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141 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"if you planning to buy car cam, (black box) don’t buy from Aliexpress. All Piece of junk.
I bought three different car cams, none of them work properly. Its cheap price but if it doesn't work
You just were wasting money. Specially this product easily found on eBay or Aliexpress.
During day time when camera gets heat up about 20 min video becomes out of focus.
(Car Camera full hd DVR GS8000L 1920*1080P 140 degrees wide Angle 2.7inch LCD G-Sensor HDMI)
I dispute my order but Aliexpress close the case without my concern.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I've ordered numerous items from AliExpress, but when I received a faulty phone, I tried to return the product. It's been over 2 months since I shipped the product back and the item still says it's "in transit." The seller just keeps linking me to some shady 3rd party tracking site, and AliExpress won't get involved. My messages go unanswered for weeks. I'm pretty certain that I'm just screwed. Don't bother. 90% of the items I've purchased have been crap. Clothing sizes don't match up, electronics are buggy and poorly made. It's just a bad experience. I've learned my lesson the hard way."

modified review This review was modified by Speerdo on August 28 2014 01:43:01 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I ordered a rearview mirror (GPS, Backup camera...) very disapointing experiance with the seller as it looks they want to make me loose all the money I paid them plus they are asking for more money."

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

I bought a handbag from Sara Li (My Bag Trade Co, Ltd
China, Mainland (Guangdong)
Unfortunately she waits for Buyer protection to be over so when the bag arrives, she gets paid and demands to receive a 5 star rating. She refused to send a better quality bag and does not care about the buyers. AliExpress was no help in all this. She has about 2, 884 negative rating and is at 97% seller rating. She has been selling since 2012 and yet AliExpress allows this store to continue to rip of the customers and sell garbage and she takes the money and never looks back. She even managed to delete my 1 star rating, I looked through all the complaints and it was not there. So please people be warned about this particular seller. Don't buy her junk. Before buying look through the negative comments because most of the positive ones are lies.. Buy with caution.. I doubt that there is any Buyers protection.

modified review This review was modified by LauraFamily on August 25 2014 07:46:53 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"his is the first time that I was deceived on aliexspress.com.
The seller zhao yuqiao did not want to talk to me.
He did not want to give me back my money or exchange shoes,
that he send to me.He agreed that made ??a mistake
the size of the shoe and then simply ignored all my
questions about how to fix this problem.
Looks like aliexpress.com don`t care about reputations and
customer satisfaction.I Think I lost my money ,but this gonna be
last time I buying any thing on aliexpress.com.

modified review This review was modified by Koleg on August 22 2014 04:46:19 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I will never ever buy from AliExpress again. my first purchase..very bad experience. I bought 5 black clothes stands and 5 transparent hangers (USD 11.99) from seller "Fashion Cheap Doll". The review function is supposed to let buyers to leave comments. I left the seller 2 stars with comments saying the quality was not what I expected. The paints came off and the transparent ones were way too soft. Then for the next couple days I received emails from the buyer offering me USD 2 refund and asked me to change my review to 5 stars. I refused the refund and replied her politely in email to suggest her to improve the quality in the future. and today i not only received another email, I received a phone text message and she even called me from China and left me i voice mail. I found it very annoying.

Just now I logged on to AliExpress to remove my review, i don't see the remove/delete function. What I can update is only update it to a better one. Let me copied the exact wording from AliExpress "Please rate the buyer by clicking the stars below: (You can only revise the negative/neutral feedback to positive feedback.)". So if buyers want to revise review, they can only revise it to a better one...

One strange thing is I don't see what's the point for the seller to rate me a 5-star good buyer.

One more thing..delivery time is a acceptable. It said free delivery when i bought the products, but when the products got to Hong Kong, the courier called me and asked if I would like to pay for delivery to residential address. If not i'd need to go to the closest branch office to pick it up. I didn't know it when i placed my order...Luckily the office is quite close to where i live.

I wonder what's the whole point of the review function? I think AliExpress can just delete the whole review function. Seems like they only want to see GOOD reviews.

I've bought a lot things from Rakuten Japan, Amazon and Etsy etc..and never had such a ridiculous experience.

modified review This review was modified by Asako on August 21 2014 07:36:17 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I've bought dozens of articles from Aliexpress and I've never had any problem. Fast shippping, excellent communication with the sellers and low prices.

