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3,031 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

No help with Fraudsters

"Amazon has slipped horribly recently. They allow scam artists to selll through their site and do little or nothing to protect their customers from them.

I ordered a NEW Samsung Galaxy S5 from Advantage Wireless Device and they sent an obviously used phones.

Despite calls and emails to the seller and Amazon they have not sent me return shipping label refunded my money or done anything to remedy this FRAUD.


This review was modified by jfg999 on October 25 2016 05:15:35 AM

Rating 2/10

Customer No Service

"I purchased a tablet back in December of 2015 and a Square Trade extended warranty. Now that the WI-FI has stopped working and went to make a claim on the warranty. Only to find out that this unit was re-manufactured. Square Trade doesn't cover re-manufactured units. This was not identified by the seller back in Dec. I ran into to a similar problem with a laptop computer purchased at the same time. Amazon refunded the purchase price for the laptop but refuses to refund the purchase price for the tablet. $350 dollars in not chump change. I went through all the hoops Amazon required with contacting the seller and the A to Z program even appealing the decision. I will say this time that I did talk to someone who spoke English all the other times a heavy accent made communication difficult. The final result after months of effort is:
I realize you're disappointed because we can not issue a refund for Order ID: 106-2528477-0331420, and I regret we've been unable to address your concerns to your satisfaction. However, we'll not be able to offer any additional insight or action on these matters, and any further inquiries on this matter won't receive a response.

We appreciate your understanding.

Best regards,
Waylon C
I have used Amazon for years but if your order is past the 90 days you are out of luck. In good consensus I can no longer shop at Amazon since they seem to have become just an internet YARD Sale site

Rating 6/10

Not so great

"I have a problem with the order. The product sent is wrong. I was ordering iPhone 7, however, I got iPhone 7 plus....."

This review was modified by jonathan_naja on October 22 2016 02:01:22 PM

Rating 2/10

Amazon Prime is a Scam!

"We have had the same issue happen TWICE now with Amazon Prime, once on my account and once on my husbands account. Buyer beware!

In both instances, we ordered an item off of Amazon. It popped up asking if we would like to try Amazon Prime free for 30 days. We said yes, ordered what we wanted and received the items. Since we almost never use Amazon Prime we CANCELLED the free service before the 30 days were up. When the 30 days ended they billed us anyways for the $108.70 yearly charge!

The most recent time this happened, we ordered two dog beds on September 21st. We then cancelled the free trial on September 25th because we knew we wouldn't be ordering anything else from Amazon for at least another 6 months, since we rarely buy anything on the Internet. I watched my husband cancel the Amazon Prime, verify that it was cancelled. A couple weeks later, on October 10th we both checked again to verify it was cancelled because of the previous time that we had this happen about 8 months earlier. It was still deactivated, with the notice saying that if we reactivated it would then charge us. We left it deactivated.

This morning we woke up and checked our bank account to find that Amazon Prime had billed us! We checked my husbands Amazon account and low and behold it had REACTIVATED ITSELF AND CHARGED US! That is beyond wrong! How can Amazon have the right to decide we want a service we declined/cancelled AND BILL US FOR IT?!?

When I contacted Amazon they claimed we never canceled our trial period and that it's policy to automatically bill people at the end of 30 days! They said basically it's only free for one month and than its billed for 1 year if you take oppertunity of any free trial. We got our money refunded, but in the meantime it took me over an hour on the phone with the bank and Amazon to get a refund in motion, which I won't get for 3-7 business days.

Overall I am deeply disturbed that Amazon will automatically reactivate a service their customers declined, and will pretend it didn't just happen! It can't be legal to decide to bill people for services that they have declined!

This review was modified by SniffleDoodle on October 22 2016 12:18:30 PM

Rating 2/10

Don't bother trying to get customer service help for anything beyond the most simple problems.

"I bought an Amazon giftcard via an app called "Gyft" and come to find out it can't be used on the amazon.co.uk website. Despite the fact that when you create an account for one version of the website, you can log into the others with the same information, they are supposedly "not connected". I tried to get help from their customer service via online chat, and after going around to multiple agents, was told to wait for someone from the giftcard department to email me. They emailed me 24 hours later and told me to call them instead. Nevermind the fact that if I wanted to call them I would have, or the fact that I do not have a working phone right now due to returning a defecting Galaxy 7 and CAN'T call them, or the fact that I mentioned this already. I replied to the email stating that I don't have a working phone right now and asking if an agent will actually be able to help me via chat as I had already tried and been redirected to the email option. A customer service agent replied back saying that they tried to call me and were unable to reach me (go figure) and that I could either call them back, or use the chat to get my problem resolved. I entered the chat once again, and explained my problem all over again, only to have the chat agent tell me there was nothing they could do and that the Amazon.co.uk website is not connected to Amazon.com, despite the fact that you use the same credentials to log into both. They refused to give me an outright refund, and instead kept offering to unredeem the card for me. How that would help me, I have no idea, as I would STILL have a worthless giftcard. In the end, they made me waste over 45-60 minutes of my time over the course of 24 hours waiting to find out they would do nothing to help me. Completely worthless customer service. Hey Amazon; you should consider NOT having user accounts work across multiple portals if the portals aren't actually connected, it's not only confusing but completely useless for the consumer. As it stands, I'm just going to close my account once i receive the $40 item I didn't even want to buy. Had they just issued a refund, they would have kept me as a customer, but I'm closing my account instead. "

Rating 10/10

I shop Amazon regularly.

"I have never found Amazon to be anything but first rate. They deliver fast. They have most anything I want and fair prices on most things. I do know that there groceries are over priced.
I am a Prime member and I more than save the premium each month in shipping.

