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1,967 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

Dropping the kid off at the Pool.

"So I have been an Alienware user/fan boy for years but I just received and am now sending back my Alienware 15 R2 for refund. After 2 weeks I had an issue. That's no big deal things happen but after giving them the chance to make it right for 2 days they couldn't help and to be honest really didn't seem to care they were losing an $1800.00 sale. It was a learning experience and I'll never order from Dell or Alienware again. I can respect the defect but the complete lack of customer service or Tech support after repeat attempts has lost them mine and all members of my families business. Hopefully in the future dell and Alienware will get their act together but I won't be one of the people finding out. Also if you return a Dell/Alienware product be expected to wait a month for refund. I can honestly say fast food places give you better customer service for a 5.99 value meal than Dell/Alienware does on an $1800.00 laptop."

This review was modified by bkjolly on February 25 2016 02:27:54 AM

Rating 2/10

"A year and half ago I spent over $4,000 (including the warranted) on the best possible M17 I could buy. I had read about freezing and hanging issues with Alienware laptops but hoped that everything I read on the internet wasn't true, unfortunately it was in my case. The day it came in the mail I plugged it in, booted it up, logged into windows for the first time... and it starting freezing. The laptop was more or less useless.

After two months on the phone with tech support the computer was finally in a "usable" condition. Sadly to get it to work they had to turn off the over-clocking (that I paid for) and make some other questionable changes to software settings. The problem was never resolved, however, but the computer was usable and I resigned myself to the reality that I had wasted four thousand dollars.

About a month and a half ago I received a "sata drive 2 has stopped functioning error" from the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application and had to call tech support again. They replaced hard drive number two (in my Raid 0 config) and had to reinstall windows. After reinstalling windows the tech agent failed to set up the Intel Raid Storage Technology application that controlled my hardware acceleration (that I paid for), and... the original freezing and hanging returned but worse this time. The computer was dirt slow and completely unusable but the agent I spoke with over the phone assured me for two hours that everything was working fine... I resolved the hardware acceleration issue with a quick google search while being put on hold by the agent (after I got tired of being told nothing was wrong) but the hanging and freezing still remained.

I don't mind solving my own issues, I am accustomed to it, but I paid $500 for a warranty to save myself the time of having to do it. Again Alienware failed to provide me with what I paid for.

I would like to say it ends here but replacing the hard drive did not solve the issue, I was still receiving the error message so they promptly sent a box for me to ship the laptop into their service facility. I was impressed by how fast I got the computer back and would have been even more impressed if they had actually fixed the problems. The day it returned from the repair facility a feeling of gloom hung in the air, deep inside I knew it wouldn't be fixed.

They replaced the SSD drive that runs the hardware acceleration and to my surprise that DID fix the "sata drive 2 has stopped functioning" error but the persistent freezing and hanging remained, rendering the laptop useless. At that point I wondered if they even test these PC's after repair by logging in and using them. Even 5 minutes of actually trying to use the PC to surf the web or listen to a MP3 and you see how broken it is.

While in the repair facility they reinstalled Windows 7 (again) and this time they remembered to install the drivers for the hardware acceleration but they formatted the SSD drive wrong. They set it up for "caching" to speed up the PC (you know, the kind of caching you have when you buy a cheap USB drive to speed up your computer?). The computer was (again) dirt slow, but I searched around and found the solution myself (which was to delete the volume on the SSD so that the hardware acceleration option appears in the Intel Rapid Storage Technology app).

At this point hopelessness started to set in, I was starting to realize that the tech support exhibited little to no real knowledge of the technology that was going into these machines. They were working off from "step by step" diagnosis charts and not thoroughly testing the PC at all.

I called tech support back and after two or three days of deliberation they decided to change out the motherboard and RAM, 3 weeks had passed now from the time my computer had stopped functioning. The parts were on back order for 3 days, then on the day they were supposed to be in they got pushed back for another week, then pushed back agian... Finally I asked for the computer to be replaced if that was at all possible, since I had no idea of when the parts would be in and I purchased this computer for work and needed it badly. They agreed to replace the PC.