The only thing you have absolutely to pay attention is the customer feedback! The feedback is quite reliable. If the customer feedback is positive you have nothing to be worried about.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I am one of many, as I regrettably had to acknowlegde: bought a Huawei smartphone via an AliExpress seller (AyniLove). Seven weeks after the phone was defect. Now, dispite of "warranty" given, everything does not work anymore: no feedback after sending back the phone, no money back, no replacement, no answer after complaints. After 2 months without a phone, I realise: my 400 dollars are simply gone.

I had to realise two things:

1) Huawei phones are not working.

2) Sellers in China are not reliable.

Therefore, I warn you: do not buy Huawei phones, and do not buy online in China. As a customer, you are not worth anything!

modified review This review was modified by WernerTesch on August 18 2014 07:39:48 AM

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"Aliexpress set a new rule in May 2014, to help resellers scam you. The rules states that they do not accept any dispute arising from buyer who have not received their orders, when their tracking site states that it has arrived.

I ordered a rod in early june and not only have I not received it after two month, I discovered that it was delivered to a returning forwarder. In other words, the tracking number provided by the reseller is for another parcel, or it went around the world to be returned to the reseller. And the tracking site 17 indicate arrived or delivered. I only had to make a simple call to the local end line delivery to find out that the parcel was not address to me. Yet, aliexpress simply does not care, as long as their tracking site indicate arrived.

Because of the new rules, aliexpress will not entertain your dispute and release payment to the reseller.

I have been scammed with implicit support from Aliexpress.

modified review This review was modified by GlennCPH on August 13 2014 02:51:55 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I paid $40.99 for a watch from Store #1194049, THE WORLD FAMOUS BRAND WATCH, represented by Kate Norene, they sent me an ear piece and no watch. The seller was able to proof delivery even though there was no watch and my money was released to them. After numerous emails, still did not get my money. BUYERS BEWARE OF THIS STORE, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND SEND YOU WHAT YOU DID NOT ORDER?"

modified review This review was modified by patenem3 on August 10 2014 02:04:12 PM

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"Aliexpress favors the sellers, not the buyers. Here are some rules to remember when shopping with Aliexpress:

1. Aliexpress charges your account immediately and holds the funds in escrow for 1-2-3 months, as long as seller "agrees" to ship. In many instances (that I have experienced), seller gets paid even if item does not ship - just make sure you OPEN A DISPUTE before the allotted time expires or it will delay your refund further.

2. Aliexpress will pay the seller as long as seller provides a tracking number. If your package is delayed and status indicates that item is en route, you have to open a dispute to extend "purchase protection" time. What that means is that you want Aliexpress to delay paying the seller for a specific amount of time (say, two weeks) in order to allow item to arrive to you. Once a tracking number is posted and USPS says item is "delivered," even if you may not have received the item (sometimes this happens - then it is between you and the postal service). Aliexpress will pay the seller regardless of how much time is left in the "purchase protection."

3. Not all items are cheap. You have to search deep and I mean DEEP to find the hundreds of sellers selling the same item at competing prices. Sometimes you will do better on ebay or tmart.com or dx.com. Sometimes you will find an item, that is outrageously overpriced, just like on Amazon. It goes without saying, but do not buy this item not just because you are being ripped off, but because seller probably does not have this item in stock and all you see is a system default price.

4. If possible, communicate with the seller BEFORE you check to make sure your item is in stock. A lot of the sellers are individuals with some stuff stored in their bathroom closet and they may not update their inventory regularly.

5. Sizes of the clothing are according to Chinese bodies, which are in general smaller than American bodies. Buy 3 or more sizes LARGER than you normally would or avoid buying clothing at all (as I do).

6. Shipping from U.S. to China costs 3-4X more than shipping from China to U.S. If you are unhappy with an item and a seller tells you to return it, it means he does not care to negotiate and he's betting on the fact that you will not return the item, therefore he doesn't have to do anything for you. Once the seller makes a sale and gets your money, he doesn't want to deal with the customer ever again and this is more true with large scale sellers than individual sellers. DO NOT BE DECEIVED, THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY AT ALIEXPRESS. Customer service is at the sole discretion of the seller!

7. Do not buy anything you don't want to be stuck with or cannot return. This is why I only buy gadgets and doodads.

8. Usually a seller will be unhappy if your order is under $10 with free shipping, because it cuts into his/her profits. He may not ship your item or he may delay shipping by over a month (it has happened to me); and if you order lots of little under-$1 items, you may have a few items missing or broken in your order and seller will simply ignore your emails, based on the little profit he has made from your sale. It's business, so remember the bottom line: money.