Rating 2/10

Same Day Delivery!!! UNTRUE

"Please do not purchase any items over $35.00 dollars from Amazon. There advertisement is false. Waited all day home for a same day delivery to get a text and email stating the package was delivered when looking outside of my door. (NOTHING!!) The carrier which is LASERSHIP posted that they delivered my package just to make quota for the day. When calling Amazon I was notified that LASERSHIP still has my package and will deliver tomorrow.
The moral of my story is that a day was wasted waiting for a package that will be delivered in 2 business days instead of one. Also, I needed the item for the next day so ordering this was just a waste of time. I was better off going to the store and purchasing these items.
Thank you Amazon for false advertisement!!!!! Disappointed Customer -__-

This review was modified by WaynetRamos on October 11 2016 05:06:46 PM

danpbphoto's Avatar

Rating 2/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

Amazon Reseller Needs A Lesson In Manners and Business Ethics! 12 year Customer

"Bought a product thru a reseller, DataAlchemy, on Amazon.com. Product was listed as "In Stock:. Received my email receipt from Amazon. This was 09/15..Never received "Confirmation" at all! Only verification was an email sent to "Seller" via Amazon.com about status. Still nothing emailed DataAlchemy again and got a couple of real "nastygrams" back about delivery times, not knowing what I am doing just plain nasty business to consumer ethics.
Received item that last day, 10/5 it was due and found out wasn't shipped until 9/29 and not from reseller but Home Depot.
DataAlchemy has "locked" me out and will not allow emails.

This review was modified by danpbphoto on October 07 2016 10:23:40 AM

Rating 2/10


"I never thought I would be giving Amazon a bad review, but boy has their shipping for Prime Members gone DOWNHILL! 2 day Guaranteed shipping, yeah right, a week if you are lucky! Misrouted and item delay are my 2 new always seen words. They now use terrible shipping companies, they don't stand behind the word guarantee, customer service is no help any more. Might have to finally switch to Jet.com!"

This review was modified by curtalfredo1234567890 on October 03 2016 07:05:29 AM

Rating 2/10

Bait and Switch

"Amazon advertised a new product and then when I ordered it they sent a used product and retroactively changed all of the electronic records to match what they sent, except the price was different which made for a nice electronic footprint. My advice is to complain to the Federal Trade Commission."

This review was modified by kennej on October 03 2016 05:50:50 AM

Rating 2/10

3rd class company

"Amazon is world 3rd class company and all employees are don't know about company policy. They're giving wrong commitment every time. If buy any product from Amazon, you will must be harass"

Rating 10/10

The best of the best

"How come ppl are complaining about amazon? Been using them since forever and not once did I have issues, last order refunded in few days, buying again"

Rating 2/10

How can a company this incompetent stay in business?

"Seems like a company with that many employees might be able to afford to hire one person with a brain.

Did you know that Amazon has some items that are restricted and can only be ordered by Prime members? I didn't. And I don't really care, many businesses offer perks to their best customers. However, Amazon doesn't want to draw too much attention to the "nyah nyah!! other people can have this and you can't!!" products, so the restriction is mentioned unobtrusively. So unobtrusively that it's pretty easy to miss. You wanna guess how I know it's easily missable? Yeah, I missed it. Still, shouldn't be a problem, surely the site would have safeguards in place to prevent non-Prime customers like me from ordering items that are restricted to Primers only. Nope.

I bought two items on the same order, one regular access and one prime restricted. The site did not mention that I couldn't have item B. It processed both items, charged me for both items, sent me an order confirmation for both items. Order arrived today with, you guessed it, only one item. Off to Amazon.com I go to discover status of missing item. Then and only then do I find the little disclaimer that the item cannot be purchased by me. Fine time to tell me that, a week after I ordered it, paid for it and was told it was coming. That's just unacceptably poor website design and business planning. How do you let a customer buy an item they can't have, charge them for it and not even have the courtesy to tell them they can't have it? If the story ended there it would be bad enough, but wait, there's more.

Contact CS, am told that I can just cancel the other item. Tried to do it, no dice. The two items together total well over the free shipping minimum, but the one item I got already wouldn't qualify on its own. So the site has them linked together and since one item was delivered the other can't be cancelled or it screws up the free shipping thing and the system can't compensate for it. And neither can the CSR people I've talked to so far. I've already paid for the item in limbo, but I'm not allowed to get it and not allowed to cancel it either. Such fun.

How was I allowed to buy an item I couldn't buy? How was I billed for an item they wouldn't ship? Why did I get confirmation for an order that wasn't valid? Why wasn't I notified of the problem before the rest of the order arrived? How could the process fail to catch the conflict at 10 different stages?

Rating 2/10

Amazon Pricing Policies

"Purchased item was $119.99. I check item five days later and price dropped to $89.99 with Prime shipping. Contacted customer service and they will not make price adjustment. I understand it this was over 30 days but price dropped after 5 days I should get credit for the differences. Many stores will make price adjustments but Amazon think they are too big to care for customers now."

This review was modified by rbrt1234 on September 21 2016 09:45:25 AM

Rating 2/10

Customer service doesn't speak or understand English

"I am a seller. Amazon makes a ton of money off of me. Every time I contact Seller Support, they don't speak English or understand. I spell everything. They still don't understand. There is absolutely no way to file a complaint. I was finally told to contact SHATTEL WASHINGTON. When I asked her repeatedly to spell it because I had never heard of a town by that name, IT WAS SEATTLE!!!!!!!!! SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE THE COMPANY HEADQUARTERS!!!!!~"

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