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    Product & services pricing Rating 5.87/10 5.87/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 5.13/10 5.13/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 4.82/10 4.82/10
    Customer service: Rating 4.43/10 4.43/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 5.15/10 5.15/10
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Rating 10/10

great selection, speedy shipping

"I love the great selection of products on amazon and prime shipping is amazing!"

Rating 2/10

They're Going Downhill Fast

"I've been using Amazon for years as both a buyer and a seller. Over the last couple of years their shipping has gotten worst and worse and so has their customer service.

The last few items I've ordered from Amazon (not from 3rd party sellers) have been terribly packaged and arrived defective. Amazon does take returns, but shipping it back is a huge hassle and nobody ever bothers to apologize for wasting my time when they send me a broken item. There is nobody held responsible and there's no way to contact them directly if I want to ask for them to package a delicate item more appropriately.

On top of the broken items and extra slow shipping, I've recently been locked out of my account because of security issues that they will not clarify. I've called their customer service- and they've been incredibly useless, namely because they're outsourced overseas. Nobody will tell me why I can't get into my account. They tell me they don't know and another department will handle it. I asked to speak to that department and they said that they would contact me within 48 hours. It's been over a week and I've heard nothing back. I've written and called them repeatedly, to no avail. If I didn't have a gift card balance, I'd likely just forget about my account and be done with them.

Amazon is a soulless corporation that is responsible for the loss of countless jobs. Saving two or three dollars just isn't worth dealing with them. Support somebody that has a face and cares about their customers instead.


Rating 10/10



GlassCarol's Avatar

Raleigh, NC
Rating 10/10

Return made easy

"I ordered (2) Coleman QuickPump 4D Battery Pumps but only needed (1). Amazon provided me a return label, which I had to pay for, but they refunded me in full as soon as the UPS man picked the item up from my house. They didn't even wait until they had the unit back. I liked that but think it might be something that people could abuse. Anyway, it was nice that they made my error so easy to remedy."

Rating 4/10

Becoming Disenchanted

"I have been an enthusiastic Amazon shopper for years, I purchase almost everything from them. Recently I have been disappointed in Amazon. Since the advent of Prime membership it seems they have no regard for their regular customers. Shipping is slower, items are delayed, and back ordered. In the past month I've had about 5 items no longer available and they cancelled the orders! What fresh new Hell is this? Now we list items for sale, but don't really have them? Are they giving those items to Prime members? Is Amazon getting too big for its britches? Another interesting thing--they say that if you see a charge of one of these items--to contact them, but they delete your order--as if you never ordered it!! it isn't even listed under cancellations. -so there is no way to check the amount they would charge. If you are a major purchaser this makes it nearly impossible to check up and verify a charge that is incorrect! I don't know what the problem is...but my loyalty is waning--fast."

Rating 2/10

Received USED item - paid full price

"I purchased a PowerCube Rewireable Electric Outlet Wall Adapter Power Strip with 2 USB Ports from Amazon. It was shipped and sold by Amazon.
I tried to place this review on Amazon and it was rejected-
I do not recommend purchasing the PowerCube Rewireable Electric Outlet Wall Adapter. I paid full price for a returned item - the package was opened and the items were shoved back into the package. The item is used but works.
I bought this to use during a vacation I am taking in a few days.
Its not worth returning since it works.
I'm hoping someone reads it here and saves some $$.

Rating 2/10

I do not think Amazon really has any dedicated customer service.

"For some reason, known only to amazon they try to use usps for sunday delivery, if you are aware of the current state of the usps and the kind of individual they have working sunday, you know the likelyhood of those kind of individuals making any effort to deliver on sunday is slim to none, and if by some miracle you are actually able to contact anybody at amazon about it they do nothing, over and over the same nonsense, they charge you for a service they know is probably not going to happen. solution, don't use usps for sunday delivery, they can not be counted on anymore, lost cause there. Amazon has a great thing going, but it is all like a house of fragile cards, they do nothing but sell you other peoples work, their only real job is to get it to you quickly and reliably, getting it to you is iffy at best, and as soon as someone comes up with the same concept but 100% reliable anyday service Amazon is gone, very quickly, you may notice they, like Target intentionally do not put a customer service portal on your user page, target's problem is the stupidity of its employees, Amazons problem is that they have no real competition so they could care less about customers getting the goods oin a timely manner. Their are a whole lot of folks like me that just cant wait to jump ship asap.

Rating 2/10

Done with Amazon

"Right now I am on the phone with the customer service. I am a premium member. I order a Samsung surveillance DVR on May 6th. I was supposed to received it on the 8th. It was a Mothers Day gift. It never arrived. On the 8th, I logged in to see the status of the order and it said there was a delay. I should received it on the 10th. If not received by the 11th, to search for more options. On the 11th, I called customer service. A girl told me that the package was not yet delivered. She said it was supposed to arrive on 12th. If not, I should call for a refund. Today, May 12th 7:30 pm, I called customer service again, and the guy, whose name is Sam, told me that the package was delivered on the 11th, not even on the 10th as appears on my page, and that I can not get the money back because the package was not lost. Therefore, I lost my money, after having a perfect record for a long time with amazon. I asked for a supervisor and I am still waiting while I wrote this review. It seems that amazon don't care about good customers. I will call again to cancel my subscription with them.
I called again to cancel my Prime Membership subscription, close my account and my credit card account. The person who attended me, Erwin, did not ask me why I was canceling. He was very explicit with the process and polite. He said he would send an email with instructions and he would refund the prime membership, but he said nothing about the $129 I spent on the product I never received. However, when I opened my email account, I saw an email from Sam, the same guy who told me on the phone I had lost my money, letting me know that Amazon would refund the $129. In my opinion, what a lousy way of handling this situation. I want to be fair, that is why I wrote the whole story as it happened. However, I don't think to buy anymore from Amazon. At least, I deserve an apology, my mothers day gift never arrived. Thanks.

