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    Product & services pricing Rating 6.36/10 6.36/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 6.28/10 6.28/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 6.42/10 6.42/10
    Customer service: Rating 5.75/10 5.75/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 6.18/10 6.18/10

2,845 Customer Reviews

Rating 8/10

"Powerful shopping paradise."

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travelimages's Avatar

The wild west . . . no, not Bristol!
Rating 10/10

"I've placed many, many orders with Amazon.com since leaving the 'seller minefield' that is EBay, and have been 100% satisfied during those three years.

With fabulous customer service and a great return policy I have to wonder why Amazon's rating is so low? I believe it is because other sellers are posting fake reviews to lower Amazon's rating and bring their biggest competition down.

For instance geekbuying.com has a high rating, but Google them and you'll see that the real story does not match this rating whatsoever.

No, Amazon is the best, as are Costco, and unless they change their business practices, nothing can change that . . . long live the seller with integrity, plus the best prices and customer service!"

Rating 2/10

"Amazon has terrible policies. Especially their product review and return policy for sellers. Anyone in the world can go and give a product review on your product if there have ever purchased a product or not. What ends up happening is competition gives negative reviews under different names and agree customers about your policies make up negative reviews for revenge. As far as the return policy goes amazon sends you one email if a claim is opened and if you do not reply with in 7 days they give the buyer a full refund and let him keep the product no maker what the cost is or if there is actually something wrong with the product. Amazon should at least send more than one email it is easy to miss one email when you receive 10's of them from amazon daily, they should review the case before refunding, and should require the buyer to return the item before giving a refund. Ebay has much better return policy so if you want to sell stick to ebay. Amazon with suck away all your profits with their ridiculous policies"

This review was modified by brightnightfishing on July 26 2015 06:26:09 AM

Rating 2/10

"I am beyond disappointed with Amazon. I’ve purchased before and have spent a lot of money with you and this experience left a horrible taste in my mouth. I paid for next day shipping on this item. I waited the whole day and it never showed up. I call the next morning 7/16/2015 and Amazon said it was out for delivery. I needed this item for an event that was taking place that weekend. I waited and waited on 7/16/2015 and I had to end up calling them back. They finally confirmed with UPS that this package is likely lost in transit. “ I spoke with a supervisor name Catherine and she said that would ship out a unit that WOULD ARRIVE the next business morning. When they sent the order number for the replacement order, it showed that it wouldn’t arrive until the following week. When I called back, a manager came on the phone and said that the information provided was incorrect. This ruined the entire weekend and put a major strain on the event. This is by FAR the worst experience I’ve ever had with AMAZON!"

Rating 2/10

"Product was a misfit, Amazon asked me to pay for courier charges for return after follow ups. Very bad customer experience.

Purple Eyes Generic Aluminium Metal Bumper Frame Case Cover Pouch For One Plus One 1+1 Gold
Condition New
Order Date: 24 June 2015
Order #: 404-9550415-9886752"

This review was modified by Kajal1008 on July 18 2015 12:39:39 AM

Rating 2/10

"Used to be biggest Amazon.com Fan...convinced many family and friends to become a prime member but I am done after this experience...

Placed an ordered with next day shipping and 3 days later; there is no delivery and being told TOMORROW and TOMORROW by their department called customer service,"