9. Compare prices on ebay, tmart.com and dx.com before you give Aliexpress your hard-earned money.

10. Be prepared to take a photo of the item you are complaining about and DO NOT ESCALATE THE PROBLEM FOR ALIEXPRESS TO SETTLE. Aliexpress does not want to deal with problems between buyer and seller, especially not over a few bucks or even a few hundred bucks and you can bank on the fact that Aliexpress will side with the seller! So always, always, always follow the other 9 rules and try not to let purchase protection time expire before you open dispute, although it may not matter in the long run, because Aliexpress will pay seller even if you do not confirm delivery or if dispute has gone on "too long" (as deemed by Aliexpress - I was given no notice, Aliexpress simply ended the dispute and paid the seller).

Last thing is Remember the owner of Aliexpress (and Alibaba) is Chinese, so he will take care of his Chinese sellers first. This is a China-based company and there is NO CHINA FAIR TRADE COMMISSION! China is where all the illegal Disney knock-offs come from!!!

Good luck!

If this is too much information, then it means you should not shop at Aliexpress!!

modified review This review was modified by Honest2God on August 07 2014 03:50:27 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"No, no, I wouldn't recommend that. Totally dissatisfied with the products of 80 euros which I all got rid of them since I couldn't take my money back."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"No purchase protection.
Too easy for sellers to scam your cash.
Many sellers send broken/defective goods.

Cannot get purchase protection/refund.

AliExpress requires certified documentation from a testing facility/ original manufacturer.... for generic unnamed counterfeit goods from China. Completely unreasonable.

Shipping takes months to arrive.
At least eBay gets you protection.

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Aliexpress is not for everyone. This is nothing like Amazon or Ebay. Thinking because you bought some stuff off ebay and amazon makes you a savvy online shopper? Think again. I buy everything online and am a very savvy shopper...It still took me a few months to get the hang of Aliexpress and Im still learning. It is a no rules, wild west Chinese Ebay. Comparing Amazon to Ali is like comparing bumper cars at a kids park to the indy 500. If you have the time to invest in seriously reading reviews and researching sellers and products it blows Amazon and Ebay away, if you don't...don't bother you're just going to get wrong products and get scammed.

The Bad...Ali does not regulate the sellers well, you get shady sellers. Ali doesn't get too involved..so disputes over bad sellers isn't a walk in the park.

The good... Ali does not regulate the sellers well...so you get shady sellers selling illegal things you cant get anywhere else. Ali doesn't get involved...no cracking down on illegal items and lot's of cool things to get from the right sellers.

You cant have it both ways.

Sellers..learn the seller ranking system, and how to read reviews, not checking your sellers, or going with a lower rated seller to save a few bucks is financial suicide. Never order multiple items from a seller before ordering one first, to check seller reliability and quality. Not to say all lower ranking new sellers are bad... I've gotten great items from lower ranking new sellers. They have to start somewhere, and usually they also have some of the greatest deals to get their ranking up faster. However It could also be a scam... its a gamble, you learn how to spot the bad ones by experience.

Clothing/shoes...it is in Chinese sizes not American.( About 2 sizes smaller) The sizes do not always translate correctly. Always double check your measurements against theirs before buying and don't rely on sizes. You might be a XL in one shirt and a medium in another...always check the actual clothing /shoe size measurements in the product description. Don't assume US size 8.5 shoes are 8.5. It might really be a 7 or a 10... depending who translated the sizes from Chinese to English. Use the measurement chart in the product description to order the right size. You might be a US 8.5 but for this shoe you are a 10...always double check . People who don't end up complaining on here about sizes being wrong. Quality is simply a matter of price and reviews, if you get bad quality you went cheap or skipped reading reviews.

Electronics...Only buy highly reviewed electronics, and nothing too fragile. Make sure the reviewers received it in good condition so you know that the seller is legit, and packages it well. A lot of cheap sellers have insufficient packaging to protect electronics during shipping...hence complaints on here. Never order brand name electronics from Ali, they are fake with fake specs. Chinese brand electronics are often really really good, and a lot are better then brand name counterparts for the price. Be aware, returns are not an option with electronics unless you want to pay a lot for shipping, its a gamble. Customer reviews are everything for reliability. Cell phones are Chinese network standard, and many will not work properly on American 3 and 4g networks, at least not without a lot of tweaking. Electronics on Ali require a lot of research, but the deals are amazing if you take the time.