Rating 2/10

Done with Amazon Prime

"Ordered an electronic item for $239 and had guaranteed delivery date of two days after purchase. Item "left seller" that day, but then "wasn't received by carrier facility." No one from Amazon or UPS knew where it was or when I could be expecting it - even though a chat agent "confirmed" that it was being delivered the day it was supposed to be after "speaking personally with the carrier." There was no sign of it coming, so I asked for a refund. I was then told I'd be getting a refund for the full purchase amount, only to find I was getting a refund for $33 less than the purchase amount because of the cost to return the item... return what item??? Had to call back again to get my FULL refund.

If you buy t-shirts and knick-knacks, expect it to be delivered on time (maybe early!) If you buy something of actual value, don't expect it to come on time, and when it doesn't come, don't expect great, or even honest, service. This is twice I've had a problem with a purchase of electronic equipment over $200. My wife's headbands and scarves, however, come in like clockwork.

The "free month of Amazon Prime" I was offered was a nice enough gesture, but it will not be necessary. Canceling as soon as I get my refund.

Rating 2/10

Ordered New Thermostat, Received Used - And Worse

"Couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened my package from Amazon. I ordered and paid $59.00 for a new Honeywell thermostat. What I received was a blister pack that had been previously opened and taped shut. But the real kicker was that the thermostat had a price tag from Salvation Army on it. On the price tag were the words “Used – Sold AS IS”. Price - $4.99. So someone in the Amazon food chain bought this USED thermostat at a Salvation Army store for $4.99, and sold it to me as NEW for $59.00. Attempts to review this item and seller on Amazon have been denied by Amazon. I can’t imagine why I would trust Amazon and continue buying through them in the future."

Rating 10/10

you can trust amazon

"i got what they prosmise me i will have and deliver in the time they say they will"

Rating 2/10

slowest shipping ever. they take forever to ship an item

"order a micro sd card. its been one week still saying preparing for shipment"

Rating 2/10

Pending Transactions

"I had a $1000.00 credit line. On 04/21/2017 I made a purchase for $382.60. On or about 04/30/2017 I attempted to make an additional purchase for $297.95, well within my credit limit. On 05/01/2017 I received an email that this was declined due to not enough credit. I called thinking maybe I made a mistake on my limit, but was informed the limit was correct, but I had a "pending transaction" for over $300.00. I knew I made no additional purchases so I immediately freaked thinking credit card fraud. I called Amazon on 05/21/2017 and spoke to three different reps who could not give me a satisfactory answer and transferred me to synchrony bank. I spoke with them on that date and again on 05/02/2017. They would only provide me with the same information. I immediately canceled the card and informed them no payment would be made until I received a satisfactory explanation. Today, 05/03/2017 I was informed this other "pending transaction" was a "pre-authorization" for the first purchase, which still shows as a "pending transaction". Amazon blamed synchrony and they blamed amazon, both ****!! "

Rating 2/10

Bad customer service!!

"I received a book from a friend & it came with a gift receipt. I already owned the book so was told that I could exchange for a book from the same author. Instead Amazon credited the gifter back their $$ and the gifter thought I didn't like the gift. Thank you Amazon."

Rating 4/10

shipping has gone down hill

"i've been a member there since 2001, when they started as a book store only. and while the min amount for free shipping has gone up from $25 to $35 to $45 back to $35 again, the shipping for the most part in the past, has been fast. a few days and i have the package.

for the last year or two, it will take you about 5-8 days before you get it. now i always choose free, and i assume the 5-8 days is how long the shipping takes. no, it sits in holding for about 2-3 days. then they prepare the package for another 2-3 days. and then eventually they ship it and that takes 1 day.

i've written over and over and its the same canned nonsense. we are saving you money by grouping everything. but if its all in stock you can do it right away. or they will say - sorry there was a problem with the order, i corrected it, and then you feel ok, until they use the same excuse again like a robot. in the past you could get overnight shipping if you complained, but not really any more.

and then there is the AMZL trucks they send out. instead of using UPS or FEDEX etc, they send out guys in unmarked white vans or Uhauls to drop your stuff off. so you have no FREAKING idea who is at your door giving you a package. it can frankly be anyone. anyone can get a uhaul, fill the whole truck with happy face boxes and put bombs in there and drop them all where ever. amazon if your reading this - PLEASE get real trucks with your logo on it. make it a little harder for terrorists. thanks?

i wish they would use normal shippers. in any case, for a company that touts cool shipping methods like self guided flying things, they sure **** when it comes to the ground services. and i understand that prime isn't any better. it takes a week before they ship that as well.

i also have to say that the reviews have become unreliable, as many are fake.

apparently i need an invoice number to complain about this site. i have a list of them, but i don't see why i need a specific one to complain about a store.

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