I would like to say that this story ends here but unfortunately it doesn't. It is going on two weeks now since they agreed to replace the computer (which should have taken a few days to process) and I cannot reach the resolution department to even discuss the matter. When I do manage to talk to someone they just tell me it will be 2-5 days longer. At this point I have little choice but to purchase a new PC and ask Dell for a refund or turn the matter over to an attorney to obtain a refund for me should that fail.

Rating 2/10

"worst computer I ever owned.this junk doesn't even open the internet explorer half the time.i will never buy or recommend alienware to anyone ever, and will try to talk anyone I hear about buying from you out of making that mistake like I did.spend 2k for a brand new comp.it gets to hot while playing games,and cant do something that any comp should do like getting on internet explorer.i wanted an alienware for years and u sent a box of crap.o ya and I didn't get the mcafee sec I was supposed to get.extra money stole and I received nothing .lol.owell fool me once it wont happen again.i wont even buy from dell.alienwares problem go all the way up the ladder to the parent company

ty for robbing all or your buyers

This review was modified by hockeyfan232001 on August 13 2015 05:22:56 AM

Rating 2/10

"I was a long time (business) customer, since 1999. I have recommended numerous clients to buy their IT equipment at DELL. All, because of my positive experience with the international support. I've traveled / worked in numerous countries. Where ever I was, the service went with me. Until I first bought a new DELL laptop, of type XPS "high end", back in 2008. I was worried about the heat it produced. Within 8 months, the machine "desoldered" itself. It took the DELL organization five months to replace it. During those five months, I've called them for hours on a weekly basis. They've intentionally let my hanging, because of internal calculations - which country level company within DELL would pay for it. They even reset my service calls from time to time, so that I had to answer the silly basic questions again, having to cope with front desk trainees. I got my "first M17X" in march 2010, with the guaranty reset. My focus was never into gaming. This one blew up after 1,5 years and got replaced again. This time the "customer service" department refused to renew the guaranty, even though they should have done so. Within one year, this one too blew up. Got replaced, and guess what - it took less than a half a year to blow up. Overheated motherboard tend to stop functioning. All in all, I've left DELL, never to look back to that sick organization. I cannot recalculate how much these people have cost me, in terms of despair, hours on the phone begging for a solution. I hope one day they'll come to me to offer my own organization a "fine data center solution". I'll laugh at them, I'll let them wait and beg, spending time on their business proposals. Until then, I love MSi, Asus, even Acer."

This review was modified by Dutchboy0034 on June 15 2015 05:35:41 AM

Rating 2/10

"Piece of crap.
I was stupid enough to even trust them on their product. I owned m17 series myself, the machine is with top spec. Majority of the time unusable. Talked to their warranty department, I get threatened in return they have the rights to even refuse and not care.

4 friends of mine bought the m15x r2 , m17x r3 and the m17r4. All have their own issues. Lucky for them cause of mt past experience, they returned theirs before losing their money entirely. U want a laptop that is powerful ? Look elsewhere. I would give them negative stars if possible.

This review was modified by Fubarcow on May 28 2015 12:00:19 PM

Rating 6/10

"I really don't know how I feel about alienware at the moment. I was told by a friend who had alienware in the past that its a really great product, and it was okay in my opinion. I bought a laptop, for i think 1900$ (m17x r4), and I bought a 2 year warranty with it. It was a decent computer but it still had its problems.

