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  • Rating 2.67/10 1,640 reviews

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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I order my system and it arrives 6 days early, awesome. It's a nice system and has dual 7870's. Within a week or so it starts to hard crash at least once a day. I contact tech support and establish a problem with the video cards. A tech comes over and replaces them. His parts are defective. We put the old parts back in and I limp along while an exchange is processed. I get the new system. The new system has a free upgrade to dual 670's because the 7870's are no longer available. New system is awesome. Everything is fine. I come home from work and try to wake up the system, it was in sleep mode, and I hear a loud pop. A capacitor in the power supply goes out. A tech is schedules to replace it. Tech shows up, first month on the job and first alienware he's worked on, replaces ps. He unhooks a lot of wires from the motherboard he didn't need to. PC turns on but command center and lights don't work. He has to come back to replace motherboard. He replaces it. Lights work and fans run at max speed. Not good. He tries to fix it and by the end of it the PC won't even boot to bios. All my data gone."

modified review This review was modified by CyrusLC on July 17 2013 03:54:08 PM

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I bought a high end Alienware ALX Gaming Desktop and had nearly monthly trouble with it, starting from the day that I took it out of the box. I am reasonably tech savvy, and found the experience of working with Alienware tech support to be difficult. I will not be purchasing from Alienware again, and have counselled my friends to do likewise."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Okay, after reading other reviews, I've decided to go Clevo. See ya all with those ass-faced Alienwares!"

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I figure it best to write a good review since I will write one when I am not satisfied. I bought a alienware during the Black Friday weekend, it worked great up until my usb 2.0 went out. I called them and the gentleman did all he could do to help me fix it (that's one point). After we could not fix it over the phone, he set up a service call. The guy came out two days later but said he could not fix it because the screws would not come out (one point against them). I was disappointed but was not upset. He called them to let them know what happened and they sent a box the next day so I could send it back for repairs. Now here is the thing that impressed me, I sent it back that Thursday and they got it back of course the next day but surprisingly, they fixed it that day. I have heard horror stories how it took people weeks to get their computer back. I know I may be in the minority but I was very impressed with their service. I actually had the blue screen of death happen to me last year when I bought my Aspire 7741G and was impressed to get back within six days but man I never thought any company would fix anything that quick and send it back. Dell/Alienware gets two thumbs up from me"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Have wanted an alienware my entire life. My one year old MBP just crashed and decided to finally buy one. I received the computer in three weeks and having purchased expedited shipping. After having unpackaged everything, I noticed my keyboard and sound weren't working properly, so I called dell support. They said, "not to point fingers, but sounds like you downloaded a virus." Enraged, I hung up and called a day later for another rep. He was polite and said he would have a tech out the very next day. Three days later one steps through my front door equipped only to fix my keyboard; I asked him about the speakers and he had no recollection about that particular problem in the order. He fixed the keyboard but my resentment for alienware is only increasing.

In summation, my computer has thus far performed quite well under strenuous conditions, other than the keyboard and speaker issues. However, the support team blows ass and I'm getting angrier as I type this; be very careful when purchasing an alienware product, even if you purchase a warranty.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"-The Sale- Sep. 24th
Purchased a new m17x r4 from a rude sales person who asked "do you want to buy a computer or not!" When asking the differences between some of the units. When it came time to purchase the unit the man was forceful about doing it with Dell Credit. I asked what the interest rate was and he responded "I will tell you when I get to it!" I have a corporate purchase program with them that grants me quick shipment of products purchased. Something they also lacked in doing... received my m17x long after.

-The arrival-

When the unit arrived I opened the box to put the laptop to charge. Hours later I came back to boot into windows too install all of my software only to find out that the keyboard was not functional. I plugged in an external keyboard and updated all firmware, software, and drivers. With no success I contacted Alienware (still day 1) and told them about what had happened. They told me that they would send a technician out to repair it. (didn't give me the option to send unit back for an even exchange.)

