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  • Rating 1.83/10 15 reviews

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All 15 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"They took 6 weeks to investigate lost delivery - did not respond to 3 email requests for stautus update. Customer service promised call backs on two separate occasions and then did not respond. Customer Service would provide their name for follow up, but when I called back to talk to that person, somehow they were always busy and we had to go through the whole issue again. When I finally voiced my displeasure with their lack of service and poor response time they immediately (within 15 minutes) sent email that the claim for lost delivery was denied - AND then sent email asking WHY I would give them negative feedback!"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"First, I ordered a Rockford Fosgate T1D412 subwoffer and enclosure that was "built just for the sub" via a call to audiosavings sales support. (I'd provide a link to the listing, but it seems to have been removed from their website...) I was told that i'd be able to split the payment on two different cards; I gave the represenative the first card number and it billed the entire amount to that card. With that being said, the experience goes in a downward spiral from here. I recieve the sub and box, to my relief everything is undamaged. After unpackaging everything, setting up the wiring, etc. I'm ready to put the sub in the box. I do so and the cutout for the sub is probably 1/2 inch or more too small for it to fit. I proceed to call audiosavings sales support and explain the situation to their rep. He then asks me for a picture to prove that this is true. I sent him the picture and call back, the same rep answers. He tells me that he has to ask a manager to send me a new box..... Really? Seeing as i work in a call center I said okay and tried to remain patient with the situation. I sent the picture (Tue, Oct 22, 2013, 11:37am), called back several mins after (Reached the same rep, so they couldn't have been too busy) and he told me then that he had to consult with his manager. I did not recieve a response from this rep until (Wed, Oct 23, 2013, 8:50am) all that this email said was "Thanks Kevin, ive contacted my manger and will get back with you ASAP." (Exact message, i did not modify any text). Finally, on (Thurs, Oct 24, 2013, 4:01pm) the same rep responds with "I will set you up with a return, and give you a refund on that item." (Again, that is the exact message he sent). Long story short I resolved the issue with the the encolsure on my own. I had to sand around the cutout for about 45mins until the sub fit into it. Audiosavings.com has demonstrated more than a few good reasons as to why i'll never recommend anyone purchase items from them. I know it doesn't matter much to them but at least a review will make me feel as though somebody from audiosavings has listened and might actually give two preverbial shits about horrible customer service.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Let's start at the beginning...

Wednesday, Oct. 2nd

I hit their site knowing what I wanted and that I had to beat the 1pm deadline so it would be shipped that day and I'd have it Thursday since I live in NY. This was important because I was leaving Thursday evening at 7pm for 4 days. After finding everything I wanted, I filled out the personal information and took the option of paying via Paypal. After 4 different attempts at re-placing the order, it failed each time to take me to Paypal and showed the final order cost as "TBD" no matter what I did.

I called the company and after waiting a while got someone on the phone. I explained the above (needed the order out TODAY) and the issue I had been having. He assured me he could run it back to the warehouse and get it out on time. I went over everything on the screen with him and, he sent me a Paypal invoice which I paid within 2 minutes. I felt relieved this was done.

Got a call from someone female at Audio Savings saying there was a problem... whoever took my order forgot to charge me sales tax (I am in NY) and that the order never went out due to their screwup. Wonderful!! I explained my predicament to the woman about not being home for 4 days and that I didn't want the product sitting on my front stoop that entire time. I then explained to her I'd arrange to have a friend come to my house and pick it up on Friday. I gave her my credit card info to bill me for the tax I wasn't charged.

I called my installer who lives over a half an hour away from me and arranged to leave the keys to my vehicle asking him to please pick up the packages so they didn't sit outside. He would then proceed to remove the old and install the new equipment in my car.

Friday, Oct. 3rd

My installer drove to my house, pulled out the old equipment from my truck and would return later to install everything.

My installer called me to inform me that FedX had been to my house but... they left a note that a signature was required to receive the package!!! Now, when I told the girl at 5:15pm two days before that I was concerned about the package sitting out front, why in the hell did she not inform me it would be coming signature required????

Furious (putting it mildly) with my work truck that I needed Monday morning ripped apart, I drove back down from New Jersey to pick up the package from FedX so it could be installed and I could actually work Monday morning. I then proceeded to drop the box at my house and drive back to NJ to rejoin my wife at the hospital.

Saturday, Oct. 4th

The installer showed up at my house and... my phone rang at 8:02am. It was my installer informing me that they DID NOT include the mounting kit I CLEARLY included in my original order with the guy on the phone. Now I know why when the girl called back she said, "The good news is your order total is lower than you were quoted, the bad news is you weren't charged tax."

Let's do some math now... I saved $39 ordering from them vs. my normal channel. It cost me $40 in gas to drive back from NJ to pick up stereo at Fedx and had to pay my installer $75 for coming out to my house even though he could not install the stereo.

$39 - ($40 + $75) leaves me in the hole for $76 not even considering the 5hrs I spent driving back and forth from NJ.

I am absolutely horrified at this entire ordeal! My original plan was to order from Sonix Electronix as I've done before but they were cheaper and closer.