I usually play games like league of legends and I played a little bit of swtor. The main thing that kind of made me realize it wasn't an amazing computer was that I couldn't run OBS on top of league of legends because it would strain the computer too much. I optimized the settings on both league of legends and obs and found that even on low settings on both, it still caused too many issues for my m17x. My main concern is that I bought a 2 year warranty on my laptop and my keyboard L, K, J, W, F and ; do not work. I currently have to use my girlfriends macbook due to unable to type most sentences without those keys. I called alienware tech support on a saturday (Because i work monday-friday 9-5:30 eastern, then I drive home), and they tell me that my warranty ended on january 10th 2015, and "I'm out of luck and need to speak to the out-of-warranty department". I guess fair is fair, the laptop warranty did expire. I think i was just frustrated because philips worked with me on a 2000$ coffee machine i purchased from them with a 1 year warranty, but because I didn't have any issues, they gave me a 3 month leniency period and serviced my machine for me. It just really showed me the difference between dell and philips. Like, I never had my computer serviced ever, and now I'm forced to pay shipping + 169$ + tax to get it my keyboard repaired because I called in 20 days after my computer's warranty expired (would have been 15 if i didn't work the whole week).

I called dell again to ask if I can repair the machine myself, and they said they could sell me a keyboard for 90$ if I'm comfortable repairing it myself. I asked for some time to think about it, and they offered me a callback for yesterday (which I never received).

Nobody is most likely going to read this, and I don't really care. I just wanted to say that the computer was good, and I really enjoyed it, but I think I would have enjoyed another computer that cost 2000$ just as much, and the other company probably would have given me a little better customer service.

I was going to try and sell this computer and buy a new alienware desktop, but I'm not so sure anymore. Anyway, just giving my thoughts.

This review was modified by william.taylor.18 on February 21 2015 05:35:56 PM

Rating 2/10

"The Alienware tech support department is a JOKE. I upgraded my laptop to windows 10 and they are telling me because I upgraded my OS they can not fix the hardware issue that I am having. The hardware issue I am having has nothing to do with my OS and a supervisor by the name of Hector wanted to argue with me. Excuse me but I paid for my damn warranty. I spent 25 minutes on the phone with him and he called me a lair and was more worried about trying to prove me wrong than addressing my concern. I have been an Alienwares customer for 6 years and this is how you treat a loyal customer. Pathetic!!!!!!! The next gaming PC I buy will not be from Dell/Alienwares I can promise you this. The past 3 months dealing with tech support is just a headache. Tech support has no idea what they are talking about. I told one tech support agent I am dual booting with Linux, fedora flavor, and Windows 7 and he told me "That is impossible sir" Seriously? why do you not hire educated people for tech support. We buy an expensive piece of equipment you would think we would get great overall experience with our concerns. I am very disgusted with the level of service and I am now considering on selling my Alienwares labtop and purchasing a ASUS instead."

Rating 2/10

"It is absolutely horrible!!! The first one I got I could not even get it to get to the first menu, they did not finish putting in the software, 2 hours on the phone, finally got to the first page. Then the CD player, cd would go in only a quarter inch. Then the video card died the dpfirst month and the battery would not even charge. 2nd new computer, it has intermittent wifi, one s cond it works, then the next second it does not. No one knows how to fix it...been with support and a zillion forums and no relief. It sits in a corner, not my idea of a $3500 computers!! Don't go Dell, they used to be so good....."

This review was modified by Strobelight on January 01 2015 03:26:16 PM

Rating 2/10

"Well 2 and a half thousarnd dollars for a computer that has issues. 16 hours on the phone with customer care and tech support and it still does not work right and they basicly told me what I could do to myself. Said the only thing I could do was talk to tech support and tech support already told me there was nothing else they could do. Do not buy this computer they have completely gone down hill now that they are owned by Dell. I shjould have known better. I've owned a dell before and had a simular experience. You can get much better value for your money from Asus or Acer. look into it you will save a lot of money and be happier in the long run."

