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Rating 2/10

Save yourself a huge headache and avoid this company at all costs

"I wouldn't even give this company a 1.

My full detailed review is too long for this site so I'll sum it up.
Between May 11 when I placed my order and today, July 6th, I am still fighting with this sad excuse for a company for a refund I was told I would get to my credit card and in turn they're only offering a useless gift card I will not use.

I placed my order on May 11th, weeks later I began questioning things as only half my order was shipped to me but the site showed the status as "fulfilled".
By May 31, I was told my 2nd half of the order was lost in transit and a rush order would be processed and sent that week.

A week into June, I was questioning where is the shipment information as I was not notified the 2nd half had been shipped yet and started asking for a refund on my shipping costs.
Amy, the person I had been emailing responded to that one with saying she has personally placed my combo with shipping and it would go out that day. She says and I quote from the email "there is absolutely no way for me to refund the shipping expense however I have made sure that you will not be charged anything extra. Since this is an international order sometimes due to the bulk of the items additional shipping is required. In your case I have made sure no additional charges will apply."

By middle of June, I was still asking for shipping confirmation and both emails were ignored.

June 21 a delivery man was on my doorstep with a much smaller box than the first delivery but he wasn't just asking for a signature, he was asking for another $20 in taxes and fees per the label on the box. I pulled the email up on my phone to show him there are to be no additional charges but he can't do anything about it so I call up Amy immediately and ask what's going on, this is what your email said so why the additional fees? She puts me on hold and comes back with an apology that she made sure there would be no more charges from '"the company" but have nothing to do with border fees. I summed up her email and made it clear that is not what was said and I would not be paying any more costs as this was an awful process all together for an item I should have received over a month ago. She tells me some orders have fees due to weight and size which I already know and understand but ask her how does the first delivery of a 6 foot box that takes 2 hands to hold not have any additional fees and this smaller, 3 foot box the delivery man was able to hold with 5 fingers does? This is not an acceptable answer. The delivery man got tired of waiting so he left with the parcel.

With Amy still on the phone, she offers me a gift card but my answer was no, she could call up the post office and pay the additional fee I was told I would not have as this whole thing was an unacceptable process. She tells me she has to discuss this with her manager and will get back to me tomorrow.
June 22 I received an email from Amy saying and her manager was spoken with by phone and had requested I send in a copy of the receipt for the extra charges,and she would get back to me with the manager's response. That day I sent the receipt.
June 27 I sent another email to Amy asking for an answer and asking for the manager to contact me. She replied saying she has forwarded my information to the manger, will check in with her again today and tell her I would like to speak with her ASAP.
June 30 I emailed Amy AGAIN asking for the phone number to reach her manager directly.
I received an email from a Wendy, "customer service manager". She says and I quote "I will be going over your issue with my manager tomorrow morning and will contact you as soon as I speak with her".
I reply, I've been told this many times by Amy for over a week and am tired of getting the run around and wanted the manager to contact ME directly. This is the absolute worst service I have ever encountered. Wendy then called me later in the day to tell me she would be processing a refund to my credit card the following morning (July 1st) for the additional charge.

Today, July 6 I receive an email from Backdrop Outlet saying "your backdrop outlet gift card is ready" and it is for the exact amount of the additional charge to be used in their store at checkout. UNBELIEVABLE! I then sent another email to Wendy saying excuse me, but a gift card is not what was agreed upon, but a full refund for the additional charge, call me ASAP.
This store will never get another dime from me, including by use of a useless gift card I did not agree to. Still waiting for any response.

Needless to say, as nice as the finished product is, it is most definitely not worth the headache of this disgustingly poor customer service and I'll take my business elsewhere.

This review was modified by XBMPhotography on July 06 2016 12:19:44 PM

Rating 2/10

Horrible experience

"I invested into some new back drops earlier this year from backdrop outlet. i used them in a test shot, rolled them up (they were durable vinyl ones) and stored them in their tubes (as suggested). when i went to take them out to use them they dented horribly from storage (which i did with finesse and care-ive been in this business a long time) beyond repair and or photoshopping.

when i contacted customer support their reply to me was "well we sell thousands of these a week, so we aren't going to do anything to help fix what happened to you". so instead of forming a good reputable business and standing by what they make, they said a big "forget you" to a new client, and continue in their shady practice of stealing peoples hard earned money and ripping them off.


This review was modified by HavocCaptures on June 16 2016 09:11:48 AM

Rating 2/10

Please read the review before buying!

"Please read the review before buying! Long story short...they messed up my order, sent me an HORRENDOUS looking backdrop and blamed me for picking the wrong order. They never pick up the phone and when I finally reach a person, she said she'll send out the correct item. 3 weeks have passed and I haven't heard anything so I call them again and guess what? No answer. I had to contact them by email to finally reach a person. A lady said she talk to management about my issue and said she'll send out the correct order once i pay for shipping to return the item. Why should I have to pay for shipping to return the wrong item that they messed up on? By this time I'm already upset because It shouldn't have taken this long! I told her to keep my money and I donated the backdrop to a homeless man who might have some use for it this morning. Bad Business overall! I'm a full-time pro photographer who spend hundreds of dollars on these stuff every year and I'm taking my business elsewhere. STAY AWAY FROM BACKDROP OUTLET."