Brand names... they are all knockoffs. Nothing real. That doesnt mean they are all bad. They have some really nice high end knockoffs that are better then the real thing for a quarter the price. They also have complete junk. You get what you pay for...Tired of hearing people complain about that they got ripped off because their $10 Gucci bag isn't perfect. You spent $10 for a $1500 bag and its not perfect? Really? How odd. Spend about $100 for a $1500 bag and it will be as good as the real thing. If you cant afford that then you probably shouldn't have a Gucci bag.
My knockoffs look better, and are better quality then the real thing. I get asked about them all the time, but once again I spent more then $10.

Finding knockoffs...Chanel for instance isnt usually under Chanel. They are under C brand, CC, or CH fashion...something strange like that, or the model of a specific item. While most hide the brand name to avoid being kicked off for fraud, they leave a clue...like Dior is D brand or DR. Famous brand or luxury brand works for a lot of stuff too. They have absolutely everything, you just need to learn how to find it. Somethings are only found under specific model #s.

You get what you pay for. Ali has everything from garbage, to custom high end. There is a reason some products cost more like in a real store. People getting chinese garbage are also paying for chinese garbage. A $5 watch is a $5 watch no matter how cool it looks, dont expect much, its probably plastic. If you want better, pay a little more with a better seller and get higher quality. I can get a $10 Chanel handbag that is garbage and barely qualifies as a bag and complain on here, or I can get a $400 Chanel handbag that is better quality then the real $5500 one. And everything in between. If you get garbage, its because you are paying for garbage.

If something is questionable ask for additional info and pictures. Skip sellers who do not respond or won't provide them.

Like 90% of the bad reviews on here its a buyer issue not a Aliexpress issue...they log in, dont read the reviews, dont research anything, and go with the cheapest products and sellers to save a few dollars...then they get burned. If you do what they are doing and go cheap without researching then you are left to rant on a message board about how the new seller with no reviews but too good to be true prices ripped them off.

If you get a wrong item or bad item, contact the seller. A good seller will give you a refund, at least partial, a cheap seller will argue or just wont respond. Never return the item. You will not get a refund and be out the postage. I can't believe some people are actually paying $30 postage to return a $10 item? Are you kidding, just take the loss, stop throwing more money at someone you already don't trust. These are people who need to realize sometimes Ali is a gamble, sometimes you win sometimes you loose. Learn from your mistakes, learn the system, and you will win pretty consistently, throw good money at bad money and you loose horribly every time. If you receive a wrong item most of the time you can sell it online for 2x what you paid, someone will want it. It's a win no matter what.

I've gotten full refunds for all items not received from Ali, and full to 50% partial refunds for all items with issues from sellers. The trick is good sellers, and good wording. These people speak Chinese. Every message you send them goes through Google translate, and it's hard to translate from English to Chinese accurately. Keep it simple and brief for an accurate translation. Before you send a message translate it to Chinese then back to English and look at the gibberish you are sending them...then wonder why you don't get what you want...they haven no clue what you are talking about. Keep it super simple so it translates well. You may have a defective product you are ranting about, and all they get is your grandma needs a haircut and owns a turtle. Also be polite, regardless of the situation. If you are rude you get ignored, rudeness is frowned upon in China and not tolerated in business.

Aliexpress isnt for everyone, and actually most people should avoid it. Unless you think you are good enough to shop in a no rules unregulated ebay full of illegal items and scammers. Like I said, Im good, and it took me months of trial and error to learn . Now that I have, I can avoid scammers and consistently get exactly what I want, in the quality level I want everytime. Amazon and Ebay prices are a total joke now, the markup is outrageous. Almost everything is made in China and resold in stores or online. AliExpress cuts out the middle man and allows you to buy direct from China. The exact same items going for a hundred on Amazon I am getting for under $20. Same stuff is a fraction of the price.

5 stars if you have the time to invest and are willing to take a few gambles, learn the system, and reap some huge rewards.

1 star if you expect to shop Ali like Amazon.

modified review This review was modified by B309302 on August 01 2014 04:37:37 PM
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Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"The AliExpress group of companies are selling EVERYTHING that you can think of. But, if you try to return goods that are inadequate or did not by other means meet your expectations, you will never win back your money!
The complain center took me 4 months to just reply to my complaint and from there and on, they have been asking for new evidence every time they reply. So, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! This is my strongest recommendation

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