-The repair-
Days after the initial call, the service tech arrived at my home only to find out that Alienware/Dell had sent him the wrong part number. He called his dispatch center to inform them of what had happened notifying them that they had sent a Dell laptop keyboard and not an M17X R4 keyboard. The tech left saying that they would send the proper replacement. Nothing was resolved.

-The repair day 2-
Few days went by and received a new call from the service tech. He came to my home and when opening the box he noticed that once again they had sent him the wrong part. He informed them again only to find out that there was an error in how the warehouse tags its parts for the m17x. He thought that it might be an issue with the pins on the motherboard so he replaced the mother board and left. ( again... a "new" unit less than a week old getting repairs...)

-The tech support call(s)-
Frustrated with the wait time and unresolved issue I personally called the tech support line to inform them of what was happening. I was able to get them to agree to credit me 75$ for the trouble and for still having an unusable computer. The person confirms that the issue happening had to do with the warehouse and informed me that the time frame to resolve the issue was unknown. I was told to wait a few days and that a rep would call me back.

-the call-

A rep calls me back days later only to notify me that I only had the option to send the unit in and that it would take 2-3 weeks for it to be sent back in working condition. I told him that it was unacceptable because I use the computer for business purposing (graphic design/ Motion Graphics) and that I was working on a clients project and any delays would put me in a position where I would be at a loss. (7k contract) I notified him that I went out to a retail store to buy a wireless keyboard/ mouse kit to which he responded by saying that he was very sorry and that he would personally get the approval to ship an alienware USB keyboard to use in the mean time. The keyboard arrived.

- The final straw - Today Nov 1, 2012

I called Alienware to inform them about how I was very upset that nothing had been done yet and that even the service tech (that lives near by) has gotten annoyed at the lack of response on behalf of the company and their associates. From day one to today the time past has already nearly been a month with no action. I asked for a manager and was transferred to a person who I stressed the story to. The "manager" was silent and when I asked if he was still there he responded... "is that it...?" Which I responded "NO! I am tired of being looped around to different tech support agents and not answered to." He again stressed that there were two options having the unit shipped to them for 2-3 weeks or continuing to wait for the warehouse to figure out its error to then shop out a replacement keyboard. I asked if there was a claims department or a superior to him and he said I am the highest you will talk to because there is no other person.

After the call.... nothing has been resolved...

Something that companies like Apple would never have happen. I have owned Apple computers since 2001 and have always had my issues resolved in a day or less... Dell... A month has gone by and still no resolution.

Save your money. Don't buy dell or alienware.

PS: The person that recommended me to Alienware also order a computer that upon arrival he was made aware that the Screen was dead. And again... only option given was to have it serviced....

Something is truly wrong with their QA and Support Departments....

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Bought my Alienware m11x back in January. Had an issue with it freezing constantly. Called up to have them repair it, was told I need to run a crap ton of diagnostics. Updated drivers, made me format it ( retarded ) and then suggested I run it at a lower resolution.. Was like wtf, its a 720p screen.. Tech told me to set my colors lower which I then demanded to speak to an actual tech.

After looking into the issue online, found 1000's of users having the same issues, with overheating and freezing, after doing tests myself and having the device freeze EVEN in BIOS, I demanded to speak w/ a manager. A man got on the phone and said he was the supervisor, I then said I was waiting for the manager, and he said he was. I said I was confused because and asked why he said he was a supervisor then. He said Supervisors and managers are the same there is no difference. I explained they weren't and I'd like to talk to the manager. He said there is no manager and to tell me what I want in a very angry tone.

I informed him that I wanted to return it since I was under full warranty. I know the R2 was discontinued as well as the R3, but I asked if it was possible to pay for an upgrade. He said no. I explained that there was a huge release about defective parts and lawsuits on alienware and if there is anyone I can talk to concerning this. Because I don't wanna ship back for another defective part. He explained if its defective again send it back.