This review was modified by cliftonhinton on December 31 2014 05:41:26 PM

Rating 2/10

"So I got an $3,200 laptop as a gift to help me with my studies in Game Design. A field that is very taxing on systems, so I needed something with enough power to handle it. The laptop was excellent for two years, but something went wrong. All of a sudden I was faced a with black screened, and after I formatted, I could no longer get my duel graphic cards to install. After waiting two months to get it fixed because, I needed it to the bare minimum to get through the semester. We contacted dell to tell them what was wrong and would like to have them fix it and we will pay for it. They refused saying they MIGHT no longer have the parts to fix it. Acting as if the laptop was a ten yr old out of date machine. So we went to their website and the offered me to extend my warranty, which I did for $300.94. Called them back to tell them what was going on, and that I'm now under warranty, and the say they couldn't honor my warranty. So now I'm stuck with a $3,500 paper weight trying to figure out how am I going to get dell to fix the thing, or get my money back from the warranty and find someone other than the sorry Costa Rican costumer and technical support team. Worst costumer service EVER."

This review was modified by Shiara on December 20 2014 03:03:53 PM

Rating 2/10

"Fuck this stupid company and their piece of shit laptops and computers. If i spend 2k on a laptop i expect that its motherboard will last longer then a year and a half. Absolute bullshit, save yourself the trouble and never buy anything from this god awful company.

This review was modified by Michael13245 on December 14 2014 03:54:18 PM

Rating 2/10

"I had purchased a $4k monster rig back in Dec 2009 from Alienware/Dell & began having various boot issues starting Sept 2014. As it turns out the motherboard of all components was failing. I had purchased an extended warranty separately as well as I was planning to gift the PC to my 2 nephews & get a new PC (it was going to be from Alienware). The rep assured me the extended warranty would cover the PC until the Dec 2014. The PC finally went black in Nov 2014.

I called the Dell support line (11/26/2014) & informed them that a friend of mine who works as a tech in a large corporate office did all the time consuming troubleshooting that Dell wanted me to do. My tech friend confirmed that it was an issue with the motherboard. After a 5 min hold, the rep tells me that he will simply refund what I paid for the extended warranty & my $4k custom rig will NOT be covered.

Alienware used to be a great gaming rig company which is why I went with them initially on a costly purchase. The number of complaints on service & quality that I am now reading about Alienware is too much for a service that is supposed to provide high end custom PCs.

If you are planning to get a high-end PC, do NOT buy from Dell/Alienware as they do not seem to honor their warranties when it comes time for them to support you down the road.

As I am still fuming over this experience, I emailed all my family & friends to tell them of my experience. I also informed that if they are planning on purchasing a new PC, I will give them $100 NOT to buy from Dell. This is how much Dell has alienated me as a customer.

This review was modified by Anonymous212 on November 26 2014 05:49:54 PM

Rating 2/10

"I order my system and it arrives 6 days early, awesome. It's a nice system and has dual 7870's. Within a week or so it starts to hard crash at least once a day. I contact tech support and establish a problem with the video cards. A tech comes over and replaces them. His parts are defective. We put the old parts back in and I limp along while an exchange is processed. I get the new system. The new system has a free upgrade to dual 670's because the 7870's are no longer available. New system is awesome. Everything is fine. I come home from work and try to wake up the system, it was in sleep mode, and I hear a loud pop. A capacitor in the power supply goes out. A tech is schedules to replace it. Tech shows up, first month on the job and first alienware he's worked on, replaces ps. He unhooks a lot of wires from the motherboard he didn't need to. PC turns on but command center and lights don't work. He has to come back to replace motherboard. He replaces it. Lights work and fans run at max speed. Not good. He tries to fix it and by the end of it the PC won't even boot to bios. All my data gone."

This review was modified by CyrusLC on July 17 2013 03:54:08 PM

Rating 2/10

"I bought a high end Alienware ALX Gaming Desktop and had nearly monthly trouble with it, starting from the day that I took it out of the box. I am reasonably tech savvy, and found the experience of working with Alienware tech support to be difficult. I will not be purchasing from Alienware again, and have counselled my friends to do likewise."

Rating 2/10

"Okay, after reading other reviews, I've decided to go Clevo. See ya all with those ass-faced Alienwares!"

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