Rating 10/10

"On June 11, 2015 I purchased what was advertised as a brand new Asus X99-E WS motherboard (MB) for $514.27 from an Amazon seller (not Amazon) named ANTOnline (ANT| see my review of them to get a clearer picture.) On June 15th, 2015 I received the MB, but it was not quite as described. The MB had been previously opened and then returned to inventory with a manufacturer's defect. This was discovered in less than 2 minutes after receiving the MB. I immediately began the returns process and truly wanted a replacement, not my money. ANT tried to screw me over royally, but due to Amazon's policies (and my adherence to them, to the letter,) ANT's attempts backfired, in a big way. My only real complaint about Amazon's policy on this matter, is how easy it is for a seller to manipulate Amazon's system and introduce delays into the process. The return process started on June 11th and that same day, within minutes of the return request, ANT began directing me to their website which asked for my personal email address, instead of using the Amazon returns/communications system. That is direct violation of Amazon's policy. Amazon requires sellers to use Amazon's system so that there is a record of all communications from both the seller and the buyer. This record is needed in the event an A-Z claim is filed and Amazon needs to investigate the issue. I contacted Amazon Customer service after the 2nd attempt to get the RMA using Amazon's system and refused to violate Amazon's policy. Amazon's CSR
filed the A-Z guarantee claim for me right then. At every step of the process ANT either refused to respond or waited as long as possible before responding (by reading other reviews of ANT, I see that is one of their "tricks" to get past the 30 day mark and then refuse the RMA on that basis.) I finally got an RMA and followed ANT's return instructions to the letter, shipped it out via UPS, and ANT received it on Friday, June 26 @ 9:41 AM signed for by Wood. They opened the box, then on July 2, called UPS to pick it and send it back to me as a refused package (neither Amazon nor I were aware of this as ANT did not tell anyone that they were refusing the RMA. This was also a violation of UPS policy, which states that a package may be refused up to 5 days after delivery IF the package WAS NOT OPENED. So they lied to UPS. They also lied and called me a liar, when they responded to my negative review on Amazon. ANT is run by liars, cons and cheats.) On July 6th Amazon honored the A-Z guarantee and refunded me $514.27 plus they had already refunded $30 for shipping the MB back to ANT and after the A-Z was honored and I discovered the second shipping charge for returning the refused MB back to me, they refunded that as well. Total refund of $562.27, which Amazon will in turn, collect from ANT. In addition to the refund, Amazon policy states that in the event that a refund is awarded through the A-Z Guarantee, the buyer not only gets the money, but also gets to keep the item(s) in question. So, for me, the result is that I get my money and a defective MB (that Asus replaced under warranty, so really, a free MB.) For ANT, the result is that they lose $562.27 and the MB plus they are 1 step closer to being kicked out of Amazon. Amazon claims to be and strives to be the most customer oriented ("customer-centric") business in the world, so sellers like ANT will eventually either lose too much money due to Amazon policies (which they agreed to when they signed on,) or be refused the privilege to sell through Amazon. While the process stressed me out, badly, that was due to ANT's practices, not Amazon's. Amazon stood behind me and the seller was punished. The only price I paid for my MB was the stress of dealing with ANT. Amazon's policies and their adherence to them, is why I shop on Amazon and buy from Amazon when I can. Just remember to only communicate with the sellers through Amazon's buyer/seller messaging system and you WILL BE PROTECTED if the seller tries to be dishonest, unethical, immoral, or any thing else in an attempt to screw you over. 5 stars to Amazon. I did, on a few occasions, need to talk to someone different due to the CSR not being able to clearly speak English nor understand what I was saying (it is very frustrating to ask or say one thing, then get response to something completely different,) but that is so common now, that I expect it (and unfortunately, the companies can't be blamed, because various discrimination laws prevent them from hiring only those who can speak clear, understandable English, even though that is a job requirement.) 1 star deducted for customer service due to language issues."

Rating 10/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"By reading reviews of amazon.com here it seems that many still don't understand that anyone can be a third party seller on Amazon. IMHO buying from a third party seller on amazon, newegg, best buy, walmart or other etailers is like buying from an eBay seller. Safest to just buy products that are "sold and shipped by amazon.com" and skip buying from third party sellers that might be scammers.

I spend way too much at Amazon. Every once in a while they do make an error but so far errors have been resolved quickly and fairly with a friendly email or sometimes two.

Finally joined Prime about a year and a half ago. Orders get to me quicker and every now and then I watch some of the movies and TV shows that Prime members get for free. Selection of Prime videos is not great but oh well, you get what you get. Prime videos are an added benefit, not their main business.

Only difference I have noticed since joining Prime, other than the extra benefits like Prime instant video, is that packages leave the warehouse days sooner. Customer service is just as good as before I joined Prime, 5 star plus!

