of June. Best buy continously have a machine call me to reschedule, so I reschedule for a later time on the 8th. It continuously sends a machine to call me throughout the week to reschedule. I don't know why it was doing this, so I called in. Took me 30 minutes to get a hold of someone about my order. First call they didn't give me any reason why it was doing this and gave me a later delivery time on the 8th of June. Again, I am still receiving a reschedule call from a machine. So, I called again and they told me that we don't have your tv in stock until the 14th. Well, in that case I would like a refund. They replied and said we can't do anything about it now. Are you kidding me, "best Buy" can't do anything now. Talk to supervisor, and she said she can't do anything either. Supervisor said she will escalated to corporate, but then continue to say that they wont be able to get to me until next week. Today is the 3rd of July, so next week will be the 10th. This was not my mistake, I shouldn't have to wait. If it wasn't in stock, don't show it in stock for the 8th. Show it in stock for the 14th. "

Rating 2/10

Horrible customer service. Zero stars.

"The employee in one location informed me that I have 30 days to return the item. When I went to another location to return the item all of the sudden is 15 days. They are untrained, rude, they don't want to work with you, l lost $200. They don't care at all. They should change their name from Best to Horrible Buy. Extremely bad experience. "

Rating 2/10

Untrustworthy sales personnel

"Bought washer/dryer approximately 6 years ago. Was sold an extended warranty that sounded too good to be true & believe me, it was. Called a year later to have a maintenance check & learned I had paid for a fairy tale. Went back to the store (Bristol,VA) & got a refund, given reluctantly. Haven't been back in that store until yesterday to look at a computer I had been looking at online. Was told by salesperson that the sale price would end at midnight last night. Checked online today& it is on sale through Memorial Day which is tomorrow. Cannot trust a thing they tell you!"

Rating 2/10

Poor customer service & damaged items

"Ordered appliances from Best buy & arranged for delivery. My wife took off work to be there for delivery. On the morning of the scheduled delivery, we got a call that they couldn't deliver that day. After nearly an hour on several different phone calls, they agreed to deliver as scheduled.

However, 2 of the 4 came damaged. We were originally told it would take another 2-3 weeks to get different ones. After several phone calls they agreed to ship replacements out of another store in a few days. Those came as scheduled & were fine.

Ironically, the same delivery guys showed up 2 weeks later with another replacement stove. They were confused when we said we already had the stove & didn't need this one. They suggested we make some more phone calls to straighten it out.

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