This review was modified by batman_thor on March 04 2016 07:21:33 AM

Rating 2/10

Worst customer service

"When you call in . . they tell you there is ONE person in front of you . . . for 17 mins. Then it goes to a voicemail (Oh! Finally I can just leave a message!) Nope. Then a woman's voice says that service isn't available and hangs up on you. Good luck getting help."

This review was modified by katewellington on January 22 2016 12:44:55 PM

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a christmas backdrop and floordorop from Backdrop Outlet on September 21, 2015. It takes 4-5 weeks to ship internationally (Nova Scotia) so i was just excitedly waiting for my order to arrive. Last week I though it was taking too long so i called to check on the status of my order. To my HORROR it didn't shop yet the door drop won't ship internationally.... but no-one bothered to call me to let me know this. I'm still waiting for customer service to call me back to fix the order - its been two days. I wish the store was as prompt as fixing orders as they were charging my credit card. I'm so upset as i have christmas clients booked and no backdrop and NOONE is calling me back. "

This review was modified by mjabram on November 16 2015 04:00:01 PM

Rating 2/10

"BUYER BEWARE. I would not recommend buying from this company. They seem to have issues with processing orders. I ordered something on 9/28/15 and never received the items. I called three times to have refund and have yet to receive a refund. "

Rating 4/10

"Customer service is hit or miss. It's probably not a good sign however that I have had to contact customer service on several occasions, even though I have only ordered from them 3 times. When something is on backorder, they do NOT say so on their page. I have been waiting for over 2 months for a baby poser. It has shown as available on their web page the entire time. It wasn't until the 3rd time I asked about it that they finally said it was held up because of the LA shipyard strike.
Diamond Cloth - The original folding wrinkles are extremely difficult to remove with a steamer. Washing doesn't reallyl remove them either. Cloth does not hang straight until it is completely dry after steaming. If you want a smooth backdrop with little or no dewrinkling/steaming, this definitely isn't for you!
Titanium Cloth - Still has small wrinkles that need to be steamed. Doesn't hang straight, even when dry. Ultra Colorsmacks (aka Silverlake) are of substantially better quality.
TC5001 - is extremely orange. Not really gold color at all. Tried several times and could never get convincing bokeh. Must be dewrinkled prior to use. It took several attempts to get a return authorization number so I could return it (and I had to send photos).
TC910 - pretty good bokeh, but circles are much larger than they appear on the web page. Must be dewrinkled.

The "Order Status" page sometimes shows I have orders and sometimes it is blank - like I've never ordered anything. Only unshipped orders appear.
I might order from them again (since I have store credit from returning the gold bokeh backdrop), but I would be extremely cautious.

This review was modified by ZigsGal77 on March 11 2015 04:46:58 PM

Rating 6/10

"I ordered a Backdrop with expedited shipping but was unable to get it in time for my shoot. Partly my fault for waiting till the last minute to order it. I am going to give them another try, Rob & Heidi are very customer centered and I like that. "

This review was modified by ScottyB777 on February 17 2015 01:35:53 PM

Rating 4/10

"I ordered with this company in December, I received my payment confirmation and then.......nothing. The site said it could take 14-21 to be printed/processed, and with the holidays, I figured I would give them until the beginning of January. Jan 8, a package arrived on my doorstep. No "your order shipped", no tracking number, nothing. Only 2 of my 3 items arrived. We have a problem with things being stolen in the neighborhood, so knowing when things are supposed to arrive is incredibly important.

I tried calling their customer service number at this point to find out if there was an error or another package coming, but every time someone answered the phone, no matter what phone I used (cell phones from different providers), they couldn't hear me. I figured there was some sort of phone line error, tried back hours later, and it was still happening. Therefore, I sent an email asking about the order. Luckily, the third piece showed up the next day and I just happened to be walking out the door to a shoot when it did, or it might have been stolen sitting out there for the whole evening. I have still not received even a cursory response back from the company other than an auto "we got your email". Quite a mediocre experience and I won't be shopping there again. The products I received weren't the quality I expected and definitely not worth the stress. I actually got my product in a decent time frame, unlike others, but the company's lack of communication doesn't make for customer loyalty.

This review was modified by vannienicole on January 14 2015 11:58:07 AM

Rating 2/10

"I would leave zero stars if I could, and I'm not one to usually complain about anything.

I order online constantly and this is the first purchase I've had such trouble with in my entire lifetime of internet shopping. I ordered from Backdrop Outlet during one of their special Black Friday deal days which was in November, hoping to have some nice christmas gifts for my photographer family member. After 2 weeks went by with no shipping update, I was getting weary that I would not receive the items in time as I am in Canada. I called them up and spoke with a girl who said they "should probably ship next week". I wasn't happy with that answer so I decided to cancel my order.

I hadn't received any cancellation notice so I emailed multiple times to confirm that it was cancelled and never received any response. 2 weeks later I called back to confirm it was cancelled, spoke with a lady again who confirmed that it was, however I still hadn't received my refund. Multiple emails and attempts later, I still do not have my refund.

