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Rating 2/10

Still haven't received my item

"It's the first time I have bought from American eagle (UK store) and I won't be doing it again. I ordered express delivery for a top in the sale and over a week later than it's delivery date it still hasn't arrived. I also never got an order confirmation as their email system was down so it was lucky I took a screenshot of my order number when the transaction processed on the website.

Whenever I have got in touch with customer service they have been very vague- first they couldn't give me any date at all for the shipping of my item as they had problems with the warehouse and now they have given me the vague idea that it may be shipped sometime this week, after I initiated. However, going on what's happened so far I think I will be probably waiting longer than that for the item. I'm really disapppinted with this level of service and, as I said, won't be using this company again.

Rating 2/10

Online is Impossible

"I spent a good deal of time on their app choosing what to purchase with a gift card I had been given. Once I had gone I checkout, I was informed that nearly half of the items I had put in my cart were out of stock and I would have to remove them. There was no indication on the item when I put it in my cart that it was out.
Even after that, I had many issues trying to check out, despite having filled in all the proper information boxes. I then tried going to their regular site to see if that would work, but all that happened is that it would say my order was processing, and then go back to my checkout screen, without a confirmation that the order had been processed. I checked my email just to be sure that it hadn't sent me any kind of confirmation, and it hadn't. I tried checking out on the app again, only to be told that the payment information wasn't complete (it was though, all the giftcard info was there.). I have yet to be able to check out after many tries, and attempts to reach out to customer service have been useless.

I can't get any of the remaining items in my cart in a store as they were "online only" items. Very disappointed. I suppose if they don't want my money, that is fine.

Rating 2/10

not trustful brand

"On Oct 4, 2016, I ordered 2 items ($49.20 for each before tax) & on sale 25% (order number: 63383407) & I received an electronic receipt charging me $83.91. I decided to buy 2 more same items for my friends (order #: 63384260), again they billed me same amount $83.91. Today, I've checked my account & realized that they had charged me $110.21 for each order instead of $83.91. I called their customer service & she tried to explain that was a conversion between US & Canadian currencies. That was not honest because in the electronic receipt it didn't say I was billed in USD & beside in the store this item costs only 49.20$ (without adding 25% on sale). We are the regular clients of AE, but we have never bought online & it was a very bad experience with their online service. We wouldn't buy online if it was not on sale 25%. We definitely say NO to AE in the future. NO MORE! "

Rating 2/10

$600 and still don't have any clothes!

"Due to internal errors, which I was never given an explanation for, I ended up placing 3 orders with American eagle, resulting in over $600 of pre-authorization charges on my bank account. For anyone not familiar, those charges tie up your account for about a week, so you're not able to use your money during that time for other needs. They never were able to complete any order, despite multiple attempts and 2 hours on the phone with customer service. The discount offered on my 3rd attempt and expedited shipping were both ignored, and the only thing they could offer was canceling the 3rd order and placing a 4th, resulting in yet more pre-authorization charges, which I can simply no longer afford to keep accruing. Doesn't seem like a few pairs of jeans with overnight shipping should be that complicated, should it? Apparently even the supervisors there are unable to fill my order, leaving me with $600 missing from my account and no clothes to show for it. I'm going out of town and needed the jeans for the trip. Now I have no money in my account when I need it and no clothes to take with me. Will definitely never shop with this company again! !!"

Rating 2/10

Order cancelled; was told item out of stock, it is still available!

"This was my first time buying from ae.com and it will be my last. I placed the order one week ago and just got an email indicating that my order was cancelled. The reason given was that the item was was sold out. If it was sold out, why was I able to add the item to the cart and complete the checkout process followed by no word or communication for an entire week? The bizarre part is, when I searched for the item on the website, the exact size and color is still available! I have no idea how these guys manage inventory. Never again will AEO have my business!!"

Rating 2/10

Thanks for the email about my overnight shipping being delayed!