I tend to buy "Sold and Shipped by Amazon.com" products or every now and then something sold by a third party seller if Amazon is doing the shipping. Buying directly from third party Amazon sellers usually is, to me, like buying from someone selling stuff out of their bedroom on a famous Internet auction site.

Got to love Amazon's customer service, of all the etailers I have shopped at for many years not one has exceeded Amazon when it comes to customer service. If the little guys did half as well as Amazon I'd shop elsewhere more often as I would prefer to buy from small businesses instead of a big corporation.

A lot of small etailer's don't seem to have caught on how to do customer service and seem to want to start an argument rather than dealing fairly in a timely manner with issues. A recent issue I had with returning a product that was shipped in error from an etailer that specializes in selling closeout tools has reminded me just what a great job Amazon actually does. Almost seems to me as if the small etailers would rather people buy from Amazon rather than from them at times.

9 time out of 10 Amazon prices seem to be lower than local or what shows up on a Google search. I do get charged sales tax at Amazon but still Amazon is usually the cheapest unless some etailer is selling what I am looking for for a limited time special price.

Amazon has missed the promised delivery date a couple of time but a quick email to Amazon customer service has always resulted in a small cash credit being added to my account.


This review was modified by mrflylow on July 15 2015 05:35:29 PM

Rating 2/10

"I am done buying from Amazon. I used to get a lot of stuff through them but since they are trying to sell you Amazon Prime they don't ship it right away if you don't have Prime. I have no intention of paying for Prime. Before I used to receive things in a week or less from when I ordered it. My order wasn't even shipped until 16 days after I ordered it. Once it was shipped it only 4 days including a weekend. I can get things from China faster than that! That also means I am going to stop using their credit card."

This review was modified by joefrogcool on July 13 2015 08:13:10 AM

Rating 4/10

"Amazon was once THE place to buy whatever you needed, not anymore. If you do not buy their membership (prime), then you are treated poorly. They literally wait at least one week before shipping your order if you do not have prime. There are many items you cannot even order if you are not part of prime. This is an online version of Costco of Sams, you have to pay to buy. I will not be buying anything from them anymore, there are many other options to get what I want."

Rating 6/10

"Lately, Amazon's order-fulfillment is really messed-up.
I have had to contact customer service for resolution on each of my last three(3) orders.

_ It is SO aggravating when they SIT on orders for 4-5+ days ...
_ before "preparing order for shipment".

_ They accept orders for item that end up back-ordered and ...
_ then fail to tell customer when (or if) it will be shipped.

_ Their Credit-card billing is a confusing mess when they only ship part of an order
_ Their prorated amounts as applied to "promotion-discounts or S/H .. seem arbitrary."

Rating 10/10

"Bought cell phone accessories from it. Very satisfied."

Rating 10/10

"I've never had a problem after years of use. I use the Amazon Chase card, I get money back, and free shipping on most orders. "

Rating 2/10

"The rudeness these they show customers .after they screw up your order is unbelievable.
We recently ordered 6 brides made dresses.paid in advance.we was told they would be of great quality and a rive in a couple of weeks..3 weeks later we received two they was okay and what I ordered.a week later got one more dress low quality bad!!!.the wrong color.a week later got 3 more.these are falling apart and there different from all the other dresses.two days on the phone with amazon they didn't care they was rude.they said to contact China and deal with them and you will have to send them $50 restocking fee.we have a wedding that they're trying to ruin. We threw those dresses in the garbage along with $600 dollars. ..look don't deal with these people.when they mess up your order your screwed. They just want your money.there not or don't know how to run a business. When you order a product they get it from chins for nothing.search directly try searching overseas products."

Rating 10/10

"This is my second order from Amazon, and it was perfect, as was my first order. Shipping time has been incredibly fast with their free shipping and final delivery by USPS. Everything ordered arrived in perfect condition, well-packed. I couldn't be more pleased with an online shopping experience. "

This review was modified by BaaRamEwe on June 18 2015 09:39:14 AM

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