I wrote them this email three nights ago and have yet to get a response from them. As far as I am concerned these people are clowns.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I bought four car monitors fromt Audiosavings. Two were defective. When I emailed them about it they propmtly gave me an RMA# and how to send the product back for exchange. This was completed and they stated they would send me replacement but they didnt have it in stock and it would come from the factory. They would send me tracking. I waited and emailed back they did not repspond I emailed again and no reponce. I did an ebay dispute asking for my money back. It was outside the 45 day window so ebay basically just sent them an email. They stated would give me a full refund. I awaited for the refund and the deadline passed. There has been no refund they have the broken screen and my money. This is my customer experience with AudioSavings."

Zylcho's Avatar
Planet Earth
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"8/21 ordered a Peavey IPR2 7500 and a pair of Peavey SP118BX subs. The one sub came damaged with one of the rubber feet crushed into the case. After doing a wiring upgrade the Peavey amp was no where near the 1280 a channel it was rated for. I did call the day they were delivered and actually spoke with someone who told me to email pictures of the damage, which I instantly did. It has been 6 working days since I received the items and after calling 4 times and 3 emails I still get no response. Peavey support told me that there is a problem as well, but didn't want to accept a return for an authorized distributor. They did provide me with an alternate email to try and get this problem resolved. At this point I am so disgusted that I filed a claim with Fedex for the speaker damage and just want to return the amp for a refund. I have dealt with these guys in the past and they have stood behind their products. I guess these big ticket items are an exclusion. Yes they were the cheapest on the net, but what are the odds you will have a problem free transaction?"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I started ordering a new Alesis dm10x drumkit on March 25th. Then I was told they would be closed 2 days for Easter and closed for Passover. THEN I was told no shipping for a few days because of a warehouse relocation...they conveniently shipped it on April 11th after accepting payment on April 4th!!! THEN, when it arrived on April 16th, it was just the drum module..NO DRUMS! AND THE MODULE WAS REFURBISHED NOT NEW!!! This was the response I got on April 17th...
"We apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused. It looks like we received a module only from Alesis that pertains to a warranty exchange for a customer that is actually expecting it and it was added to inventory as a complete item. This data entry error created a new listing which is the one that you purchased. We spoke with Alesis and unfortunately they do not have the item available anymore as it was a close out. We will schedule fed ex to pick up this item within the next 24-48 hours under call tag # 997029450325515. Please let us know once Fed EX picks up this item and we will process your FULL refund immediately."
Guess what... THEY CANCELLED THE CALL TAG! I had to call Fed Ex and get a new one. Nobody EVER called me about my order. I called NUMEROUS times and most of the time noone ever picks up. You stay on hold til the phone goes dead on their end. THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY I'VE EVER DEALT WITH. P.S., I got an email today that says my refund has been processed. April 25th.

So timeline is as follows. order Mar. 25, Re-order Mar. 27(Paypal), Payment accepted April 4, Marked as shipped April 11, ACTUALLY SHIPPED April 12, Arrived April 16, apology by them with call tag April 17, Call tag cancelled by them April 18, I issue call tag April 22, they recieve box on April 24. Refund processed on April 25. They advertise same day or next day shipping... just follow the time line folks!!! March 25th order and an April 25th refund. They wasted my time for a WHOLE MONTH selling me a refurbished kit they never even had. Horrible customer service center. Thank the BBB for fast refunds. I never recieved the drumset, I have to order another kit from somewhere else...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

OH, and I bet the guy waiting on this equipment "warranty exchange" is pretty pissed also... He waited ATLEAST a month to get it back... sad.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"HORRIBLE place to buy from.... no customer service whatsover. you cannot reach anybody on the phone or through live chat. takes 2 weeks to ship when they say 1-2 days. bullshit. do not reccomend this company"

No Avatar
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"i placed my order on Thursday the 28th{3-28-2013} and they STILL have not shipped it out as of today Wednesday the 10th[4-10-2013}. everytime i call them,they say it will be shipped within 24hrs! and this is comeing from the manager! they did take my money out of my account within 12 mins though!!! very upset and i don't think they should even be able to be rated! i rate them with a BIG -5 customer service is no good and i have been on hold for a total of almost 4hrs out of 3 days!"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS, BEWARE! I placed an order through amazon and audiosavings was the the seller. The item should have been to me already and I started to wonder what was gonig on. I contacted Amazon and they contacted audiosavings who did not even send the item on the date when it should have already been to me. Luckily Amazon has protection against clowns likes this and they were able to refund me my money and cancel the order. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND PAY A COUPLE MORE BUCKS AND BUY FROM A REPUTABLE DEALER AND NOT THESE GOOFBALLS! I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I was asked last minute to do audio for a wedding on the 4th of July, 2012. So that day, 12 days prior to the event, I immediately ordered a set of self-powered PA speakers and was attracted by AudioSavings' 'Same-Day shipping'. I received an order confirmation right away; however, I didn't get a shipping notice until 6 days later, at which time FedEx advised it would not deliver the package until the 5th; 13 days later. I called AudioSavings cust service and I was absolutely assured it would be there on the 3rd; however calling FedEx on the 3rd I was advised directly from FedEx that it wouldn't arrive until the 5th. I had to call FedEx and refuse the package in transit, and have Visa fraud dept reverse the charge, and pay through the nose from a local rental.
Advised to steer clear of this company.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Got screwed by these guys. They have very misleading advertising on some of their products. They described their Cadence CST1 tweeters as being of high quality and great volume. Not the case, probably the worst tweeters I've ever come across. Seller did not want to issue a refund. They were also very rude when I communicated with them. They clearly do not value their customers.