"Oh wait, that's right... I never got one! On Monday I ordered a $100 order. I did two day shipping as I needed these items for Thursday and didn't want to pay through the roof for overnight. I ordered these items BEFORE their "cut off" for shipping for the day. Monday passes.. It's now Tuesday. Order is STILL not shipped. I call. I get told my best option is to purchase the same items for overnight shipping and return the original order when that comes in. Sounds great! I re purchase everything I ordered. Even added a few more things. I missed the cut off. That's fine that's my fault, but it's overnight! It'll still get here Thursday! Wrong again. Here I am. It's Thursday. 4PM. NEITHER of my orders have been shipped to me. Over a year ago I was in a horrible relationship. This weekend I am spending a few days away with a guy who treats me so. So well. And I just wanted to look nice. And as someone who has extreme anxiety. Being told each day oh it'll be sent tomorrow. There Thursday at 3! Oh we had a system problem Tuesday it'll be sent tomorrow you'll get it Thursday. Being told oh another issue last night! When uh.. If you had an issue with overnights Tuesday why didn't those orders go out first thing Wednesday? I don't know about you but that seems uh.. Logical? Yup no that's fine over $200 later and NOTHING to show for it. "Oh we'll refund your shipping!" That's great thanks, that doesn't fix the issue YOU guys screwed up and my stuff is STILL not here. Thank you for the anxiety attacks all week and for your lack of consideration. As a customer for many years, I will not be returning back. And yeah, I know you don't care. I could tell by your voice on the phone. But you could at least act like it. Worst customer service I have EVER received. "

Rating 2/10

"I'm so disappointed with the customer service from American Eagle! I ordered two cardigan's and received one pair of jeans instead of what I ordered. I called AE and they stated they would send a free return label and my order would be sent out 2 day mail. So a week goes by never got them. I call AE and they tell me I was told wrong information and now only one of my items is available. I was so upset and wanted to speak to a supervisor and they hung up me during the transfer. I called back and they told me both items were no longer available! I literally called right back how are both not available no! All they would do is apologize and offer me a 20% off my next order! Are you kidding me! I will never order from American Eagle again! They're a joke! "

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a pair of the very expensive white denim X leggings two months ago. Two weeks after I noticed they hadn't shipped yet I called asking about them. The customer service person told me that they had a glitch in their system and suggest I try canceling the order and reordering them from a different browser. A few days later I called back and canceled that order then placed the exact same order over the phone with the customer service lady. Two weeks later they once again had not shipped so I called back today to see what the problem was. The lady so kindly told me that the order never even processed because there was some issue with my card. Except the money was pending transaction in my account for 2 days before they took that money out of my account. Once I informed her of this she said oh, well they contacted you it was about the billing zip code. I told her I was never contacted and she offered to go ahead and place the order again. I said fine, she goes on to tell me that what I had already ordered (with two confirmation emails saying they received my order) was out of stock and wouldn't be back in stock for 2-3 months. To recap, I ordered the jeans twice with a confirmation email both times, they took my money the second time, and now the jeans are out of stock and I can't get them at all. So what did I pay for then? Needless to say I'm absolutely irate. I was offered 25% off my next purchase but I won't ever be shopping there again. Shame too because I loved their jeans. "