I asked what happens if all units they send are defective and keep having the same issue as the problem was with the small form factor having only 1 small fan. He said I should just hope that one works before my warranty expired. I told him that wasn't a professional answer and he responded "Thats not our job, if you prove its broken we'll replace it, nothing else, you get what u pay for." He then told me to just buy the R4 which I then asked why he would lie about that when Alienware officially released the m11x discontinuing. He yelled something in spanish and hung up. I called back and talked with someone else. Finally after 4 hours was able to get someone to send me a box which took 4 weeks to arrive, after I called in multiple times.

The quality of service at this company is horrible, and the design on their laptops has degraded. Up till about 2006 they used Clevo parts, and now use cheap parts that melt or overheat fast due to poor form factor in order to save money and make extra $$ off of customers who do not know any better. So if you're looking to buy from them then beware, if anything goes wrong they will do all in their power to make u feel its not their issue and that u did something wrong.

Also They replace new computers with refurbished parts from other failed units. I asked them about the screen specs on their m14x and why they use a 45% gamut screen ( washed out colors) vs a 95% like the competitors ( for actual gamers ) they said for cost effectiveness and to keep from cannibalizing parts from other machines..

This company is going down hill fast. if I could give 0 stars I would honestly.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"bought mx51, 1 month later it suddeenly shuts itself down and can no longer boot to windows.

spent over 10 hours on phone with tech support, they sent tech, replaced hard drive and motherboards, could not get system to boot windows. They said that case would be escalated and get off phone. NOthing happens, computer still doesnt work.

Many calls, days, and failed transfers later... 2-3 more hours on phone with language impaired tech support that accidentally mistransfers calls on multiple occasions after long waits I am told my problem is software related, case was never escalated, and they will not replace, would I like to start over from the beginning with tech support help? No, I would like my computer replaced with no further tech support troubleshooting on my behalf. No, they will not replace. No they will not send tech support agent. No there is no where I can deliver the computer to. However, I am free to speak to the 14th english 2nd language nontechnically skilled person who has no idea about what efforts I have made over many hours with the preceding 13 nonenglish nontechnically skilled people. I take it to best buy instead, pay for geek squad $100 to tell me the problem is definitely hardware which they dont do. They refuse to speak to alienware tech support who they know wastes their time. They give computer back and refuse to refund my money. I call alienware again, they fail to address any of the issues, remain confused, continue ridiculous transfers, pointless repeated testing requests (they keep terrible records of previous tech support issues). I realize that I am throwing good money after bad, decide to just buy a different computer, never alienware or dell again, just write the review, lose the money, and hopefully save some others.

Never in my life has a company mismanaged the warranty honoring of a clearly defective product like this. I have no idea how such a company can stay in business, my prediction is not long if they have done others this way.

Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"Well, from the looks of it people's experiences with Alienware hardware and Support is a mixed bag.

I bought a beast of a computer that I really love. I got two hundred dollars off of what was already a competitive price. Also, I recieved a free multi-function printer and a $365 Dell gift card which I used to buy a Dell monitor and PC TV card.

I had two support issues (probably my fault) sales and tech support were excellent!!! They stay on the line for as long as it takes to walk you through fixing the problem.

It's too bad though that Alienware is not participating in this forum, while a lot of computer/electronics companies are.

I gave some four stars below when I could have put five stars, mainly because no company is perfect.

So far so good!

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Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"So after a while of saving up my money, I decided to use it on an Alienware laptop. The online process of customizing your laptop was easy and even had explanations of all your different options. At that time, Dell had a special going on and I got the laptop $700 off! I even found an online coupon for $50 off. Checking out was easy and I quickly had my order placed. My order arrived 2 days before the delivery date and with no problems. I would recommend anyone to consider their Alienware computers when deciding which computer to buy."

modified review This review was modified by RyeGuy1 on August 21 2012 10:34:43 PM
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I first contacted Alienware sales support through the online chat thing. I built my setup, and spoke with James Williams on the chat. This happened on Tuesday, 07/17/2012. I received a quote via email, but told him I had to think about it. On Friday 07/20/2012, I decided I would purchase, so I emailed James directly, and he responded INSTANTLY and said the quote is still good, and would have a financing person contact me in one hour. Got AMAZING deals with the $100 off and the Dell Advantage program with free 2nd day shipping.