Thanks for wasting my time and stealing my money. I see that they also have 9 BBB claims against them. DO NOT BUY!

modified review reply posted May-18-2012

audiosavings, AudioSavings rep has responded

“Please contact us! satisfaction 100%

we can either refund you or exchange this items for something better.”

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I got screwed by these guys. They said they had something in stock took my money and never shipped it. They don't reply to repeated emails. Buy from these guys at your own risk...you've been warned!"

modified review reply posted May-18-2012

audiosavings, AudioSavings rep has responded

“Sabre360 was refunded in full.

Customer can contact us at anytime for a great deal!!!”

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I did have some issues with a car stereo, I got an email from Jose@Audiosavings.com and the problem was resolved very nicely and professionally. In the pass I got my JVC home stereo from them too and a few more electronic items, great products and excellent customer service, looking forward to keep doing business with AudioSavings.
Thanks Jose’

modified review This review was modified by juanpujols on May 21 2012 02:29:02 PM
modified review reply posted May-18-2012

audiosavings, AudioSavings rep has responded


please contact us if this issue hasn't been resolved. you can contact us at 646-432-4971, we strive to provide the best customer service on the market!

please contact us!”

Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"This stumbled-upon seller was a great find--mostly because they had the lowest possible price anywhere in the whole market (with free shipping and full manufacturer warranty).

However... they're listed as a seller that "Ships items quickly" on eBay, and that wasn't true in my case; unlike the previous poster, my item was shipped a good five days after order/payment. This may seem insignificant in normal situations, but it was very worrisome for three-ish reasons:

1) at the time, I was going to be out of town by the estimated delivery date,

2) the item value was *not* cheap and very much needed in a time-sensitive way, and

3) FedEx was the chosen carrier.

I've had massive problems before with FedEx folk being ubertarded, so I did what I could to curtail errors and prep for an interception. Calling ahead, I found out a signature was mandatory, therefore, I asked the rep to hold the package at the local facility the day it arrived so that it could be shipped when I was ready to receive it. Specific dates and times were given, and details were triple-confirmed; I was assured that they'd make the first delivery to my place the day *after* I returned. (NOTE: If this package failed three times in delivery, it would be returned, and thus cost me even more money and time for another shipping attempt from the seller--if that was even possible.)

While out of town, I monitored everything via the provided tracking number, and all seemed to be going swimmingly (online) by the time the package reached the local facility. A last obsessive check before my return trip revealed that there were no further tracking updates, so one would think it logical to conclude that the package was sitting there, safe... unmoved.

But no.

When I got home, I saw THREE missed attempt stickers from FedEx posted on my door. The last sticker was left *thirty minutes* before I had arrived. WTF.

It took a good (outraged) twenty minutes of maneuvering with the FedEx rep to get it delivered one final time the NEXT DAY, but it should never have come to that in the first place.

Again, this may all seem trivial--or not even the fault of the seller... but the length of time it took FedEx to knock on my door with the package in hand (sans delay) was the SAME amount of time it took for AudioSavings to get around to shipping my purchase.

These days, I make it a point to not hold such sellers to their advertised "word" unless they have a well-known track record, i.e., when everyone and their mother praises their purported greatness. I'd never heard of the company before until I saw their eBay listings and then checked around, which told me very little, almost next to nothing. So based on their name, site, wares, and their not quite 100% feedback rating, they seemed to be solid discount resellers that you want to hit up only if you want to save on a huge chunk of change. This is not to say that the quality of the item I bought was crap--it's actually pure awesome for b-stock, but it never occurred to me that a "savings" for audio gear was the *absolute most* that I could expect from a seller called AudioSavings.

Go figure.

Recommended only if money saved means more than time lost.

modified review This review was modified by Bi0NicSQUiD on July 21 2010 03:15:17 AM
modified review reply posted May-18-2012

audiosavings, AudioSavings rep has responded

“We sincerely apologize for all the trouble that FedEx gave you. all items over 250.00 require a signature. please contact us on your next order and we will give you a great deal!”

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I've ordered from Audiosavings on multiple occasions and they've always been great on prices and shipping. They usually ship in around 24hrs after you order and i've gotten all of my stuff within 4 days except for once but that was because of FedEx (apparently they couldn't find my house...) I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great price on car audio gear of any kind."

modified review reply posted May-18-2012

audiosavings, AudioSavings rep has responded

“thanks so much for this positive review! You might not know this, but positive reviews immensely helps us rank higher in internet searches. It's what allows us to deliver great value to our customers. thanks for keeping us at the top!”