Rating 2/10

"I do a ridiculous amount of shopping online from AE, about 2 times a week spending 60 to 120 dollars each order. I've had a couple of problems in the past but nothing that I would consider never shopping there again until now. I placed an order for 12 separate items and I get an email 5 days after I order that they had cancelled 10 of the 12 items because the sizes were now out of stock. Now a majority of the items cancelled were gifts for my sister's birthday but luckily I had placed the order a few weeks before her birthday so even tho I was mildly annoyed I still had time to place another order. So I buy 8 separate things using an AE gift card to pay. 3 days later I receive an email stating 7 of my 8 items were now out of stock.SERIOUSLY?!?! I do a huge amount of online shopping at numerous retailers and I have never ever had more than an item maybe once every 6 months at the most cancelled. Even before this I have had AE cancel at least an item or 2 every few orders but never on this scale of only receiving one or 2 items out of 8 or 12. Oh but it gets so much worse. So AE has this ridiculous thing that I have never in my life heard of any other company doing where if u buy something with their gift card and then they cancel items they do not put it back on the gift card. Yes you heard that right. See you have to call customer service and talk to them for a half hr so that some other department can open an "investigation" and then they will supposedly contact you within 24 to 48 hrs to talk to you about it some more but the 8 to 10 times that has happened to me they have never once actually called. Then they wait a few weeks, yes weeks, and mail you, not email because that would be to easy, a gift card. And about half of the times this happened to me they have been 3 to 6 dollars short on the amount they actually owed me. So I called to get that started and told the lady nicely how missed off I was about all of this and she said I'm sorry to hear that, nothing else. So I get off the phone and the more I think about all of it the more mad I get and I send an email to them and they sent me the same freaking email back that you all got. Sorry but have a nice day. Nope I will never ever buy from them again. I'm not a complainer, in fact only one other time ever did I call to complain or write an email and that company gave me a 50 dollar gift card on the house for there screwup and it was nowhere near AEs screw up. Never again"

Rating 2/10

"Reasonable delivery time. TERRIBLE product. The pants fall apart when you put them in the dryer (on delicate setting), and the size is different every time I order them. Instead of paying to ship them back, I brought them to the store. The clerk was nice and seemed to know what he was doing, but the whole process took way too long. I decided to just take the money and run, since the pants I bought a couple months ago just completely fell apart."

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Rating 2/10

"this is the worst customer service I have had in a while. I cannot believe that this shirt was canceled and I haven't even got my money back. the kicker is you all didn't even tell me anything until i had to come to you about it. are you all planning on robbing me of $6 ? that is sure what it seems. I do not like people playing with my money, I work very hard for that money and to have a company try and rob me of $6 is pathetic. I just want to know why was I not informed of this right away? and when am I going to get my money? "

Rating 2/10

"Warning: shopping @ American Eagle Outfitters

HORRRRRRIBLE EXPERIENCE! If you are reading this, please beware, do not purchase anything from this company online. If it must be returned, be prepared to go through hell!

Not only that, they will debit, credit, debit...your acct. for the purchase until your head is spinning!

Must also mention: 1) wrong shipping address, 2) saying they had to call my bank to verify the card I had used and 3) too many questions (interrogation!)

Rating 2/10

"They freaking shipped my order to an entire different city!!! How?!
--I will never buy anything from AE website ever agian

Rating 2/10

"Where do I begin?
I wanted to order the boot kick pant and they are only available online U.S. store. They only carry the khaki color in Canada. I had waited a few months before they finally had my size 6 avail online. I went to the store here in Toronto to try them on and make sure they fit.
I checked several times and a sales lady told me to try again before the start of school since they would probably restock the inventory.(this was in March)
Great! I called mid July ordered my pants. Finally! Got them a couple weeks later only to find they were a bit snug. Had to return/exchange them and pay to send them back! That took 4 weeks. I made sure to check what I needed to fill out before I sent them back, ONLY to have them ship the wrong length back when I specifically asked for short!! So when I get in a couple of weeks from now, I will have to exchange them again and wait another 4 weeks before they actually get my order!
When I called to fig out what was going on since i received confusing emails telling me they sent the wrong size and credited me back. Both the woman and I were confused. Apparently I was credited back as a return on my visa yet they shipped the order and will have to charge it again. Fine.
When I called to clarify with the gentleman that I spoke with not only was he rude and interrupted me as I was trying to explain the situation, but extremely..unsympathetic.
I will never order anything from them again!
Not only will I have waited 3 months before I even get what I have ordered!
Worst experience will definitely not recommend ordering from their U.S. online store. Hassel free return policy my ass!!

Rating 2/10

"used prepaid visa card for purchase; returned items and wanted a refund. They refund prepaid card (which card service people said could not be done!) went to American Eagle (have been there 3 times!) finally got them to find receipts on their computer since I had lost them but then said I had to wait 30 days for a refund! By then I just wanted replacement jeans! 1/19/14 started with them, it's 3/8/14 and still no refund or clothes! Going there again today!"

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