Just before an hour passed, I got a call FROM AN AMERICAN SALES person to process my order. I got the confirmation email and my order was already passed the processing stage, and into the production stage THE SAME DAY!

Again, I purchased a customized Alienware M14X R2 on Friday, 07/20/2012 with custom nameplate and everything. It is now Wednesday, 07/25 and my M14X is already halfway here! Fedex estimates it will arrive tomorrow, 07/26. From order date of Friday, 07/20 with a delivery date of 07/26 for a customized M14X with custom nameplate? Alienware/Dell is FINALLY stepping it up!

I still have my M15X, and it is still running STRONG! I can't WAIT to play with my M14X R2 tomorrow after work! I will keep this updated, but with my experience with Alienware/Dell so far, I have never had a down moment yet!

modified review This review was modified by stricken23 on July 25 2012 11:01:00 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I ordered a desktop computer from them, and it arrived with hardware issues- constant bluescreens. After two weeks of calling their tech support, the technician agreed that I had a bad processor, but get this; he was not allowed to mark it as a hardware problem. He literally had to ask permission, and it was denied. I have to dispute the charges with my credit card, as they're trying to charge me over $300 as a restocking fee to return a defective machine. During this process I sent 5 emails to the address they gave me to contact them, and none were acknowledged or responded to. On four separate occasions they set appointments to have techs call me back, and they followed through zero times. I literally have to call 4-5 times per day just to reach my case manager once, and after all that they just refuse to accept their own diagnosis. "

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Purchased an Alienware X51 through Dell. It arrived on Friday. Now it is the following Monday and I am calling Dell for instructions to return it.

The thing is as loud as a lawn mower and the wireless connection is the slowest of any pc in the house. It literally would take days to download something from Steam.

Rating 4/102/5
modified review posted

"My Area 51 ALX has been a hardware nightmare since it came 2-years ago. Alienware has replaced the complete PC 3 times and internal part even more times during the first year. It still doesn't run correctly. Tech support is very hard to communicate with (Costa Rica Spanish accents)and not very well trained. The I/O control board (a daughter board that is hard to replace) controls the fans. lights and powered front door. The door fails to function within days of arrival of replacement parts and I no longer use it. The fans and case lights and temperature gauges don't talk to the software application they include. I never have been able to control the door fans or lights for more than a day or two at a time. Right now and for the past 6 months the fans are running at full speed and are so loud I can here them from the next room. At the end of my basic 1-year warranty they now won't talk to me unless I pay $35.00 per incident. The is my last Dell / Alienware PC. "

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I bought an Alienware Aurora R3 or r4 one of their top end pc's two weekends ago. Last Tuesday the system came, installed and setup it up on Saturday thru-out the day it locked up on me twice, and again locked on me Sunday. Yesterday I go to use my new alienware desktop upon booting up the pc, check disk comes up saying there are problems/errors with your hard drive let the scan run and suspossley it fixed the errors. Well had to reboot again due to installing program and it came up again I said that's it I called Alienware dell support, the first technician was not very helpful, kept putting me on hold to talk to someone ask me stupid questions about the programs that I had installed etc instead of resolving the issues. So at one point I lost him on the phone never called me back, and had to call the em back again. The second technician just didn't want to hear about my problems and said "Ok sir I connect you to a dell customer rep". That is when I went off on her explaing the situation and the treatment of the techs towards me. I explained that this is a very new out of box computer and paid about two-three thousands for this system to have these kind of problems. I threaten that I wanted to return the pc, she was trying to keep me calm down by saying sir make sure this is resolved. So sometime today I hear from someone from Dell or Alien ware, depending on how they treat me I might just might keep or send the system back. So their customer service call center is poorable in a sense."

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