It's now a month later and I've had to get my credit card company involved to dispute the transaction -- again, the first time I've ever had to do this. I do not understand why my payment has not yet been refunded and will definitely not be purchasing from this company in the future and will not recommend them to anyone. Thankfully I was able to find another dealer who shipped immediately and I received it in 3 days flat with zero issues. After doing a search online, it seems that refunding people has been an issue with this company for a long time, with numerous complaints about others not receiving their refunds either.

As a business owner myself, I cannot understand how a company can be managed this way. Customer service is terrible, and holding onto a customer's money after an order has been cancelled is fraud. Stay away.

This review was modified by d_fox on January 12 2015 09:06:08 AM

Rating 2/10

"Customer Service is nonexistent at this supplier. The company has mailed me two orders for backdrops in the wrong color. When I called to get a return verification I was told it could not be processed unless I texted them a picture of the item (one was white and not wine). Then I was told that they were too busy to process the return. I have not heard from them since. In the meantime, I had already placed an order for a Newborn prop, which arrived broken. Emailing the company prompts no response. The company representatives that I have talked to on the phone do not seem concerned or apologetic."

This review was modified by freddie2 on December 08 2014 12:05:34 PM

Rating 8/10

"I placed an order for 3 backdrops. It said on the website that it could take 2-3 weeks for production. At 4 weeks I called and was told they were busy and it could take 6-8 weeks. At 8 weeks I called again to be told the printer was broken and it would be another 2 weeks. I have called 3 times since then and have been told the EXACT same thing (printer broke, backed up, 2 more weeks). I am now at 13 WEEKS!!!! and still NOTHING!!!! I called again today and they told me AGAIN another 2-3 weeks. I have customers waiting for these backdrops and was hoping to order more for Christmas and after that when I expand and set up my own studio (I work out of my home now) but after this I don't think I will ever order from them again and tell every photographer I know to do the same. I know things take time but 4 months is just terrible.

Today (Aug 7, 2012) I received a call from Erik Gupta, manager at Backdrop Outlet. He was very nice and understanding and upgraded me to different materials to ship out ASAP. I accepted 2 titanium cloths (which I was previously offered with additional charges) and one different type of floor with a non slip back (my main concern about this backdrop is that I plan to use it mostly as a floor with children and didn't want it to slip or bunch). He also said that he would keep the others in production so that if I do not like what I switched it out for I can return them and still get the candysticks I had originally ordered. I am still a little upset that it took so long for this situation to be resolved but I am happy that they did try to help in every way possible once they did get back to me. It was also nice to hear that they plan to discontinue the candysticks (type of backdrop I ordered) and replace it with something else because of the problems getting them to customers in a timely manner. All in all, I do really like their products and am willing to try these new backdrops out. Who knows, maybe I will love them and want more. :) I will update again in a few days after testing them out.......

I used one of the new backdrops in two shoots this past weekend (9/7/13). So far I am liking it a lot. It is wrinkle free, easy to pack up and set up, and there is no glare or reflection. The downside it that it is not very wide (kids move quickly and adults must be centered perfectly) and that it MUST be clamped down (whether to the stand or to a base board) so that it does not move and so the spot where it meets the floor is straight. I also don't like the artist signature in the corner. I understand they want credit but it is very large and distracting in the images. I had to retouch it out of a lot of images. Overall, I am pleased and am looking forward to ordering more in the future as I do really like how they photograph and how little space they take up.

This review was modified by Kity821 on September 09 2013 02:15:57 PM

Rating 10/10

"Ordered my wife some camera equipment from them and she loved it. I shopped around for prices for awhile and found them being by far the cheapest. I chose the Ground shipping and expected it to come very slow but they upgraded my shipping to priority for free. I also ordered her one of those camera lens cup where it looks like lens but it's actually a cup lol. Cost me $14 and my wife loved it she couldn't stop laughing! She was more excited by that then the items I spent over a $100 on:) but she needed those items so she definitely liked those too.

Overall I enjoyed my experience and will again order some stuff for my wife again (most likely when I am in the dog house haha)

Rating 2/10

"It has been over 5 weeks since I placed my order. I have called twice and emailed with no help! I called today to cancelled my order. They said it would take 3 to 5 business days to get my refund. I also requested to get an email stating this and Ronnie told me this would happen in about 24 to 48 hours. We shall see! I will not be back. :(

Update: I did get a call from Erik and he offered a solution but I chose just to get my refund. Erik was very nice and helpful. I was also offered a $50 gift card to change my rating but I only changed my star rating on the refund service.

This review was modified by kstanley2006 on September 21 2013 07:32:40 AM

Rating 10/10

"Placed my first order through them and it was good experience.I first thought that the prices seamed very high but then when I shopped around I realized wow these prices are actually amazing! I have to admit it did take about 3 weeks before my item was delivered but when you individually make each backdrop for every customer that is expected.

I just opened my studio and placed my first order the props were good quality and the price was great!! I will defiantly be coming back again. I hope I can get some customers to use these great items

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